Katzy episode 20

Episode 20.
By Amah’s Heart.
I moved closer to her so that every word will be recorded.
“What kind of ru-bbish is this? Can’t you hear me from where you are standing or do you want to enter my mouth?
I realized that I was very close to her, I could even smell her breath.
I took few steps backward.
“My apologies…
I said immediately.
“I asked you a question Kay-se… what were you discussing with my husband yesterday while I was away for my manicure? What I don’t un-derstand is why my dear Desmond has refused to fire you even after I told him to do so…he wanted to know what you did wrong before he will agree to grant my wishes. He has never refused me anything until now. I really want to know what kind of spell you casted on him? What were you doing in his balcony yesterday….
I looked away, as I wondered why Mr Desmond decided to displea-se her this time.
I never even knew that she has been pestering him to fire me but luck has not been on her side.
I know if it was within her power I would have been gone for good.
Let me trigger her the more and watch her spark. I nee-d all the confession that I can get.
“He was bored after you left to see your lover…Silas. oh! Forgive my manners. You went for your pedicure I guess, which was at doctor Silas place. So he asked me to keep him company and since I’m only here because of him I was glad to do his biddings. He is obviously getting tired of your schemes and lies and I’m not sure the love is still there. Maybe is high time you start retracing your step an…
I was about saying something else when she stood and landed me a h0t sl@p.
I held my cheeks as the pain su-cked throu-gh me.
“Why I’m not going to return back this sl@p in double is only because of Mr Desmond… and probably for some little re-served respect I still have for you. Try not to b!ow this little chance next time.
I said while mas-saging my cheek which hurt like fire.
“I really don’t blame you…I thought you were going to be useful to me which was why I employed you. I wanted to make your life better. I had all the connection that can transform you.. but you b!ow your chances. I love my husband for your information and has never cheated on him…
I breathed de-eply because this was not the confession I nee-ded.
I just wanted her to admit her affair with Silas.
Or did she knows about my hidden recording gadget.
I don’t un-derstand why she is beating around the bush.
I decided to throw in the question.
“You said you love your husband and did not cheat on him right? So what is your relationsh!pwith doctor Silas called?
She laughed sarcastically before saying.
“I really don’t know what you are talking about. Did I ever told you that I was into any relationsh!pwith Silas? He was only my husband’s thera-pist and ever since his service is no longer nee-ded he concentrated on other important things. Kay-se… you are very rude and disrespectful and I don’t know why my darling husband will let a common staff disrespect me without firing her. I employed you…I suppose to have a say when it comes to you staying or leaving but my husband seems to be against that. Now, you are not only insulting me but you are also lying against me. This is really heart wrenching. I wish Desmond is here right now to hear all this. I can’t believe that you Kay-se…I trusted you so much. How could you look me in the eyes and talk back at me without any iota of fear or respect.
I was dumb founded because this wasn’t how I planned this whole thing.
Something was definitely wrong.
I won’t let Erin pl@ythe victim in my recording.
I must make sure I find a way to make her admit to her faults.
“When exactly did you start loving Mr Desmond? Is it when you asked Silas to keep on injecting him with deadly drugs or when you went about slee-ping with Silas in your supposed matrimonial be….
She interrupted me with another sl@p.
ha-rder than the first, I staggered back and my recoding gadget fell off
I quic-kly picked it up and realized that as it fell to the ground it automatically switched off.
She probably thought it was just my phone.
I was boiling with anger not only because of the second sl@p from her but more because all the whole sl@p was in vain.
It pained me to the bone marrow that my recording game is not going as planned.
And with that anger, I decided not to let her get away with the second sl@p.
I rose up with so much vexation and raised my hand to strike her right back but a voice behind me st©pped me.
My hand hanged in the air for some seconds before I finally brou-ght it down.
It was Mr Desmond, he was walking down and was just few feet away.
I didn’t even notice him at first until he spoke, st©pping me midway.
Just when I was about to complete my actions.
Erin started her a
unnecessary drama
“Oh…oh my God. She wants to sl@p me. Can you imagine that the wretched girl I took as a friend and employed her to be taking care of my darling husband in my abs£nce raise her filthy hand to hit me..oh my gosh! I can’t believe this. Darling… did you see that? I told you that she was not exactly what she appears to be. I begged you to fire her but you bluntly refused. You told me that you don’t have any reason to do so because she is a “sweet” being. How sweet is she now because I have enough recording of her lies and accusations that will shock you. you really nee-d to see the way Kay-se was accusing me of different things I have never thought of in my life. The recording I have of her will certainly shock you.
I was indeed dumb founded when she brou-ght out her own recording gadget which was hidden inside of the clothes she was putting on.
I looked from Mr Desmond who was silently listening to his wife and looking so troubled back to Erin, she was busy running her mouth to make sure she spoil my name and turn Mr Desmond heart against me.
She quic-kly pla-yed the recoding, she didn’t start from the beginning.
“, This is exactly what I’m talking about darling. Did you hear all the accusations. Imagine the rudeness in her voice. I couldn’t take all of that anymore, I angrily sl@pped her and she almost sl@pped me back. You wanted prove before you fire her…. now you have it. With all of this, I don’t see her usefulness to us again. You have to fire her right away.
I tried to defend myself.
“I’m not lying. Everything I said is true. Your wife is not really who she claims she is sir. You have to believe me because you are between the blue sea and the devil. you are surrendered by danger. I’m only afraid for your life. Mrs Desmond is having affair with doctor Silas and she has been threatening me. I can’t prove it but is not an accusation. Is the gospel truth…
She suddenly started sobbing. She moved closer to her husband and went straight into his arms.
While Desmond was looking away, she looked straight at me and stick out her ton-gue.
As Mr Desmond was about looking she increa-sed her pretentious cry.
“Darling… can you hear her? Did you hear how she accuses me right to your hearing. I have been your wife for years before she was employed. I was there all throu-gh the period you suffered on that wheelchair. I have always been there for you. My reasons for not changing Silas is simply because I thought he was the best. All i wanted was only the best for you darlin. I love you so very much… and can never look at another man twice. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me… This is why it hurts me de-eply to hear all this lies and accusations.
She started sobbing even louder.
Mr Desmond began stro-king her hair.
I tried saying something but I was surprisingly shun by Mr Desmond.
“Enough… that’s enough Kay. I won’t condole any form of disrespect directed or indirected to my wife. I trusted you Kay and do not expect all this altercation. If you respect me then you supposed to respect my wife no matter what. I’m quiet surprise to hear all this outbur-st of anger from you and you even raised a hand to strike her. I can’t believe you will do such…I have never seen you as a violent person until now. Even if my wife offends you is either you come to me and let me know or better still tell Erin to her face. I’m sure she will apologise… not all this things I hear and see. Kay…I must say you really disappoint me…
I watched Erin stick out her ton-gue again at me before rolling her eyes.
This woman has really outsmarted me.
How can I even defend myself in this pres£nt situation.
I have no evidence to back up my claims.
Mr Desmond obviously believed his wife over me and that makes him an easy prey to them.
“Return back to your quarters. I will think of what I really want to do with you later. You have really hurt my wife’s feeling and I do not find that funny.
I turned and started going back.
I can hear Erin saying.
“Thank you darling for believing me. I’m not only relieved I’m also glad that you are finally seeing things clearly now. Is high time to let her go.
I returned back to my quarters with anger and disappointment su-cking throu-gh me.
If I have at least giving her little p@rt of the sl@p I wouldn’t have been this angry but Erin did not have a taste of my hand.
The recording p@rt was even more annoying.
Nothing went as planned.
I was also angry that Mr Desmond believe his wife over me and even wra-pped his arms around her while stro-king her hair gently.
Seeing such was very provocative.
If I knew what Erin was
Upto I could have pla-yed it all differently.
It did not occur to me that she was also looking for an evidence to s£nd me packing from the house after her husband refused to fire me.
My fate lies between Mr Desmond granting his wife’s wishes or letting me stay.
we were gradually growing fun of each other, well…so i thought.
I thought it was so until he took side with his wife and scolded me for looking out for him.
Maybe is really time to start packing.
I can’t babysit him forever. Is high time for him to start letting go of the kind of love he has for his wife.
I’m angry at everything and everyone, including myself.
Erin outsmarted me and that’s not a good thing at all.