Katzy episode 21

Episode 21.
By Amah’s Heart.
I was still speaking when Julie st©pped me midway.
“Kat… hope is not what I’m Thinking? Wait a minute… you mean that..
I interrupted her
“No…no Julie is not what you are think. It can’t be what you are thinking…
I found out I was repeating myself all over and st©pped
“How do you know what I’m thinking Kat? C’mon Kat you can’t possibly be falling for your boss? He’s a married man and it doesn’t matter if the wife is having an affair with another man or not. Mr Desmond loves his wife so much. Erin can never do wrong in his eyes which is why you have to st©p that crazy feeling of yours and focus. You have tried for the man alre-ady. Kat… you can’t protect him when he’s not re-ady to protect himself. If he wants to die in the hands of his wife and her lover then good luck to him. You have tried enough. Is high time you start focusing on yourself. Leave that house before they throw you out. That will be more embarras-sing. I’m happy to know that he gave you some money…more than expected. Get out of that house Kat.
I breath out de-eply as I listened to Julie talk.
“Julie… you don’t un-derstand this whole thing. I feel awkward having this kind of strange feeling for Mr Desmond. I tried to st©p myself several times from thinking about him but I still go back to same thing. Is never deliberate and it all started recently. I have to st©p myself from admiring the good and fine man I saw in him whenever I look into his eyes. I wondered why Erin will be gambling with such a good man’s heart. Listen Julie, I’m worried and scared for Mr Desmond. I have being looking out for him, he’s not an easy target for Erin and her gangs because of the way i made it, That’s more reason she wants me out by all means. As much as I want to get out of that house immediately I can’t help but worry over what will become of Mr Desmond. This is not exactly how I planned my life…never. initially I used to feel pity for Mr Desmond… watching him sit in that wheelchair helpless. But after he got out of the wheelchair the pitiful feeling change to something more. I tried… I really tried to shut it off. I did not want to nurse any unnecessary emotions but then the more I tried the more he occu-pies my head. I nee-ded someb©dy to talk to which was why I sort you out. Erin sl@pped me twice and is unfortunate that is all in vain. I couldn’t achieve my aim which was to gather evidence…a good proof. She nee-ds to be expo-se. I wanted Mr Desmond to know the kind of woman she is… well, Mr Desmond is still in love with her and my opinion will never count.
After sometime I left Julie and went over to see my Dad and younger brother.
I told them that I was coming home soon
My Dad asked to know why but I just told him that I felt is time to leave and Chase my dream.
I didn’t want to prolong the t©pic.
I quic-kly head straight to be-d.
I pas-sed the night at my place.
The following day I returned back to the Desmonds mansion.
As I was going to my quarters, Natasha walked up to me.
“What are you doing here again. I thought you were gone for good So that we can breath in peace. Mrs Desmond said her husband fired you, I couldn’t help but dance for joy. I told you that throwing yourself into his arms won’t do you any good. Acting like a cheap pr©st!tût£all in the name of helping him won’t save you from getting fired. You deserved whatever you get, I wish is even more…
She started laughing as I walked away.
I was not in the mood to battle words with her.
I was in my quarters arranging my things when I heard a knock on the door.
I quic-kly set my recording gadget properly.
I hide it within the room where it will record everything.
My thoughts was that Natasha has come to taunt me again and she may say some useful things that will give me proof of what Erin is up-to.
I will be able to show Mr Desmond before I finally leave the house.
All I want is for him to be careful.
It will sadden me greatly if I found out that something bad happened to him after I’m gone.
I hope whatever Natasha has to say will be very useful.
I may even try to put words in her mouth to make her speak even more.
It didn’t work out with Erin does not mean it won’t work with Natasha.
Natasha is a parrot, she enjoys humiliating me with her nons-en-se talk.
But today her talk will be useful to me.
I’m hopeful that it will go well this time.
I went to open and there stood Erin.
It wasn’t Natasha but Mrs Desmond. She was indeed beautiful in her outfit as she stood smiling mischievously at me.
She dressed up like she was going for a special occasion.
She walked pas-s me into the room.
“Is unfortunate that you will no longer enjoy the tranquility of this room and the peaceful environment that comes with it. I thought you were gone alre-ady. Natasha just informed me that you returned back. I guess is to pick your baggages. Kay-se Lukas this is where the road ends for you. I really wanted to make you a someb©dy…I wanted to transform your life but you chose to remain a nob©dy which is very sad. At the end of the day you won’t receive any award or a trophy for helping my husband out of his wheelchair. The very unfortunate p@rt is that I may still push him off the cliff and watch him fall to either his death or back to the wheelchair. He will remain at my mercy. That’s sad for you isn’t it? Desmond does my biddings and has never refused me anything until you c@m£ into our lives and tries to change that but I’m always ahead of everything. I only nee-ds to come up with an idea… sell it to Desmond and watch him buy everything. He refused to fire you and it was very shocking to me but all I did was to pl@ythe game differently and it works. He fired your broke as-s and I’m still in control. You may be wondering why I’m well dressed…. I’m going on two weeks vacation with my heart beat… you alre-ady knows who that might be. Silas and I will be having loads of fun for two weeks. Sh!pcruising to skydi-ving and p@rtying ha-rd . I alre-ady told Desmond that I’m visiting my sick aunt who lives in a Faraway city and will be spending two weeks there. Natasha gave me this idea and I paid her dearly. I un-derestimated her in the beginning. I never knew she can add words together and it will make loads of s-en-se. Well, Desmond also gave me some money to give to my aunt. He is such a foolish man doing all my wishes. Even when it makes him sad. all he wants is to make sure that I’m happy. Isn’t that sweet? I know by the time I return back which will be after two weeks, you will be gone and forgotten. I will handle Desmond in my own plea-sing way and Silas will move in with me, Natasha will be my personal as-sistant and her own personal wishes will come true and that will be the end of all this long story. Everyb©dy will get what they want. Anyway… enough of all this talk. Goodbye and may our p@rts never cross ever again or you will live to regret it.
She began to laugh as she tapped me on the shoulder before walking away.
My heart was beating as I counted her every step out of the room.
My mind was on the recording gadget.
As she walked out I waited for some seconds before rushing to check if her every words was picked.
I inser-ted an earpiece and listened.
Everything she said was recorded.
I was very happy that I even started jumping in the room.
All I nee-ded to do was to wait for her to drive out and I will go and show Mr Desmond.
I tried to calm down my racing heart as i waited for an hour which seems like forever. I wanted to make sure that she was really gone.
I rushed out of my quarters and head straight to see Mr Desmond.
My well loaded gadget that has every proof I nee-d was careful relaxing in my dress pocket.
Natasha saw me going in and quic-kly rushed to start her usual rant but I don’t nee-d her words anymore.
What I have is enough for me.
I deliberately push her aside as she tries to st©p me from going to see Mr Desmond in his lounge.
She fell with a heavy sound. She stood up and charged me into a fight but she probably remembered what happened to her the first time we fought and withdraw back.
She was running her mouth but I totally ignored with full smile on my face because what I have will convince Mr Desmond of the kind of person she has
Just when I was about going in, something sharp and ha-rd hit my arm.
The pain was unbearable at first.
When I turned, I saw Natasha standing few distance away and smiling.
It was a rock she used to stone me which bruised my hand and I can feel blood running down my arm.
“Let’s see who’s smiling now… you or me? Don’t you ever un-derestimate me Kay-se. I don’t miss my target, you are very lucky the rock did not break your empty skull. What ever you have to say to Mr Desmond will be a waste of time because he won’t believe you. He has fired you and his decision is final. I thought you returned to pick your things? You are only going in there because madam is away and I will upd@t£ her every detail. Go and get a life and leave this family alone. Mr Desmond doesn’t have your time or want you here anymore. He said that himself…
She was still talking when the door swings open and Mr Desmond c@m£ out.
“What’s the noise all about.
He asked with a frown plastered on his face.
He looks towards me and seems a bit shock.
Natasha quic-kly spoke before I will even open my mouth.
“I was trying to throw away a small stone and it mistakenly hit Kay-se’s hand.
Mr Desmond looked towards me.
“Are you hurt… Are you alright?…
“I’m fine. I will take care of the wound once I’m out of here. I have something I want to show you…in pri-vate. If you don’t mind.
He nodded and ushered me in.
I went inside his pri-vate lounge and brou-ght out the recorded gadget. I
Showed it to him.
“Here is my proof of who your wife really is and…
He interrupted me with a hand to hisl-ips.
“You really don’t have to go throu-gh so much trouble to get a proof Kay. I alre-ady know. I know everything I just chose to pl@yalong like the fool she thinks I am….
Water dried up from my mouth.
So Mr Desmond knew all this while of what Erin is up-to?
Why haven’t he confronted her and expo-sed all her wicked deeds .why did he chose to remain quiet and act like a fool.
I heard so much question ruining throu-gh my mind
“plea-se allow me examine your wound Kay…
He said to me as he walked closer to where I was standing.