Just stay season two episode 10

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
💟Hyojin’s POV💟
I turn sideways on my be-d unable to continue my sleep due to the cramp I was having.
I gr0@na bit before rising up from my be-d.
I moved closer to my be-d side table and pick up my main phone which was laying beside my two other phones.
I pressed the power bu-tton and ten missed calls with six unre-ad messages popped up on the screen.
Four missed calls and three messages from Jimin
Two missed calls and two messages from Namjoon
And four missed calls with one message from Jisun.
I cli-cked on Jisun’s message first
💬”Hyojin hope no problem,I have been calling but you aren’t picking up,I just wanted to tell you that James proposed engagement to me,I am so happy:-)”The message re-ad.
I smile to myself after re-ading the message
I am so happy for the both of them
Prosecutor James is really in love with Jisun
The both of them started seeing each other and going out after Jimin was discharged from the hospital.
I am happy that he is willing to get married to her,they really fit for each other.
I backed and cli-ck on Jimin’s message.
💬I just arrive home now, hope you’ve taken care of your self”the first message re-ad
I smile
💬”Are you having cramps?
Should I come and meet you at home”The second message re-ad
I smile again
💬”I guess you are asleep, I will talk to you tomorrow, plea-se do take care of yourself for me babe”The last message re-ad
My smile broaden as I re-ad the last message
I never knew Jimin was this caring..
How I wish he is here with me.
I was about cl!çk!ng on Namjoon’s message when the pain in my stomach bec@m£ intense.
I clutched my stomach ti-ght with my hand.
I gently stood up from my be-d as I made my way for the bathroom.
💕Namjoon’s POV💕
I keep staring at my phone while tilting it sideways as I waited for Hyojin to reply my text.
I angrily fling my phone to a corner of the room when I didn’t see any message from her.
I don’t know why she is treating me this way
I called her line yesterday and today but she didn’t pick my call
Is she intentionally doing it or what?
I don’t know why I am just having this feelings towards Hyojin
Ever since I set my eyes on her at the cosmetic company get together p@rty
I couldn’t get her off my head
Her image keeps displa-ying in my head every minutes and seconds
I felt so angry when I saw pictures of Hyojin and Jimin kylo together on the internet.
Netizens are alre-ady as-suming that they are in a relationsh!p
They even held hands together while trying to escape from Fans.
It pisses me off when I see him with her
I really don’t like that guy and I don’t want him for Hyojin
I must make sure that Hyojin becomes mine at all cost.
I can’t afford to lose her to someone else
Because I think I am beginning to develop some sort of feelings for her
I picked up my second phone which was laying beside me on my be-d
I should try calling her again maybe she would pick up this time around.
💓Prosecutor James POV💓
“Pepper” She ordered
I quic-kly rush to bring the peppe and hand it over to her before wra-pping my hands around her from behind.
“If you keep holding me like this,you won’t allow me to cook fast” she said and began stirring the soup.
I placed my head on her shoulder and inhale her beautiful scent while ti-ght£ñing my grip around her more.
“I don’t care when the food will be re-ady,I just want to keep holding you like this until you are done cooking” I said and place a pe-ck on her n£¢k.
I felt her shiver
“Hajima(St©p) I don’t like that” She said and wanted to unlock from my grip but I held her more.
My love for Jisun just keep growing everyday
I don’t know what I will be without her.
She is just so perfect
I have never met any woman like her before
I just can’t wait for the both of us to get married and start producing beautiful kids.
Suddenly my phone began ringing inside my pocket.
I slowly loos£n my grip from her
I turn her head to my direction and place a light k!sson her smalll-ips
“I will be back honey,let me quic-kly receive this call” I said
“Aras-seo(Okay)” She replied
I smiled before walking out of the kitchen.
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket on getting out of the kitchen.
The caller ID was an unknown number
I shrugged before answering it.
“Yebuseyo(Hello)” I said
“Annyeong a father to be” The voice said
I frown a bit
“Who is this plea-se(Jebal)plea-se” I asked.
The call was silent for some seconds
“This is Shin Hye,the mother to your unborn son” she said
My heart froze
I quic-kly move away from the kitchen to where no one can hear me.
“Shin Hye,how did you get my number and what are you talking about” I asked trying all possible best not to raise my voice.
I heard her laugh
“So you even deleted my contact after we dep@rted,well I will just go straight to the point, the reason why I called is to tell you that I am Six months pregnant for you” She said
My phone almost drop from my hand on the mention of pregnant for me.
“You can’t be serious Shin Hye,it can never be my child,it’s six months old and you are just telling me,that is definitely not my pregnancy” I retorted
She laugh again
“If you are doubting me,we can meet up and go for a DNA test and you will know that the pregnancy is yours.
I started feeling h0t all of a sudden at the mention of DNA test.
Shin Hye was my mistress before I met Jisun
The both of us had a thing in common
But something happened and we both separated.
But now that she is telling me that she is pregnant…
I just hope it isn’t true
Because I can’t afford to lose Jisun.
“Look Shin Hye,I will pay you any amount to find something to do to that pregnancy
I don’t care what it is, just find something to do about it because I can’t bear the responsibility of that child” I said
Suddenly I heard clearing of throat beside me
I turn and saw Jisun staring at me angrily
My phone instantly drop from my hand.
💞Jimin’s POV💞
I walk out of my closet while in-serting a earring into my left ear.
My phone was ringing on my dressing table.
I began in-serting the second earring into my right ear while walking to were my phone is.
I picked my phone from the table after in-serting the earring.
I smile on seeing the caller ID
I hastily swipe to the receiver
“Hello my honey bunny” I said and giggle.
I began hearing sobs and sniffle
I bec@m£ confuse
“Josephine what’s wrong
Are you crying” I asked alre-ady getting worried.
“Yo…ur yo…ur” she stuttered and bur-sted out crying on the phone
I started panicking on hearing her cry…
“Jose talk to me what’s wrong” I said half yelling.
I heard her sniffle again.
“My dad was the one that murd….” She bur-sted out crying again without completing her statement.
I bec@m£ frustrated
“Your dad did what” I asked
“My dad is responsible for your parent death” she said
I felt my heart beat seize
My phone dropped from my hand
No this can’t be true……