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Korey finale

💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


chapter 41- Jan’s going home

Everything was back to normal… no more Tyrant, no note witch, no more liam.
Korey felt happiness than ever before….
“where’s the chicken!!!” Emmy yelled.

😇😁 Emmy was back on her feet….she spent almost a 24 hours to heal…Jan was in the kitchen with korey both smiling and talking
“you know….I almost forgot you were my wife… you were like a superhero” korey said as he crossed his hands on her shoulder.
“oh my God!” jan laughed.

Korey turned to face her, he cu-mpped her cheeks in his hands.
“I really don’t regret having you as my mate” he said into her eyes
“and I don’t regret having you as a hubby” she smiled as she k!$$£d hisl-ips gently

“I’d get the water” Zane said as he walked into the kitchen with Lucas
“woah!!” They said in unison as they backed of
“wow!” Lucas mouthed at the sight of jan and korey k!ss!ngin the kitchen
“where’s it!!” Emmy yelled
“chill baby…” Lucas exclaimed
“the kitchen us working with The Alpha and Luna” Zane replied
“huh..?” Emmy asked
“they’re k!ssing!!” Zane yelled

“who’s k!ssing?” Sid [email protected]
“heard me right!” Zane replied

Jan pu-ll-ed away with a smile…”we should eat..shouldn’t we?” he asked
“exactly.. was about to say that!” jan smiled as she walked out to the dinning.
“Good morning everyone!” Korey greeted as he took His seat
“good morning Alpha” they replied as they sat down after he did.
[email protected] victory” he started
“with a nice and wonderful breakfast” Emmy added
“thought I’d lose you” he smiled at emmy
“not when I have niece to see” she scoffed
“what..niece?” korey mouthed
“who said it was a girl?” he laughed
“me!” jan said
“have you even done pregnancy test?” he asked
“mom…Lucas gave it to me but I haven’t checked yet” she replied
“you should” he said
“yeah yeah I will” she laughed
“uh…Zane, that reminds me” karissa started
“we’d be going to the mall today” she said
“really….for what?” he smiled
“yeah..why Zane?” Sid asked
“Cos…I want him” she shrugged
“whatever…” Sid replied as she kicked his legs beneath the table and win-ked at him.
“want to set something up” she whispered to Sid
“better!” he whispered back

“Now…to victory!!” korey yelled in happiness as they all raised their [email protected] and
“to victory!!” they replied and clinged their [email protected] to one another’s [email protected]

They were done with breakfast, no one is going to work today.. all planned to stay at home and enjoy.

Noon alre-ady [email protected]£ by. Emilia was in the car with karissa and Zane heading to vivistore.
“so where we going to?” Zane asked
Emilia just kept driving with smiles on…..

They arrived at their destination,
“Come on” Karissa said to him
They both walked into the store….buying and buying.

Actually they planned it all, Zane must meet a girl….but still they don’t know how its all gonna happen. Zane is really handsome, girls would trip.

“ah..on God” A lady exclaimed as Zane accidentally pushed the trolley to her [email protected]!st
Zane jaw dropped as he blinked ra-pidly
“ God I’m so sorry” Zane pleaded as he went to her to check.
“ashhh it’s okay, doesn’t hurt that much” she replied as ke looked up at him.

Zane was taken aback by her eye color…crystal, he ad never seen before, it was damn pretty for her skin color and face.
He blinked ra-pidly
“uhm…I’m so sorry” he apologized

Karissa and Emilia beamed in happiness as they peeped at him.
“guess it’s working” Karissa said

They then walked out of their hiding place, to Zane.
“Hola!” karissa greeted
“hi” the lady smiled
From her looks, she looked moderate and descent… ‘maybe she’s 23 years old’ karissa thought
‘uh…she must be 20’ Emilia thought
“Zane… why weren’t you careful?” Emilia asked as she [email protected] his head
“ow!” he mouthed as the lady smiled
“it was an accident, you shouldn’t blame him” she said
“God saved you” karissa said
“by the way, I’m karissa… ” she smiled
“nice to meet you, I’m Zelda” she replied
“wow…pretty name, I’ve never heard that before and never seen your eye color before, you must be so special” Emilia smiled as Zelda smiled
“thanks” she replied
“won’t you introduce yourself?” karissa asked Zane as he opened his eye wi-de.
“me…oh, I’m Zane” he said
“nice to meet you” she said as he nods his head
“so…well see later?” he asked
“what…can I have your number?” Emilia asked with a puppy face
“plea-se” she whined
“my….” Zelda paused
“its okay if you___” karissa said
“its okay… I’d love to meet you guys again, look so cool…haven’t met sweet people like you guys” she said as Emilia handed her phone to her and watched her drop her digits
Zane hand was stretched with his phone, not like wlhe wanted to collect her number. She thought he wanted to and mouthed oh
“OK” she said and collected his phone and dropped her number
“you can call anytime if you want us to meet” she smiled at them
“sure..!” Emilia said
“why not…later today” Karissa said
“bye then” she said as they waved at themselves and turned to different direction.

“guess we’re done!” Emilia smiled
“mission accomplished!” karissa squealed

😊 Jan alre-ady did the pregnancy test and [email protected]£ out with the result..
it was showing red. She gulped down at it….
“how’s it?” korey asked as he walked into the room and saw her staring at it
“are you okay?” he asked as he walked to her.
She turned it to him…his eyes went wi-den
“you’re… you’re pregnant!” he exclaimed as she needs in tears
“that’s ….wonderful” he said as he pu-ll-ed her to a smile
“so well start thinking of our baby name” he said as he lifted her in a bridal style and swayed around with her
“ahh!!” jan exclaimed happily

Dolph alre-ady heard the news and announced it to other members. Emmy was overjoyed so as Lucas.

“I’d never leave you…I promise” korey said to her
“and I’d keep loving, promise not to leave you” she said as they rested their foreheads on each other.

Korey encircled his hands around her [email protected]!st as she smiled
“never knew this day would come” jan smiled
“And I’m happy it did, I love it as it did” korey replied as she pu-ll-ed away.
“stay here!” he said
“I wanna go get you something to drink” he said as he sat her on be-d.
“really!” she smiled
“yeah bae” he win-ked at her and left.

Just as he left she heard a soft whisper in her ears
“Janice!” she immediately froze.
I thought it alre-ady st©pped

“Janice!” that soft voice said…it was far different from a all those she has been hearing
“who are you!” jan asked shakily
“you’re coming home, you’re done with what you made to do” the voice said as she stood up and ran to the balcony.
“korey!!!” she exclaimed in fear

Her b©dy began to feel different… it was like she was dizzy

“Alpha!” Sid smiled at him
“hey…later I need to meet her” korey said.

“KOREY!!!!” korey heard jan loud voice
“I’m coming!” he replied

Jan eyes [email protected]£ teary… she could see her hands shake ad it was like she was turning to dust.
“what’s happening” she cried
“korey!!!” she shouted.

Her hands began fading away, she fell to her knees…half if her was alre-ady gone into the air
“korey!!!!” she shouted as ke went completely

Korey stepped into the room and couldn’t find her anywhere
“okay..I’m here” he laughed
“come out!” he added but not a single voice was heard.
“jan???” he called
“bae I’m here!!!” he shouted. But same,

He [email protected]£ scared that something might have happened to her.
He searched the whole room and couldn’t find her, He alre-ady announced it to the members at home as they began searching for her.

JUST THEN IT [email protected]£ TO HIS MEMORY
“she might leave after the war” the priestess said to him
“she was yours for a reason and would go back” she said

Korey shook his head….”no…that’s not possible” he said
“jan you promised me you’d stay” he said in a teary tone.

Zane and all walked into the mansion, the atmosphere wasn’t how they left this morning.
“what’s going in?” Emilia asked Emmy who had teary eyes
“the Luna is missing” she said
💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎



2 weeks later…

No one could smell Jan at all….Korey has gone mad. He had been drinking since that week he loss her. Crying like a kid.
The whole house was empty… Boring.

⚡ Jan was walking throu-gh flowers, where she was was just filled with beautiful flowers , the atmosphere smells go great.
She wondered where she was….she began to hear children voices faintly… People laughing… seems like a [email protected] was going on.

She paused to look at herself… she was in another dress.
“Janice!” a female voice called her.
“give me a sec…what’s going___” she trailed off

The lady before her looked familiar, she furrowed her brows and tilted her head
“mom?” she asked
The lady had a smile on…as she spears her arms out
“its me baby!” she replied

Jan was taken aback… tears filled her eyes…she didn’t hesitate.
She ran to hvg her mom with tears gushing out her eyes.
“my baby!” her mom said
“how is this possible?” jan asked as she pu-ll-ed away.
“long story…dad is waiting to see you” her mom said as she led the way…Jan could see many other children, dancing and pla-ying happily
“is that my darling?” her dad asked
“hope I’m not dreaming” jan cried as she ran to him
“you’re all grown up” he said as he hvgged her

the story began

Jan parents were killed by Lord tyrant, on the norms they were not mere humans. They died but had their second life to live in their world. Everyone she could see here were descendants of Queen Viola.
They all have more thank a life to live…Jan who happened to be the Luna of twilight and Received the moon power was more than blessed. And luckily…. shed enjoy all the benefits with her children and her generations.

Her mom explained all to her… she has come to stay.
“but I can’t mom” jan said
“I really missed you and dad…but I have my family” she said
“oh…my poor daughter” her mom sighed
“mom…!!!” jan whined
“I’m pregnant” she said
“what! ” her dad and mom exclaimed
“you see…I really need to go back” jan explained
“, what S-x?” her dad asked
“don’t know yet” she replied
“but I promise I’d come check on you” she said

“jan!!!!” she could hear korey’s loud cry in her head as she shut her eyes closed and could see him seated in the floor in his room. He looked like he was drinking… and he was in tears
“plea-se!!” he card as she opened her eyes immediately
“mom…” she called
“I un-derstand I un-derstand” her mom said
“uh…poor world” her dad rolled his eyes
“come back with my grandchild” her DAD smiled
“off course yes” she replied as a breach opened behind her
“I love you baby” her mom said as jan gave them one last hvg
“we love you!!!” all they children screamed as she blew k!sses at them
“love you all” she replied as she turned to walk into the breach. She turned and then waved at them

Jan could find herself in her room..behind korey and could see his head.
tears filled her eyes….she took slow steps to him as she stood before him…his head was bent low
“korey!” she called.
He heard her voiced lifted his head
“why did you go?” korey cried as she crouched before him
“now…I’m seeing you!” he added
“jan!! come back” he added
“I’m here sweetie, and not going back” she said as she cu-mpped his cheeks…he felt it was her. Jan leaned and placed a soft k!sson hisl-ips… Korey eyes cleared immediately… he moved his hands to her [email protected]!st and could feel her. She pu-ll-ed away and looked at him
“you see” she smiled as he pu-ll-ed her to a hvg.

The pack noticed his silence and ran to his room scared he alre-ady committed suicide but all froze as they saw him hvgging jan with tears.
“Luna!!!” Emmy screamed as she ran in to hvg her.
“where have you been?” Sid asked

Jan explained all to her…they had smiles on
“Glad everything is back” korey said
“your mom and dad must be amazing people to meet” Emmy said
“besides…how’s our baby?” Lucas asked as he looked at her tummy
“guess she’s good” jan replied
“why are you saying she…” korey exclaimed
“we’re not even sure yet” he added
“fine….we’ll see” Jan said

Emmy, Karissa and Emilia set up a blind [email protected]£ for Zane.
Again he went…and again…the girl he saw displea-sed him

“fv¢k…she wore skinny dress” he complained as he got into the car.
“fv¢k…!” emmy mouthed
“he wants the descent ones” Emilia said
“noted!” karissa said
“kk…. next on the list_____” she paused as she scrolled throu-gh pages.

out of all the 16 girls they’ve met lately… none was okay for Zane, one complain or the other.
“how about Zelda” Zane said
“that’s true!” Emmy [email protected]
“wow…can’t believe we never contacted her” karissa said as she dialed her number
“hey…karissa” they heard her cute voice
“hey sweetie… how you, you free tonight?” karissa asked
“yeah why?” she asked as Zane collected the phone
“I’m coming to pick you up, s£nd me your address” Zane said as Emmy jaw dropped
“okay….dinner?” she asked
“you can call it a [email protected]£!” Zane replied

Korey was seated in the living room with jan legs on his [email protected]
“I hail oo!” Lucas said as he walked to the kitchen

Jan giggled as she popped another strawberry into her mouth.
“hmmmm…what about mine?” korey asked childishly

Jan stood up and sat in his [email protected] which took him by surprise. She then crossed her hands around his n£¢k and li-cked her lowerl-ips se-ductively
“what you trying to do?” he asked suspiciously as she leaned forward and k!$$£d him
Korey eye went wi-de opened as he blinked. Jan moved herl-ips on his lowerl-ips su-cking from it.
He was scared if she pu-ll-ed away she’d st©p. Jan began sliding her hands beneath his shi-t….he wondered what got into her head….or is it the strawberries….
He pu-ll-ed her hands down and pu-ll-ed away
“let’s go upstairs” he said as she shook her head
“now and here” she replied as she pu-ll-ed him to the h0t k!ss.

Korey could s-en-se it…there was fire in her. He k!$$£d her [email protected] as he stood up the chair heading upstairs.
Lucas jaw dropped
Emmy jaw dropped
Sid jaw dropped
“can someone explain??” they asked no one in [email protected]

Korey got to his room as he kicked the door opened and shut it with his legs. They made their way to the be-d as he let Jan down on the be-d. She s£nt her hair backwards and began un-bu-ttoning korey’s trou-sers.
“I can do this” he said to her as she then unZi-pped her dress. Korey was damn re-ady too. He pu-ll-ed his jean down his legs and joined jan on the be-d. He then slid down her dress and adored her half n-ked b©dy. He pu-ll-ed her close and k!$$£d her n£¢k
“I love you” he whispers to her and s£nt goosebu-mps to her skin. Jan bit her lowerl-ips as she took his shi-t off. Korey rolled her to the other side of the be-d going over her.
“you said it was a girl” he said
“actually… didn’t but said I wanted it to be a girl” she replied as he slid down her [email protected] and let her take off her [email protected] He slowly moved his hands on her th!ghs.
“how about we make it both genders” he sm-irked
“that….I love” she smiled as he leaned forward and k!$$£d herl-ips gently.
“were gonna make twins tonight” he whispers………….

💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


😊Characters interview😂

Déra is seated in the large room with Korey, Jan, Emmy, Lucas, Zane, Sid, Karissa, Zelda and Emilia.

Dera: so Jan, how did you feel after your first S-x with korey
Jan: (laughs😂) well, I was like 😐😱 and loved it, I never knew that day would come.
Déra: 😊 But it finally [email protected]£
Jan: (nods with smile)

Déra: Korey….to you now, how did you feel after jan fell on your [email protected] with her bu-tt?

Lucas and the other busted into laughter
Lucas: wow…how ?
Korey: chill…I will, actually I was like ‘what the hell’ and at the same time…like wow

Déra: Zelda this is for you
Zelda: okay…..(smiles)
Déra: What popped into your head when you sighted Zane
Zelda: (😂😂😅) I’d be frank…I was like ‘h0t dude!’ and he’s really one handsome type
Déra: found anyone like him before?
Zelda: doubt if I ever did (😆😁😁)
Déra: what about when he called you out on a [email protected]£?
Zelda: yeah…that one shocked me and I was really happy… if I told you I’ve never gone out on [email protected]£ with a guy would you believe?

Lucas and all jaw dropped
Emmy: Nah of course not
Zelda: no one ever walked to me because they thought I was an alien, hated my eye…everything but happy I found someone that liked me how I was
Zane: awwww

Déra: awwww….and you….Lucas
Lucas: here!
Déra: What was the first thing you thought of when you saw Zane with Emmy?
Lucas: 😃😂😂. I was like is that her b©yfri£nd… and with the way he behaved I alre-ady concluded he was an overprotective type
Zane: dude😂
Déra: first kislaughed
Lucas was like?
Emmy: 😯😅😅😅. It was heaven… I never expected it and was excited he did
Lucas: I’m a good k!ss£r😅😇

Déra: contributions!!!

“when I saw Jan’s power I was over surprised” karissa said
“yeah…happy we had her” Sid added
“sure her parent missed her so so much” korey win-ked at her
“and you…Lucas, after you turned me to a seven years old boy guess what I wished you could do at that moment?” Zane asked
“what_…?” Lucas asked
“clean my @ss after I poop!” he replied
“what the fv¢k!” Lucas exclaimed as jan busted into laughter
“actually you’re lucky I never k!$$£d Emmy before you” Zane sm-irked
“lol…what can you do?” Lucas laughed
“no guy can ever k!ssherore than the way I do” Lucas sm-irked
“I hail oo” Zane laughed
“yeah!” emmy win-ked
“can’t believe this” korey laughed
“what…you and jan just did yours without anyone knowing” Emilia said
“what…you should have seen the way jan k!$$£d him in the living room 😌😋” Lucas bu-tt in
“where was I ?” Emilia asked
“went to set up Zane and a girl….Zelda”
“ahhh!!!” Zane exclaimed
“anyway….in glad we all ended tyrant and his people” korey said
“yeah…no more running around” emmy smiled
“I’d still want to see more from Luna Jan” Sid said
“Twilight!!” korey exclaimed happily
“Twilight!!!! We glow forever!!” They yelled in unison

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