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kiss me episode 38 & 39

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ME 💋
( The Beauty Inside… )


By, Naomi Cindy B.



Romeo took a sip and immediately he swallowed it, he gave a sour face.

“What?” Juliet asked.

“It’s too sugary” he replied and she pouted.

“I love sugary coffee” she said cutely and he dropped the cup.

“Juliet” he called.

“Yes?” She replied and his face became serious as he came out of his desk.

She kept standing till he got to her and held her shoulders.

Strangely, she couldn’t look him in the eye so she looked down.

“Hairpin adds to a lady’s beauty, do you know?” He asked, bending to her level.

She’s shorter.

“I know” she said, taking a short glance at him.

“Don’t look away” he said and she maintained the eye contact, rubbing her wrists downward.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a gorgeous hairpin, white with multicolored flower designs.

Her eyes widened.

“It’s beautiful” she said.

He immediately inserted it in her hair and she looked up at his face.

“It’s .. for me?”

He nodded and she bit her l!p cutely.

“Thank you .. boss” she said slowly, touching the pin.

“Always remember this” he said and she looked at him.

“You’re beautiful… Juliet” he said and her round cheeks formed a smile but the smile was short.

“Bl… blood….blood” she said fearfully.

“Blood?” Romeo said in confusion.

“Your nose….blood is coming out from your…your nose!!” She said loudly.

The blood ran down Romeo’s nose to his mouth and he quickly covered his mouth with his palm but he removed it almost immediately.

Juliet’s eyes widened more.

He’s bleeding from the mouth too.

“Boss!!!” She screamed horrifically.

Romeo’s eyes became drowsy and when he opened his mouth to talk again, nothing came out except blood.

He went down immediately, falling flat on the ground.


Juliet cried as she knelt beside him, holding up his head.

He seems lifeless and that scared the f*ck out of her.

“Boss!” She screamed again and Lovelyn rushed in with Rhonda.

“Boss!!” Lovelyn shouted at the sight of blood.

Rhonda stood by the door for a while, shocked by the turn of events.

She wasn’t expecting this at all because everyone knows how strict he is about his intakes, he makes his food and drinks by himself.

She saw the coffee cup on the table and decided to just play along.

“How did this happen?” She asked as Lovelyn contacted the ambulance.

“We were talking and he suddenly started bleeding, I don’t know why” Juliet replied tearfully.

“And why did you come in here with a cup of coffee?” Rhonda asked again, taking the cup.

“I didn’t remember to drop it before coming in” Juliet replied.

“Did he perhaps drink from it?” Rhonda asked.

“What’s your bone of contention?, That she poisoned boss?” Lovelyn asked.

“Of course!, Why else would this happen!” Rhonda shouted.

“Did you drink from the coffee?” Rhonda asked.

“I didn’t” Juliet replied.

“See?” Rhonda said and Lovelyn went mute.

“How could you accuse me of poisoning boss Rhonda?, I know you hate me but isn’t this a little bit much?” Juliet sniffed.

“I just don’t care, I’m calling the cops right now” Rhonda replied.


An ambulance came and Romeo was rushed out of the company in a stretcher.

Three cops came in too and Rhonda pointed at Juliet.

“Here, take her away, the one who poisoned boss” she said.

“I didn’t poison my boss believe me!!” Juliet cried.

Lovelyn wanted to talk badly but even if she does, nothing can be done again.

Juliet was handcuffed immediately.

“Believe me I didn’t do it!!, Don’t take me!!!” Juliet cried as she was led out of the company.

“The cup is in the office, you can go check it out” Rhonda said to the third cop, leading him in.

Juliet was taken to the police car which drove away immediately.

When they got to the police station, Romeo’s fans are already gathered in front of it, many of them plus reporters.

Immediately she was taken out of the car, eggs landed on her head and body from different angles.

🎙️Why did you poison your boss?

🎙️ What’s Mr Romeo Spencer’s sin?

🎙️ Is this because of his haughty personality?

Reporters threw questions at her face too and right now, her hair and clothes is a mess as a result of the eggs from fans.

The cops even had to struggle with the crazy fans because they’re ready to tear her apart, trying to get a hold of her.

👥 Go to hell!

👥 I hope you rot in jail for hurting our idol!

👥 Ugly face, die!

👥 To hell with you!

👥 If you get released, I’ll personally kill you!

👥 I hate the fact that you’re alive!!!

The last time Juliet shed hot tears like this was when her dad died, everything that’s happening right now is like a dream to her.

Suddenly getting arrested for poisoning her boss???

The same person who she has started seeing as her comforter, someone whose words calm her down.

It’s not even a dream, it’s a nightmare she’s hoping to wake up from as soon as possible.

She was successfully taken into the station though the door had to be closed because the angry fans won’t mind entering the station.

She was made to wait in a corner and she sat, shaking terribly.

She suddenly started feeling cold.

Swan appeared and bent in front of her.

Juliet’s cuffed hands are on her laps and it’s obvious that she’s cold because they’re shaking.

“Who cuffed her!” Swan asked and a cop came in

“We did that so it won’t be easy for her to run” he said and Swan glared at him.

“Why the heck are you disgracing your school?, You don’t know the law anymore?, There’s no evidence against her yet so handcuffing her is wrong!” She said.

“I’m sorry” the officer bowed.

“Uncuff her” Swan ordered and the cuffs were removed.

“You’ll be detained here till the test results arrives from the hospital, the cup is undergoing tests pres£ntly ” Swan said.

“How’s my boss doing?, Do you have an idea?, Huh?” Juliet quickly asked.

“I don’t have any news about him yet” Swan replied and stood.

She left Juliet and immediately she came out of the room, Kyle came in.

“I got the footages from the office” he said

“Cool” she replied and they got a laptop which they inserted the flashdrive into.

It started from when Juliet entered the [email protected] and saw just a cup on the holder.

How she made the coffee and added much sugar then came out of the [email protected]

When she made to drink it and her desk bell rang, then how she ran into his office.

No camera in Romeo’s office so nothing to watch about how he drank the coffee.

“Why was there only one cup on the holder?” Swan asked.

“Same thought, something is not right, and why did the footage start from 8:30?, What happened before 8:30?” Kyle replied.

“Yeah, but remember we can’t conclude on poisoning, The test results aren’t out yet” Swan said.

“Let’s visit the hospital” Kyle replied and they both left the station.

The angry fans are still ranting outside and immediately they left, Gina arrived with Merritt.

“Mummy, Bess” Juliet stood immediately she saw them.

“My baby, what really happened?, I’m not understanding anything, what’s the whole Mexico talking about?, What’s happening” Gina said.

“I don’t understand either, I just found myself here, he truly drank from the coffee I made but it swear it I had nothing to do with poisoning, why would I poison my boss I don’t get” Juliet said, her eyes so red from crying.

Merritt went to the cops table.

“Why did you arrest her without any evidence?, Look what they did to her hair and clothes!” She said angrily.

“If we wait for evidence before arresting suspects, then the world will be hell today” a cop replied.

Merritt rested her palms on the table and inhaled.




Kyle and Swan got to the hospital just when the doctor was coming out of the laboratory.

It’s not Mona hospitals this time, it’s an hospital closer to Jewell books.

“How’s it?” Swan asked.

“No traces of poison on the cup, I did a thorough test myself” he replied.

“What!, So…why did Mr Romeo Spencer bleed to the point of [email protected] out?” Kyle asked.

“Allergy” the doctor replied.


“Yes, he’s allergic to sugar but he took sugar which was detrimental to his health, that’s the reason for the bleeding” the doctor replied.

“Allergy to sugar?” Mona said, coming in.

She has been listening.

“Yes doctor Mona” the other doctor replied.

“My stepson has never been allergic to sugar, we might not be close but I know he takes cake, he loves cake so much and he adds sugar anytime he bakes, Ben told me everything about him” Mona replied.

“He recently underwent a surgery right?” The doctor asked.

“Yes, I handled it” Mona replied.

“The allergy started after the surgery”

Mona sighed and sat on the chair.

“I’m just so glad it’s not poison like everyone is saying” she muttered gladly.

“How’s he faring right now?” She asked.

“The bleeding stopped a long time ago, he’ll be up soon”

“I’m glad, I can’t believe he visited the hospital thrice consecutively” Mona said and her eyes widened.

“Juliet!, I heard you guys arrested her!” She faced Swan

“Yes, she was a…

“Release her, now!!” Mona interrupted loudly.




Storming in, Michelin met Rhonda waiting with Spy.

She went straight to Rhonda and hit her bag on her face, Rhonda fell on her knees.

“Michelin…. Michelin Anderson?” Rhonda [email protected] shockingly.

“She’s my lady, my boss” Spy said.

“I thought Spy got the right person when he told me about you but I was wrong!, You’ll refund the 50 million dollars you were given” Michelin said coldly.

“What!, I … I…

“You did trash because the poison wasn’t even in the cup!” Michelin snapped.


Michelin scrolled to the news on her phone then she threw the phone at Rhonda.

Rhonda took it and read the news

Juliet Hayes has been exonerated, she’s innocent of the accusations, it was Romeo’s allergy to sugar, Romeo is fine and Juliet has been released.

“How did this…how did….I’m sure I poisoned the cup I swear it!, I poisoned the…

Michelin slapped Rhonda again and her sharp ring left a cut on her face.

“Stop talking!, Refund the 50 million dollars or eliminate Juliet within the next three days!, I want that girl out of existence don’t you get it?, Eliminate her!!”

“I promise to do that … My lady” Rhonda said frightfully.

“I’ll give you enough time, take one week, I’ll be waiting, and it’s better you do it perfectly this time because I won’t hesitate to kill you if you miss the target again” Michelin said, bringing out her gun.

She aimed for Rhonda’s forehead and Rhonda started sweating , feeling like peeing on herself.

Michelin took the gun away from her forehead and shot at the wall.

“Ahhh!!” Rhonda shouted in fear, blocking her ears with her palms.

Michelin returned the gun and faced Spy.

“That doesn’t mean laxness for you, you should hunt her too, let’s see who gets her first” she said.

“Yes my lady” he bowed and Michelin left.

Spy left too and Rhonda sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

“I’m sure I poisoned the cup, why the hell did things turn out this way?, How?”

She quickly got her fallen bag and ran out of the place.

She walked to the main road and ride a taxi home.

It was already late when she got home, some minutes before 7pm.

She dropped from the taxi and entered the house exhaustedly .

Lovelyn came out of her hiding place and folded her arms under her br£@sts.

“Are you really this evil?, Rhonda?”

She walked down the lane and brought out her phone.

She checked the internet and saw the hate posts against Juliet has all been taken down.

She breathed in relief and continued walking.

* *


Reid came down from the taxi and smiled happily, he obviously can’t wait to see Merritt tonight again.

He bought snacks with the intention of sharing with her when he gets to her.

He payed the driver and walked into the park street.

They agreed to meet there since it’s always silent, it’s an old park so it’s not in use anymore.

He took out his phone and dialled her line, she picked immediately and he smiled.

“I’m almost at the park” he said.

“Come quick, you need to console me too” she said and he got worried.

“Are you fine?” He asked quickly.

“It was my friend who got accused wrongly today” Merritt replied.

“Oh!, The Juliet Hayes lady?, I’m so sorry about that”

“Come fast ok?, I’m waiting, and I miss you” she said.

“I miss you more, just a lil bit and I’ll be with you” he smiled.

“Ok, see you!”

She hung up and he added to his pace but she suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

He turned back to check but immediately he did that, something shoved into his tummy and his eyes widened as his body shook.

The nylon of snacks and his phone fell from him.

An hand held his shoulder as the knife was pushed more deeply into his tummy.

The face came to view and tears came out of Reid’s eyes when he saw the devil’s face.





Merritt tried Reid’s line again and got more worried.

They spoke thirty minutes ago and he told her he’ll soon be here but he’s not even anywhere in sight.

That got her scared every minute.

She stood and tried again but it’s still same, he’s not picking.

“Why is he not picking?, Huh?, Why is he….

“Hey girl” an husky voice made her look back to see five hefty men, looking at her like lions, ready to devour her.

Her phone fell from her.




Romeo’s eyes opened and Justus spranged up from his chair together with Mona.

Naomi and Baby are already standing with Michelin.

“Romeo!” Michelin said quickly.

“Romeo are you fine?, Romeo?” Mona said and he looked around before sitting up quickly.

Naomi felt his temperature.

“It’s back to normal” she smiled.

“What happened?, Did I [email protected] out again?” He asked.

“A lot happened Romeo, a lot” Justus said.

“I ended up in the hospital again, I hate this” Romeo muttered.

“Juliet got arrested because she was suspected for poisoning the coffee whereas it was your sudden allergy to sugar” Ben said.

“Your fans threw eggs at her and several hate posts was made about her, she really suffered today” Sugar said.

“What!” Romeo said shockingly.

“She was released when it was found out that it’s your allergy” Baby said

“Where’s she pres£ntly?” Romeo asked impatiently.

“Romeo calm down and…

“Where’s she!” Romeo interrupted Michelin.

“At the back of this hospital” Mona replied and Romeo got down from the bed.

“Wear your sl!ppers at least!” Naomi shouted as Romeo ran out barefooted but he didn’t bother to heed.

He left the ward and though he doesn’t know his way around this particular hospital, he managed to find his way out and saw her sitting on a bench under a lamplight .

His guilt almost made him turn back but he summoned courage and walked slowly to her.

Juliet was rubbing her wrists as she sat but she stopped when she heard movements.

She looked up to see Romeo in front of her.

“Boss!” She spranged up quickly.

“Did I put you in trouble?, Did I make you suffer again?” He asked guilty.

“Boss” Juliet said and walked to him, she hugged him so tight that he suffocated.

“I’m glad you’re fine, I was so scared, everyone were saying I poisoned the coffee, they threw eggs at me and said hateful things to me, I was arrested and…. and I was…. I was too too scared” she said, not knowing when tears fell from her eyes.

Romeo broke the hug and smiled sadly before starting to wipe her tears.

“I told you tears make you ugly” he said.

“I just can’t help it” she replied.

He held her face and looked at her affectionately with much care in his eyes before leaning in.

Juliet closed her eyes and he smiled before klzzing her hair.

“Crybaby” he said and she opened her eyes.

Before he could say anything again, she hugged him once again.


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