Killed by love finale episode

Killed by love finale episode
I heard you were beaten bad and rushed to the hospital, so i had to come here. Max don’t tell me you went to confront tunde, oh my god max. Calm down dear, i didn’t go to him, i just mistakenely bu-mped into him on my way to the campus. Okay. Are you okay now, how are you feeling. Am okay, just a little headache but the doctor said i would be discharged in the evening. I told you he would get back at you. Okay but plea-se don’t go to him again, and try as much as you can to avoid him, okay. Okay dear. plea-se max i don’t want to loose you, i love you max. I love you more. *they k!ss*. See you later max, i have to go. Okay dear, take care. *at tunde fratanity* that loveth of a girl don’t want to accept my proposal after everything i promised her, since she dont want to accept me we have to kill her kuz want i cant get i cant let another person have it. But gabon its max that dos£nt want her to agree to your proposal, if we lure her 4 hito getting max nd kill him. She would agree to your proposal..
Because she loves max, and if max is dead you can have your way, let’s just kidnap her and lure max to the tra-p and kill him. That is nice sam, we would carry out the plan tomorrow. Yes gabon. *the next day they kidnap loveth on her way to the campus* sarah, hi max. Sarah have you seen loveth today. Yes, no. What’s yes, no. I mean she left home early this morning but i haven’t seen her in camqus nor her dep@rtment, i was equally searching for her now, don’t worry i would still look for her. *just as loveth leaves max gets a phonecall from an unknown number* hello. Hello max its tunde, am sure you are looking for loveth by now. You bastard what did yov do to her, if you l@ya f!nger on my loveth i would….. What would you do, huh call your mum or what. If you ever want to see loveth s come to the fiveteenth block on your left and wait for instruction. plea-se give her the phone. Loveth how are 6 you. *loveth crying* am fine. Am coming for you just wait. No, it’s a tra-p. You got 30 minutes max..
*max was confused and mad at the same time. 20 minutes later ihe got to the place, and it was as if they were watching him. Then his phone rang* hello max you c@m£ early. Am here tunde what now. You see that path by your left, follow it and you would see us. Max began regretting not telling anyb©dy about his movement, not even sarah and he couldnt do anything now, it was obvious he was being watched from somewhere and he could get killed, moreover he still wanted to save his loveth even if it would cost him his life. He followed the path and got to a deserted area, cultist sure know how to hide themselves. He met tunde, loveth by his side and 4 other of his cultist members. Hero Max, the man who would do anything to save his girlfriend. Tunde i don’t want any trouble, you said if i come i would have my loveth and here i am, why the delay. cee max, you are a big fool. Do you really think i would just give her to you when you come here, i called you here to witness her death. What. Hahahaha….
Tunde plea-se don’t do this. Look who’s begging, you see max what i can’t have in this campus no one can have it, since she dos£n’t want to accept me as her b©yfri£ndi have to kill her so no one can have her, but since you have pleaded with me i would give her to you. *tunde whisper in loveth ear and pushes her, while she was running to max, tunde brou-ght out his gun and c–k it* goodbye loveth, he shoots the gun thrice to his suprise max had took the bullets for loveth. Max noooooooooooo. *loveth crying* No, max, max. Guys lets leave here. *tunde and his guys leaves the scene* max hold on ti-ght i would get you to the hospital, plea-se don’t die *crying*. I love you loveth. I love you too max, plea-se don’t die don’t leave me alone. *in a faint voice* Loveth i would always be with you, now and always *and he died*. Noooooo. *at max residence his mum gets a phone call* hello is this mrs ofoji. Yes. Am detective joe, Your son was murdered a while ago by some cultist, we are very sorry for your .
Oh my God why, why would you let them kill my only son. *crying* God why. *at loveth hostel, sarah was trying to console her* loveth its okay, i know how much you love him, but he is gone now crying your eyes out won’t bring him back. sarah *crying* do you know what it is for your love to be taken away from you, its just as if you are beinhg perised in the heart, tunde perised my heart by killing max and i would do so to him,i will f—–g kill that f—–g bastard. LOVeth just know that am always there and would do anything for you. really sarah anything, are you sure. yes loveth anything for you. Okay i want to start a cult, i have to get my revenge. What loveth that is insane it has£n’t come to that now just call the police and let them just do their job. Which police, is it the one’s that use to fear cult members of you don’t know them one 5 cult members would kill 555 #poli6 men. But still you dont… Sarah that is what i want and i will do. just get me some girls and initiate them…
*a week later sarah found many girls and they were lnitiated into the cult group, and loveth was now their gabon* “great fallen angels. *chrous* Great. Great fallen angels. *chrous* Great. we-tin we de do. *chrous* we fall any f—-r way f—–g f–k enter our way. Anyb©dy wey f–k enter our way we go. *chrous* we go f–k the f—–g f—-r comot. * they later dismiss. It been a month since loveth cult group “fallen angels” started and they are now the most dre-ad”ful cult group on the campus, not even the gabon of “devils angels” could stand in their way. Moreover loveth stood still to her plan of creating d cult group. Sarah i think it’s high time i took my revenge on tunde. But loveth i thought you have gotten over it. What *furious* why did i create this cult, you think i did lt out of fun, do you know what tunde did to me by killing max, he made me a killer a bad giri, look at loveth that was gentle before is now a gabon. We will attack tunde tomorrow and end this once and for all. Okay…
*the nxt day the attack tunde and his gang* hello tunde, hi loveth it’s been a while. I’ve been busy but that’s not why i am here, am here to settle our score. What score. What? *furious* so you have forgotten so quic-k what you took away from me. Oh you mean how i killed max, he was so weak and god i know you would come back for me. I hate u tvnde, it would be a plea-sure to kill you. then go on, kill me u ar a god f—–g b—h nd i will kill u. *before he could bring out his gun, loveth sh0t him thrice s£nding him to the ground dead.t d 2 group attack each other killing themselves remaining only loveth and sarah. Hit it over. Yea loveth. Unknown to them sam c@m£ late for their meeting, when he saw what was happening he hid and sh0t loveth twice s£nding her to the floor. Loveth, loveth talk to me. Am sorry *in pains* sarah it’s good at least i would be with my love, bxe sarah *loveth dies* the police comes and arrest sarah and max and they are s£nt to life imprisonment.