Katzy episode 18

Episode 18.
By Amah’s Heart.
I walk slowly beside him in silence, he wanted to enjoy his serenity and I don’t want to get in the way.
I wanted him to speak first, although my heart was filled with many things I wished to ask but I allowed him to be.
He stood when he got to the edge of the mini field.
Mr Desmond face was mark with worries.
Veins lined up on his hand as he held his walking cane.
He was obviously battling with his emotions.
“What did I ever do wrong…I have asked this same question over and over but it bounced back without answer. I love my wife and did everything she ask of me. Absolutely everything Kay…
He gave a de-ep breath before walking to the lounge to sit down.
I sat opposite him yet without word. I looked him over again and saw a man who truly loves his wife but struggling so ha-rd to accept the truth that was staring him right in the face.
Mr Desmond was a good looking nice man, he can be fun to be with before the accident took away that p@rt about him.
He wanted to return back to his lively self but the pres£nt issue with his wife weigh heavily on him.
I knew it was a car accident that s£nt him to a wheel chair but he has never spoken to me how the accident occurred.
So I decided to ask hoping to distract him from his pres£nt worries.
“I know you are not in the mood to talk but there’s one question on my mind but I don’t have the courage to ask.
He looked up at me breathed de-eply again before saying.
“My problem is not with you Kay is with my wife. I asked you to take a walk with me because I trust you and feel comfortable around you. Don’t be scared to ask me anything…
“The car accident that landed you on a wheelchair…how did it happen? I have always wanted to ask that…
“We were arguing…I was driving..
Mr Desmond said while interrupting me.
“…our argument started from the house that day. We were going to a friend’s launching. I wasn’t comfortable with her going to visit one of her ex runway manager. He calls her even at night and s£nt messages that he does not suppose to s£nd to a married woman. Erin didn’t see anything wrong in all of it but the handwriting was glaring. I complained severally but Erin wouldn’t listen, she said I was behaving like a jealous child with low self esteem. What started our argument is when Erin said he invited her to his all night birthday p@rty. I told her that she shouldn’t go but she insisted. While in the car she brou-ght up the t©pic again and I was totally pissed off as she kept on insisting that she was going. As I drove pas-s a boutique , she sighted a beautiful dress. Erin asked me to drop her that she wanted to get the dress for the birthday p@rty. I was not happy with the way she was behaving. I told her to wait, maybe on our way back she can get the dress but Erin refused she said it might be sold by then and she will hate me if such happens. We were alre-ady late for the launching but I reversed back and drop her. I was re-ady to wait but she said after shopping she will be going back home. She doesn’t want to go to the launching with me anymore because I spoilt her mood. That made us even. I was very angry too and told her to suit herself. I drove off leaving her in the boutique. I was boiling with anger and envy. I wondered why Erin wouldn’t listen to me. I totally lost it and didn’t see a trailer coming. I lost control of the steering as I screamed out in terror. I collided with the trailer. It was a total disaster because all I remembered is my car fli-pping like a coin. it was after a week I gained my cautiousness. when I woke up, I was in the hospital be-d struggling to un-derstand why I can’t feel my legs and some p@rts of my b©dy. There and then my terrible nightmare being on a wheelchair began. After few months in the hospital I was discharged. A doctor was appointed for home service and he was chos£n by my dear wife. His name is doctor Silas. During his First month at home, I noticed the way he looks at Erin and I knew what that look entails. Erin loves me but she can be very stubborn. There’s nothing I did not say just for her to change Silas but she refused. Instead she started bringing female caregivers for me and that infuriated me even more not until she brou-ght you. You were different, patient, kind. don’t to take offense when I say you can be stubborn and inquisitive but in a good way. It was your stubbornness that brou-ght me back to my feet. You refused to listen to Erin or me… you took all the risk just to see me walk again. Kay…
I giggled and watched him smiled too.
“….Kay…I owe you a whole lot, plea-se be patient with me. I know I can’t pay for your kindness but I will definitely pay you all that I owe. I just discovered that Erin took hvge amount out of my three accounts, I don’t know what exactly she used all the money for yet but not to worry Kay everything will be alright. I’m positive about life, I know Erin will behave right now that I’m back to my feet… I’m just hoping.
I can’t believe that this man still loves his wife after everything she did to him. Erin claims to love him but you can’t love someone and deliberately hurt them.
Is either Mr Desmond refused to accept the truth that was staring at him in the face concerning his wife’s infidelity or he just choose to ignore.
“I’m not after the money sir, I was more interested in you getting well and getting back your life. I wanted to see you smile again. You bec@m£ too ha-rd en and almost everything pissed you off after the accident…well, except your wife. I’m happy to see you using your two feet again.
I try to change the t©pic so that we can talk about something else.
With every mention of his wife his fear and worries increases.
I let him talk about his growing up days, his childhood. What it was like during his younger age
I laugh and watch him smile.
I also talked about mine.
All this while I have never talked to anyone about myself and it was a good relief talking about it.
During my turn he was abs£nt minded, his mind was flooded again but I kept talking anyway.
We took another walk, gently but steady.
I kept quiet during this time because I as-sumed he nee-ded it.
He later went to sit. I sat quietly beside him, creating a little distance between us.
I wanted to ask him why he decided not to have kids with Erin but I maybe asking too much.
He looked me all over without a word, it was as if he knew what was on my mind but decided not to say anything.
I suddenly felt like the hair on my head stood as he looked at me.
There was something different about him.
For the first time I felt shy staying close to him.
He later went back inside but not without thanking me all over again.
Natasha met me after few days and said.
“You can only try your lucks on him but he will never ever look your end… You are not even his type.
I looked at her with a puzzled face.
“What are you talking about? How do you mean?
I asked bewildered by the hilarious look that she was giving me.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about, st©p pretending because you can’t fool me. Isn’t it obvious that Mr Desmond doesn’t fancy you. You are only his personal staff who was meant to obe-diently attend to him not disobeying his loving wife in the process. He loves his wife and all your whole tactics won’t work on him. Quit throwing yourself at him. Let me shock you with the latest good news. Mrs Desmond has picked interest in me which is exactly what I have always wanted. So get re-ady for anything. My two eyes are watching you Kay-se… I’m watching you like a hawk.
I tried to avoid Natasha and Mrs Desmond at every course.
I still do Mr Desmond laundry and his cooking too.
It got to a time Mrs Desmond warnned me never to cook for her husband again.
“I don’t know what exactly you are still doing here. You finally succeeded in getting my husband back to his feet and ma-king use of his hands again but the fact remains that I’m de-eply into Silas and that is not changing soon. Desmond got the money and the full love for me but I have fallen over heel in love with Silas. Desmond will still lose at the end. Him being able to walk again destructed alot of my plans…it shattered my la-id down plan and is all because of you. Desmond will never go against my orders. That man respect and adores me. He practically worsh!ps the ground I walked on. I employed you because I thought you will be a good distraction for him. But instead you started thre-ading on a dangerous path. You are so lucky that I was on a journey when you carried out your full plan in getting doctors for Desmond. Not withstanding… I’m creating something new which you will never be p@rt of, you won’t be here to see it. Natasha will take your place, she is quiet a handful and very useful to me. You have made yourself our common enemy. I will speak to my husband so that he can discharged you. He does whatever I tells him to do. Is time to start packing. You lose big opportunity that c@m£ your way. A big time modeling career that will not only make you famous but rich because you may get to meet wealthy men who will want you for themselves just like Desmond fished me out among other beautiful models. But you have missed out on everything because of my very own husband that is not even related to you in anyway. I really liked you Kay-se Lukas, I wanted to help you but you turned yourself into my enemy and that’s what we will be. Go back to your wretched life…I can see you are destined to be poor.
She walked away from me.
Maybe is high time I start recording her ill words to me so that I can show Mr Desmond for him to listen and be very careful even after I’m gone.
Alot of evil people are surrending him and he has to be very careful of them.
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