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last day at mystery high episode 19 & 20



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 19


By : Kebby NG Media Services

[email protected] was quite fantastic today!”Sharon said as the trio went to the cafeteria for lunch.

“Of course, especially when the [email protected] rep made a huge scene that got the maths teacher leaving the [email protected]” Nina added and they both laughed while Mary who was with them physically had also been some where else in her head.

Sharon was laughing to some thing else Nina was saying when that feeling came again.

This time it was a girl who walked past them, a girl she wanted her blood .

This is crazy, why the hell would she be feeling this way, why she want to drink the blood of an human, she was now becoming very thirsty and Mary who was worried with Nina who kept on chattering didn’t notice.

She managed to calm her self down but the feeling to have some one blood was still there and that was how it was until they finished for school on that day.

While Mary went out to get some thing, she and Nina were packing up their stuff when the same feeling came again and this time she couldn’t control it.

She found her self giving Nina a lame excuse to leave while she went after the girl who just walked past her intending on getting her blood.

She was still going after her when suddenly some one pulled her into the music Hall.

She looked up to find Louis starring down at her.

“What are you doing ?”She asked and instead of giving her a reply,he place some thing in her mouth and Sharon found her self gulping it down speedily.

When she finished, she starred at him and saw him still starring at her.

“You shouldn’t be going after them just because you are craving for some of their blood”Louis said and she stared up at him, wondering how he knew that she wanted to drink that girl blood

“What’s it to you? Just a week ago you were trying to kill me and now here you are acting all concerned, you shouldn’ doesn’t suit you “She said and turned to leave only for Louis to pull her back

“You don’t remember what happened right?”

“Remember what?”She asked as she tried to move away from him but he pushed her back

“I thought Mary was exaggerating when she said that you have forgotten but it is true!”Louis said touching her face but she moved away

“What’s wrong with you! Don’t act like you and I have been very close, the last thing I remembered was you strangling me at the rest room”Sharon said trying to pull free but he pushed her to the wall again,not letting her go this time around

“What’s your deal?”Sharon asked

“You crave for blood right?”he asked suddenly and she stared at him, wondering if he knew what was about to happen a few minutes ago.

“Mind your business!”she said trying to pull away but he was as solid as a rock and wouldn’t even budge when she pushed at him.

“It turns out that you are Business Sharon and you will keep on being my business until I say so” Louis said and would have add that he had been the one who had put her in that position but that is now a secret, a secret that is now kept between the five of them.

He doesn’t know why Sharon doesn’t remember what happen but he sure knew that he wouldn’t let her act like the other vampires who seek for blood by killing humans.

“Will you just let go of me……”Sharon said as she began to feel strange with having him this close to her ..

“I have to keep on watching over you, you might try to do some thing again”He said

“How do you even know that? It’s not like it’s happening to you too, I know that there is a lot of mysterious things happening in this school but it doesnt pertain to what is wrong with me or am I wrong?”Sharon asked starring at him

“Think [email protected] and tell me why you think I know what’s wrong with you”he said

“You feel that way too…..but that’s just impossible….you all are vampires”Sharon said

“Correction….we all are”He said starring at her

“Imposssible, am not a part, am normal, am human “Sharon said as she tried not to believe what he was saying.

“Your thirst for blood is one of the signs” he said as he took out a pen from his pocket, stabbing his hands to make her stare at his blood.

She found her self wanting his blood, she craved for it and knowing that this is the only way to help Sharon,Louis gave her his hand and she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She su-cked his blood, enjoying the feel of it down her throat, never had she felt this way before and she certainly is not a vampire, Sharon tried to tell her self that but seeing how she is drawing on Sharon blood, she knew that some how she had become a part of them and she didn’t even know how that happened.

She stopped drinking to stare up at Louis, who was looking at her in a strange way.

“Why? Why is this happening”She said as she stared at him and then at his hand.

Instead of giving her a answer, she found her self being pulled into his arms

“You don’t remember now but when you do, I hope….I hope you don’t get to hate…..”He stopped as he couldn’t finish the rest.

Sharon found her self hugging him close, she didn’t know why her body for was craving for this close Ness while her head told her to push him away, her body won and though what he said still puzzle her, she certainly wouldn’t ask him for more information, her mother would certainly provide that for her, she thought as she kept on hugging him close.

Together they walked out of the school in silence, both thinking of their own problem.

Sharon could see that the whole school was empty, she had once wondered why the students left the school premises as soon as the bell rings and it’s now that she under stood.

“The humans get to leave the school premises first, so they won’t have to be bitten by us” Louis said as if he could read her thoughts

“Do they know what your real identity is?”Sharon asked

“Some does while the others doesn’t, others that are ignorant about it gets bitten “Louis said

“I can’t believe this! Why harm others just to get their blood?”Sharon asked

“As you can see! It’s some thing we can’t stop, you also felt that way a while ago and you would have done that human harm if I hadn’t stopped you “Louis said

“Stop making me remember it. I still don’t know how I got to be part of you guys but I certainly won’t become one of you. Ever since I came here, my life have been going from bad to worse, I hate it and I hate you “Sharon said suddenly and that stopped Louis in his tracks

Does she remember now? He thought as he starred at her,waiting for her to continue and when she didn’t say, he asked softly

“why do you hate me?”

“You really have a nerve to ask. Ever since I met you,I haven’t been having a great life, it’s like you are a curse s£nt to me by some one”she said

“A curse you say? But a curse wouldn’t be this handsome, neither would he have saved you from making a mess out there a while ago”

“hand some, you flatter your self too much, you aren’t hand some at all and if you hadnt showed up, I would have saved my self, I don’t need you at all ”

“If you say so and one more thing…don’t hate me too much when you get to remember, I won’t want us fighting every day for the rest of our lives”He said and got into the waiting car at the entrance.

“I won’t be a gentle man and offer you a lift home, you are one of us now and so you can get home your self”He said this lady remark with a smile on his face and Sharon found her self calling him two bad names, names which shouldnt be heard from a lady.

She got back home, not feeling exhausted at all and luckily for her she didn’t run into any humans to want to take their blood.

She got to the entrance only to see a luxurious car driving off with her mom waving at whoever was at the car.

“Who just left?”Sharon asked

“No one you would know”her mom replied as they both walked into the room

“They are from here right? Not from the city and they certainly had an emblem on their car”She said as she remembered seeing the same emblem on Louis car

“They are of no importance, they came to see me for some thing which shouldn’t concern you and……”

“They are from the palace right?”Sharon asked and that stopped her mom

“I…no.of course not”Her mother denied looking a bit guilty

“You are lying mom, I know you and right now am demanding the truth from you, why were the royal family here and also tell me how did I become a vampire”She said and her mother quite taken aback stared at her in shock.

” Answer me mom?” Sharon yelled

“As for you becoming a vampire, I will tell you that later and as for the visit of the royal family……..”

“Am listening”Sharon said as she urged her mom to speak on

“They came to finalise your wedding date”She said and Sharon stared at her before yelling out a loud WHAT!.



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 20


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“My wedding what?”Sharon asked still not believing what her mother just told her

“Your wedding date Sharon, you will be getting married to Louis, the crown prince of…..”

“I know who Louis is! What I dont under stand here is why am suddenly getting married and to the crown prince of all people”She yelled at her mom.

“Keep your voice down young lady! Am your mom and I won’t have you shouting at me” Suzanne scolded her but Sharon was no longer listening to reason.

She was so angry, furious at her mom and any one else who have joined hands in this darn arrangement.

“Tell me why am getting married to Louis out of a blue”She asked this calming her self

“It had been arranged even before you two were born, an arranged marriage between you and the crown prince” Suzanne lied, hiding her hand behind her so Sharon wouldn’t notice her lies.

“But this is crazy! I was born in the city, I grew up in the city , how come such alliance was made even before I was born?”Sharon asked as she sat on her chair, trying to digest this.

“Berline town was your father home town, I visited here when I was still at college and we both fell in love and got married, Your father and the current king, Louis father were best of friends and so the rest you know”She said softly

“No! I don’t know it mom and I certainly don’t want to know it, I don’t want to marry Louis, am still young! I want to focus on my studies and……”
“You will keep on going to school but the only difference would be that you would be his wife and live with him at the palace”Suzanne said

“No! I still don’t want to, I don’t want to marry Louis mom”Sharon said

“You will have to! It’s the only way you can stay alive with out your powers consuming you “Suzanne said

“Oh that! My powers you say! What really am I? Am I a vampire, does the sign on your neck signifies that you are one too?”Sharon asked her mom who touched her neck.
“Yes, I am”she replied
“Was dad one too?”Sharon asked and she nodded too

“Why did you keep it hidden from me? How were you able to live the last eighteen years lying to me all my life”

“We left Berline, thinking we could keep every thing behind us but it turns out that we couldn’t, no matter what we do, where we go, our heart still lies here and when your father died, I decided to bring you back here”Suzanne said
“But that doesn’t justify me being a monster like you all,I was normal back in the city, how come am some one different now?”Sharon asked.
” That’s because……”Suzanne stopped her self before she bloat out the truth.

Gladys had made it clear to them all not to tell her any thing.
“It will all come back to her in due course but before then we must get them married and bound with each other for ever, that is the fate Louis had chos£n for them both ”

Gladys word came back to her and she stopped at stared at her disturb daughter.

If she had known that some thing like this so happen, she would have never brought Sharon back to Berline town.

She knew that when Sharon clocked eighteen her powers will be shown to her and some where in her heart she had been hoping that a cure would come Soon and that Sharon would be saved but all that changed when Louis bit her turning her into a vampire.

“Answer me mom!”Sharon voice brought back Suzanne to earth

“That’s because it’s some thing you had to be, there was no escape from it , you are a descendant of a vampire and so you certainly will be one”She said

“I hate it mom! I hate being a part of this terrible world you have brought me into, I don’t want it, let’s just go back to the city,please!”She begged softly

“We can’t! It’s impossible Sharon”She said

“Why is it impossible?”

“Because…..because you have been bethroed to the prince and you are now part of them here, Berline is the only place people like us live in and so you need to adapt to it”Her mother said

“Never! I will never adapt to it and I certainly wouldn’t marry Louis”She said and ran out of the house not bothering to listen to her mother call.

She will be damned if she would marry Louis. Louis along with his family will hear her refusal personally, she thought as she began to run off.

While staying in the bus, she remembered some thing He said to her earlier

“Don’t hate me too much when you get to remember, I won’t want us fighting every day for the rest of our lives”

He knew already! He knew that they were going to get married, he knew and yet he kept quiet, what a jerk.

The bus stopped and with a direction from the driver, she walked a mile before getting to the palace..

Just starring at the out side got her feeling intimidated but then she gained back her courage.

She will not get married, she certainly wouldn’t get married, she thought as she began to head into the big wide gate only for some one to pull her back roughly

She turned to see a old woman starring at her.

“Where do you think you are going?”the old lady asked

“Who are you and why are you stopping me?”Sharon replied by asking her a question too

“You intend on cancelling the wedding right?”She asked suddenly and Sharon stared at her in surprise.

“How on earth do you…..”

“Come with me and you will find out how I know about that”She said and with out waiting for Sharon reply she pulled her into the luxurious car that was parked just a few walk away and as soon as they got in, the car drove off.

Sharon stared at the woman beside her and then at the man who was driving the car.

“Just who…..”

“A future princess never conduct a disscussion in the car, wait till we get home”the old lady said and Sharon found her self obeying.

The car stopped in front of a luxurious mansion,just like her luxurious car and they both went into house.

After minute of looking around, the lady invited her to the sitting room where the disscussion began.

“How did you know that I was heading there to cancel the wedding?”Sharon asked

“That’s because am a vampire, a old and wise one at that, I can tell just what you are thinking by looking at you, you wouldn’t have that power yet until you are my age”she said and Sharon found her self asking the old lady her age and was shocked when she named a number.

“Do vampire live that long?”Sharon asked

“Only those who want to but a bit of a warning, once an accident occur and he or she can’t seem to extricate them selves then he or she will die” she said

“Now that have answered your question? Answer mine!”The lady said.

For a while Sharon had been diverted from her purpose but the question the lady asked made her Remember it and that got her very, very angry .

“I have to go…I need to….”

“Sit down Sharon or else I will do some thing you wouldn’t like”The old lady threatned and Sharon say down

“You don’t under stand, am being forced to marry some one and I don’t want that?”Sharon said

“I was never like this, I was never a vampire but some how I found my self to be one and I was sick for a week, only for me to find out when I woke up that I will be marrying the crown prince”

“Other girls Will be dying for your position right now”the lady said

“I don’t care about them, I care about my self. Have been told that you use a ring to find your other half but that isn’t applying with me right now. Am being forced to a man who is not even my other half”She finished stiffly

“He is your other half, he made that possible him self “She said quickly

“How do you know that? “Sharon asked

“Because I witnessed it, I saw him making you his other half”she said and that got Sharon standing up

“Just who are you?”

“Me! I am Gladys, the former queen and Louis grand ma. Marriage to Louis is some thing that must happen not an option you will have to make Sharon”She said starring at her.

“You shouldn’t be siding with you grand son, were you forced to marry the former king? I won’t seat back and marry Some one my heart doesn’t desire, not you or any one will force me”She said as she turn to leave

“Then you leave us with no choice, your mom would have to pay the price for your stubbornness” Gladys said and that made Sharon stop

“What?” She turned to stare at the woman.

“Your mother gave her word to the king and if you refuse and make the crown prince look foolish, your mother would have to suffer the consequences,so am hoping that you rethink again” Gladys said.
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