💛💚(You won’t

Season Two




💝Kylo’s POV💝

“Hajima (Stop)” I yelled using my hand to gesture.


She turned to me and her eyes widen with her mouth open.


Hmm she is beautiful.


“What are you trying to do” I said with a frown and pocketed my hand into the trouser of my pyjama.


She just stared at me in awe with replying.

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I won’t be surprise

I am very famous and for her seeing someone like me she must be surprised.



💟Hyo Jin POV💟

Heol(Oh my gosh)

This isn’t real

I am definitely dreaming, he can’t be Jimin Kylo.

But he looks so much like him and sounds like him.

I doubt if it is Jimin.


“Are… yo..u Ji..min Ky…lo” I said with shaky voice while swallowing the lump that welled up in my throat.


He nodded his head and pushed his hair backward.


I felt my heart skip making me to place my palm on my chest.


I am standing here with the world most handsome man and the world most famous model.



This is a dream come true and also not a dream come true.


“Come down from there” he said sternly.


I stared at him for some seconds before turning my gaze away from him.


“Aniyo(No)” I retorted.


I heard him sigh.


“Why do you want to suicide, huh” he said half yelling.


I looked at him with tears filled eyes.

He is kinda rude.


“Just leave me alone and allow me to carry out my mission” I said and turn my gaze away from him.


I sniffle in my runny noes.


I heard footsteps

I turned and saw him closer to where I am standing.


He sighed again and raised his head towards my direction.


“Listen to me” he started.


“I know that you might have been through some difficulties in life, but committing suicide is not going to solve the problem.

When life falls you down,you have to rise up and move on.

Life is about happiness and pain.

In life when you experience happiness you also have to go through pain,but don’t let it hold you down.

Even me being a celebrity,I go through pain.

Losing one’s parent at the same time is something painful.

But I later got to realize that everything in life is fifty fifty.

No matter what you are passing through in life.

Committing suicide shouldn’t come to your mind,you just have to bear with everything cause it’s for the main time” he said.


I bursted out into a loud cry after he finish saying all those.

What was I thinking before

All what he said is right,suicide isn’t what will solve my problems at all.

I can’t believe that a whole celebrity said all this to me.

Not even an ordinary celebrity

A world wide know for that matter.


I used the back of my palm to clean my runny nose.

I am trying all my possible best not to look down the building, because I don’t know what might happen next.


“So please come down from there” he said and stretched his hand toward me.


I looked at his outstretched hand then back to his face.


He nodded his head at me.


“Everything is gonna be okay,just come down”he said.


I sniffle in and slowly squatted on the pavement.

I placed my palm on his outstretched hand.


He dragged me down and hug me to himself making my head to rest on his chest.


I gasped.


” Don’t try committing suicide, everything is gonna be okay you just have to believe “he said and smoothen my hair from the top downward.


I felt sparks all through my body

I can’t believe that my celebrity crush is hugging me.

This is definitely a dream come true.


More tears poured out from my eyes as he smoothen my hair.


He withdraw from the hug and stare at me in the eyes.


” I will love to help you,but first you need to tell me the cause of you wanting to commit suicide”he said.


I nodded my head at him.


He was still holding my palm.


” Let’s go to my room”he said and began dragging me along with him.


The heavy wind blowing in the rooftop was making his hair fly around making him to look super sexy.


He opened the door to the rooftop and gently drag me in.


💝Kylo’s POV💝


This girl has been through a lot in the hands of wicked people.


She was sitted in my hotel room on my bed.

She just finish narrating everything that she passed through which prompted her to commit suicide.


I can’t believe such a thing is happening in Korea.

Just because she want to became famous,she had to pass through all this.

They even killed her father.


Gosh this is too much.


I stood up from the bed pushing my hair backward.


Her head was down

I am sure she is crying.


“You’ve really been through a lot” I said.


She did not respond.


I need to help this girl

I hate seeing people go through pain

it hurt me too


I sighed and sat down beside her.


I used my index finger to raise her jaw up.

Her eyes were closed and her face was wet.


I really felt pity for her.


“Don’t worry all your troubles and problems is going to end.

I am willing to sacrifice my time to help you” I said and that made her open her eyes.


She is so pretty…


“Koma..woyo” she said slowly.


I use my thumb to clean her eyes.


She opened her eyes wide,I quickly brought down my thumb to her cheek.


“Do you want me to damage your eye?

Why did you open your eyes like that” I said jokingly.


She dimmed her eyes.


“Miahnae(Sorry)” she said.


I smiled at her.


I stood up from the bed,I walked to my bed side table.

I picked up my phone which was laying on it.


I need to report this case to James.

James is my childhood friend.

His parent moved away from New York to Korea when we were about to enter high school.

But we still keep in touch with each other.

He is a prosecutor here in Korea

And I am sure that he will be able to handle the case.


I scrolled through my contact and eventually came across his name.


I dialled his number and placed it on loud speaker.


I walk back to the bed and sat beside the girl while James number was dialling.


He finally picked up.


“The worldwide handsome” he said and that made me chuckle.


“How you doing man” I said


“Am good as always,I watched on new yesterday that you are in Korea” he said.


I smiled and turn my gaze to the girl,she was staring at me with a plain face.


I turn my gaze away from her.


“James I really need your help right now” I said ignoring his question.


“I am always at your service whenever you need me pal” he said.


I smile.


“They is a friend of mine who is being treated badly,I want you to carry out investigations on it and arrest the perpetrators” I said


“Who are the perpetrator” he asked.


I turned to the girl.


“Park Jae Hyun” she said.


I nodded and turn my gaze away from her.


“Park Jae Hyun” I said


“Oh that man,he is a very influential man,he has committed so many atrocities and gone away with it,but now that you are reporting his case to me,I will make sure I investigate on it, and if found guilty of the case,I must definitely get him arrested” he said.


“I trust you so much Friend, thanks for wanting to help” I said


“Mention not,so who is that friend of yours” he said.


I narrated everything that the girl told me to him and he promised to carry out investigations on it and always give me feed back.


I thanked him and hung up the call.


“Komawoyo” I heard the girl say.


I turn to her and smile.


She still have a moody face on.


“Don’t worry you gonna get justice for your father’s death and also everything they did to you,I will also make sure to get that director arrested” I said.


She nodded her head and turn her gaze to the floor.


“Hmmm,what is your name” I asked.


She looked at me.


“Hyo Jin” She said


Hmm,what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.


“Hyo jin don’t put on a sad face,you aren’t pretty when you are sad” I said with furrowed brows.


She smiled.


“Wow I made you smile,now you look so beautiful” I said and smirk.


She laughed.


I stared at her with smiles

She is so beautiful

Someone like her shouldn’t be passing through all this.

I will make sure I help her career and also boost her popularity.


The world needs to know people like this.


I stood up from the bed and walk to my bed side table, I placed my phone on it and started removing my earring.


“Hmm,Hyo Jin am sorry to ask this, how old are you” I said and placed my earring on the table.


“Twenty six” she said


I raised my brows

She doesn’t look such.

She looks like a teenager

She is even older than me with a year.


I walk back to the bed and sat on it.


“So you are a noona”I said


” Huh”she said.


“You are older than me,I am twenty five” I said.


She widen her eyes.


“Jinjja(Really)” she said


I nodded and smile.


“Wow I am speechless” she said.


I smile at her.


“Age is just a number,sense of reasoning matter most” I said.


I saw her face go pale.


“Aniyo,Aniyo(No,No) I am not referring to you,I am just saying based on my own perspective” I said.


She smiled.


I couldn’t help but smile at her too.


“Let me go and take my bath,so that I will take you to your house,you mom must be worried she might have even realize her mistake” I said.


She tucked her black hair behind her ear.


“I hope so” she said and rub her palm together.


I push my hair backward.


“Am coming” I said and walk into the bathroom.


I sighed on getting into the bathroom.


Why am I having this strange feelings towards this girl.


I can’t phantom the feelings, I just hope is not what I am thinking, because it definitely shouldn’t be.




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