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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Kidnapped by a billionaire Episode 30 to 33

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I arrived at my killing penthouse. I’m actually very tired of travelling one place to another place

When this is all over I can finally have my own peace

I sigh heavily walking in while heavily guarded

“Sir” the five dumb heads I sent bowed their heads as soon as I got in

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I rolled my eyes. “Where’s the girl?” I ask looking at them sternly

“She’s upstairs” one of them says and I take the suitcases carrying the cameras from one of my guards

“Stay here” I tell the numerous guards and signal the five hitmen to follow me

We get to the room and i held a confused look cause she was asleep

“Why is she asleep ?” I ask not bothering to look at them

“Well she tried to run away so Thomas had to sedate her” one says and I put the suitcase down

I hit my forehead slightly looking at them with ab unbelievable look

I can’t actually understand the morons u work with

Every time I send someone to do something it’s either the whole thing fails or they do one mistake

“Which sedative?” I ask while holding a stern look

“The one that lasts for 24 hours” one of them says and I laugh sarcastically

So I drove all the way here for nothing

“Which one of you is Thomas ?” I ask and they all point and the Thomas guy who p

“Give me your gun” I say looking at the Thomas guy. He gives me the gun with shaking hands

“Thank you” I say and shoot him on his forehead causing him to fall dead on the floor

“Take the gun” I say handing the gun to one of them

He takes it nervously looking at the dead body on the floor. “Shoot the three of them” I say and he looks at me like I’ve grown two heads

I give him a cold glare. “Shoot” I yell out and it echoes around the whole room

He shoot all of them on their foreheads “Good now bring the gun back”i say and he gives it to me nervously

I shoot him on his forehead. Killing is so fun

I chuckle while walking out

The reason why they didn’t run away is that they knew if I find them.

They will die a slow death so they just had to die their quick death

I smirked as I arrived downstairs.”Don’t clean the mess. I want it to be a surprise for our little princess. Just guard the door” I say to three of my guards



“Dad ?” I called puting my mug on the table”Dont dad me. You failed to keep my daughter safe. Your mom says she was with you” he yells and I sigh

“Well it isn’t my fault” I yell in return and he laughs

“Yeah. Yeah we are going to New York son” he says sitting comfortably on the couch beaming with smiles

“You smoked before coming here didn’t you?” I ask and he laughs
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“You know me very well son” he says and we both laugh

Yeah that’s just us. Crazy even when things are pretty serious

“You know for people who are supposed to be sad…”Eric was still trying to say when dad called his name

“You guys know each other ?” I ask and they both chuckle

“Yeah we’ve been contacting each other while coming with better plans to take dad down” Eric says and I glare at him

“So you are saying that my plans were lame ?” I ask and they both laugh

“Yeah..Mhhhm Errr” they both say and I roll my eyes walking out

“Don’t cry we are leaving in the next one hour” dad yells and I smile

I trust the both of them and this is prefect cause we will be striking unexpectedly




“Josh there’s no way you are coming” I say strictly zipping my luggage bag

“But I have to be there she’ll need me” he says and I sigh putting my hands on his shoulders

“Josh i understand you love my sister or whatever feelings you have for her but how can I put this in a nice way” I say pretending to be thinking

“Yeah we don’t need weaklings” I say carrying my bag

“Really ?That’s the nicest way you could have put it and besides I’m not a weakling” he says looking at me like I’ve grown two heads

“I know you are not a weakling but when it comes to this I don’t trust you. Have you looked at your face in the mirror” I say and he sighs looking at himself in the mirror

“Well I get it okay? I got baggy eyes and I look pale while my hair is a mess” he said and and I smirked

“Well you are staying end of discussion. And don’t do anything stupid if you truly love Gianna” I say and he sighs raising his hands above his head

“Okay fine” he sighs like he wants to slap me

“Good boy” I ruffle his head and get out off my room leaving him in deep thoughts

“And take a bath if you still want Gianna she hates frogs” I yell and I could hear him gasp

“Are you saying that I look like a frog?” He asks and I laugh loudly going downstairs to find Eric and dad waiting for me

“The soldiers are already waiting in New York let’s hurry up ” dad says and I sigh

I chuckle taking my swollen lips inside my mouth remembering how Selena kissed me a thousand times claiming that it is for good luck.

“Let’s fly the sky!” I say and they both look at me awkwardly

“Huh ?” Eric furrows his brows

“Well if we were going to drive a car I would’ve said let’s hit the road so because we are using the jet let’s fly the sky” I say and they both laugh pretty hard before we all walked out


In less than nine hours they were already in New York

They decided to use some few hours planning how to get in cause they already knew he is in his penthouse

The bad news was that the penthouse was heavily guarded. A guard could be seen every corner of the penthouse


Gianna yawned opening her eyes slightly. She saw five dead bodies on the floor with a lot of blood

She screamed her lungs out covering her eyes

The guards that were guarding the door rushed into the room. They all laughed at seeing how terrified she was

They really loved seeing people in pain.

“Go call boss” one told another with a smirk plastered on his face

Seeing Gianna’s cute face aroused the guard that sent another and he suddenly wished he was the boss

He would have ordered everyone out and raped her till death

He decided to snap out of it as he watched her intently

She weeped like a 2 years old baby

“Baby girl”Mr Donald’s voice was the most terrifying thing in Gianna’s ears

Through her whole life she has never been terrified this way

She wouldn’t be this terrified if she didn’t see the dead bodies

“Bring in the machine” Donald’s cold voice echoed around the whole room

Gianna wanted to pee on herself so bad. Will she die at the age of 15

The guards came in with the machine and Gianna instantly recognized it to be an electric shocker machine

Gianna started sweating pretty bad. “You will enjoy the show Gary”Donald said to the camera

Unknowingly to him that Gary was just outside the door. They had succeeded in killing all the guards silently and they were counting down to barge in

Josh was busy weeping while watching the cctv’s. Seeing how scared Gianna was made him feel hopless






They barged In the room with numerous soldiers

“G-a-r-y?” Donald stuttered while Gary smirked

“Hey Donald have I ever told you how cute you look when you are scared”Gary chuckled making Donald boil more in anger

He wasn’t believing his eyes. He thought he was way smarter than Gary but this just proved him wrong

How did he find me? How did he get pass my numerous guards ? How am I going to escape ?

Donald had all sort of questions running through his mind

“Well since the cat’s got your tongue. The him” Gary’s father said and he guards walked to Donald and cuffed him

Donald’s guards in the room just watched speechlesly. They were just dumbfounded

No one was ready for this. Even if they try to fight there’s no way that they’ll kill of the soldiers in the room.

They knew pretty much that they’ll end up dead if they try something stupid so they just decided to co-operate

Gary’s father jumped the dead bodies and ran Gianna hugging her to himself

Gianna weeped in his hands while he continued saying I’m so so sorry

The soldiers went to the five guards and cuffed them.

“That was easy” Gary says walking to Gianna to comfort her


I drove the car like I was acting fast and furious till I got home

I had to tell Gary that I’m going to take my siblings. I wouldn’t just leave them with that drunkard they call a mother

“Laura,Max where are you ?” I yelled walking into the living room

“Max!” I yelled climbing the stairs “Eric?” I heard Laura’s excited voice

She ran into my eyes “oh my god. I thought you are dead” she said hugging me too tightly

I just allowed her cause I’ve missed her so badly

“Where have you been” She asked as she disengaged

“That’s the story for another day.Where’s Max cause we gotta go before we miss the jet” I say in a haste

“Which jet ?” She asks. Laura is just so stubborn

“Argh Laura we don’t have time” I say frustratedly

“Okay he’s at his favourite restaurant with his friends”she says “Lets go then” I say and try to drag her but she stands still

“What now” i groan “Dad locked mom in the dungeon”she says and I sigh

The man is so evil. After unlocking the dungeon I had to promise Laura’s mom who smelt so bad that we are coming back

After taking Max from the resturant I drove to the airport to find them already waiting for us

“Dad?”Laura whispered as he saw Donald covered with a lot of soldiers

“Argh what took you so long ?” Gary asks jokingly and I chuckle

“This two are talktive so I had to talk them through this whole thing” I say and he sighs

“Why are they surrounding dad like That?” Max whispers “I told you to stop with your questions”i say and he groans still looking at dad

After Gary greeted my siblings we finally made our way into the jet. I hope Donald pays for his evil deeds

He doesn’t deserve being called dad anymore





I was shocked as I saw them drag Mr Donald inside

No one was wounded. Everyone was just fine with no scratches

I ran to Gary hugging him like my life depended on it

Geez! How could they go to a war and come back like they went to a trip or something

“Oh Selena” Donald says with a smirk “Shut up!” Gary sneers and Mr Donald chuckles

“This is going to be so fun. At least if I die. I would have confessed everything” he continued talking looking at me

“Take him to whatever room you’d lock him up” Gary’s father says looking at Mr Donald with so much hate

What does he mean he is going to confess everything

I sigh and look at Gary straight into his eyes. It was getting so intense and we were starting to forget that everyone was in the sitting room

We kissed for what seemed like forever till someone cleared his throat

My cheeks flashed in embarrassment as everyone in the living room busted into uncontrollable laughter

“Sorry” we both muttered on the same time

After spending some time with everyone we finally went to his bedroom and he freshened up

“Your hair Is more curly when it’s wet” I say running my hands through his hair and he chuckles

“Well I can get you wet too if you know what I mean” he says and I pinch his cheek

“Ouch” he says and I start laughing and he later joins me

“You know you are so naughty” I say teasingly and he scoffs

“That’s why you like me” he winks and i roll my eyes

“Whoever said that I like you” I roll my eyes
and he straddles me.

“Gary” I gasp and he smirks

“I know you like me and that’s why you are my girlfriend” he winks seductively

“I don’t remember agreeing to being your girlfriend” I say in more like a whisper cause he was really close

“Well you didn’t need to agree to anything cause from the day you entred my mansion you became mine” he said and claimed my lips giving me goose bumps

“I love you” he mumbles into the kiss and I smile

“I love you too” I say and he bites my bottom lip causing me to moan

“Selena I need you to promise me one thing” he says in a serious tone

“What ?” I furrow my brows “That no matter what happens you’ll never leave me”he pouts and I smile

“Of course I won’t. I love you remember” I say boastfully and he smiles kissing me roughly

After so many kissing and touching we finally slept peacefully while cuddling each other

It really feels good and safe like I’m at home. I can’t believe all this while he took me as his girlfriend

I smile in my sleep


Selena and I walked holding hands into the room where they kept Donald to find everyone already waiting for us

When I say everyone I mean dad,Eric,Josh and Gianna

“Oh hey Selena” Donald smiles at Selena. Geez I don’t get why he likes calling Selena’s name

Selena scoffs tightening her hold on my hand

“So Donald how would you like your punishment to be ?” Dad asks with his usual play boy smirk

I swear that dad was once a play boy cause of the way he does almost everything

“Well before we do the punishment stuff.How about we do the confession stuff” Donald smirks

Geez I hate this motherf***ker

Dad laughs sarcastically. “Oh yeah we should actually do that and we should start with the fact that Selena and Eric are siblings” dad says with a smirk

“What!” Everyone in the room shouted




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