Katzy episode 19

Episode 19.
By Amah’s Heart.
Just like I intended, I started putting my phone more in recoding mood anytime Erin or Natasha comes close to me.
But all they were doing was to say few words or rolled their eyes at me.
I wanted them to threaten me like they used to and I was patient till when they will fall into my tra-p.
Mr Desmond paid me double of what I spent on him.
I didn’t expect the bank alert so quic-k. I have to look at the figure twice just to be sure that my eyes aren’t deceiving me.
I rushed to thank him and saw him sitting all by himself in his pri-vate lounge.
He was watching the television.
I thanked him while standing, he looked up at me and said.
“No….I should be the one thanking you Kay. Thanks for everything…I de-eply appreciate.
He asked me if I was free and I nodded with a smile.
“Come with me to the balcony for some fresh air. I enjoy your company alot.
I didn’t move at first, I looked around just to be sure Erin was really out.
I wanted to turn down the invite but without thinking I was alre-ady walking beside him to the balcony.
We sat down opposite each other, looking down from the tall building.
I was relieved that Erin was out. I remember her saying that she was going to for her pedicure and manicure that morning and she won’t be back until night.
I knew where she was going, it was no other place than to see Silas whom she can’t do without.
i wish I have the nerve to speak up and tell Mr Desmond about Erin and Silas love affair.
“Is a perfect view from up here…isn’t it?
Mr Desmond was smiling while looking out.
The cool breeze graced my face and I gave a de-ep breath.
“Sure, it is. I perfect sight for nature.
“I thought I won’t be able to enjoy this view ever again… you know when I thought of things I was limited to during my stay on that wheelchair I felt like the world should end. I was alre-ady giving up on being able to use my b©dy like I’m doing now until you c@m£ into my home and into my life and change everything. I began to see life differently. You see why I should be the one thanking you instead…. you deserve a whole lot Kay. I haven’t done anything yet for you because I can never pay you for your kind and optimistic heart towards my well-being.
All I could do was to smile back at him.
“You have thanked me enough sir. Is my happiness to see you happy.
And then he said the very thing that was supposed to be normal but it s£nt shiver all over my b©dy.
He said while looking at me.
“You are beautiful Kay…
And for the first time I began to blus-h in his pres£nce.
He suddenly laughed out loud.
“, Don’t tell me that you are blu-shing? Did you know that I as-sumed with the way you portray yourself…bold, strong, unre-sisting, never takes “no” for an answer, fearless… I’m quiet surprise that you can blu-shed. When you mentioned going for modeling back then…I knew you would make a good model just like Erin. My question is why didn’t you proceed with that? I know Erin would have been willing to help you…. Why didn’t you go ahead with it? and why did you st©p going out with Silas. He was interested in you and it appears that you also liked him…
“To answer your first question…I decided not to wear clothes for a living which was one of the reasons I changed my mind from walking the runway. As for Silas he isn’t my kind of man…
I said as I tried not to make eye contact with him.
“Who’s your kind of man?
He asked me.
“I don’t set high taste but my kind of man is simple but quiet unique. I don’t like men with “get rich quic-k mentality” such men can do anything for money and fame. My kind of man have to be selfless and straight forward.
All he did was to nod and smile.
I saw Natasha walking past.
She looked up at us as she walked away.
I excused myself from Mr Desmond and went downstairs.
She is very predictable and I knew she will want to say something after seeing me and Mr Desmond sitting together.
I pretend to Walk past her and just like I predicted she st©pped me.
“Heyyy…I just saw you with Mr Desmond. You are very lucky that madam isn’t around. I have warned you to st©p throwing yourself like a pr©st!tût£into his arms. Madam does not fancy him anymore doesn’t mean she wants you to have him. If anyb©dy deserves such a man then it should be me and no one else. Silas is the only man that interest her and she deserves to be with the man she truly loves. Mr Desmond is like a money bag to her and she will eventually dumb his half disabled as-s for someone like me who will take good care of him while enjoying his money so you better don’t get your hopes up because at the end you will be out of our lives and out of this house. Is better you don’t attach your emotions to him because is going to be a total disaster for you. I’m still going to tell madam when she returns from visiting doctor Silas. And trust me she won’t find it funny…
All I did was to listen and encourage her to keep running her mouth because I know that’s one of her hubbies.
After she was done talking, I walked away and quic-kly rushed to my quarters to check my recording.
I brou-ght out my phone and a scream left my mouth.
I have forgotten to turn on the recoding bu-tton.
Nothing was recorded and Natasha said alot of useful things that I could have shown Mr Desmond.
I felt sad but I will try again.
Probably when she tells Mrs Desmond and she comes for me it will be a good time to record.
The following morning, I was informed that Mrs Desmond was asking for me.
I dressed up immediately, I made sure that my recording gadget was intact and left.
I saw her sitting at the lounge and went to her.
“Good morning ma’am..
I greeted but she ignored my greeting.
“I was informed that you were gisting and laughing yesterday with my husband while I was away?….
This time I was re-ady to challenge her just to get more words out of her
My recording was silently ON and taking in every spoken words.
The tra-p I set will finally catch them and Mr Desmond will get to know the kind of person they all are.
I hope my gadget doesn’t disappoint me like it did with Natasha.