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last day at mystery high episode 18



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 18


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“You are right when you say that history is repeating it self but as of now what we need to look for is a solution for what’s happening at the moment”The king said as he starred af his son and also his mom

“If the solution you are thinking of Is for me to give Sharon up and let Harvey take his place in her life then I won’t do that, have come a long way and I will not risk losing the only thing that will get me what I want “Louis said

“You Monster!!!”Suzanne shrieked from the door way starring at Louis before running towards him slapping him [email protected] on his face

“Stop it Suzanne”James said moving towards Suzanne to pull her away from Louis who was taking all the beating she was giving him.

“You could have waited, just a few more days and she would have… How could you “Suzanne kept on yelling as she tried to pull her self free

“Wanting to hurt Louis wouldn’t solve a thing, we must all look for a solution together and that’s all”James said

“And what solution would that be? I never wanted to come back here, not with my daughter, If I had known this some thing bad will happen, I will never have come back here”Suzanne kept on saying

“A lie! You would have come back any way,you know that Sharon had to come back for her to meet her other half but it just so happens that Louis got to have her before her other half did “Gladys said

“The same thing happened to you, so you can’t pretend that you don’t know a thing about it”Gladys added

” I can’t and I did it because of our love for each other “Suzanne said still starring at Louis and then at James who stood looking down at her.

It took a while for Louis but then he realised that Suzanne was the lady in the past that the two guys had been fighting for

“Louis doesn’t love my daughter,he only did it to make her his and now he has turned her into some thing she doesn’t want to be!”Suzanne yelled again.

“Shouting like this won’t help any one,we need to think of a solution and we need to act fast ,no one should hear a thing about this or it would ruin Berline ” James said and that calmed every one a bit.

“Then what do you suggest?”Suzanne asked starring at the three family all starring at her.

Sharon opened her eyes to find her self in a big luxurious room.

Where was she and the last thing she remembered was having…..she stopped thinking to stare around her surrounding.

This was her room and there is no doubt that she is in her house but how come? The last thing she remembered…..she paused starring [email protected] as she tried to remember one or two things but the memory keeps fading.

Just what happened? She thought as she checked the date and time beside her.

It was a perfect day for her to go to school but here she was at home,still asleep with out her mom telling her to leave for school.

She began to stand up but felt a sharp pain on her neck.

She was trying to calm her self when the door opened to reveal her mother who ran into the room when he saw her there.

“You are finally up?”Her mother said looking at her worriedly

“Yes I am and I find it odd that you didnt try to wake me up for school, why?”Sharon asked as she stared at her mother who was kneeling in front of her,starring at her as if her life depends on it

“What’s wrong mom?”Sharon asked as she kept on starring at her mom

“Nothing! I was just so worried about you?”Her mother said as she kept on starring at her

“Why? It’s not like some thing bad happen, I will be fine mom”She said as she kept on giving her mom lucid look.

“Look to show you that am perfectly okay, I would like to go to school “Sharon said

“No! You cant go to school!”sharon mother yelled as she tried to stand up

“But why?”Sharon asked

“Because …. because I don’t feel like it and you haven’t been well during this couple of days”she said

“Couple of days? Are you telling me that have been sick for just a couple of days?”Sharon asked

“Yes”she replied

“How many days to precise?”Sharon asked

“A week” her mother replied shocking Sharon more.

How could she have been sick for a whole week, she thought as she kept on starring at her mom in shock

“That’s the more reason for me to go to school mom, have missed a lot as it is and you know that you know how much I love going to school, you know I react when I get to miss a day”Sharon said this as she stood up from her bed

“It doesn’t matter Sharon,you need to have your rest, you don’t need to attend school, have informed the head of the school and they under.. ……’

“But I will never under stand……why I was sick for a whole week,it made me miss school, school have been the only thing I do with [email protected] and now just because of a darn illness I had missed for a week, I want to go to school and that is final!”She said and knowing how determined her daughter was when it comes to mood like this , Suzanne gave up and let her do what she wants.

A few minutes later Sharon walked down stairs in her new pair of uniform, though she found it strange that she will have a new uniform.

“What about my former uniform?”Sharon asked as she kept on starring at her mom

“I kind of burnt it while ironing it and so I decided to buy a new one, shouldn’t we be going to school”Her mother said

“Are you taking me?”Sharon asked and she nodded leaving Sharon In no doubt that her mother was acting strange.

Together they both got to the front gate and with her good bye said Sharon began to leave the car only for her mom to pull her back

“Be care ful okay?”She said softly

“Have always been careful mom”She replied giving her agitated mom a smile

“Make sure you stay away from hum ……I mean from people you think aren’t right”She said and Sharon nodded

“”And most importantly do not suc¢vmb to it, fight it, that’s the only to conquer it””her mom said and though Sharon didn’t under stand a thing, she nodded her head and got out of the car waving her mother off before heading into the school.

The school was sort of silent, seems like every one were in their [email protected] ,she thought as she kept on walking .

“”Make sure you stay away from hum ……I mean from people you think aren’t right”

“And most importantly do not suc¢vmb to it, fight it, that’s the only to conquer it”.

Sharon stood for a while thinking about what her mother had said you her, what could she mean by that? She though as she kept on walking.

She was about getting to her [email protected] when she a student walked out of the [email protected], colliding into her.

“Oh am sorry! Am really really sorry, I didn’t mean to…..”

“It’s okay!”Sharon replied as she bent pick her book as the student doing it at the same time with her

His hand touched her and Sharon felt some thing stir in her.

A weird feeling, she thought as she stared at the student who now gave her book and walked off.

Sharon wanted to follow him but then she stopped realising what she was about to do.

She is craving for blood, she is craving for that guy blood, she could see her self drinking his blood.

No! She is not! She is not a monster, never have been a monster, she possibly can’t be lured into drinking some one blood.

She thought as she turn and fled to her [email protected], luckily for her, the professor wasn’t in yet, every one was chatting as usual, doing their stuff and though she still felt strange about what happened earlier, she smiled at Nina and Mary who seemed surprised at seeing her too

“You aren’t meant to be here yet?” Mary exclaimed

“Your mom told us you will be resting for another week or so,we were even coming to see you today”Nina added

“Well I decided to come today, I was quite shocked when she told me that I had missed school for a week and not wanting to miss any more, I insisted on coming today”Sharon replied giving them both a smile.

“That’s great, I missed you as it is”Nina said giving Sharon a hug, the two didn’t notice the look of worry on Mary face.

The teacher walked in and every one got seated, all of them including Sharon concentrating on [email protected] except for Mary who took out her phone secretly texting a message to Louis.
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