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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Just stay season two finale

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💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚

Season Two



(One year and six months later)

💖Jimin’s POV💖
I slowly tiptoe behind my wife to where she was cooking.

I got to her and wrap my hands around her from behind while placing my both palm on her heavily pregnant stomach.

I gently place a kiss on her cheek.

“What is my beautiful wife cooking” I asked and raise her cloth up so that I can make contact with her bare belly.

I rub my hand around her stomach slowly.

“Oh! Hajima(Stop)” She said and giggle.

“When our baby girl is born I will name her after my mother” I said sadly.

I heard her switching off the gas cooker
She turn to me with her bare belly
I wrap my hands around her waist.

“We should visit you parent grave again before I put to bed” She said.

I smile at her before going on my knees.
I place my ear on her stomach with my eyes close.

“I can’t wait for you to be born so that I can carry you on my shoulder around the house
Take you for modelling shoot with me
Protect you from rodents and pest
Spoil you with riches and do all sort of things for you that you will never expect” I said and kiss her stomach.

I heard my wife chuckle

“All that for our baby what about the mother” She asked

I stood up from the

floor and engulf her in a hug

“Don’t worry honey, I will pamper the both of you so much,thanks for coming into my life
Sarangheo(I love you)” I said and pecked her lips.

“Nado Sarangheo(I love you too)She replied

“Our models that went to model for that Lotion company really did a great job,the company commended them for a job well-done” I said and walk to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water while my wife continue with the cooking.

“Wa(Wow)That’s a good news,you were paid 5billion won right” She asked

I nodded my head

My modeling agency is one of the biggest and most popular in the whole of Korea.
I and my wife are the most richest and famous celebrity couple worldwide.
We got married eight months ago and we are living happily while expecting our unborn baby girl to join us in the happiness.

Is there any thing else that I should wish for in life that is more better than all what I have?
I guess nothing…….


💕Josephine’s POV💕
I got down from my car and began walking into my fiancé’s company which is now known as Jose Suk wine enterprise.
After my dad’s arrest
Kylo was the one to inherit the company since he was the one his father initially wanted to will his company to.
But my dad manipulated everything.

Kylo declined the idea of taking over his father’s company so he willed the company to me.

But I handed it over to my husband to be, since I am not very good

at Management.

The security guards in front of our company bowed at me as I walk inside of our company.

I got to his office and knock on the entrance door.

“Come in” He said in a very clear English with his husky voice.

I smile to myself before opening the door and walking in.

He look up and smile at me..

“Honey” I said and walk to him
I place a deep kiss on his pink lips and he reciprocated it.

“How you doing” I asked and sat on his right lap,I felt his hand wrap around my waist.

He sighed

“It has been so stressful today, I just came back from a board meeting assuming you came earlier you wouldn’t have meet me here” He said

I stare at his face with all smile

He furrowed his brows at me

“Why are you smiling” He asked amidst chuckles.

“Are you smiling at my handsome face” He added

I giggled and place my palm on his cheek.

“I am smiling on how your English has really improve,I can’t believe that you went to the extent of learning English because of me” I said and peck his nose.

He smile and tighten the grip around my waist.

“The love I have for you is nothing you can ever imagine,I really love you so much that I am willing to sacrifice anything for you” He said

Tears well up my eyes as he said all that

“I love you” I said as the tears stream down my cheek

He kiss my tears and lick it

“I love you more” He said before placing his lips on mine.

💝Prosecutor James POV💝
“Rise and shine sleeping beauty” I said and kiss her forehead.

She turn to me and yearn loudly
Her mouth still smells fresh even thou she is just waking up
She keeps making me to love her more every blessed day.

“Good morning” She mumbled inaudibly before rising up from the bed

The bed cover around her body fell down exposing her nakedness.

I frown my face a bit

“What are you doing to your tattoo it’s starting to fade” I questioned while touching her thigh and her hand where the tattoo was drawn.

She itch her brows with her index finger.

“I have been going for laser surgery,I hate seeing the tattoo it brings back sad and painful memories” She said sadly.

I sighed and sat down beside her

“Just forget about the past and move on with your future don’t let what has happened to you in the past to affect you future,I am not complaining about the tattoo I am okay with it
So stop going for laser surgeries it’s even dangerous to your skin, I love you for who you are” I said and engulf her In a hug.

“I love you too thanks so much for loving me” She replied.

I smile and kiss her on her hair while moving my hand down to her breast

I smile mischievously

💞Jisun’s POV💞
“Truth or dare” I asked

He tilted his head for some seconds

“Truth” He said

“Have you ever had a crush on someone” I asked

He nodded his head

“Who” I questioned

“Hyojin your friend”He replied

I pouted my lips and muttered an Oh!

“But ever since I met you my heart keeps longing for no one else other than you” He said

I smile

“My turn
Truth or dare” He said

“Dare” I hastily replied

“I dare you to kiss me for 10minutes” He said

I widen my eyes

“Do you want my lips to be swollen” I said in anguish

“Your time starts now” He said

I sat more comfortably on the bed and draw him closer to myself

“If my lips become swollen you are the cause” I said

He chuckled

I place my palm on his cheek,I was about kissing him when he draw my face closer to his before smashing his red lips on mine.

“Sarangheo(I love you)” He said amidst the kiss and deepen it more.


Four months later Hyojin was delivered of a beautiful baby girl

The child was awarded as the most beautiful baby girl in the world cause she was an epitome of beauty.
Jimin’s Modelling Agency knows as JMA became the richest and most famous modelling agency all over the district of Korea and outside Korea coupled with the beautiful and handsome models that works for him.

He also sang a song with his best friend Eric which became the number one hit song all over the world that sold over 5 billion copies.

Hyojin also became the best and most talked about celebrity actress for featuring in an international movie

This earn her lot of familiarity both in Korea and internationally making her the richest actress in the whole world.
Jung Suk and Josephine eventually got married and immediately after their marriage Josephine got pregnant.
Their company flourished more making them to have other branches in different countries.

Prosecutor James and Layla also got married but unfortunately for Layla she couldn’t bear a child due to the several abortions she had in the past.
But that doesn’t stop James from loving her and they decided to go for adoption of kids.
They adopted two lovely kids a male and a female.
They spoilt the kids with riches and treated them like they were their biological children and the kids also grow up to love their parent dearly.
The day Hyojin put to bed was the day Jisun also realize that she is pregnant.

Namjoon became the happiest man on earth on hearing the good news.

Ever since that day,Namjoon pampered Jisun so much

He never allowed her to do anything herself

Jisun also became the 3rd most popular actress in the whole of Korea for featuring in various movies which became an hit.

Namjoon also build up his own modelling agency and named it after his wife.

And all of them live happily together.



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