Katzy episode 3

Episode 3.
By Amah’s Heart.
As I got home I went straight to my room feeling bad.
My Dad and brother were not home yet which was a good thing, I will have time to fuss around.
I called Julie to tell her how everything went, hoping to get a consolatory words from her but she was wasn’t helpful at all.
” How can you let a fellow lady like you deceive you so easily. Now, you didn’t even get a chance to be interviewed and you just walked away just like that. Kat I was hoping that you will get this job at the Desmonds…they have the connection that you may nee-d and you will get the chance to meet bigger opportunities. Anyway…not to worry, I will be looking out for any other well to do family who maybe nee-ding a help in their ho…
I didn’t allow Julie to finish before I interrupted.
” Ple… plea-se don’t think of it Julie. I’m done with such awful jobs. I will look for other work to do even if is to work as a sales attendant I will, rather than becoming a maid. I don’t care how rich the family maybe…I don’t want another housekeeping or maid Job ever again. Why is it only domestic work that you kept recommending for me or is it because is what you do. Don’t you have a bigger dream or you want to be a domestic staff for the rest of your life…do you want to be a servant forever Julie…
“Kat, there is nothing wrong in domestic work. Especially if you are working for a friendly family like mine and I don’t intend to do It for the rest of my life, I also have plans which I have alre-ady started working towards. The Phili-ps are nice people and I enjoy working with them. You have to take away negativity that comes with the job and embr@ce the good side of it. Since you don’t want another…is alright Kat. I will be looking out for other jobs for you then. relax girl! You can come over to the Phili-ps tomorrow…I will fix you a nice h0t paparika drink to ease your troubled soul…
Julie knows how to add humor to everything which was one thing I love about her.
After ma-king dinner I retired to my room.
I knew when my Dad and brother returned back but I was too busy searching for other jobs online right in my room.
They won’t be nee-ding me because I have set everything for them in place.
My Dad only knocked on my door to check up on me and to know how the interview went.
I simply told him that I didn’t get The job and his sorting word was
” don’t get stressed out Kat… you will get another…a better one. we will manage whatever we got… alright?
The following day, Jon was alre-ady enjoying the fact that I didn’t get The offer.
He c@m£ to my room with a fat grin on his face
“Dad told me that you were disqualified from the job… and I can’t help but celebr@te.
“I wasn’t disqualified. I didn’t even get the chance for an interview and I don’t want to talk about it…definitely not with you Jon.
He raised his two hands up as he walked away with the same smile he c@m£ in.
After three days I was still searching for a better job offer and applying.
After a week I was asked to come for interview as a P.A that’s personal as-sistant to one famous actor.
Getting there, it didn’t appear as a job interview but looks like a competitive scene.
Everyone wants to outsmart the other in looks, in wears, in hairdo even in speech. They were all trying to sound posh.
I got the chance for an interview but at the end I didn’t get the job.
I attended another job interview as a secretary to a big firm. After I got the chance to be interviewed I was asked to go home that they will call me.
I waited for days for their call but it never c@m£ rather I got a call from one hospitality industry that I applied to be a GSA that’s Guest services agent.
I was asked to resume the following Monday.
The job wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it won’t give me the chance to do other things. The salary wasn’t fat but fair. Is going to be a long hour work which runs in shifts but I was glad to finally have a job. I will get to meet new people and if I’m lucky I may even meet someobdy who has the right connection that I nee-d.
At this point, I don’t think I have much choice. Is better than other odd jobs that Julie was always recommending. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I was lucky enough to work for a nice family like the Phili-ps or the wealthy and proud Desmonds who mercilessly s£nt me away even without getting to know me.
Is been three weeks alre-ady that I was at the Desmonds for an interview of which I was s£nt away.
One of the most humiliating moment of my life.
I was in my room, getting prepared for this new job that I will be starting on Monday when Jon c@m£ in.
“Congratulations Kat… at least you can boast of what you do in front of others now. Ooh!… how much I hate that maid Job thing. I feel very delighted that my sister won’t be scru-bbing bunch of fat, lazy, rich and famous toilet… hahahaha…
I managed a fake smile without looking up at him.
“will you rather prefer been a maid over this your new fine job? Can’t you see God doesn’t even want you to be a servant to anyb©dy. First it was the Cole then the Desmonds who were very rude. They called for an interview but s£nt you away on getting there without a chance… very annoying. I would have given them the piece of my heart before leaving but then it can never be me.
I replied Jon with a hushed voice.
“You sound really jealous of the rich… remember they are not responsible for our miserable life. Everyone have the same chance to life is just that most of us aren’t so lucky. If they have come out by themselves and informed the rest of us that the interview was over it would have been a little bit reliving but they s£nt the same girl that lied to me about her dying grandma just to take my chance. She got the job and have the gut to say that our pres£nce is no longer nee-ded and she will get a chance to pursue her musical career with the Desmonds help… My whole modelling dream is gradually dying off while her’s is coming to live. That Natasha is a wicked soul. Maybe is all for the best… this new job is a form of consolation…
“You sound so angry Kat. I’m sorry that I have been a j£rk lately. I only want the best for you that’s all. You wished the Desmonds had picked you for the job? But then this Natasha girl is probably lying… what if she was never s£nt by the Desmonds to ask the rest of you to go but only did that so that another person won’t be picked after her. Remember she lied with her dying grandma and took your chance…. such person is capable of anything. you should give the Desmonds a call just to clear your mind. I know I hate this maid Job but if it will make you happy then you have my support…
Jon’s word got me thinking. What if Natasha was lying. But is pointless contacting the Desmonds because is over three weeks now. I don’t want to appear desperate. Is better i stick to my new job.
I told Jon that there was no nee-d for that because everyone has moved on and I have a new job to look forward to.
Jon refused to let it go. He asked me to call first and clear my doubt.
I finally summon the courage to call the following morning.
“He…llo…Good morning”.
I greeted with a shaky voice immediately someb©dy answered the call.
“Who’s speaking and how may I help you…?
The voice was more in a hurry and wasn’t all friendly. I won’t let anyb©dy to deceive me the second time. Is probably that Natasha girl that answered the call. She is working for the Desmonds now and may have access to their home line.
“This is very urgent, I nee-d to speak to Mrs Desmond, the madam of the house… If she is not available then I will call back.
There was silent at the other end. After sometime the lady said with a calculative tone.
“You are speaking to Mrs Desmond. What is the urgency?
I decided to go straight to the point.
“My name is Katse Lukas…I c@m£ for an interview three weeks ago but I didn’t get the chance to be interviewed. I was s£nt back home. I only called to know why I was disqualified even before getting a chance to be interviewed. I know is been over three weeks now but I still feel bothered because I was not given reason on why exactly I was s£nt away just like that…
I poured out my heart and waited for either a response or a shutdown. She may decide to end the call on me but I was prepared for anything and I wasn’t begging for the job, I just want to clear my mind from the ill treatment that I was given.
There was a long pause from her before she speak.
“Kat..se Lukas right? I remember you calling to confirm for the interview but you never showed up… which I thought. I interviewed lots of people which you weren’t among. I don’t know how you got such information but I will like to hear it from you personally. One of the job offer is still open. No one has taken it up yet and this job is a very special one I don’t know if you will be fit for it. So I’m giving you another chance for an interview. I will love to have a talk with you and I will also like to know who instructed you to leave when I never said so. Come on Monday let’s have a chat Kay-se Lukas. Enjoy the rest of your day.
The call ended. I ran out to Jon to inform him that he was right. Mrs Desmond never instructed any one to leave. Which means Natasha lied again.
But the problem is this my new job.
I was asked to come on Monday for another personal interview with Mrs Desmond herself and is the same Monday that I will be resuming at my new working place.