Katzy episode 9

Episode 9.
By Amah’s Heart.
After two days, Mrs Desmond called me to ask.
“Doctor Silas told me that you are aspiring to be a mode? The first time I saw you I knew you would pas-s for one. I mean…you have all it takes to be on a runaway. You just nee-d little brushing up. What is your height and size?
I told her with a full smile planted on my face.
I try to impress her futher by giving her the modeling slogans which I have at the back of my mind.
“That’s impressive. You have a perfect height and size. Why haven’t you spoken to me concerning this. I could have found another replacement for my husband and give you the chance to pursue your dreams…
I quic-kly left my fantasy world and bounce back to reality.
“No…no Ma’am. I really do love my job here. I don’t want my modelling to come in the way. I know I have always wanted to be a model. I had it in me and wanted to express it out all I nee-ded was the right source to connect with. Finally is about to happen but I love working here and I don’t want you to get a replacement… plea-se.
She smiled and said.
“Well, sooner or later you will definitely be asking for it because you won’t be nee-ding the job anymore. Modelling is a full heavy Job that may not give you time for another things. As of now, let’s focus on fixing you up. I will speak to few people and we can start from there.
As she was talking Natasha brou-ght a glas-s of water for her.
She gave me a serious look as she walk pas-s to place the water on a mini table beside Mrs Desmond.
Mrs Desmond looked at her with a confused face as she tries to serve her the cu-p of water.
“,I never asked for water. Why are you bringing one… anyway, just leave it there.
She nodded and slowly walked away.
I knew that Natasha only c@m£ to eavesdrop on our conversation.
Mrs Desmond did not request for water she was only trying to gather her usual gossip or even to remind me of her musical dream which she asked me to speak to Mrs Desmond for her.
And is just as I thought.
As I was walking back to my duty she rushed up to me from a corner
“Did you tell her about my music…?
She whispered to me..
“,No, I didn’t. I told you when the opportunity pres£nts itself but it has not.
“I heard you two talking about your de-sires to become a model. The opportunity pres£nted itself for you but not for me right?
I turned to her and said.
“She called me for the very first time to ask questions concerning my modeling dream. I can’t possibly start talking to her about your musical career, that’s not wise. Now, if you would excuse me, I nee-d to return to my one and only Job before Mrs Desmond sees us talking in a whisper. I don’t want anything that will make her raise an eye brow in suspense…
“I will be watching and waiting Kay-se. You better find means and tell her about me. you are not the only person that has wishes and dream…st©p feeling like you are more important than the rest of us that work in this house because you are not and….
I left her standing and talking as I walked away.
Mr Desmond was begining to come to a perfect ground with me.
He freely talks to me about things he bottled up which is centered on his pain.
All I do is to listen without interruption.
After two weeks, Mrs Desmond brou-ght a form for me, she has spoken to few famous runway managers and they are willing to take me in but first, they have to ask me few questions which is in form of an interview.
I thanked her and started looking forward to having my first ever modeling job.
It will be a dream come true for me.
Few days later, Mrs Desmond asked the driver to drive me down to meet up with the managers for the interview.
I was happy as I nailed their questions.
The manager looked at me with a smile before saying.
“Erin was a super model who grace the runway with full f0rç£. She was good at the job and was almost on the list of every new clothing br@nd. Well, she chose marriage which is a good thing because one thing about models is that it fades out….in order to make way for the new. I’m are taking you in without del@ybecause of the past relationsh!ps I had with Erin not because you past my simple questions. Many upcoming models also had pas-s marks but they are out there doing something else because they have no strong guarantor like you. So we will begin our practice by next month… you nee-d some brushing up to do before your first runway job starts. Congratulations Miss Lukas.
I gladly thanked him before leaving.
I called Julie to inform her and she was very happy for me.
I also told my Dad who was super proud of me.
I told Mr Desmond and he congratulated me happily but suddenly pause from smiling.
“So, that means you will be leaving soon?
“No, I will still be here…. attending to you. I told your wife alre-ady that I would love to keep my job here. Even if I have to be gone it will be… maybe for few days or week but I will return.
He cleared his throat and said.
“,It doesn’t work that way and i don’t think Erin will allow that.
I quic-kly went to Mrs Desmond to ask her if I can still be attending to her husband while modeling
“I don’t think you un-derstand what modelling is all about. Is a full Job and you have to do lots of traveling and unveiling. You will either chose one and leave the other. You can’t have it all. I’m a good example…I chose marriage and walked away from my career. Well, it was not much of a good choice having a husband stuck on a wheelchair but I’m very happy for some other things and I’m glad I followed my heart. Kay-se you have to pursue your dream. Is a good thing that my husband is begining to feel comfortable around you which means you did a good job. I wouldn’t want to keep you from pursuing your dreams since doctor Lukas really want me to help you so you have to focus on your dreams which is a good thing because you are still young.
I left and for days I have troubling thought.
Mr Desmond will remain on that wheelchair if nothing is done.
My modeling dream is what I have always looked forward to all my life and now is about to happen for me but how do i leave Mr Desmond in the hands of Silas and Erin. Whoever they will employ will dance to the tune of money and orders from madam.
“You look worried and ha-rd ly say anything all day. Aren’t you happy that your dreams is coming to reality?
Mr Desmond asked me one day.
“I’m only worried about you.
He looked at me with a puzzled face and suddenly started laughing.
“Why… that I might die? Well, man must die someday so is nothing to be worried about. If I’m not getting out of this wheels so be it. My wife has the final say. If she doesn’t change Silas then I’m stuck right where I am but is nothing to be worried about. Go ahead and live your dream…I will be alright Kay. Since is what you have always wanted then don’t let anything or anyone st©p you.
I took his right hand and said.
“I’m not much of a believer or faith filled. I can’t remember when last I even attended a church but lately I have been talking to God for some sort of miracle for you. I’m trusting and believing that he will answer.
I told him and he just smile
“You are acting like mother hen Kay. I’m believing with you that God will not be too busy to listen.
He squee-zed my hand gently before letting go.
“I have been talking to a doctor, he’s an orthopedist. I got his contact from a friend and he’s re-ady to check you up anytime he’s called upon to do so. But I’m afraid of your wife… she will not like such idea and there’s no way I can invite him over or even to take you to see him. I’m just helpless sir.
I said more like a whisper to him.
“If you don’t want to get on Erin’s bad side then stick to her orders. I don’t want you to get into trouble because of me. She seems to have both your future dream and your pres£nt at both hands… don’t jeopardize your future Kay. You know getting another doctor without my wife’s approval is a lot of risk. Don’t risk it. Anytime she decides to get another thera-pist is totally fine by me… alright?
I nodded and just then doctor Silas c@m£ in.
I greeted him as he began his usual check up on Desmond who’s face suddenly change immediately Silas stepped in.
I watched keenly as he brou-ght out a string and small bottle half filled with some content.
He injected Desmond on his shoulder. Which wasn’t unusual.
Desmond did not flin-ch. He just remain quiet as Silas finished up.
He walked up to me and said.
“Since Desmond doesn’t like us having conversation in his pres£nce, can I see you outside for a minute.
I followed him out.
“Congratulations Kay. Erin told me that you have been selected as a runway model and will be starting next month. Which means your work here is done. I’m glad. Can I take you out so that we can celebr@te… remember I pave the way for you, so I deserve a d@t£ with you… were you will get to appreciate me better. Don’t worry about Erin. She will be very busy tomorrow… so you and I will have quality time for ourselves. I will pick you up by 10am tomorrow…
Natasha suddenly c@m£ out of nowhere.
She looked at me in her usual way before pas-sing.
I went back inside to think about my d@t£ tomorrow.
Maybe I will get to ask him what sort of injection he usually give to Mr Desmond.
I’m at the peak of everything, I won’t let doctor Silas connive into his arm.
I will try and be as wise as a serpent.
God help me but I know Desmond will not remain in that condition.
I’m re-ady to do anything, even to the extent of letting go of my modeling dream.