Katzy episode 11

Episode 11.
By Amah’s Heart.
I stood face to face with Mrs Desmond and doctor Silas Thinking of how to explain myself.
“Take out your anger and blame it on me..it was all my ideas. I talked her into this. I was having difficulty in breathing and nee-ded urgent care. Obviously doctor Silas wasn’t around to attend to me, I asked Kay-se to take me quic-kly to a nearby hospital.
Mr Desmond said in my defense.
I was surprised that he was taking all the blames for me.
I couldn’t utter a word.
Mrs Desmond was very furious
“Why… what on earth where you thinking? You didn’t even let me know. You allowed her take you out of this house without informing your wife or your personal doctor. where did she take you to? Kay-se…how dare you agree to take my husband out of this house without informing me first? Even if it was all his “ideas” like he said why didn’t you call me over the phone
She looked up at me angrily after repeating her question.
I can’t say the exact place we went to it maybe my last day in that house.
“… I know you have a hand in this Kay-se. My husband will not hide anything from me. His mind is like an open book in my palm. No one disobeys my orders Kay-se… and I mean no one
As I tried to speak Mr Desmond spoke out again in my defense.
“Like I said it was all my ideas. Let’s not expand the issue honey. I will like to go and have my dinner. Kay-se… plea-se take me to my room after which you will fix me something to eat.
He was my saving grace at that moment.
When we got inside and was out of hearing I said
“Thanks for covering up for me, I don’t know what I would have said or do.
“Hmm… I told you it was all a bad idea. I un-derstand you really wish for me to get better but you are putting yourself at risk.
He maybe right but I’m still not st©pping or letting the fear of his wife to st©p me.
“If I continue to have fears especially for your wife you won’t get the required help you nee-d. Allow me to worry over the risk… all that matters to me is to see you walk again. I’m not st©pping now that I have alre-ady started.
“How do you intend to do that Kay-se? My wife will be on the lookout from this moment onward. She will fire you if you dares her next time and I won’t be able to save you because she was the one that employed you in the first place. You have to trade carefully. Let’s forget about the orthopedist doctor and the physiothera-pists. Since she wants Silas…is fine by me. plea-se don’t push your luck with my wife. Focus on your modelling dream…my wife wants to make your dream come true, you wouldn’t want to mess with that…
He was right, I’m still very much interested in modelling and Mrs Desmond was the key to my success.
I don’t want to jeopardize my future but at same time I can’t leave Mr Desmond like this.
Especially not with doctor Silas.
As I was going to my quarters Silas st©pped me
“What were you thinking Kay-se? I expected better than this act of yours. Erin is still very angry and I’m disappointed. Why did you agree to take him to see another doctor. You should have called me… I’m his personal doctor or you could have waited for Erin to return.
I decided to further the lie that Mr Desmond started
“A man was dying and I did what was required of me. I wasn’t even thinking straight, all i was after is to make sure he doesn’t dye. Why are you not okay with it? His wife should be thanking me for saving her husband’s life not the opposite. Good night doctor. I’m going to be-d, leave couples to worry over their selves, st©p getting yourself involved all the time in their personal life…
He looked at me with shock
“Isss… there something you would like to tell me Kay-se?
I looked at with a frown before saying
“Is there something you want to hear from my mouth Silas?
I turned and started going.
I left him standing and did not bother to look back.
The following day, after I was set for work Mrs Desmond summoned me.
I was out and re-ady for whatever she will throw at me.
“I called you here to warn you for the very last time… never you ever again repeat what you did yesterday. Even if my husband is dying leave him right where he is. Don’t take him away from this compound… or you will be contending with me. No other doctor is allowed to check him except Silas. Do you un-derstand me?
I was boiling angrily as she went about scolding me for trying to help her husband get better.
“Why… why in God’s name do you want your husband to remain disabled, miserable and unhappy for the rest of his life? Oh! let me guess… is because of doctor Silas. That’s why you refused to get rid of him and get a real doctor for a man who sincerely loves you. Why are you so upti-ght since yesterday and still haven’t drop this t©pic. You are having affai….
I quic-kly regain my s-en-ses. My mouth has finally ruined me.
I was running my mouth angrily and before I could control my ton-gue I have said too much alre-ady.
Mrs Desmond was dumb founded. She stare at me with shock written all over her.
I was speechless. I knew right then that my fate has been decided.