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July 24, 2021


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Kidnapped by a billionaire Episode 18 to 21

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I got out of the car angrily “What the f**k do you want?” I growled holding him by his collar

“I came hear in peace” he says with a small smirk

“And why the f**k do you think I will believe you” I was about to punch him when Selena’s voice came out

“Gary don’t” she said softly. I immediately let him go slowly

He is lucky Selena is here or he would be dead by now

How dare he come here. He’s got guts like the dumb mother f**ker he calls a dad

Selena held my hand tightly while I pulled her close by her waist

Donald’s son looked at the place where I held Selena

Gianna and Josh had already drove into the mansion

“What are you staring at we are waiting for you to explain why you are standing next to our gate” I say and his face looks kind of surprised but he quickly hide it with a smirk

“Our ? Are you guys in a relationship ?” He asks looking at Selena and I hold her more tightly

“You don’t have a right to ask questions. Remember that you are outside my gate. So I can just kill you with no one noticing” I say rudely

“Okay fine. I came to give you information about my dad ” he says

“And why should I believe that” I say and he sighs

“Dad was going to send a bomb in your mansion but I kind of went against it causing him to stop the plan. He told his guards to lock me in a his dark room after we had an argument about the bomb thing and now that I escaped I want to help you bring him down” he says and I scoff

“I don’t need a your help and besides his bomb mission wouldn’t have succeeed with all these guards guarding my mansion” I say and he laughs

“68% of your guards works for my dad and he also has your personal investigator wrapped around his fingers. I can tell you who he works for but If you don’t want I’ll just go” he says and I sigh looking at Selena

She nods. “Okay let’s go inside” I say and he smiles. He is kind of cute


“Pour him water” I tell one of my guards and he pours the stupid guard water. He jerks up immediately breathing heavily

“Where the f**k is my son” I growl at the stupid guard who groans while rubbing his head

“He knocked me out” he says stupidly “Steve pass me the gun” I growl at my personal guard and he passes it to me with a smirk

“No please I’m so sorry” he cries out

I shoot him on the forehead while he screams like a girl

I don’t work with weaklings. I walked to my private investigator’s room

“Trace Eric’s tracker” I say and he sighs. “It’s deactivated” he says and I bang my fists on the table

I’m going to kill that son of a b*** I don’t even know why I kept him

I should have killed him the way I killed his stupid mom

No one betrays me and gets away with it “If you don’t find him in the next 24hours consider yourself as a corpse” I say and finally walk out of his stinking room




I told him everything about my dad and also told him all of his co-workers who works with my dad

“I will just fire all those useless mother f**kers” he growls “No they will tell dad and if he know I’m here. I’m not even sure if one of the guards has already told him” I say and he sighs

“I’m not scared of him. I actually want him to be here” he says within gritted teeth

“Dad is a psycho and he wouldn’t mind planting a bomb to kill all of us”i say and he sighs

“You mean he can plant a bomb even though his son is here”he says and I roll my eyes

“He doesn’t care about anyone but himself . He is so selfish and manipulative” I say and he sighs

“You can say that again but what is the main reason that you want to bring hom down ” he asks and my body tenses up immediately

“He refuses to tell me who is mom. What I know is that my mom died while giving birth to me but he is a psycho so I believe he killed mom. That’s just one of the reasons i want to bring him down” I say shutting my eyes tightly

“Sorry man.Tell Josh to show you my private investigator’s room. He is not around so scan yourself to see if there’s anything on your body”he says pointing at the so cold Josh who’s chatting with a girl probably in her teens

Gary looks at them like he would strangle the both of them

“She’s your sister ?” I ask and he mumble a yeah

“I feel your pain” I say and we both laugh “let me call a meeting for all the staff” he says standing up and I stand up to

“Why ?” I furrow my brows and he chuckles hitting my shoulder playfully

“Don’t get worked up. I’m just going to take their phones and inform them they are not allowed to get out of the compound until I say so” he says and I sigh

“Won’t they question you ?” I ask and he shrugs

“Nobody questions Gary Barlow” he winks and walks away leaving me to chuckle

I walked up to Josh and Gary’s little sister. “Uhm Josh can you show me the private investigator’s room” I say with smile

“Okay” he says plainly i guess he doesn’t like me. I don’t blame him I mean who would like the son of a murder

“Whoa hold your horses Mr handsome . I’m Gianna and You?” She asks stretching out her hand

Come on she’s flirting with an old man here “Eric” I smile taking her hand

“Whoa cute name for a cute man. Age ?” She asks

“23” I say and her mouth opens out of shock

“And you are 15 so stay away from him. He is way out of your league” Josh says and grabs my hand “let’s go” he says dragging me

He looked kind of pissed “Don’t tell me you like her” I tease while laughing

“It’s non of your business” he says still holding a straight face

“Come on you know Gary is going to kill you right” I say and he stops walking and looks into my eyes causing me to stop too

“I’m not scared of Gary and it’s non of your business so shut up” he growls

“Okay but…” I still try to say my mind “shut up!You wouldn’t want me to punch your pretty face” he yells

“Okay fine leave my pretty face out of this” I say and he smirks. “Good boy” he ruffles my hair while I giggle like a girl

After scanning me Josh walked out immediately not allowing me to say anything

I can’t believe that man put three micro microphones and 2 micro trackers on my on my body

I sighed and walked out looking down. I bumped into someone. Her cologne drove me crazy immediately

It was a maid cause she was clad in the uniform I saw maids in “Sorry sir” she says in a sweet voice holding her bag firmly

Its like she’s coming here for the first time or she was given a leave and she’s returning today

“Your name?” I hold her wrist gently as she was about to leave. She looks into my eyes but quickly looks away

“Belinda” she says calmly. “Nice to meet you” I kiss her palm and wink.. she blushes while I walk away

I could still feel her eyes on me but I ignored her

I stopped on my tracks when I saw Gary and Selena kissing

His hands were rested oh her a**. I wiped the single tear that dropped from eye and took another turn

Not knowing where I’m heading. The house is just so big





I giggled like a girl after kissing her “Why did you do that?” She asked blushing really hard

“Why are you acting like you didn’t like it” I roll my eyes. Our faces are still pretty close

“I didn’t like it and I gotta go take a nap” she says and tries to walk way but I draw her close by her a** holding it tight

It felt really soft and bouncy “Why do you like taking naps?” I ask staring into her eyes

She looks away but i hold her chin tilting it to face my face. We both stare into each other’s eyes till it got intense

I kissed her again slowly. She didn’t give me entrance to slip my tongue in her mouth so I bit he lower lip gently causing her to moan

I smiled into the kiss and ran my hands around her a** finally getting full entrance into her mouth

I finally broke the kiss and winked. ” I have business to handle Lena so bye” i say and walk away from her after spanking her a** causing her to moan

I walked into the garage and my phone rang

What does she want ?

“Mom” I said after answering the call ” Uhm I just wanted you to know that your father said we must leave your life and let you get married at your own time” she says and I roll my eyes

“You told him right” I say and I heard her breath out heavily

“That’s what you wanted so bye” she hangs up before I could say anything

I run my hands in my hair and summoned one guard to come with me

Josh actually refused saying his sick and I know he just said that so he could spend time with my little sister. I hate the pervert


I decide to go to my room after the shocking moment with Gary

He is starting to act weird around me.

I sighed and bumped into someone. I moved away when I realised who it was

“Look Selena I’m really sorry” Eric says. I remember all the things he did to me and tears fell from my eyes

“I’ve forgiven you” I say and he holds me back “I know I can’t take back time but can we be friends” he says and I sigh

“Okay” he wipes my tears and hugs me immediately

My body tenses up and he let’s go immediately “I’m sorry for that” he says

“It’s okay”i hug him unexpectedly and walk out leaving him dumbfounded. One thing I’ve leant from mom is that you must always learn to forgive who wronged you


I’m so exhausted.The trip that Gary gave me was exhausting.

I don’t even know why his dad is living in that penthouse but it seemed like there’s something his father is hiding but it’s non of my business

I sighed after locking my room.i need to see Selena. I really miss her. The few days that I spent with her were the best

“Stop right there” I heard a muscular voice and stopped. I turned and found the guy that I met while coming in

Who is he ?

“Uhm sir ?” I bow my head cause he could be Gary’s friend. He laughs as I do so

“I’m Eric” he says and I nod. I try to walk away but his voice stops me
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“I didn’t say you can walk away did I?” He says and I’m actually starting to lose my cool

He doesn’t know that my mood changes now and then

“No but i got work to do”i say looking into his eyes but I quickly looked away

“I’m a guest so here come and feed me” he says handing me a bowl full of mixed fruits and my jaw dropped

“As I said before I got work to do” I say and he sighs

“You don’t really want me to report you to Gary right ?” He asks seductively and I roll my eyes

“Fine” I say grumply and he smile cutely

” good girl” he ruffles my hair and I shoot him a glare. I will kill him before he goes back to where he came from




It’s been one week already and our plans are going as planned “I’m going with him” Eric says and I sigh

“Eric I think we have already discussed this” I say facing him properly. “But I’m the only one who can get in without anyone seeing me” he says

“We are talking about an assassin. He knows his job” I say and Eric looks at the assassin I have hired.

He is the best assassin in America so I’m sure he’ll do a great job. Eric just wants to see his family but after this he’ll be seeing them everyday.

Another reason I don’t want him to tag along is that I’m scared he’d change his mind

He finally breathed out heavily. “Okay fine then he can go alone” he says and I smile

“Good boy” I ruffle his hair and he pushes my hand away causing me to chuckle

“You can go Scar” i say and the assassin nods before walking out

“Well I have a complaints about you” I say glaring at Eric playfully

“What did I do now?” he pouts his lips cutely and I chuckle

“Belinda says you are harassing her again” I say and he groans while I laugh

“What did you do to her cause I rememeber telling you to leave her alone “i say while he slump his big body on the couch

“She’s just annoying. Did she tell you she kicked my balls” he says childishly and I couldn’t help but laugh

“Leave the poor girl alone. It’s obvious she isn’t interested in you. You are the only one interested in her’ I say and he frowns

“How do you know that?” he asks in a more serious tone

“Belinda has been my personal maid for the past 2 years and she doesn’t take sh*t from any guy” i say and he laughs

“You should see the way she shivers when I touch her body. How she moans when I kiss her and spank…” I interrupt before he could finish

“Too much information” I say and we both laugh. Josh and I have been pretty close since he came here

I’ve learnt that he is kind of funny and sensitive including being very playful not forgetting smart actually he is a lot of things but he is surely nothing like his father

Josh and Gianna have been sneaking out a lot. Thank god I managed to put a tracker on Gianna. I don’t trust Josh

They usually go to expensive restaurants,parks,cinemas and other places

I just decided to let them be. If they fall in love I’ll let them be and if they break each other’s hearts I’ll be happy

Selena and Belinda went to a spar about few hours ago. I’m sure they are coming back soon. I just hope our plans with Donald don’t go to waste

Eric and I played video games till we heard a car drive in

Selena and Belinda walked in chatting happily “hey guys” They both cheered

“You both seem happy especially Belinda” I say

“That’s because a guy asked her out ” Selena coped sitting on my laps. Selena and I have became really flirty but we are still not a thing

We are just flirty peeps I guess cause we kiss a lot and get touchy but we never got intimate. But I think I might have caught some feelings for her

“What did she say ?” Eric asked looking at Belinda and I laughed inwardly

He has fallen for the I don’t care kind of lady “She said yes of course . He looked extremely handsome ” Selena says

I know this tone of hers. It’s totally a lying tone. I can’t believe they planned to torment Eric

“Cuter than me ?” Eric says and I finally realesed the laughter I’ve been holding for a long time

“Oh he is totally jealous” They both did a high five and ran away

Eric stared at me as realisation him really hard. I laughed at him till my stomach started hurting. Belinda now knows he is crushing



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