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June 18, 2021


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Just two months batch 4

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🌼Just Two Months 🌼

Chapter 19B



❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

“Oh, Danny,i miss you soo much” the girl that calls herself Chantel said,she came closer to Daniel and tried to kiss him but he pushed her off.

“What are you doing here?”Daniel said coldly. “Danny,i came here to settle things with you,am really sorry”Chantel said batting her eyelashes.

“Get out of here,you cheating animal”Paris yelled at her. “Um..Danny, let’s go talk in private,i think it’s better”She said.

“Alright”Daniel said and they walked away. “Why did they break up?”i asked Mason.

“Chantel cheated on Daniel..twice”Mason said and i was utterly surprised. “Twice?why didn’t he leave her the first time?”i asked.

“He really loved her,Daniel could give up his life to Chantel, there is nothing anyone could say to make Daniel hate Chantel” Paris said.

“Woah,so Daniel can love someone so much”i said in amazement. “Yes,but after what Chantel did,he gave up on love and played with girls like toys”Mason said mildly.

“Well until you showed up”Paris said touching my shoulders. “Me? I don’t understand” i said in confusion.

“Daniel is getting back to his old self because of you”Mason said smiling.

I wanted to say something but Chantel and Daniel walked in. “So now that you have talked to my brother,you can leave,b*tch” Paris said.

“She’s not going anywhere”Daniel said while looking at his phone. “What?”Mason asked surprised.

“Yes,Chantel will stay here

for sometime for reason best known to she and i”Daniel said looking at everyone.

“Suite yourself”Paris said and walked away,Mason followed,I looked at Daniel before walking away.




😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

It was dinner time and everyone including my parents was around except Chantel, She came down wearing a short skirt and crop top.

“Good Evening , everyone”She said and sat down beside Kylie. “You?what are you doing here?” My mom asked.

“Mom,she just came to stay a little while”i said. “Just make sure you don’t cause problems”My dad sternly. Kylie has been so quiet ever since Chantel came,i will talk to her later.


😁 Author’s P.o.v😁

After Dinner, Kylie was heading to her room when Chantel blocks her way. “Um.. can i help you?”Kylie asked while Chantel smirked.

“Yes,you can help me by staying away from my Daniel,he’s mine, i already know that you are pretending to be his girlfriend to make his parents happy,just know your place or you will regret it”She said while Kylie laughed.

“You don’t scare me one bit,you hear me,now get out of my way”Kylie said and walked away.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

That B*tch is so stupid,she has no idea what i will do to her if she messes with me.

I was heading to my room

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when Daniel comes out of his room. “Hey” he said while i just looked away. “Are you angry at me too?” He asked coming closer to me.

“Am not,i have no right to be angry” i said looking at the ground. “Yes,you do,you are my friend and look me in the

eye”he said and i looked up

“I have to go to bed”i said and walked away quickly before he decides to touch me.


👹 Chantel’s P.o.v👹

Daniel seems to be too friendly with that Kylie,i have to get her out of the way, Daniel is mine.I don’t love him but i love his money so i can’t anyone take him, even if i have to kill someone to take him,i don’t care.


😁 Author’s P.o.v😁

Next morning, Kylie was watching a movie with Mason and Paris.

“Hey,you didn’t call me”Daniel said as he walked in. “We didn’t want to disturb you”Mason said. Daniel sat beside Kylie and winked at her while she looked away blushing.

“Ohh,a movie” Chantel said and sat down while Paris rolled her eyes. “Hey,Ky, pass me the popcorn”Mason said while Kylie stuffed popcorn in her mouth and passes the bowl to Mason.

Eww,Eat like a lady, come on, Danny,you could have brought a girl with class for the job as your girlfriend not this classless thing”Chantel said and immediately Kylie brings out a dagger from her back pocket and places it on Chantel’s neck,she becomes scared.



🌼 Just Two Months 🌼



Chapter 20



😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

“Why did you say that to her?” I asked angrily. “Well, it’s the truth,i mean you all saw the way she ate” Chantel said with no emotions.

“We didn’t ask for your useless opinion,b*tch”Paris said and walked away,i looked at Chantel one more time before leaving.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

Chantel is such a worthless, miserable b*tch.She made me so angry with what she said. I was combing my hair when someone knocked on my room door.

“Come in”i said, the door opened and Daniel walked in,i went closer to him.

“Ky,am so sorry about what Chantel said”He said looking deep into my eyes. “It’s okay,am not angry” i said.

“But you really scared us with that dagger,is is always in your pocket?” He asked smiling. “Yeah, i keep it to protect myself from Pervert like you”i said and we started laughing,he walks closer to me.

“You know i think,no,no,i don’t think,i know you like the way i touch you” he said moving so close to me while i move backwards.

“How are you so sure?”I asked trying so hard to resist his touch.He immediately drags me closer by the waist making our foreheads meet, he starts to kiss my neck,i bit my lips so that i wouldn’t moan,he noticed so he put his hands under my blouse and started caressing my bare back, My mind wants to push him away but my hearts wants him to continue, suddenly someone knocks on my door and lets go of me smirking.

“Point proven”He said while smirking at me,he opened the door and Paris came in. “Ky,are you okay?”Paris asked seeing me in a shocked state. “She’s fine” Daniel said and walked away while Paris came closer and hugged me.


😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

I smiled remembering my little scene with Kylie,she was speechless,i really enjoy being around Kylie so much but each time i remind myself that she’s just part of a contract.

I was about to get up from my bed when Chantel walked in. “Danny,am so sorry”She said pouting her lips. “That was so wicked of you to say that to Kylie” i said while she moved closer to me. “I already said a thousand times,why are you so angry?”she asked frustrated.

“Kylie’s my friend and she’s very important to..” “She’s very important to your contract” Chantel said cutting me off. “Danny, she’s just a contract, nothing more,after two months,she gone,no sentiments between you and her”She said and walked away.


👹 Chantel’s P.o.v👹

It’s so clear that Daniel has fallen in love with that Kylie but he hasn’t realized it yet,i have to make sure that Kylie leaves this house before two months is over, I will make Daniel hate her, that’s what i will do.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

After Paris left my room,i called Nina to tell ber about what happened between i and Daniel.

“Kylie, it’s so clear you are in love with him”She ssid excitedly. “Okay,so how do i erase this feeling?”I asked while she started laughing.

“You can’t,Daniel is the love of your life and from what you just told me,he might also love you back”She said. ‘So what do i do,am confused”i said nervously.

‘You have to tell him how you feel”She said. “What?”i said in shock

🌸Just Two Months 🌸



Chapter 21



❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

“Are you nuts?”I asked Nina. “What’s wrong?”She asked confused. “I can’t tell him how i feel ,am not even sure of what i feel towards him,am not telling him anything” i said


“Okay,just don’t come crying to me when he hooks up with Chantel”She said and i sighed. “I won’t cry,okay, I have to go,bye”i said and hanged up.


I can’t possibly tell Daniel how i feel,he should be the one to tell me that’s if he even feels something,No,i can’t tell him.



😁 Author’s P.o.v😁

Everyone was seated at the breakfast table except Kylie and Paris. “Mason, where’s Paris and Kylie?” Mrs mendes asked. “I don’t know,mom,maybe they are busy trying out outfits in the room”Mason said then Paris comes down the stairs.

“Mom,dad,am just coming from Kylie’s room and she doesn’t look good”Paris said. “What’s wrong with her?”Mr mendes asked.

“She’s burning up and shivering,i think she has a fever”Paris said looking so worried. “Let me go check on her” Daniel said and left the table.



😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

I rushed to Kylie’s room and opened the door, there she was shivering,her eyes were a little swollen and red. “Hey,how are you feeling?” I said sitting beside her.

“Not good,i..i feel miserable”she said and sneezes. “Let me call a doctor”i said while my mom, Mason and my dad entered the room.

“Honey,are you okay?”My mom asked. “No,am not”Kylie said while my mom touched her head.

“I already called the family doctor so he will here in no time”My dad said

“Who knows,you could be pregnant”My mom said and i rolled my eyes. “Mom,am so sure she’s not pregnant”I said.

“How are you so sure, using protection isn’t 100% certain”My mom said. Why does mom want Kylie to be pregnant, Kylie won’t even let me touch her.


“Mom,i don’t think am pregnant, maybe it’s just a fever”Kylie said and my mom sighed.


Few minutes later, the doctor arrived and checked Kylie. “So what’s wrong?” Paris asked.

“She has a high fever,i prescribed some drugs,she needs to take them and rest afterwards” the doctor said.

“Okay, thanks, doctor,let me walk you out”Mason said and he and the doctor walked away.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

I was busy playing candy crush on my phone when Daniel walked in with a bowl of soup,he placed it down, then collected my phone.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” I asked trying to collect the phone. “You should be resting not playing games”He said putting the phone is his pocket

“Why are you here?”I asked while he sat in front of me and brought a bowl of an ugly looking soup close to me. “Eww, what’s that?” I said clearly digusted

“It’s herbal soup,Mom made it,she said it will clear your running nose and your sneezing”He said trying to feed me,i looked away.

“I don’t want to take it,it looks so bitter and i rather…”he didn’t let me finish before he shoved the spoon in my mouth.

“You talk too much”He said while i rolled my eyes at him.


😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

Seeing Kylie make those funny face anytime she tastes the soup is so funny,i had so much fun feeding her, even when she’s sick ,i still enjoy being with her. Kylie’s something else.


“That was horrible,am never taking that again”She said. “Then try not to get sick”I said. “It wasn’t my fault i got sick” She said pouting her lips like a baby.

“Actually i think it is, you are too troublesome, that’s why”i said and laughed. “Jerkface”She said and giggled.

“What did you call me?”i asked. “I called you a…” Before she could finish talking,i kissed her,she responded quickly like the first time but she pulled away.

“You take your drugs,while i go drop this tray” i said and walked away.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

He kissed me..again and i kissed him back..again,oh God, Kylie,i hope i don’t wake up in his bed one day. I have to control myself. Next time,he tries to kiss me,i will push him away..I promise.


After two days, I felt much better,infact i was back to myself.It was a Friday night and Daniel’s parents went out on a date,so cute.

We stayed back at the house binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“Am so bored”Mason said yawning while Chantel was busy taking selfies,Witch.

“Me too”Daniel said scratching his hair. “Let’s play a game”Paris suggested.

“Yeah but what game?”I asked while Chantel smirked. “Let’s play Truth or Dare”


🌼Just Two Months 🌼



Chapter 22



😉Paris P.o.v😉

“Yeah, that’s a great idea” i said. “Am in”Kylie said.

The game started and it was really funny. Daniel dared Mason to dance with his boxers,we laughed so hard.

“Okay, Kylie, truth or dare”Chantel asked, something tells me she is up to something. “Um.. truth” She said smirking.

“Are you a virgin?”She asked and then an awkward slience filled the place. “No, Chantel,am not a virgin”Kylie said smiling.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

Why did she aske me that,does she think am a slut like her,i might not be a virgin but i don’t sleep around. “What is his name?”She asked again. “Chantel, you only get to ask one question, remember?”Daniel said glaring at her.

“Oh, sorry,my bad, I just wanted to know,Daniel was my first, Kylie, it’s amazing when your first person is the love of your life”She said smirking.

“No one asked for details,Chantel”Paris said. “Let’s continue”Mason said. “Whose turn is it?”Daniel asked.

“It’s mine”Paris said smiling. “Daniel, Truth or Dare”She asked. “Truth”Daniel said smiling.

“What did you really think of Kylie when you saw her at our house?”Paris asked smiling.

“Well, honestly,I thought she was the most craziest girl i have ever met,she insulted me,she made fun of me, I mean no girl has done that to me before, Kylie is amazing and really beautiful,i have to admit, she’s beautiful and i love being around her”He said and i started blushing really hard, the butterflies in my tummy increased.

“Awwww, she’s blushing”Paris said tickling me making me laugh out, while Chantel rolled her eyes.


😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

I can’t believe Kylie is blushing just because of what i said,it made me happy to see that am the one making her blush.

“Okay,okay, enough, it’s my turn and it goes to Daniel” Chantel said smiling at me. “Ask whatever”i said looking away.

“Since you have chosen truth twice,you wilk have to choose dare so i dare you to..kiss me for 10 seconds”Chantel said while i just looked at her dumbfounded,why would she ask me to do that.


🌼 Mason’s P.o.v🌼

I knew this b*tch was up to something, that’s why she suggested the game,she wants to make Kylie feel bad.

“Come on, Danny”She said and moved closer to Daniel who was very nervous. The Daniel i know won’t think twice before kissing any girl but now he’s so nervous and am sure it’s because Kylie’s here,he cares about her feelings, that means he loves her.

“Come on,kiss me”Chantel said smiling. “Okay,i will”Daniel said moving closer to her, suddenly his phone rings, Chantel gets so angry.

“I have to pick this”He said and walked away.


❤️ Kylie’s P.o.v❤️

Chantel is such a miserable witch, she’s begging a Daniel to kiss her while he kisses me without me asking..Such a cheap lowlife.

Daniel returns back and sits down. “So where were we?”he asked. “It’s my turn”Mason said. “But Daniel hasn’t kissed me yet”Chantel whinned.

“Sorry,time’s up”Paris said and Chantel gave a her a glare. “Kylie,i dare you to..kiss Daniel for 20 secs”Mason said smirking, I knew he would say that.

“Come on,do it”Paris said smiling widely. I looked at Daniel who was winking at me, I rolled my eyes, then came closer to him, immediately he kissed me,i heard Chantel gasps in surprise.

We kept on kissing for so long,Daniel didn’t want let me go.


😍 Daniel’s P.o.v😍

“It’s past 20 secs”I heard Mason say but i held Kylie down, then she pushed me off but i pecked her lips. “Pervert”She said and cleaned her lips. “That was so cute, wasn’t it Chantel?”Paris asked glaring at Chantel.

“Whatever,am going to bed”Chantel said and walked away.


👹 Chantel’s P.o.v👹

I went to my room angrily and pushed all the stuffs on my dressing table off. How could Daniel kiss Kylie and not kiss me?I hate that Kylie, she’s ruining my plans. I have to get her out of the way,no matter what.

I was about bringing out a pack of cigarettes when someone knocked. “Come in”I said and Kylie walked in smiling.

“Hello, Chantel”She said and i scoffed. “What do you want?”i asked In anger.

“I just came to sympathize with you, sorry Daniel couldn’t kiss you, sorry”She said laughing.

“He just want to sleep with you, that’s all”I said while she just laughed. “What happened today proves that Daniel care about me his pretend Girlfriend than you,his ex-gir friend,now if you would excuse me,am going to take my beauty sleep”She said and walked away.




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