Katzy episode 23

Episode 23.
By Amah’s Heart.
As we entered the restaurant, it appears to be in a different world.
It was very fanciful.
Beautiful chandelier light lit up the whole place.
It felt like I was in a different world entirely.
I kept looking round at how mas-sive and well decorated the whole place was.
Corporate men and women, rich looking people were seated in different corners and enjoying a square meal that probably cost a fortune.
We were ushered into an empty couple seat by a good looking young man with one of the most beautiful smile I have come across.
His smile was even contagious because I subconsciously started smiling from ear to ear like i just won a jackpot.
We have used the afternoon to tour round the busy town.
We bought snacks and drinks and ate in the car while Mr Desmond continued to drive.
He appears to be happy driving by himself again.
He told me that he used to enjoy driving himself and only use a driver whenever he is tired or lazy.
He mentioned that Erin used to like it whenever he drives her and he enjoys driving her.
He mentioned his wife’s name more than five times during our conversation which makes me feel troubled.
He was still attached to his dear wife and it will take time for him to finally let go of her totally.
He parked in lone quiet place, facing the sun.
We sat for some time talking until the sun went down and as night approach he entered the road again.
He brou-ght me to a million dollar restaurant that feels like I was in another planet.
As I stepped into the restaurant all I did was to “wow” at everything that greets my eyes.
I gave a double “wow” at the fine young man with the contagious smile.
Why do I feel like I have known him before.
It was as if we have met before or probably it was the way he looks at me and smile that makes me wish I have met him before.
Mr Desmond caught me staring and smiling at the fine waiter and he cleared his throat loudly just to draw my attention back to him.
He didn’t say anything as he started fli-pping throu-gh the menu.
He asked me to go throu-gh the menu and I did.
But the food enlisted in the menu were interestingly strange.
I picked what I un-derstand.
Mr Desmond pointed at one on the list and asked me to try it and he also as-sured me that the food was nice and I will love it because Erin also loves it the first time she tried it.
I agreed to go ahead with his choice for me but with the mention of his wife’s name again i wanted to go with something else.
But on a second thought I decided go ahead with his choice just to make him happy.
Mr Desmond waved to the same waiter. He c@m£ over and took our orders.
As he turned to me, he pause for a second and stare at me.
He looked me over in a very interesting way.
“Are you here to get our orders or should I call for another waiter?
Desmond who was getting irritated with the whole staring thing said with so much coldness in his tone.
“My apologies sir. I will take your orders.
The fine young man said.
He apologized again before walking away with our menu.
While he walks away, I noticed he looked back and just at the same time I looked in his direction and our eyes met.
I quic-kly looked away.
A security announcement was on alarming.
A certain car is wrongly parked and nee-ds reparking.
Desmond said the car plate number mentioned was his.
He excused himself and stepped out to repark.
As he was leaving, the fine waiter brou-ght our wine.
Two beautiful waitress brou-ght the food and immediately left.
While the young man stood besides our table signing a bill after which he put it un-der the tray.
He looked at me still with the same smile.
“I certainly knew I have seen you before. You are Kat…Katsy Lukas? You went to Freeman junior high school right?
I nodded.
Still trying to recognize his fresh handsome face.
“…oh mine. You have really changed. You are now a ful grown beautiful lady. I’m Dominic James the school prefect back then…
Before he said another thing I nodded continuesly.
I remembered so well. We call him Nick back then.
He has saved me many times from being bullied. He was a rich kid but very humble and brilliant.
He was my s£nior and was well known.
His popularity was for good curse and almost every one in school loves him.
His reign was one of the most peaceful reign.
Many girls used to have crush on him, me and Julie were not left out.
We imagined how much of a great b©yfri£ndand future p@rtner he will make.
It was after we left freshman junior high school that we forgot about him.
He has really changed and even more handsome than before.
Is been years and I can’t believe our path crossed again.
“Is a plea-sure to meet you again Kat. Your face only changed a little but nothing much. You have grown into a beautiful Queen. You and your friend…i can’t remember her full name… you are aways seen in each others company. I can’t mistake the pretty girl that was bullied because she rejected the boys advances…
Nick even remembered Julie my best friend.
It makes me feel real special that he did not only recognized me he also remembered Julie.
I smiled even more, expressing my full teeth.
“The plea-sure is all mine Nick. Oh… you work here?
He nodded with another cute smile.
“plea-se pardon my question. The man with you…is he a friend, husband even though you are not wearing a wedding band or he’s relative of yours?
I paused as I began to think what Mr Desmond really is to me.
“He’s my boss and a very good friend.
He nodded with the same smile plastered on his face.
I watched two pretty ladies walked past. They took a table not too far from ours. They look rich and exotic.
Their eyes was focused on Nick who did not even noticed them.
One of the waiter c@m£ to inform him that some people nee-ds his attention and they have refused any other person to serve them except him.
He nodded and told them that he will be with them soon.
He was about to ask for my number when I noticed Desmond coming.
Mr Desmond frowned on seeing him talking beside me.
“Is there a problem young man”
Desmond spoke behind him, Nick quic-kly turned and was about to explain but saw the two ladies beckoning him to come over.
He took another look at me before leaving.
“The waiter seems to be interested in you and you are taken by either his looks or appearance because I also saw you stealing glances at him before I left. What do he want and what was he telling you…
He said it calmly as he poured drink into his cu-p before taking a sip.
He doesn’t sound jealous but he was trying to hide his anger.
He was obviously not angry with me but his anger was channeled towards Nick.
“His name is Dominic, he’s an old friend back in my junior high school. He was very nice to me back then. Nick was the school prefect, humble and brilliant too. I was surprise to see him working in a fancy restaurants. He has a wealthy Dad. while we join the school bus home he has a personal driver that drops him in the morning and take him back home. I wasn’t expecting him to be working… who knows what happened to his father’s wealth. Anyway, I was so plea-sed to see him again.
Mr Desmond nodded abs£nt minded as he begin to eat.
He looked over to the two ladies table who were obviously talking with their full mouth.
Dominic was standing and talking with them while the two ladies cheer happily.
“It seems Nick is a Ladies Man. See the way they are flocking around him trying to get his full attention. He seems like a heart breaker. With his good looks he will attra-ct alot of girls. Who knows if it runs in a family… probably his Dad gambled off his wealth with pr©st!tût£and in other to survive Dominique has to pick up a job. He’s fortunate to be working in a place like this, the pay will be hvge. I hope he will save and not spend it on ladies… just to impress them. That’s the same way Erin fell for her manager who was a pla-yer… She didn’t learn her lesson with him. She still stoop low for Silas. Isn’t that unfortunate… Erin is somewhere now with him doi…
I ban-ged the table unexpectedly as I dropped my cutleries.
He st©pped talking and looked up at me.
He realized that he has been talking with so much anger in his voice and began to apologies.
He practically bring in his wife into our conversation unknowingly.
Now he was dragging Dominic and his father into his unfortunate circle.
“I think is time to head home. I don’t have appetite again for the whole food.
He apologized by taking my hands into his.
He k!$$£d the back of my palm in a very ro-mantic gesture.
Nick suddenly walked to our table asking if we nee-d anything.
He told Nick with a very polite tone that we are fine.
Nick looked at me, smile before walking away.
We later left but Nick was nowhere close for me to say goodbye.
I was pissed at the whole turned of event mainly because Mr Desmond thinks that I will do the same thing Erin did to him.
He talked down on Nick because he thought Nick might be interested in me same way Silas and Erin’s manager picked interest in her.
As we drove into the compound and he parked at his usual car park, none of us got down right away.
“I’m sorry Kay. I ruined the whole sweet evening. I promise to make it up to you…if you will let me. I don’t know why I easily get angry with everyone and everything all of a sudden. You’re the last person I should be angry with and by the way Dominic is a great guy. If he’s your friend then he’s also my friend…
I g@sped out in relief before smiling.
He k!$$£d my forehead and de-ep within i wish is more.
I love the way he gently dropped a cool k!sson my forehead, it makes me feel special.
I c@m£ down and went to my quarters.
After two days I saw Natasha and later found out that Mr Desmond gave her off day.
As days turned into a week, the bond between Mr Desmond and I was growing stronger.
I did not care about Natasha or pay attention to her many talks.
During the weekend he took me out to see a movie and we stayed out late touring the whole town and having a beautiful moment.
Erin was calling and I watched him turned off his phone.
I’m obviously having a strong effect on him which was exactly what I wanted.
As we drove in after spending beautiful time out, we stayed in the car laughing and talking.
He asked me if I had fun and told him that I did.
He gently drew me into his arms and planted a k!sson myl-ips.
I didn’t want the moment to end so I relaxed back and as he was about to do it again there was a loud knock on the car door, startling us from our ro-mantic moment.
As I looked up, it was not Natasha like I could have thought but Erin herself staring at me in p@rticular.
Wishing there’s bullet in her eyes so that she can shoot me down.
She was back earlier than expected
It remains three days before two weeks will be completed but here she was looking throu-gh the glas-s and straight at me with such anger and jealousy that I thought she doesn’t posses.
I wonder why she didn’t complete her cruise with Silas and ran back home.
The first time I’m seeing Erin jealous.
She looked like she was about to jump on me and eat me raw.
Seeing her husband with me must have triggered something in her.
Is obviously time for the real battle.
(Expect another episode tomorrow)