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Just stay season two episode 13

(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
💞Jimin’s POV💞
I open my eyes slightly scanning round the environment I was
I squinted my eyes as the white light in the room pene-trated into my eyes.
“Where am I” I mumble inaudible to myself.
I look at my hand and saw an IV tube connected to it
I heard the door creak open and a nurse walked in holding a tray.
“OMG,you are awake” The nurse said as she walk up to me.
I rise from the be-d and sat down properly.
“What am I doing here” I questioned to no one in [email protected]
“Oh you [email protected] earlier, have you forgotten what happened” She asked.
Suddenly everything started coming into my head like a flash.
“Where is Hyojin,tell me she isn’t dead” I hastily said.
The nurse smile at me
“It was such a miracle, immediately you [email protected] we felt her heart beat again,she is alive but in coma.
I heaved a sigh of relief and place my head on the wall.
“Can I see her now”I asked
The nurse nodded her head
She walk to me and disconnected the IV tube from my hand.
“I will take you to where she is but make sure you don’t disturb her” She said.
I nodded and stood up from the be-d
I walk to the door and open it slowly,I met four of my guards standing beside the door.
I furrowed my brows
“How did you guys get here” I asked
“We were informed about what happened by Sir Ethan so he told us to come here,the news has alre-ady gone viral” Tony said
I sighed and began following the nurse to where Hyojin is.
Before we entered Hyojin’s room,I saw Hyojin throu-gh the open [email protected],my initial response was to deny what I was seeing.
I st©pped at the door and whisper her name in anguish before hurriedly rushing to her be-dside.
“Be careful Sir Jimin,only t©uçh her lightly” The nurse instructed me.
A clear plastic tube extended up into Hyojin’s nose,another tube from what looks like a breathing machine led into her mouth.
I squinted as new tears leaked from my eyes,I reached down and placed my right hand on the back of her left hand,her hand was tied, I then saw the IV tube in her right arm and another cord of some kind cli-pped to one of her f!ngers.
I couldn’t help the tears that flow down my cheeks as I held her hand ti-ghtly.
(One Months Later)
❤Hyojin’s POV❤
“Help me to pu-ll down my Zi-pper” I said turning my back to Jimin.
I felt him pu-lling my Zi-pper down slowly then I felt his hand trace down to my stomach from behind
I shivered at the tingling feelings it gave me.
I felt is w€tl-ips on my n£¢k grazing me sweetly with his teeth.
I slightly [email protected] at the plea-sures.
“Oh Jimin” I said amidst [email protected] .
“I want to eat you” he whisper into my ear.
Suddenly I got hold of myself and slowly withdraw from his hold.
“Excuse me I want to dress up” I said while walking to my closet with my hand on my dress to prevent it from falling off.
I heard Jimin giggle
“St©p acting like this is the first time I am seeing you n-ked” He said.
I turn sharply and glare at him
He chuckled before walking out of the room.
I descended down the stairs cladded in a blue bu-m short with a pink tank t©p.
I met Jimin seated on a sofa in the living room with his full attention on the TV screen.
I [email protected] beside him on the chair.
“What are you watching” I asked turning my gaze to the TV screen and realize he was watching a news channel
Suddenly a news headline popped in.
“The CEO of Arthur’s wine enterprise has been arrested for the attem-pted murder of the famous Jimin Kylo but accidentally sh0t the famous Ko-rean actress Hyojin
“He was also alleged to have murdered his elder brother who is the real owner of Arthur’s wine company together with his wife.
I heaved a big sigh
“Your uncle is such a wicked man,thank God he was apprehended before he tried escaping all thanks to Prosecutor James “I said.
Jimin only nodded his head.
I turn to him angrily
“Won’t you reply me”I asked angrily
He pouted hisl-ips and sat more comfortably on the sofa.
“Since my wife to be is depriving me of my right as a husband to be,I also need to deprive her of her right” He said without looking at me.
I scoffed
“So you want to deprive me of my right by not talking to me” I questioned
“I never said that” he said.
I held him by his cheek like a toddler
“You moron” I said and hastily jump on his b©dy.
“Get off me,I don’t want to t©uçh you again” He said trying to push me away from his b©dy.
I giggled and held him ti-ght before bringing myl-ips closer to his
He hastily cover his mouth
“I don’t want to k!ssyou” he said with his palm on his mouth.
“You must k!ssme” I said while dragging his head closer to mine as he was moving it backward.
💙Prosecutor James POV💙
“Yeah I will call you later” I said and hung up the call before placing my phone inside my pocket.
I was about walking out of the super market when I collided into someone ma-king all the goods in my hand to fall on the floor.
“OMG I am so sorry” A feminine voice said.
I turn and saw a beautiful girl standing before me,the colour of her eyes looks strange but beautiful.
She began picking up my goods one after the other.
She packed everything and hand it over to me.
“I am really sorry,I wasn’t in my right state of mind,plea-se forgive me” She said apologetically.
I smile at her.
“It’s okay I should also be apologizing for not looking at the direction I was heading to” I said.
“Hmm do you live around here” I asked
She shook her head
“No I [email protected]£ to do some shopping for someone” She said
“Me too” I replied
“Your face looks quite familiar, I think I have met you somewhere but I can’t recollect where I met you” she said
I smile at her again.
“I don’t think I have ever come across this beautiful face before”I replied ma-king her to blush.
“Hmmm can we exchange contact”I added
She nodded and ask for my phone
I hastily hand it over to her,she imputed her number on it before giving it back to me.
“It’s nice meeting you,what’s your name plea-se” I asked
“Layla”She replied
“Wow what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl “I complemented.
We bade each other goodbye before [email protected] to our various location, I couldn’t help but turn to look at her again.
She is indeed beautiful and I really love her eyes,they are unique.
💘Jisun’s POV💘
I took the fourth bottle of soju and gulp it down my throat.
“More” I said drun!kingly to the bartender
I heard [email protected]£ra sounds beside and behind me.
I turn and saw people taking pictures of me.
I laughed hysterically before turning my gaze away from them.
“James why?
Why did you leave me” I mumble to myself.
I pleaded to you but you insisted on not taking me back. Join us on telegram page throu-gh+233544142683 to get more of such stories.
I know I made a mistake but why don’t you let bygones be bygones.
Jimin and Hyojin are now in New York enjoying their selves
You also left for New York leaving me behind.
Why are you doing this to me
I thought to myself as I took the fifth bottle of soju that the bartender dropped for me.
Suddenly I felt a light tap on my back.
I turn to look at the person but my eyes were blurry ma-king me unable to see who the person is.
Suddenly I felt someone carry me up.
I closed my eyes smiling as I inhale the lovely scent of the person.
The last thing I heard before I black out was
“Wa(Wow)Namjoon is carrying her.
💕Prosecutor Jung Suk POV💕
I walked around my h0tel room aimlessly
Why am I feeling this way
Look what Josephine did to me
That girl is ma-king me go crazy
But I am sure she feels nothing towards me because I am a Ko-rean which is ma-king me feel depressed.
I walk to my be-d and pick up my phone which was laying on it.
I scroll throu-gh my call log and eventually [email protected]£ across her contact.
My hand began shaking as I was about dialling her number.
Call her
Don’t call her
Call her
Don’t call her
Call her
I use all the f0rç£ in me to dial her number
I began sweating as her number was dialling
She picked up after the fourth ring.
“Hello Jung Suk” she said in pure English.
I [email protected]£ scared because I am not very good at speaking English.
“Hello” I said with a shaky voice
“How you doing” She asked
I scratch my hair lightly.
“Hmmm fine” I replied
“Hope no problem,why did you call” She said
I swallowed my spit
“Hmm nothing, I just want hear you voice” I f0rç£d myself to say in English.
“Oh! you just want to hear my voice, right” She said
“Ne(Yes),sorry Yes” I quic-kly change it to English.
“Oh thanks for that I am grateful” She said
“Huh,okay talk with you later” I said.
“OK bye” she replied before hanging the call.
I [email protected] on my be-d with my heart pounding heavily
This girl has definitely turn me to something else

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