Just stay season two episode 11

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
{New York City,USA}
💕Josephine’s POV💕
I fell down on the floor immediately I hang up the call
I let the tears in my eyes to stream down my cheeks freely
I can’t believe that my dad was the one that murdered my uncle and his wife
Everyone thought it was an accident,but we were wrong
It wasn’t an accident,the wicked and callous man that I call father was the one that killed them.
I c@m£ to my father’s company unannounced,normally I do tell him before I come visiting
But I just felt the urge not to tell him.
The elevator door dinged which means I have gotten to the floor I inputted.
I walk outside and began ma-king my way for my dad’s office.
I got to his office door and I could hear his voice from outside
I guess he is on a phone conversation.
I was about opening the door when I heard something that caught by attention,so I placed my ear on the door to eavesdrop on what he was talking about.
“Yeah I never knew he will become this famous,I guess what I did is not something regretful after all” He said
I re-moved my ear from the door and furrow my brows
What did he do that is not something regretful?
I asked myself rhetorically before placing my ear back on the door.
“You know I really nee-d to compensate him for a job well-done
He really did a good job back then
Everyone thought they died by accident but no one knew it was all planned,he really did a clean job” He said
My heart began pounding fast
I was about opening the door to question him but I held myself and continue to listen to what he is saying.
Never,I never regretted killing my brother,he is so wicked and selfish
He wanted to will all his properties to Kylo and his wife without giving me anything, if I hadn’t done what I did I would be left with nothing today.
I never planned on killing his wife
But since it was the both of them they met on that day
I had no option than to eliminate her too” He said
I placed my palm on my mouth
No this can’t be true
My dad is probably saying something else
He can never kill his elder bother and his wife.
I barge into his office and the phone in his hand instantly drop down.
“Tell me all what you were talking about is not true” I said as h0t tears were beginning to well up my eyes.
He stared at me with his mouth agape without uttering any statement.
“Tell me it isn’t true” I yelled ma-king him to flin-ch.
“How dare you?
Just because of inheritance
You murdered your own blood brother and his wife
How could you?
Why did you fv¢king do that” I yelled at him as tears were beginning to stream down my face.
“Listen Josephine I can explain” He said politely and stood up from his seat.
“Explain what?
You want to explain how you murdered them,huh” I yelled at him again.
“Don’t yell at me like that I am your father and you have to give me my due respect” He retorted.
I scoffed
“Did you just call yourself a father?
To me you are no longer my father
You are nothing but a murderer” I said angrily before stomping out of his office while ignoring his calling of my name.
I ti-ght£ñ my eyes as the tears fell more
This is just too much
Why will he do that
After all what Uncle Arthur did for him
How can he be so wicked to kill his own blood just because of inheritance
I wonder the actions Kylo will take now that I have told him
This is so uncalled for.
I stood up from the floor and walk to my wardrobe
I began throwing out my cloths on the be-d
I can’t stay an hour in this wicked man house
I nee-d to go far away from him
Only heaven knows maybe he is the one that killed my mom
Because I no longer trust him again.
💖Prosecutor James POV💖
“Jisun plea-se listen to me,is definitely not what you are thinking, (Jebal)plea-se don’t leave me” I pleaded to Jisun who was busy packing out her belongings.
She misun-derstood the whole conversation
And I have been pleading to her to give me a chance to explain myself out but she remain adamant.
“Jisun jebal” I pleaded and went on my knees.
She turn to me.
“You don’t nee-d to explain anything, you can go and get married to her since she is alre-ady carrying your child, it will be a waste of time if I am with you” She said and re-move the ring I gave her from her f!nger before throwing it at me.
A drop of tears fell from my eyes
She finish packing all her cloth into her bags and began dragging them outside.
“Jebal(plea-se)” I said in a stern whisper without turning to her still on my knees.
She st©p on her tracks for some seconds before moving out of the house.
I sniffle in and angrily brou-ght out my phone from my pocket.
I hastily dial the slut contact.
“Where should we meet bit-ch” I said angrily while clenching my fist together.
“Wa(Wow) so fast,I never expected it to be so soon
Any way let meet at Yoongiju park” She said
I immediately hang up the call
I stood up and went for my jacket and car key as I hastily walk out of my house angrily.
I got to the siren park and quic-kly alighted from my car.
I dial the bit-ch number again
“Where the hell are you” I asked amidst gritted teeth
“Don’t yell at me,I am at your back” I heard a voice say behind me.
I turn and my eyes wi-den
Shin Hye was standing before me with her stomach as flat as a paper.
I focused my gaze on her stomach boiling with anger.
“I am sorry that I had to lie about being pregnant
That’s the only way I can use in bringing you here,cause I know that you won’t come if I had not lie about that” She said
“I really miss you” She added and began walking to me
My eyes were alre-ady red and Misty
She got to me and I instantly gave her two resounding sl@ps on her cheeks ma-king her to fall on the floor.
“How dare you lie to me?
You made the person I love to break up with me just because you claimed of being pregnant which you are not
how could you do such a thing to me” I yelled at her.
She held her cheeks with her gaze on the floor.
“I will make sure you pay for what you did” I said angrily and got into my car before driving out of the park.
💓Uncle Mark’s POV💓
I began pacing around my office restlessly
What have I gotten myself into
I shouldn’t have made such a call in my office
What was I thinking
Now my daughter has know about it
She now sees me as a murderer
I am sure she must have told Kylo about it.
I sighed and pick up my phone from the table.
I dial his number
He pick up after the third ring
“Boss” he said on the phone
“I am in a big trouble” I hastily said
“What happened boss” he asked
“My daughter found out that I am the one that murdered my brother and his wife” I said
That’s a big trouble, what are we gonna do now” he said.
“I don’t know yet
But I am sure she must have told Kylo about it
We nee-d to find something to do as fast as possible, cause I am sure Kylo will want to take actions” I said
“Don’t worry boss
I know what to do,you just leave it to me
I will come to your office tomorrow” he said
A smile crossed myl-ips
“I really trust you
Thanks so much,you just relieve me of my tension” I said
“You welcome boss,I am always at your service anytime you nee-d me” he said
I smile before hanging up the call
I sm-irked at myself as I sat down on my swivel chair
I am now relieved of my tension
Cause I am definitely sure he is gonna come up with a good plan.
❤Jimin’s POV❤
I r0ûghly drive into Hyojin house
I alighted from my car and began running into her house
I got inside and met her maids cleaning up
“Where is your boss” I questioned
They look at me in surprise
“Where is Hyojin” I yelled at ’em
They all flin-ch
“She….she is in her room” One of them said.
I quic-kly run to where her room is.
On getting to her room,I open the door and met her seated on her be-d.
She raise her head up and her eyes wi-den in surprise on seeing me.
I rush to her and hastily place myl-ips on her own
I heard her g@sp.
I de-epen the k!ssmore while su-cking on her bottoml-ip
She open her mouth slightly ma-king me to gain entrance in.
I began working my way in there
I felt her su-cking in my upperl-ip
On remembering the reason why I am k!ss!ngher…
I k!$$£d her r0ûghly while ma-king some silly sounds.
We k!$$£d for more than five minutes before we finally unlock.
“Miahnae(Sorry)” I said and ruffle my hair frustratingly.
“An…ani(No)” She said
I looked at her before going on my knees in front of her and placing my hands around her w@!st.
I stared de-eply into her black eyes
“Sarangheo(I love you)” I said
She batted her lashes at me
“Ever since I set my eyes on you,I have been restless
I couldn’t sleep properly, your image keeps popping in my head
Since you c@m£ into my life, you’ve changed the old Jimin Kylo into a New Jimin Kylo.
I love you so much Hyojin and I want you to be mine” I said
She just stare at me without uttering a word.
I sighed
“I know that you don’t like me
You alre-ady love some one else” I said sadly before turning my gaze to the floor.
“Ne(Yes)I love some one else” She said and that statement made a drop of tears to fall from my eyes
“I love you” She added
I look at her and a smile appeared on myl-ips
“Jinjja(Really) I said happily
She nodded her head
My smile broaden as I place my head on her soft br£@st while hvgging her ti-ghtly.
“Thanks for being mine,I love you more” I said
“Me too” She replied and patted my back.
“Why would he do that,your uncle is such a wicked being” Hyojin said angrily.
I was seated beside her on her be-d
I just finish narrating all what Josephine told me to her.
“That’s why I c@m£ to tell you how I feel towards you before travelling back to New York,because I am definitely going to avenge my parent’s death” I said
“Have you told prosecutor James about it” She asked
I shook my head
“Ani(No) but I am definitely gonna tell him” I said.
I stood up from her be-d
“I don’t know what will happen to me,but whatever happens just know that I love you and I always will” I said and was about walking out of her room.
“I will follow you” I heard her say
I sharply turn to her
“You say what” I questioned
She walk up to me
“I will follow you, we both will avenge your parent death” She said
I was about speaking but she placed her index f!nger on myl-ips
“Don’t refuse
We are meant for each other,so what ever happens to you must also happen to me,cause we are meant to be” She said
I bite my bottoml-ips before engulfing her in another hvg
I wra-p my hands around her ti-ght as more tears stream down my face.