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kiss me episode 36 & 37

💋 klzz
ME 💋
( The Beauty Inside… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Reid was confused at first, thinking
she’s the same girl who told him go stay away yesterday, and now she’s hugging him…

Then what??

She misses him!

He could swear it that he almost lost his s£nses that minute as he slowly hugged her back.

“Merritt” he whispered, smiling handsomely.

“I missed you” she replied and he smiled move widely, rubbing the back of her neck.

“I missed you more starlight” he replied, biting his l!p happily.

They kept hugging like that beside the road,not minding the [email protected]

She broke it when she was satisfied and she immediately started feeling shy to look him in the eye.

“Are you scared to look at me?” He asked and she faced the ground, covering her face with her palms.

“I’m just….I mean….I told you to stay away yesterday but today…. today I hugged you and started saying gibberish about missing you….I sound crazy definitely, how [email protected]” she said and Reid smiled, removing her hands from her face.

He held her face up.

“You’re too cute” he said and she transformed to a ripened tomato instantly.

“I love your pink l!ps” she said before she could stop herself then she ran away and Reid giggled.

“What’s wrong with me!, I kept blurting out things!” She said as she walked fast but he caught up with her and held her hand.

She looked at him and he leaned in, giving her a peck on the cheek, butterflies hosted a big banquet down her stomach immediately.

He interlocked their hands and klzzed it softly.

The way his l!ps felt on her cheek and hand was even insane, she started imagining what their first klzz will be like as they walked.

“About the hickeys” he suddenly said and she faced him.

“I’m not a player I swear with my life” he said.


“Trust me but, the b*tch sedated me and did all that to me, she’s a family friend who came to visit” he said, wishing he could tell her the truth about himself and Maria.

“It’s ok, I’m fine now” Merritt replied.

“Sure?” He asked.

“Trust me” she replied and he gave her another peck .

“Where should we go?” He asked.

She checked the time.

“I still have one hour to spend out before going back to the station, let’s go anywhere you want” she replied.

“I’ll take you somewhere” he said.

“Where?” She asked eagerly.

“A larger Starbucks than this one here, it’s beside a beach so we’ll get to watch the waves while taking coffee, ten minutes drive from here” he replied, stopping a taxi.

“Ok” she smiled and they entered the taxi together, it drove off.




The ward door opened for the millionth time today and Romeo quickly sat up, thinking it’s Juliet but it’s not her.

He lay back down sadly as Mona came to him.

“You’re a fast healer, the stitch will heal faster than I think” she said after checking him.

“I see” he replied, not opening his eyes but even with the closed eyes, it’s obvious that he’s sad.

“Are you ok?” Mona asked.

“Yeah” he replied.

“You still haven’t eaten anything you know, I’ll go home and cook for you” she offered.

“No I’m not hungry” he replied and Mona sighed.

“I’ll come back soon ok?” She said and Romeo moved his lids as she left the ward.

He sat up and got his phone.

His hand hovered above Dumb genius but he doesn’t want to call, it’s Sunday, resting day so there should be no disturbance but what can he do when he can’t wait to see her anymore?

He made up his mind to call her but just as he was about to do that, she came in and he smiled before he knew it.

“Boss” she smiled by the door before walking to him.

“Hey, were you busy at the store?” She asked, wanting to know why she came late.

“Yes, our store is mostly busy on Sundays” she replied, dropping the bag she came with on the bed.

“Doctor Mona told me on phone that you have refused to eat since morning so I made you something, I once heard you only eat the food you cook so I don’t know if you’ll eat” she said, bringing out the food flask.

Romeo watched her hands as she did it, her hands are gorgeous, really like a baby’s.

She didn’t use nail polish or anything on her nails but it’s still glittering and clean.

Immediately Juliet opened the flask, the smell of chicken marsala filled the ward.

His eyes widened and he peeked at the flask.

His favorite food!

His mum was the only one who cooked it for him when she was still alive and it’s the only meal he doesn’t know how to make so since his mother’s death, he hasn’t tasted it.

He looked at Juliet and she offered a spoon.

He found himself taking the spoon and Juliet smiled as he dived the spoon into the meal.

He tasted it and his eyes widened again.

Exactly like his mother’s marsala, exactly.

Delicious and yummy.

“How’s it?” She asked curiously and he remembered his mum’s face

She’ll always ask that same question after every first spoon .

He ate another spoon .

“Thanks for making this for me” he said, tears are threatening to fall from his eyes.

“Wait….is it bad?, You can stop eating if it’s not your taste” Juliet said, trying to take the spoon away.

“I love it, it just reminds me of mum” he quickly said.

“Your late mum cooks chicken marsala for you?” She asked and he nodded, eating more.

“It tastes exactly like this” he said, his tears falling eventually but he continued eating without wiping.

He was about to take another spoon when Juliet suddenly held his face.

He stayed still and she started wiping the tears.

“You always say tears make me ugly, same applies to you so please” she said.

“I’m hot even with tears” he said and she laughed when she finished wiping.

“Eat up” she said, gesturing at the food.

He continued eating silently but he looks at her after each spoon.

Justus came in and Juliet smiled.

“Cute Justus!”

“Hey Juliet” he replied, coming closer to touch her hair.

Romeo looked at his hand in her hair and smirked.

“Romeo what’s up” Justus said.

“You’re scattering her hair” he replied.

“Oh my hand?” Justus said and started stroking her hair instead.

Romeo held his spoon tighter as he watched and he suddenly stood from the bed.

“Where are you going?” Juliet asked immediately.

“Restroom” he replied and walked into the restroom.

He could still imagine Justus f!ng£rs in her hair as he entered.

He leaned on the sink and closed his eyes.

“Justus!!!” He gritted.




It’s the last mall Swan will be checking out with Kyle among the others.

She came in with Kyle and they went straight to one of the attendants.

“How may I help you?” The young lady asked.

“From the area police station, detective Swan” she showed her ID.

“Were you here two days ago?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, I made the sales of the Louis Vuitton wristwatch with two other attendants” she replied.

“Cool, get us the other two please” Swan said and the attendant left but she came back with the others in a jiffy.

“I hear you let people test on the watches to confirm their sizes” Swan said.

“Yes” one of them replied.

“So….did you notice something like this?” Kyle said, showing them the picture of the masked guy with six f!ng£rs.

The three looked at each other and the first one nodded.

“He was the first buyer, but he wasn’t using mask, I saw his face” she said.

“Really?, Then his face was caught in the cameras for sure” Kyle said.

“Sure, you can get the footage in the power room” another one replied and they were led there.

The male controller had his head on the table when they got there, seems like he’s sleeping.

“Hey!, Hey Mr!” Swan tapped him but he’s not moving.

She looked at Kyle and Kyle raised the head of the guy but he fell immediately, revealing his bloody neck, his neck has been stabbed, he’s dead!

“Shit!, Shit!” Kyle shouted.

Swan quickly handled the monitors and searched for the footage of that day but it’s nowhere to be found.

“It has been deleted” Swan said and they heard movements from the room behind.

They got their guns and ran there only to find a masked man running out.

“Stop right there!” Swan shouted, running after him with Kyle, shooting as they ran but he didn’t stop

Swan shot again and it hit his back.

His blood w€t the ground as he ran but immediately he got out through the backdoor, a car was already waiting so he got in and it drove away.

They both shot at it but it didn’t get to it, Kyle got the car and Swan got in with him.

A chase would have started but the other car was already out of sight so after a while, they stopped and Swan rested her head on the headrest.

“He’s surely the six f!ng£red guy” she breathed in disappointment.




Waking up with headache isn’t so new to her because she’s a big fan of alcohol.

She checked the time and her eyes widened when she saw it’s past 3pm.

“What the hell!” She rushed down from the bed quickly.

“I slept for long this time” she muttered, walking out of the room.

She met Mrs Barrington in the living room, she’s playing with her group of teddies.

She smiled and went downstairs to give her a morning hug then a peck.

“I don’t want a boyfriend yet, stop pecking me” she said and Naomi smiled, pecking her again.

“Mr di-ckson Gilbert brought you home last night” one of the maids reported.

“Baby?” She said, standing up.

“Yes miss”

“That kid” she smiled and the doorbell rang.

The maids went for it and chief Barrington came in.

“And what the heck are you doing here?” Naomi demanded.

“You lost five cases in a row and you expect me to stay still?, Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?, Huh!, I’m tryna pave an easy way for you and Merritt but Merritt ran away from home and you….you’re just as good as dead, no use!, Were you cursed?” He said.


“Yes!, Tell me were you cursed with failure?”

“I wanted to become a writer!, But you ruined it all by forcing me into law!, Were you expecting me to do well?, Were you!” She shouted at him .

“I’m gonna bring Merritt back home and whatever it takes, I’ll make her into an attorney, just you wait” he said and Naomi laughed.

“You think she’s a weakling like me?, Don’t go near her, she’s not ice, she’s fire…you selfish self-centered thing!” Naomi said seriously and chief Barrington tried slapping her but someone held his hand.

“Don’t try that” Baby said, throwing it off.

“di-ckson Gilbert?” Chief Barrington said.

“No, Baby, even my mum calls me Baby” he replied with a glare.

“So you’re still moving with the B4, those futureless things?” Chief Barrington retorted.

“Don’t dare call my friends futureless!, And please get out!, Get out!” Naomi yelled.

He huffed angrily and looked at Mrs Barrington before storming out of the house.

“Sociopath” Naomi muttered and faced Baby.

“Never knew you’re still here” she said.

“Well here I am” he smiled and she hugged him.

“I was expecting this” he said naughtily, hugging her back.

“Silly” she replied, pinching him.

“Ouch!, Bully” he laughed and she giggled as he touched her hair.




Reid came back from his outing with Merritt all smiles.

He got to know a lot about her today and it’s surprising that she’s the daughter of the great Chief Barrington.

He never wished to leave but he just had to do that when it was time.

He smiled again and when he got to the park, he stopped.

He could clearly remember the car that almost hit Merritt the other time because he has been watching her for long before the incident.

He vividly remembers the car number.

He searched for it among others and spotted it then Peter appeared.

“You’re back your highness” he said.

“That car….who took it out today?” Reid asked.

“Chen” Peter replied.

“Bring him to the garden” Reid said and went to the garden to wait.

Five minutes later, Peter came in with Chen.

Reid went straight to him and gave him an heavy punch which made him fall on his b*tt with a bleeding nose and mouth.

“Your highness!”

“You’re the insane rat who tried to kill my girl earlier…. right?” Reid said, coming closer to him again.


He started stammering but he suddenly went on his knees, bowing his head.

“I’m so sorry your highness!, I acted on the orders of the queen!” He cried.

“I knew it” Reid sighed.

“That reporter is not safe I think, shouldn’t you let her go?, The queen can’t be underestimated” Peter said.

“You know me better than anyone, giving up is not my style, and that can only be possible if I’m not in love with her yet, I’m always deeply into her Peter and nothing can make me backslide” he smiled, picturing Merritt’s face.

“So what are you gonna do?” Peter asked

“I need to just think” he replied.




Romeo came down from his car and all the staffs are already waiting in front of the company with bouquet of flowers to welcome him back to work.

Though Mona insisted that he should spend a week at the hospital but he declined.

His book will finally be out today so he decided to resume work today.

He kept a straight face as he walked to them.

👥 Welcome back boss

👥 We missed you a lot

👥 Congrats on your new book

He saw Rhonda and smirked, her boyfriend will surely still be at the hospital because it wasn’t a simple hit.

It was a hit to hell and even if he escaped death, he’ll surely see the gate of hell.

Ben took the bouquet of flowers as he was given

“Welcome back my Mr Spencer” Sugar said, giving him a hug.

“Thanks for taking care of this place during my abs£nce” Romeo replied, breaking the hug.

“I love you so much Mr Spencer” Sugar replied and Romeo touched his hair.

“Mr Spencer touched my hair!” Sugar blushed, falling on Ben.

“Get off!” Ben pushed him away and he almost fell.

“How dare you push me!, Malnourished lamb” Sugar said.

“Because you deserved it…. Mr Bones” Ben replied.

“Ahhh!!!!” Sugar screamed loudly, chasing him around again.

Romeo went in with Juliet, Lovelyn and Rhonda.

He went to his office straight while Juliet entered the [email protected] to make a cup of coffee for herself but surprisingly, there’s only one cup left on the cup holder.

“Strange” she said and took it.

She made herself a cup of cappuccino and walked back to the office.

Rhonda smiled satisfactorily when she saw Juliet bringing the cup to her mouth.

Juliet was about to drink from it when her desk bell rang.

It’s like she has been expecting it because she readily rushed into Romeo’s office.

Rhonda smiled, remembering Spy’s words.


Juliet got to Romeo’s office and dropped the coffee cup on the table before walking to him.

“You shouldn’t have come to work today, you’re still not strong enough” she said, holding his cheeks to feel his temp.

He only smiled, happy that she’s worried.

He hugged her waist but he broke the hug.

“I’m saying you shouldn’t have come to work” she said and he smiled again.

“Are you the boss or me?, But it feels good to hear you nag” he said and stood.

He leaned in but she bent back.

He brought his face to her right cheek and whispered into her hear..

“You’re beautiful”

She smiled and he looked at her .

“Did you sleep well?” He asked.

“Huh?” She replied surprisingly.

He saw the coffee cup and took it.

“I suddenly crave for it” he said.

“But you only drink the coffee you make” she said.

“So far you made it, I’m ok” he replied and like that, he drank from it.



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