Katzy episode 7

Episode 7
By Amah’s Heart
“Do you mean that your big dream is to become a super mode? You are beautiful and smart and should be pursuing your dreams. Let me take you out sometimes so we can get to talk more.
“I don’t have time for outing but thanks for the offer doctor. Yes, I have always de-sired to become a super model but is unfortunate that I didn’t succeed with it.
Doctor Silas and I were having one of those normal discussion.
He was acting all surprised when I told him what I have always de-sired to become but never had luck with it.
He just finished checking Mr Desmonds up.
I sat at one corner of the room as I watch him do his work which was becoming like a ritual. Doing the same thing everyday.
Mr Desmonds sat mute without a word as doctor Silas finished with his task and turned to me.
He had asked me what my life goals are before but I ignored the question, i talked about other things instead.
Today he repeated the question and I willingly answered him.
Mr Desmonds listened abs£nt-minded without a word as he sat on his wheelchair looking out throu-gh his big window.
I doubt if he was even listening to us.
Doctor Silas c@m£ to stand in front of me as we speak
“… then worry no more Kay because you have come to the end of the road. I will speak to Erin for you. Did you know Erin used to be a t©p model? She was on every tabloid, magazine and television screen before marriage took away all that fantasy in her. Now, she’s just a…
Mr Desmonds surprisingly interrupted him. But none of us heard him clearly.
I never knew he had been listening to us all this while.
Doctor Silas halt from speaking as he turned to Mr Desmonds.
“Did you say something sir? I thought I heard you speak right now.
Silas asked. wondering what exactly Desmond said. I also wondered too.
“Yes, I said something Silas. Whenever you are talking about my wife can you plea-se add some respect to her name. She is a married woman… and just in case you have forgotten she is married to me and I’m pres£ntly still breathing and right in this same room with two of you. For Christ sake If you are asking the girl out plea-se do It outside my room and st©p using my wife as a ticket to her heart. Since you are throu-gh with me for today kindly leave my room.
Doctor Silas made a shocking face before saying.
“,I apologise Mr Desmonds. I only used “Erin” because is her first name but I will try to remember that she’s “Mrs” Desmond next time. I meant no offence. I will take my leave now.
He win-ked at me and was about leaving when Mrs Desmond c@m£ in.
Doctor Silas heaped a sigh of relief.
“Oh Mrs Desmond. I’m glad you are here. I was about leaving. Your husband is begining to get uncomfortable with my pres£nce.
He said it in a funny way but it sounded more like smiting Mr Desmond.
There was a strange way Erin looks at him before moving towards her husband.
“Honey are you alright?
. she asked with a concerned tone.
Mr Desmonds laughed out first before replying her.
“You are asking a man on a wheelchair if he’s alright? I really don’t know the answer to such sarcastic question. But I will give you a general answer, which is “I’m fine”
Erin nodded. She Pat his shoulder gently before walking away.
Doctor Silas who had been standing by the door followed her behind.
I moved closer to Mr Desmonds.
“Do you nee-d anything sir? Or maybe we should go for a walk round the field.
He laughed out again, turned to me and say.
“All of you are begining to piss me off today. You want us to go for a walk around the field? Who’s legs will I use for the walk or will you lend me yours? I’m stock here on a wheelchair and you are trying to make fun of me…
I quic-kly apologize.
“I’m sorry sir, i don’t mean it to sound like an insult. I meant no harm. I can re-ad you a story instead or we watch a movie.
He was silent and didn’t say anything at first.
After sometime he spoke calmly.
“, this is your fourth month here. The salary must really mean alot to you which is the only explanation or reason why you ha-rd ly get irritated or annoyed.
I smile and move to a closer chair with one of his favorite collection in hand.
Words poured into my mind as I began to speaking to him.
“Yes, you are right…the paycheck means a lot to me and my family but everything is not about money sir. All I de-sire most is for you to get back on your feet and resume your life again. I know there’s still love, kindness and faith inside of you which you refused to show due to this wheelchair. You have become ha-rd and scare the people that cares for you away…. like your pretty wife. She wants only the best for you and little appreciation but you aren’t giving her any. We all un-derstand you sir but we wish that you will make it easier for us and open up your heart to new things. Embr@ce life because this wheelchair is not your end…
He smiled and when I thought I have finally gotten to him he yawned loudly and said.
“That’s really sweet but has a boring lines. When next you want to motivate me, do so without a word. You are not a good motivational speaker. I think Silas is right, pursuing your dreams of modelling will do you lots of good.
Mr Desmonds is the most difficult person I have ever come across. I have lost ideas on what to say or do just to plea-se him better.
I ignored him and started re-ading a story instead but he said I was boring him the more so I kept quiet.
I went about my duty for days without him having much to say.
Doctor Silas was around within the week to do his usual.
He c@m£ in with Erin and went about his duty. After sometime Mr Desmonds asked him to st©p and he did.
Erin walked up to where her husband sat and said
“Honey, you have to let him do his work. How do you get better if keep ma-king it ha-rd on every one that tries to help you?
He scoffed at his wife. And suddenly said with a mockery tone.
“Isn’t it obvious that Silas is really doing a good job? Is it a sin to not want something? I said I’m tired of his service get me another thera-pist but you insisted on him. Fine…no problem but let him respect my decision of not wanting him some days.
Doctor Silas replied with a nod.
“I respect your decision Mr Desmonds. But you can’t get better fast by chosing days that I will attend to you. but not withstanding I will do as you say.
Doctor Silas left while Erin followed behind.
“, Why don’t you want doctor Silas examining you sir…he is a nice man.
“Yes, very nice to you because he wants to get into your p@n-ties. There far more that’s beneath the eyes.
Someb©dy said the same word to me but I can’t recall who exactly did.
I opened my mouth and close it. Mr Desmonds is just unbelievable.
“I want the Jacob water crackers. Run to the supermarket down the road and get some for me. Get something chewable for yourself so that you can get busy chewing something than talking…before you bore me to death.
It was alre-ady dark as I rushed to the supermarket to buy what he s£nt me but they don’t have and plan to restock the next day. There was another supermarket but little far from the first.
I can’t go back to Mr Desmonds with an excuse, I decided to get a cab and hurry up to it.
I was walking down in the dark looking for a taxi when doctor Silas car drove past me, I didn’t notice him coming I could have flag him down for a lift.
Almost at once, Erin’s care
followed behind.
I saw a taxi and entered. Something in me wanted to follow Erin so I asked the cab man to follow the moving car behind and he did.
Erin st©pped in front of a building. Exactly the same place doctor Silas parked.
Silas walked up to her and gave her a full k!sson the mouth and she responded very well before going into the gate.
Silas was seen looking back several times just to make sure he was not seen.
It was dark, except for few street lights.
I asked the cab man to park at a distance.
I was shocked at first but bec@m£ worried as I wonder If Desmond knows about his wife and doctor Silas.
I asked the cab to drive off and he did.
Now, with what I just saw I wish I never followed because is disheartening to think that Mrs Desmond is having affair with silas, her husband’s thera-pist.
My problem now is does Mr Desmonds knows about it or he suspect them?
Maybe he doesn’t know but just dislike Silas.
I don’t know what to think right now.
This my job at the Desmonds is taking another new dimension.
I can’t wait to see where this road will lead to.
At the moment, I hope Desmond doesn’t know about his wife’s affair because it will hurt him de-eply.