💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚

Season Two



💝Jimin’s POV💝
I kept rolling sideways on my bed
I hit my legs and hands furiously on my bed making my duvet to fall on the floor and my bed sheet to ruffle.

I keep thinking about the hug between that cute guy and Hyojin

“Haaaaaaa,he isn’t cute” my subconscious told me

I just can’t get it over my head
The worst of it was how most of the male celebrities were lustfully staring at her
I felt like something sharp was piercing into my chest with the way they were staring at her

I couldn’t endure it that’s why I unleash my anger on that guy Hyojin hugged
I would have done something worst to him, but for Hyojin sake I let him go.

I sat down on my king size bed properly,while crossing my legs together.

I don’t know why I am feeling this way towards Hyojin
My heart keeps yearning for her each time I set my eyes on her or I am with her.

I think I am in love…
I am in love with Hyojin
This is the second time I am feeling this way
The first time was when I fell in love with a black girl back in highschool
But unfortunately for me the girl left our school and I didn’t get the chance to ask her out
I felt so heartbroken and shattered.

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Now I am feeling this way towards Hyojin
And I don’t want what happened back then to repeat itself
I love her and I can’t stand the chance of another guy taking her from me.

I need to do what’s right before it’s too late.

I stretched towards my bedside table and pick up my phone from it.

I log into Xchiang online sales
I scroll through their jeweleries page….
I click on rings..
it displayed a list of beautiful rings
I began scrolling through them.

I was about scrolling pass when my eyes caught a beautiful ring

I scrolled up a bit and click on the ring.
It displayed the ring to me in full picture
It is so beautiful
The shiny small stones on it were made from real diamonds as written in the description box.
And the price is 800billion won.

I smile and quickly order for the ring
I paid for it using my MasterCard.

I smile and drop my phone on the bed after finish ordering the ring
Hyojin will finally be mine
I can’t wait to get engage to her.

I quickly pick up my phone to send her a text.


💗Hyo jin POV💗
I heard my phone ringing beside me
I remove my sleeping mask from my eyes before rolling to the edge of my bed.

I sat down properly before proceeding to pick up my phone which was laying on my side table.

I furrowed my brows on seeing that the caller ID was an unknown number.

“Annyeong(Hi)” I said immediately I pick the call.

“Beautiful angel” the voice said

I frown a bit

“Jebal(please)who is this” I asked

“Namjoon” he said

I smile on realizing that he is the one speaking.


“Wa(Wow) Namjoon,how did you get my number” I asked with a smile on my lips.

“Don’t worry about that angel
How you doing” he asked

“Am okay,it’s nice to hear your voice again” I said

“And you too dear” he said

They was silence on the phone for some seconds.

“Hmm are you both dating” he asked

“Mwo(What)” I said

“Hmm,I mean are you dating Jimin Kylo” he said

“Are you both in any form of relationship” he added.

“Ha! Ani(No) we are just close friends” I said

“Chingu(Friends)” I added.

“Omo(Oh my),jinjja(Really)?
Wa(Wow) I am so happy”he said

I frown again
Why is he happy that we are not in a relationship.

“Are you free today,maybe the both of us can go out together “he said

“Ani(No) maybe some other time” I said

“Aisssh,you left me heartbroken, anyway no problem” he said

“Miahnae(Sorry)” I said sadly
I just don’t feel like going out with him.

“I will talk to you later,bye” he said

“Arasseo(Okay)” I replied before hanging the call.

I sighed and drop my phone on the bed
Immediately I drop it a message popped in.

I sighed again before picking it up.
I smile on seeing the sender

I hastily click on it

💬”I will love to take you out to somewhere special, get dress up quickly, I will come pick you up babe”the message read.

I read the message again before dropping my phone happily on the bed.

I quickly inserted my feet into my flip flops before scurrying to the bathroom.


💖Jimin’s POV💖
I lean on my car waiting patiently for Hyojin to come out.
I ordered my driver not to drive me today
I will be the one to do the driving.

I brought out the ring I ordered from my pocket
It was in a small blue box,I open it and smile at myself before closing it back and putting the box inside my inner coat pocket.

I already book for a restaurant that I will be taking Hyojin to
I paid the owner of the restaurant a huge amount of money so that no one would be allowed in except for the both of us.

I want the proposal to be a special one
Thou it seems quite early for this
But I just can’t wait for her to be mine.

I heard footsteps and quickly turn my gaze to the direction.

A big smile cross my lips
She keeps glowing and looking beautiful each passing day.

The dress she was putting on was simple but beautiful. Hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more .
She was putting on a short blue gown which stopped above her knee
The dress was beautifully designed and the black wedge shoe she was putting on matched with the small purse she held.

She got to me and smile

“Annyeonghaseyo(Hello)” she said and bow.

I chuckle at her childish behaviour.

“You look beautiful as always” I complimented

Her smile widen

“You the more handsome more” she said in English.

I placed my palm on my mouth so that she won’t realize that I am laughing.

“Why is you the covering the mouth” she said in another broken English.

I turn to my car making me to back her.
I laughed so hard before turning back to her.

“Please just speak Korea,don’t force yourself to speak English” I said.

She smile and nodded.
I am happy she didn’t take what I said personal, she keeps making me fall for her more.

By the way I need to get her a English tutor to improve her English.

I open the front seat door for her and she got in.
I close the door and walk to the driver seat while laughing to myself.

Immediately I got in I stopped laughing.

I help her fix her seat belt
I also did mine before starting the car.

Her guards open the gate for us and I sped outside.


💕Known POV💕
My phone began ringing from my bag
I open it and hastily brought it out.

On seeing the caller ID,I quickly swipe to the receiver.

📱”How is it going,any information “I hastily asked.

“He just got into a restaurant with Hyojin,one of Korea famous celebrity actress,I think the both of them are in a form of relationship, this is the right time to do whatever you want to do and the good news is that his guards are not with him,they came alone” She said.

I smile mischievously

“Thanks so much for the information, what is the address of the restaurant” I asked

“I will send you the address now” she said.

“Okay thanks so much,you will receive an alert soon” I said

“Thanks so much,you can call me anytime you need me I am at your service” she said

I smile

“Yeah thanks” I said and immediately hung up.

Few Seconds Later⌚⌚
My phone beeped
I quickly click on the sent message

💬”Minjin restaurant,opposite Gwanju park”the message read.

I smile and put my phone inside my bag.
I picked up my bag and hastily walk out of my hotel room.


💞Hyo jin POV💞
I picked up the fried egg on my kimchi fried rice with a chop stick
I shove it into my mouth and began chewing it slowly.

I look around the restaurant while still chewing the egg
I don’t know why it is so deserted
Why are we the only one here?
What’s going on.

I turn to Jimin
He was sipping his wine slowly and his gaze was on me.

I batted my lashes and clear my throat.

“Hmm,Jimin why is this restaurant so deserted, we are the only one in here” I asked

He place the empty glass cup back on the table.

“I booked it” he said

I widen my eyes

“Jinjja(Really) Wae(Why)” I asked

“Hmm we are celebrities, I don’t want people coming to inconvenient us” he said

I nodded my head before turning back to my food.


💕Jimin’s POV💕
This is the right time to propose to her
I just pray she doesn’t reject me

Even thou we are not getting married yet
I just want to get engage to her so that I will be rest assured that she is mine

I sighed…

Now I am about to do it
Please accept me
If you decline my proposal,I will never be myself again till the rest of my life.

“Hyojin” I called

“Uhm” She said with a mouthful of food,her concentration was on the food she was eating.

I brought out the ring from my inner coat pocket
I was about going on my knees when I heard someone call my name from behind.

“Kylo”She said

My heart skip on realizing the voice.

I slowly turn behind me

My face turn into a frown on seeing her.

“Layla” I said in a whisper



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