Katzy episode 12

Episode 12.
By Amah’s Heart.
The entire room fell silent, my heart beat doubled up and I can hear every beat.
The air condition in her room was begining to b!ow h0t air, I suddenly started sweating all over.
I stood waiting for her orders, she didn’t say anythingthing immediately and all I waited for is either a heavy sl@p to my face, a push out from her room and final dismissal from both the job and the Life of the Desmonds.
This is not really how I planned to leave this household, I really wanted to help Mr Desmond get back on his feet but how can I do that when I’m not giving a chance to do so.
Standing in this big room like a criminal waiting for judgement is where my first good deed landed me.
Even Mr Desmond is not encouraging, he cares so much about his wife than his health.
He doesn’t mind spending the rest of his life on a wheelchair just to plea-se his wife.
That is the exact p@rt I hate because Erin doesn’t mind if her husband is dead or alive.
She goes about her business without worry, sleep with Silas without any sign of guilt.
The anger has been building up for sometime in my mind and voicing it out was well expected the only mistake I made was the wrong timing.
I could have waited to finalize my plan and make sure Mr Desmond gets help and my runway dream will finally become reality then I can drop the bitter truth like a bomb.
But I have ruined everything in anger.
If Julie or my Dad hears of this I will be termed foolish for running my mouth ahead of my self and not minding my business.
Why am I so unfortun…
“Oh… you knew? For how long have you known and how?
Erin suddenly asked me, interrupting my mind sick thoughts.
“I don’t know anythi…
She waved a f!nger to my face, interrupting me again.
“, You think you are smart right? Wow… you acted cool all this while like an innocent little sheep not knowing you are a wolf…
“I’m not a wolf ma’am, but the writing was staring me right in the face and I can’t help but notice. Your husband is a good man and should be treated with love and respect. He deserves bett…
She waved her hands, ordering me to be quiet.
“Don’t tell me what my own husband deserves. And st©p looking at me with those judgmental eyes of yours. I bet that Walter Desmond, my dear husband would have done worst if I was in his shoe but unfortunately his shoe aren’t even my size.
I g@sped out in disappointment before saying.
“You don’t seem remorseful for cheating on your husband. Which means you enjoy torturing him. You find plea-sure watching him suffer…
She laughed out loud
“What exactly would you have me do eeh? I’m a woman, a pretty one at that. A super glamorous model that grace the cover of magazines, television screen, tabloid and so on. i was famous and makes men to swallow ha-rd and women jealous. I have nee-ds as a human. Money isn’t everything my dear. Let’s as-sume I’m on that wheelchair for over year without any sign of improvement. Doctor said I may never gets better…do you think Walter will still be faithful to me?
I sigh sadly and said.
“Mr Desmond will make sure he gets the best thera-pist and take you to whatever length just for you to get better and if you complain about a certain doctor… He will not hesitate to change the person. His only aim will be to see you walk again not the opposite.
She started cl@pping for me, just to mock me.
“I can see you know my husband so well. The money I’m paying you is not in vain because you are doing a great job. I’m not firing you my dear Kay-se rather I will allow you continue with your Job. Your main job now is to keep distracting my husband. Keep him very busy so that he won’t even remember he has a wife. I forbid you to take him out of this house ever again. And I really don’t care if you know about doctor Silas and I…I don’t give a damn of what you think Kay-se.
Even though I felt relieved when she said she wasn’t going to fire me but things are going to be difference.
I will become her puppet.
“… you have to keep your little mouth shut. Because I won’t spare you if this conversation leaves this room. Silas makes me happy and I won’t allow anyone or anything come between us. As for your modelling Job, I have it right in my hands and can squash your dream if you misbehave. So, focus on both the job and your modelling dream. I will make you famous Kay-se but you have to st©p sneaking around my back. I like you and want you to achieve your purpose but I hate backbiters.
I lacked word to say, I nodded with thanks and started walking to the door quietly.
As I was about to open the door she said behind me.
“Remember your Job is to take care of my husband. Keep him distracted not from whatever pain he maybe going throu-gh but from me. Kay-se you have proven to be smart so use your smartness to your benefit. I will make your dream come true. My husband can’t get better, is unfortunate and sad but we all have to live with it. Focus more on your firm than any other thing because very soon you will be on the runway and your Job here will be done. I’m giving you a one billion chance again which is very rare so don’t b!ow it up.
I sighed heavily
She was right, I really nee-d my runway Job. I can’t mess up again or that maybe the end.
But something keep troubling my mind, I decided to risk the question.
“Why…I mean why are you letting me stay after all the info I have of you? another thing I wanted to ask is…..what do you and doctor Silas intend to achieve by all of this… By not giving Mr Desmond the medical care he deserves and letting him drain away everyday. What do you want to achieve?
She smiled and moved closer to me.
“You are of great benefits to me, you are distracting my husband from his usual disturbance which is a good thing. All of this will belongs to only me if my husband dies. This house and every property and investment he has… they will all be mine and by then I will get to settle well with Silas. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not planning to kill my husband, I’m not that heartless but he will die some day… either natural death or otherwise. Until then I will keep my little hide and seek game a secret which you alre-ady know. Close the door behind you as you go. We are done talking.
I walked out and closed the door.
My heart was de-eply troubled.
For the very first time I had great fear for Mr Desmond.
While I was at the laundry the following day thinking of what to do Natasha c@m£ with her petty gossip.
I did not listen to her, my mind was fully occu-pied.
For days I went about my duty with a long face.
Even when Mr Desmond asked if i was alright I told him that I’m fine.
When the physiothera-pists that supposed to start treatment on Mr Desmond called I have to dismiss him, promising to call him back.
After many days pas-sed, Erin c@m£ to check up on her husband while Silas was attending to him just as usual.
They exchange looks, she looked at me, I quic-kly looked away.
As she was leaving, Silas followed her behind.
She turned to me and said that once I’m done attending to her husband I should bring fruit jui-ce to her room.
I wondered why she precisely asked me to bring drink to her room when there are other house staffs that can do that.
I did exactly what she asked but as I entered her room, there she was in be-d with Silas.
I almost drop the tray of drink to the ground but I held on ti-ght.
She wanted me to see them because she knew I can’t do anything.
It was her new way of torturing me.
I quietly drop the drink on a table before moving towards the door.
“Hey Kay-se, close the door firmly behind you as you leave”
I left immediately. This humiliation is more than I can take.
her previous words kept ringing in my head.
She had said that Mr Desmond property will belong to her once her husband dies and she will get to settle with Silas…
I have to do something fast before things gets out of hand.