Just stay season two episode 9

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
💖Jimin’s POV💖
I hastily stood up from my seat on seeing Layla
“Layla what are you doing here” I yelled from where I was standing
I turn to Hyojin and saw her staring at Layla with a confused look.
I turn my gaze back to Layla
She cat walked to me with a smile on herl-ips
I shrugged
“Kylo why are you doing this to me” she questioned on getting to me.
I scoffed
“Would you plea-se answer my question first, what are you doing in Korea and how did you know that I am here” I asked with a frown on my face.
She walk nearer to me but I shifted backward.
“Babe I really miss you that’s why I c@m£ here
You just left and did not bother coming back,huh” she said and move closer to me again.
I turn to Hyojin again and saw her gaze on me with a stoic look.
I sighed
“Layla plea-se kindly leave,
As you can see I am with someone
You said you miss me and you did not bother coming to pay me a visit when I was sick,you can’t deny the fact that you didn’t hear about it because it went viral” I said
“Baby I am really sorry,I heard about it but my schedule was ti-ght that’s why, I am so sorry” she said with a puppy look.
I hastily turn my gaze away from her to prevent myself from getting hypnotize with her snake eyes.
Suddenly I felt a hand wra-p around my b©dy
I turn and Layla hastily k!ssme on thel-ips
I g@sped and push her away
“Layla are you nut”I yelled about raising my hand on her but I held myself.
Kylo you want to raise you hand on me because of this ugly hag”she said pointing towards Hyojin.
I turn to Hyojin and saw her picking up her purse
She stood up and began walking out on us.
I quic-kly run to her
“Hyojin, Jebal(plea-se) listen to me,it isn’t what you are thinking you misun-derstood everything” I said to her in korea almost going on my knees.
She turn to me with a sad face
“What was I expecting before,you can continue with her,I guess she is your girlfriend” she said and began walking towards the entrance door of the restaurant.
I kept calling her back but she didn’t listen.
I sharply turn to Layla burning with anger.
Look what you caused
I will make sure you regret and pay for this” I said to Layla before running after Hyojin.
I got outside and saw Hyojin walking hastily towards the park
I started running after her while yelling her name.
I got to her and held her hand form behind while turning her swiftly to me.
I g@sped on seeing tears in her eyes.
Why is she crying?
Does she also have feelings for me?
“Hyojin I am really sorry
Is not what you are thinking
As you can see I did not k!ssher back there,she f0rç£d herself on me” I said while using my thumb to clean her eyes.
She sniffle in and turn her gaze away from me.
“Miahnae(Sorry)” I said sadly
She looked at me.
“It’s okay kaja(Let’s go)” she said
A smile crossed myl-ips.
I felt the urge to hvg her but I resisted it.
“Koma woyo(Thank you)” I said with smiles.
She smile at me
We began staring at each other with smiles.
Suddenly we heard voices and c@m£ra cl!çk!ng beside us.
🚺”Omo(Oh my),it’s Jimin and Hyojin”
🚺”Heol(oh my gosh) it’s really them
A small crowd of people started running towards us with their phone in hand.
I turn to Hyojin
“re-ady” I asked
She smile and nodded.
I turn to the crowd again before dragging Hyojin hand
We began running towards my car.
🚺”St©p running plea-se sign us an autogra-ph “they said
I got to my car
I hastily open the door for Hyojin
She quic-kly got in,I rush to the driver seat and hastily got in.
They were almost getting to us
I pressed a bu-tton and all the car windows closed.
I started the car and drove out of the restaurant with the crowd running after my car.
I and Hyojin couldn’t hold our laughter again as we bur-sted it out.
I c@m£ down from my car to open the door for Hyojin.
She c@m£ down with all smile
We just arrive at her house
We have been gisting in the car all throu-gh the drive,I guess that’s what ma-king her smile.
Suddenly my eyes caught a red stain behind her dress.
I place my palm on my mouth
She is on her period.
She was about turning to me when I quic-kly hvg her from behind not minding that her guards were watching us.
I heard her g@sp.
“Your cloth is stained,let me follow you to your room like this “I said while pressing my hand on her stomach lightly.
I could hear her heart beating ra-pidly.
I smile mischievously..
“Kaja(Let’s go)I said
She began walking slowly with me behind her
Then a dirty idea crossed my mind.
I k!ssher on the n£¢k
She g@sp again and st©p on her track.
“Miahnae(Sorry) that’s was a mistake” I said
“Kaja(Let’s go)” I added
She began walking again towards the entrance door of her house.
I sm-irked at myself.
I inhaled the strawberry scent emanating from her hair as I brush one of my hand down to her w@!st as we were walking.
💞Hyojin’s POV💞
I look outside my window and watch as his car sped out of my house.
I close the window back.
I look down at my stomach and t©uçh it.
I still find all what transpired between the both of us surreal.
But everything was realistic
I wasn’t dreaming.
Why would he hold me like that just because my dress is messed up.
I felt a spark all throu-gh my b©dy when he k!$$£d my n£¢k
That felt soooo……
I walk to my be-d and coll@pse on it.
Suddenly the k!ssthat transpired between Jimin and that foreign girl flashed in my head.
They were speaking in English that’s why I couldn’t phantom what they were talking about.
But why did the girl k!sshim?
Why did I feel so angry and jealous?
Aiiiiish! I shouldn’t have acted that way,Jimin might be thinking something else.
But to be sincere I felt really jealous, I just hope is not what I am thinking.
Suddenly I felt a sharp pain below my abd0m£n.
I gr0@nin pain
Period cramp.
I stood up from my be-d ma-king my way for the bathroom with my hand clutched on my stomach.
💟Layla’s POV💟
I walk out of the restaurant angrily
I still can’t believe that Kylo almost raised is hand on me just because of that ugly thing
She isn’t even as pretty as I am
Her face even look fake
And with the look of things,I guess Kylo is in love with that girl
Because for him to almost raise his hand at me just because I k!$$£d him
He is fv¢king in love with her.
And I can’t let that happen
Kylo is mine and mine forever
I can’t allow one stupid Asian to take him away from me.
That will definitely not happen
Not even in my dream
I must make sure Kylo becomes mine at all cost.
And I have to find something to do about it as soon as possible.
I brou-ght out my sunglas-ses from my bag.
I wore it on my eyes and began walking to where my car is parked.