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Katzy episode 25

Episode 25.
By Amah’s Heart.
“… plea-se Kat…marry me. I know is so soon, but it seems like I have known you all my life. You are the sunshine I have being waiting for. You complete me in every way and you are true to yourself and cares de-eply for others. That is the only thing that matters to me. Having gone throu-gh relationsh!ps that my ex only wants to enrich herself and still claiming to love me, I have being very careful not to jump into another. I said to myself when I get that special someone that completes me in every way… I’m not letting go of her. Kat you are the woman for me and I can build an empire with you by my side. plea-se say yes…. Kat… will you be kind enough to walk down the aisle with me… Say something. Your silent is scaring me… Kat?
I remain speechless as I looked from him to the ring in his hand.
I wasn’t expecting this surprise and I really don’t know how to respond to it.
Nick is a great guy, I have indeed fallen for him but I wanted to keep it cool and away from Mr Desmond who was getting so much attached to me.
I was avoiding Mr Desmond gradually by even leaving the house and returned back to stay with my Dad.
He sometimes comes to visit, and takes me out for either lunch or dinner.
He got another bigger and better [email protected] for my Dad. Equipped his shop and helped my brother in his career pursuit.
Desmond has done so much alre-ady for me and i will be a heartless being to hurt him this way.
He told me one evening that once the divorce papers are re-ady he will be free and can finally have me to himself forever.
He asked if I truly love him and I told him that I do.
Mr Desmond want to make me his wife, he haven’t proposed yet but has led down sign to make his intentions known.
Erin s£nt me messages that she wants us to talk.
I refused to honor her request at first but I later decided to hear whatever she has to say.
I s£nt her an address of an open beach joint where she can meet me
“plea-se Kay-se… don’t marry my husband. I know I don’t deserve him neither do I deserve his forgiveness but I’m re-ady to do whatever it takes whatever punishment he serves me… I’m willing and re-ady for it, all I ask is to have my Desmond back. Did you know that Silas… that lying, deceiving slum pig duped me. All the money that I was confidently giving him to save for me was gone, he even took my car and run off with Jamity, a young beautiful model that I have always suspected him with but he @ssured me that he has never cheated on me that Jamity means nothing to him. He brou-ght Jamity to me, asking me to help her because she aspire to walk on the run way. The exact thing I wanted to help you become…I did it for Jamity. I connected Jamity to my ex runway Managers. She is a model because of me and the thank you I get is to bankrupt me. I trusted that evil maggot called Silas, even when I caught him in be-d with the same model he still lied his way back to my heart. He took off unexpectedly with the same girl. We had plans but he started suspecting that Desmond knew about us. The police were coming after him and he kept on hiding. I @ssured him that Desmond does not know anything. I thought my dear husband was naive and doesn’t know due to the way he was acting. Well, i told Silas to listen to what the police have to say, is probably not what he was thinking but he refused and the next thing he did was to take off with no trace. My money, car, jewelries were all gone. He can’t run forever…his license as a medical doctor is ceased permanently. is just a matter of time and he will be caught that’s if he’s not dead because that’s what I wish for him. Desmond is a kind and loving man…he spared me all the troubles and refused to press charges against me even after the police [email protected]£ to take me away he refused to let them take me. I love my husband Kay-se sincerely. This past months and seeing him with you has made me realized that he is a diamond. Silas was just an ordinary stone with a pretentious mind. I stayed in our h0tel room waiting for him and hoping he will return atleast with my car because I don’t know how to explain my missing car to Desmond….but Silas did not return. I know I don’t deserve Desmond…I don’t but I wish I can be giving another chance to right my wrongs. Silas deceived me and the truth is that I took Desmond’s love and kind heart for granted. I thought it will always be there no matter what. Kay-se… you are the only one that has the key to save my marriage. Don’t marry Desmond or I will commit suicide…my life is alre-ady empty like this. I don’t have anything to live for. He is forcing me to sign the divorce papers but I can’t. How will I cope without Desmond? I tried to kill myself in that quarters that seems like a prison… I tried but I couldn’t. I don’t want to die neither can I bear the thought of loosing Desmond. Kay-se… plea-se.
Erin pleaded while trying to wipe a tear off her eyes.
She was still beautiful despite how haggard she appears.
I saw throu-gh her and know she was serious but I don’t feel sorry for her, she brou-ght this upon herself.
I asked her the obvious question hanging on my mind.
“,If Silas did not run away with your money and with Jamit…or whatever is the models name… If he didn’t run off you wouldn’t have realized how much of a good man your husband was. Your s-en-ses wouldn’t have returned back to normal setting. you could have still be planning a way to collect more money from Mr Desmond and also planning his death like you intended. Erin you are only sorry because all your plans with Silas failed. I wanted to expo-se you by all means I never knew that Desmond was even aware of your dirty secrets. The two months given to you to figure out your life is over… sign the divorce papers because you obviously doesn’t deserve him. I hate to break the news to you but you don’t deserve such a sweet selfless man. Nursing him back to health makes me see the beautiful side of him and I fell for it. I was determined to do anything to see him happy. His happiness isn’t complete yet but soon it will. He’s the type that no s-en-sible woman will want to joke with. Is very unfortunate that you took his love and gentleness for granted…I can’t help you Erin. I can’t…
Even if I don’t end up with Mr Desmond I will want him to settle with a good woman who will appreciate him and love him like he deserves not someb©dy like Erin.
I did not allow her flowing tears to move me.
I left her with her unt©uçhed drink and walked away.
I have being able to go on a different [email protected]£s with Nick without Desmond knowing.
Staying with my Dad gave me the freedom to go out and return as I plea-se without any questioning especially from Mr Desmond.
I used to feel guilty over the [email protected]£s and long night talk with Nick but not again.
Not until this moment.
Desmond called few days ago asking me to come over.
He said is over two months alre-ady and Erin still refused to sign the divorce papers.
I told him will be coming this weekend.
I planned going over later today but Nick called to inform me that he has something very important he wants to show me.
I never knew he planned to ask me to marry him.
Everything is happening so fast.
He has asked me during one of our long night talk how I feel about him being a waiter who may not be able to give me the world like I deserve.
I told him I don’t have any problem with him working in a restaurant and getting admired by ladies.
I also @ssured him that I don’t need the world I just want a real man who believes in himself and is straight forward.
He asked me how things were with me and my boss, I told him there is nothing serious, so he doesn’t have anything to worry about.
Well, I lied but I really do not want him to freak out because of Mr Desmond and leave me.
“…you are scaring me with your silence Kat. Say something plea-se…
I realized that Nick was still on one knee with the ring
“Nick…I…I..I really don’t know what to say. I wasn’t expecting this surprise. Is not like i don’t want to say yes to you right away but I need time to think it throu-gh. You are such a sweet man and I don’t want to hurt you …I need time. plea-se…
He stood from the ground, close the tiny box containing the ring.
He took my hands into his and said.
“Take all the time that you may need Kat. I will always be here waiting for you. I just hope that at the end of the time you will consider my request. I love you Kat and will always love you.
I later went back home, I got set and left for the Desmond’s residence.
I missed his calls but I didn’t bother calling back since I was heading to see him.
Desmond was in his lounge when I entered.
“I almost thought you were not coming again. I called severally but you didn’t pick up. I thought of coming over myself instead of s£nding the driver to bring you. Are you alright Kay…
Mr Desmond knows when something is not alright with me and when I’m fine
He re-ads me like book.
How can I possibly hurt this sweet man and how do my love for Nick de-epens more.
I wanted to jump and allow Nick slide the ring into my f!nger but the thought of Mr Desmond held me back.
I’m not Erin that hurt and betrayed him.
If I accept Nick’s proposal how am I different from Erin?
I need to trade carefully in order not to hurt Desmond.
It will break him into pieces.
He doesn’t know that I have been seeing Nick secretly for over two months now which was the reason I moved back to stay with my Dad.
Looking at his caring yet mature face makes me feel guilty.
“, I’m alright”
I said with a smile.
I have been trying to unattached myself from him.
I don’t stay too close or alone with him just to avoid him tou-ching or k!ss!ngme.
The tricks has worked or probably he noticed my cold behavior and decided not to push but that still didn’t change the way he feels about me.
I sat down right opposite him.
He looked at the distance I created and said nothing instead he said.
“I have something I want to show you… I hope you will like it…
He stood, and asked if he can blind fold me, I trust him completely, I asked him to go ahead.
He blind folded me and lead me outside.
When he re-moved the blind fold a [email protected] new car was staring right at me.
He stretched out the car key and asked me to take it.
I screamed in shock.
This was beyond expected.
This must be the reason he paid a driving school to teach me during my free time how to drive.
I only went twice and never gone again.
I spent the rest of the time with Nick.
I hvgged him, thanking him repeatedly of the big surprise.
He asked me to go ahead and try it but I can only turn on the ignition, I have forgotten the rest of the things I learnt in the driving [email protected]
I told him that I have been busy helping my Dad with some things in his new shop that I didn’t have time to learn.
He believed me and promised to teach me by himself.
I took that as a honor and was very re-ady to learn.
I saw Erin standing outside her quarter as Mr Desmond led me back inside.
I was very happy but I couldn’t get rid of the guilt feeling.
Erin doesn’t have a car and seeing Mr Desmond hand over a [email protected] car key to me will almost want to sulk life out of her.
Nick is a waiter and may not be able to afford many things right now, accepting the car from Desmond may make him feel belittled.
I love the car and I’m keeping it despite how many odds were against me.
I sle-pt in my master be-droom until the following morning.
Mr Desmond knocked on the door reminding me of the driving lessons.
I later [email protected]£ out after refreshing.
He took all morning and some [email protected] of the afternoon to teach me,
It continued for days until I was able to practice on my own round the large compund.
He took me out for dinner one evening to [email protected] my new car, he wanted to go to the fancy restaurant that Nick works in but I told him let’s go to another
He asked to know why but I couldn’t give a good reason.
He took me to another.
That night as we returned back and walked me to my door.
As he bent to k!ssme goodnight but along the process he suddenly [email protected] s Erin’s name.
I heard it clear and quic-kly draw back.
He began to apologise but I told him is alright.
He was with her for years and she [email protected]£ [email protected] of him so is very un-derstandable if her name pops up once in a while.
Mr Desmond fired Natasha while I was away at my dad’s place.
Few days later, we went to see a movie
He mentioned how Erin was scared to death the first time she saw the movie.
I wasn’t scared, I could have taken offence with the mention of his wife’s name again but I wasn’t.
I just managed a smile.
He didn’t even notice when he mentioned her name because he quic-kly went back talking about other things.
He still took me out for dinner the following week in another restaurant.
After dinner he brou-ght me back to his resident.
As I tried to get down, he gently drew me to himself.
He tried to k!ssme but I dodged my face and give him my cheeks instead.
“You have been acting strange recently. Did I do anything wrong? What is the problem Kay-se. Did I offend you in anyway…
“No…no. not at all. I have been having a lot on my mind but is really nothing.
He asked to know if he can help out with whatever worries it might be but I @ssured him that is something I can handle on my own.
I only speak to Nick whenever he’s not on duty, sometimes if he calls while I’m with Desmond, I silent it and call him later when I’m free.
I went back to my dad’s house. Mr Desmond gave me a driver until I’m capable of driving.
I went to see Julie who was alre-ady engaged to her long time b©yfri£nd, she was happy to see my new car.
I told her the things going on in my life.
All Julie got to say was.
“Chose your “D” well Kat. Is either Desmond or Dominic…. forever is too long to live with regrets.
It was a good advice despite how funny she sound.
I will take the advice and stick to one of the Ds that matters most in my life.

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