Killed by love episode 1

It was a sunny afternoon when max was going home from the campus. He had just finished taking lectures for that day from the university when he saw loveth, when he wanted to pick his handquerchief that fell down. He was amazed at her beauty. she was tall slim and had the front and back. Luckly for him she was heading his way and he stole the opportunity. Em sorry good afternoon am maxwell, u can call me max and you. Good afternoon am loveth. Wow that’s a very beautiful name. *loveth blus-hes* thanks and she starts leaving. Sorry plea-se can you give me your number. For what i dont give my number to people i dont know. But we are attending the same school. Since i saw you i just fell for you, plea-se, plea-se, plea-se. Okay here *gives max her phone number* thanks. I will Call you later. That afternoon the only thing he could think of was loveth, he couldnt even eat. On the other hand loveth got home and met her room mate sarah to gist about her experience that0 day and her encounter with max…. TBC.