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July 30, 2021


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Kidnapped by a billionaire Episode 22 to 25

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“I can’t believe they made a fool out of me” Eric says for the million times

. ” Get over it man. It’s pretty obvious they are both smarter than you” I say and he groans eating his apple aggrivesly

“Leave the damn apple alone. It’s not your problem causer” i say boredly lying on the couch

He was about to answer but he was distracted by the laughter that echoed around the house

We both looked at the entrance to find Gianna and Josh looking happy

“And where are you two coming from this late ?” I ask and their smiles faded away

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“It’s not that late Gary” Gianna says and I roll my eyes

“Have you seen the time it’s 10 p.m” I say and they both chuckled “So?” Gianna asks

“So really Gianna. I can’t believe you allowed Josh to fool you. He is a play boy he isn’t going to change little sis. And he is way older than you” I scoff and they both chuckle

“Whatever” Gianna says holding Josh’s hand they both walk out “You look ugly together and I’m telling mom to come fetch you” I yell after them

“You sound like an overprotective dad and it doesn’t suite you” Eric says and I shoot him a glare

“Shut up that’s my sister out there and you don’t want me to unleash my anger on you ” I growl and he smirks

“Is that a challenge?” He asks and I nod. Before I could say anything he pounced into me and we started fighting

We broke many glassy things while punching and kicking each other

Someone broke us apart. That’s when I saw we both had bloody noses

“Are you guys f***ng crazy ?” Josh yells after pulling us apart

We both looked at each and smirked “They were just fine 5 minutes ago” Gianna says and we both burst into uncontrollable laughter

That’s when I noticed almost everyone in the mansion was watching us including Selena and the maids

“That was good” we both say and do a high five. They all look out confusingly

“Next time we are doing it in the forest to avoid drama” I whisper to Eric and we both laugh

Selena dragged me away angrily. “Everyone must get back to work” i heard Josh’s voice say loudly


“You know I still don’t get why you are so childish!” I yell at Gary and he laughs

“Stop being worked up. We were just goofing around” he says holding me close by my a** but I slapped his hands away

“Goofing around ? You were hitting each other like animals” I say walking into the closet

I take the first aid kit and return to him. This is not the first time they are doing that. I don’t even know why they hit each other and still manage to joke about it

All in the name of goofing around. He wince as I treat his nose wound.

“Next time you are going to treat yourself” I say and he laughs

“Considering the fact that you freak out every time I’m hurt. I’m pretty that’s not going to happen” he says with a smirk

I roll my eyes putting a plaster on his nose. Sometime this guy can never seize to amaze me

“Done” I say closing the first aid kit. “And now how about we do this” he says drawing me close by my a** and I giggle

He kiss my neck up to my lips. I couldn’t help but moan as he spanked my a** romantically

We kissed each other hungrily. He groaned into my mouth while I moaned

His other hand slips into my shirt. I couldn’t help but moan softly as he presses one of my br***ts softly

He tosses my shirt off slowly and I’m only left in my bra and bum shot.he kisses me down to my belly button. I moan out his name softly

He takes of my short slowly leaving me in my undies

“F**k Selena” he groans looking at me like some hungry lion




“Gary please stop.its hurting me” I moan out as he slips his hands inside my hole after shifting my pant.

He kiss my lips slowly still moving his fingers inside if my hole. It really hurts. He kisse me slowly to my earlobe

“Calm down” he whispers huskily sending cold shivers down my spine

He kisses me down to my cleavage and rest his head the groaning. His other hand slowly unclasp my bra

He finally removes it and smirk watching my breast. I try to cover my breast but he pin my hands down with his two hands

I suddenly relax feeling his fingers out of my hole “Be a good girl ” he say huskily and brings his face close to my breast.

I shiver as I feel his hot breath on one of my breast. He suddenly takes my nipples into his mouth

I moan out feeling his hand rubbing my clit. It was really driving me crazy. I was damn wet.

I want him to stop but at the same time I don’t want him to stop

“F**k” He groans slipping one finger into my hole

“Please stop” I moan not really wanting him to stop. The pleasure was just too much

He slips two and I scream in both pain and pleasure.

“You are f****ng tight “he says moving his fingers in and out of my hole slowly. All I could was groan

He then removed his mouth away from my nipples and started kissing me down to my belly button.

He removed his fingers out of me leaving me horny
I really wanted him so badly.He removed my pant with his teeth.

I found it funny so I chuckled and tried to cover my private

I suddenly felt shy cause I was stark naked infront of him “I thought I told you to be a good girl” he removes my hands from my private parts

He moves his head to my p*ssy. “What are you doing?” I clasp my legs tightly.

“Scream all you want cause this room is sound proofed. Just enjoy it” he says huskily and draws my legs apart

“Beautiful” He grunts as he put his mouth on my p*ssy

I couldn’t help but scream loudly

It felt so out of this world. He continued licking and all I could do was moan his name and cuss

“Don’t stop” I say holding the bedsheets tightly

I suddenly feel like my tommy is tightening. Like I’m going to release something from my p*ssy

I scream as I felt a sensation and warm liquid rushed out. .My legs were shaking very much

What was that ?

It felt like the world just exploded in my p*ssy.”Did I pee ?” I ask shyly

“Stop being sarcastic” Gary says and I furrow my brows at him

“Wait don’t tell me you have never had that before”he says and I look away shyly

“Are you still a virgin ?” he asks and I nod shyly

“F**k let’s go to sleep” he says covering us after cleaning my p*ssy with my t-shirt

What!! I thought we were about to have s*x.He can’t just leave me like this.

Damn! I sigh frustratedly looking at him as he closed his eyes




I looked at him in disbelief. I groaned as I wore my clothes

He didn’t even bother to look at me. He just kept on closing his eyes like a fool he Is. I scoffed and tried to walk out

He still didn’t wake up. I stomped my feet on the ground noisely

He still didn’t move so I decided to kick him.He only chuckled

“F**k you” I say and walk out of his room. As soon as I get to my room.i take a quick shower that really helped with my current situation

How dare he do that. He will never touch me after what he just did.

I slipped into my blankets and closed my eyes. I soon dozed off
“Daddy no!” I shouted crying profusely “Selena use the window to get out. I’m going to take mommy” he says and I nod my head in disagreement

“I’m coming with you” I say coughing. “Use your shirt to cover your nose. Please baby get out before you catch fire. I promise to come out with mommy” he says assuringly and I nod with tears falling from my eyes

I cover my nose and watch dad walk into the fire to take mom

I was still trying to jump off the window when I saw them coming back holding each other

They were coughing profusely like me. ” Mommy Daddy” I shouted crying

A rag that caught fire fell unto them. “No!” I shouted and tried to run to them but strong hands held me back

I fainted due to the shouting and kicking

“Selena!”Someone called and I jerked up crying profusely

“It’s all a dream”Gary whispers into my ear. “He promised” I cry out loudly

“I’m so sorry” he pats me till I go back to sleep hugging him tightly


I woke up earlier than usual and snucknout of Selena’s room in order to not wake her up

The assisin just texted me. He says he is outside and the guards won’t let him in cause they think he is dressed like a bagger

I closed the door gently and texted Eric to come downstairs

I walked outside and opened the gate by my self to reveal Scar ( the assisin)

“Why did you dress like that ?” I ask in a chuckle as soon as I see him in torn clothes

“Just felt like it” he says walking inside. I pass my guards the gate remote as we make our way into the living room to find Eric seated like a visitor

I chuckle at his sight “Uhm okay everything went accordingly ?” I ask Scar after he sat down

“The mission was a success” he says with a smirk and a smile spreads across my face

“Okay let me go get the laptop” I say and walk to my study room. I don’t trust no one in this house so I’d rather do everything by myself

I return with the laptop to find all the cctv cameras working

The old man was currently seated in his office while smoking his blunt. I smile at Scar and give him his suitcase full of money

We shake each other’s hands before he finally exits

I watch Eric as he click the one with a girl crying on her bed.She’s probably Josh’s age mate He zoom it and the girl was holding his picture

I’m guessing it’s his sister. A boy probably Gianna’s age walked in

“Laura what did I say about crying ?” The boy yells

“He is gone Max what if he doesn’t come back. What if dad killed him ?” The girl cries more

“He didn’t kill him. Eric escaped. Didn’t I tell you one of my favorite hoodies is gone. And our escape car is gone. What more information do you need” the boy yells like he is the older one

“What if dad gto to him and killed him !” She still says stubbornly and the boy sighs hugging her to himself. I look at Eric to find him in tears



Gary, Belinda and I stood outside Eric’s room.He locked himself in his room for some reason

I don’t know but Gary says he is not feeling okay about something

“Eric”Belinda says knocking softly on the door

“Eric please open the door. Should I go away ?” Belinda asks still knocking softly

“Honey” Belinda says and stops knocking. The door opens to reveal Eric.

I chuckle at their sight. So Eric wanted her to call him honey so he could open the door for her

“What ?” He asks with baggy eyes. “Seduce him to make him feel better” I whisper to Belinda and we both laugh

I walk away with Gary following me around.

The reason why I say he is following me around is because I went to the kitchen and he followed me there

And then I walked into the sitting room and he followed me

I grinned to my self when I thought of a prefect torture plan

“Look Selena I’m not sorry but please stop ignoring me” he says and I roll my eyes walking away

“Come on Selena. You didn’t expect me to take your virginity that way” he says and I keep quiet

“At least if we are in a relationship or something i would take it” he says and I sigh

He is right. I can’t believe I was going to give my virginity to someone who doesn’t love me in any way

I’m so dumb. Maybe I was just carried away by his looks and everything to think that he loves me. I found my self scoffing before going to my room


I can’t believe I now have to beg for forgiveness from Selena

What do I even feel for her ? Maybe I should just leave her alone for now

I’m pretty sure I’ve been crushing but it’s now getting worse. I can’t seem to stop thinking about her

And I’m scared that I might have fallen for her and she doesn’t feel the same way
I went to my study room and started using my laptop. I decide to not go to work but work at home

My phone suddenly rang jolting me up from my laptop

“Dad ?” I say questionably “Hey son” he says sounding so happy

“Uhm Why the sudden call ?’ I ask and he laughs. This is so unlike him

“Can’t I call my lovely son again” he says and I groan.

“This is so unlike you dad so spill the beans” i say and he chuckles from the other side

“It was a success son” he says and I smile getting what he was saying
“Really?” I ask excitedly “Yes really son and I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be back in the next two weeks” he says and giggle like a girl

That means I have two weeks to take Donald down

“Yeah… Yeah I won’t say it back” he says and I laugh as he finally hangs up


“Linda ?” Eric calls in a questioning manner as he strokes my hair softly “Mhhm” I hum softly while closing my eyes

“Do you like me ?” He asks and I open my eyes in shock. I can hear his heart beating faster as I laid my head on his chest

It is so fun to watch him freak out

“Why are are you asking ?” I ask closing my eyes again

“Cause I sort of like you” he says and I grin. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time

“Oh.” I say. He makes me sits up and looks straight into my eyes

“So I wanna know if you like me?” He asks holding my hands. His face looked at me hopefully

“No I don’t like you” I say and his face drops to a sad one.

“Oh.” He says removing his hands from mine

I take him off guard by kissing him. He kissed me back slowly and steadily “I love you dummy” I say between the kiss and I feel him smile kissing me roughly this time around




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