Killed for love episode 2

Welcome loveth how was lectures today. It was fine, so gist me what happened today at campus. Well sarah many things happened but something perculiar happened to me today. just say it out you are keeping me waiting. Okay while i was coming back from campus this guy just st©pped me and you know all the othor stuff they usually say and he asked for my number. And did you give him. At first i didnt want to give him but he was begging me in the public so i had to give him. So loveth what is his name. His name is ma…… *phone rings* hello loveth on the line who is this. Dont you know my voice its max how are y0u i told you i would call. Oh max am fine and you. Am cool, how was lecture. LecCture was fine just a little problem in an as-signment given to us but it will be taken care of. Em loveth can we meet un-der the mango tree at the centere of the libr@ry. But max i cant. plea-se cee you thesre. Ma…… *phone cuts* loveth why did you told him you cant come. But sarah i dont know him. But… TBC