Killed by love episode 3,4&5

But loveth just give him a chance. sarah i can’t i don’t know him. Just give him a try, plea-se plea-se. Okay i have heard you.i would go and meet him tomorrow after lectures.k . *the next day* good afternoon max. Oh good afternoon loveth, i was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up. I had to show. *just then sarah showed up* hmmm. Oh max this is my friend and roomate sarah. Max meet sarah, sarah meet max the guy i told you about. *they shoke hands* nice to meet you max, lt’s a plea-sure, wow you guys have a beautiful and angelic name. We are flattered loveth and sarah said in union while they all bur-st into laughter. Okay max we have a lecture right now, the last lecture for today and the lecturer is just too strict. We would chat later on. Okay don’t let me keep you guys waiting you can go, we would chat k later. Bye max, bye sarah, by loveth. *on their way home after the lecture* wot sarah your b©yfri£ndis so handsome i had alre-ady fallen for him. Come on sarah i just got to know him……
Come on loveth, dont tell me you dont like. sarah lets just leave that t©pic for another time. *later that day, loveth phone rings* hello, hello dear. Ho max good evening how are you, am cool and you. Am okay. So how was lecture today,hope no problem. Em Just a little problem but i will take care of it. Okay and hys sarah, she’s fine. Okay greet her for me. Okay i will. Em loveth plea-se by tomorrow i want us to meet at the usually place or lets meet at mr bigg’s opposite the campus i have something important to tell you. But ma… No but loveth see you dear, sweet dreams. Hmmm i guess your love just called you. Sarah st©p teasing me. So what did he say. He said i should meet him at mr bigg’s opposite the campus that he has something important to tell me. Wow the guy just asked you on a d@t£. No he didn’t. He just did but indirectly. Na u sabi lets wait till tomorrow. Wo let me go and cook am hungry or are you not. am famised go and cook let’s eat. or are you not hungry. *they laugh
*the next day after lecture* sarah am off to see max. Should i tag along. I don’t think it would be a good idea. Oh i get it. What? Loveth asked suprised. you don’t want me to spoil your d@t£. Comon loveth me and max haven’t started d@t!ngyet, let me go i dont want to keep him waiting. just go and meet your boy friend. Uknown to her sarah secretely follows her and disguise her self and sit in a table close to them, backing them* at mr bigg’s loveth sp©ts max and goes over to him* hi max, hi loveth how are you and how waq lecture today. Am fine and also my lectures today were fine, and your. Well mine was good i mean fine and beautiful, but not as fine, and beautiful as you. * they laugh * you are flattering me max. No am not am only saying the truth, so hys sarah, she’s not with you today hope no problem. No, no problem she just had some things to take care of. *0 sarah smilled at loveth lie* so max you said you had something important to tell me. Yes. What is it. * he holds her hand * loveth