Just stay Episode 4

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
{New York City,USA}
💟Josephine POV💟
“Dad why are you doing this to me,just let me go and meet him,kylo is your cousin for Christ sake and he is also my nephew, we can’t sit back here and watch him dying in Korea” I said as tears were beginning to well up my eyes.
Yesterday,Kylo’s manager called and told us that he was sh0t by an unknown person.
Ever since then I have been restless.
I have alre-ady decide to fly to Korea and meet him.
But my dad is just adamant about it.
He won’t let me go.
Why is he being so wicked.
I paced in front of my dad desk in his office, I turned and saw him going throu-gh some files.
I bec@m£ so furious.
I stamp my palm on his desk ma-king him to flin-ch.
“Dad I am talking to you” I yelled at him.
He hastily close the file he was going throu-gh.
“Don’t you ever yell at your father like that again.
I alre-ady told you that you can’t go and that’s my final decision” he said.
I sniffle in my runny nose and look at the wall before turning my gaze to him.
“If you won’t let me go, then I will go without your permission” I said and began walking out of his office.
“Josephine don’t you try my temper,I warn you not to go so back off” he yelled behind me.
I scoffed and turn to him.
“I am nineteen dad, am no longer a kid for you to be controlling, I can decide to go wherever I want to go and nob©dy.
I repeat nob©dy,can st©p me from going” I said before stomping out of his office.
I heard him yelling my name from his office.
I don’t know why he is behaving like this.
Is cousin was sh0t and he doesn’t want to see him.
They is something fishy about this and I must find out soon.
{Seoul,South Korea}
💝Hyo Jin POV💝
I was seated in the pri-vate ward Jimin is.
I watch him laying motionless on the be-d with oxygen on his nose.
I felt really pity for him.
I am really the cause of all this.
When he finally comes out of coma and he is strong,I will go far away from him,I don’t want another bad thing to happen to him.
I ,my mom and Ahjussi(Sir) Ethan who I got to realize was Jimin’s manager.
We were the only people allowed to enter this room.
No one is allowed to come in.
Jisun even found out about it and c@m£ to the hospital but she wasn’t allowed in.
She cried her eyes out..
I know how much Jimin means to her,he is her celebrity crush.
He is probably everyone crush even mine.
A specialist that c@m£ here yesterday to check him confirmed that he is in coma,but he can hear whatever people are saying
He just can’t respond to it.
So the specialist told us that if we want him to come out of coma quic-kly, we should always do something that will attra-ct him
Like re-ading of books
Singing music
Having conversations with him and so on.
I placed my palm on his hand which has an IV on it.
I make sure not to make contact with the IV tube.
I stare at him in the face as a drop of tears fell from my eye.
“Miahnae(Sorry) I am the cause of all this happening to you.
I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me” I said sadly and ca-ress his f!nger.
Suddenly an idea struck to me.
I bite my bottoml-ips.
“There is this song I normally sing when I was a teenager,thou you might find it funny but I will sing it for you” I said and giggle.
I cleared my throat.
🎼My mom told me everyday
🎼To always be careful of guys
🎼Because love is like pla-ying with fire
🎼I will get hurt.
I smile and sniffle my runny nose before I continue singing the song.
🎼My mom might be right
🎼Because when I see you,my heart gets h0t
🎼Because rather than fear
🎼My attra-ction to you is bigger.
Suddenly I felt something moving un-der my palm.
I re-moved my palm from his and saw his f!ngersmoving.
I g@sped.
“Omo(Oh my) you are moving your hands” I said and quic-kly stood up to call the doctor.
💛Prosecutor James POV💛
I finish backing up all the information about Park Jae Hyun,the guy Kylo told me to investigate on.
The man has committed so many atrocities and I must make sure I bring him to book.
But right now,we nee-d to investigate about the people trying to kill Kylo and I nee-d to visit him at the hospital.
I picked up the bottle of soju beside my computer and gulp down the remaining content.
I clean my mouth and stood up from my swivel chair.
Everyone were busy with their computers in each of the cabinet.
I picked up my gun and put it inside my trou-ser using my cloth to cover it.
I walk to Min Hoo he has a head phone on his ear while typing on his computer.
He is our organization hacker and researcher.
I got to him and tap him on his back
He turn to me and smile before turning his gaze back to the screen of the computer.
“Have you gotten any clue” I asked.
He shook his head.
“I am trying to hack into the CCTV c@m£ra in the area he was sh0t maybe I will see any evidence” he said.
I smile and patted his back.
“Alert me when you’ve gotten any evidence” I said.
He nodded his head.
“Prosecutor Jung Suk”I called
” Yes Boss”he said and hastily stood up from his seat.
“Follow me we have a place to go” I said.
He nodded and started arranging something on his desk.
Prosecutor Jung Suk is my as-sistant.
He is very ha-rd working and diligent.
That’s why I chose him as my as-sistant.
He walk to me while putting his gun inside his belt pocket.
“Kaja(Let’s go)” I said.
He nodded and we both walk out of the big office.
We got to the hospital where Kylo is admitted.
We began walking into the hospital.
We met a nurse who was about waking past us but we quic-kly st©p her.
“plea-se where is the room of the famous Jimin Kylo that was admitted here” I asked.
She gave me a quizzical look before turning to my as-sistant.
“Who are you guys plea-se” she asked.
I quic-kly brou-ght out my ID card and show it to her.
“We are prosecutors from Linwa Prosecuting agency” I said before putting my ID card back into my pocket.
She sighed.
“Take the elevator to floor six,the fifth room by your left,that’s where he is.
And by the way I don’t think they will allow you guys in because they are guards guiding the room” She said.
I smile at her.
“Thanks for the information, you don’t have to worry about that we will sort it out” I said.
She nodded her head before walking away.
I and my as-sistant began walking towards the elevator.
We got out of the elevator,we saw about four guards standing in front of a room from a distance.
We hastily walk to them.
“Good day,I am prosecutor James and this is my as-sistant” I said and show them my ID card,my as-sistant did the same too.
“We are here to see Jimin,he is a b0ss0mfriend of mine” I said.
The guards looked at each other.
Suddenly my phone started ringing in my pocket.
I excused myself from the guards, but my as-sistant was still with them.
I brou-ght out my phone and saw that it was Min Hoo calling.
I swiped to the receiver and place it on my ear.
“Yah(Hey)” I said
“Boss I have gotten the footage of the CCTV c@m£ra in the area,come and see what I saw for yourself” he said.
“Aras-seo(Okay) I will be right there now” I said and hung up.
I hastily walk to the guards.
“I am sorry but we will have to come back” I said.
“Prosecutor Suk Kaja(Let’s go)” I added while tapping him on his che-st.
He gave me a questioning look,but I ignored him and quic-kly run to the elevator with him trailing behind me.
We got to our prosecuting agency.
I alighted from the car and quic-kly run inside.
Jung Suk was calling my name but I ignored him and kept on running.
I got inside and walk straight to Min Hoo.
“Where is the footage” I hastily said on getting to him while p@n-ting heavily.
Jung Suk also got to us and stood beside Min Hoo.
“Here” he said and cli-ck a bu-tton on the keyboard of his computer.
The CCTV footage began pla-ying.
“Look there are trees here,there is someone between the trees wearing all black” Min hoo said pointing to the the direction he was describing on the computer screen.
“Pause” I said.
He paused the video.
I looked at it clearly.
Truly there was someone in between the trees wearing all black,I couldn’t see his face clearly, seems he was putting on a mask.
“pla-y” I ordered.
He pla-yed the video.
In the video Jimin walked out from somewhere he was about getting into his car,when the guy between the trees sh0t him.
One of his guards held him from falling.
“Hajima(St©p)” Jung Suk hastily said.
Min hoo paused the video.
I gave Jung Suk a questioning look.
“What happen” I asked.
“Rewind the footage a bit” Jung Suk ordered Min hoo.
He nodded and rewind it.
“Pause” he hastily said again.
Min hoo pause the footage
I was alre-ady becoming confuse with the way he is acting.
“Zoom in the footage” Jung Suk said.
Min hoo did as he said.
“Look at this guard,he is looking towards the direction of where the shooter is,he is even smiling” Jung Suk said.
I looked at the footage very well.
“Zoom in that guard face very well” I ordered Min hoo and he did.
Truly the guard was looking at the direction where the shooter was hiding and was also smiling.
Which means he know something about it.
“I saw this p@rticular guard guiding Jimin’s room when we went to the hospital” Jung Suk said.
“Which means he is our number one prime suspect for now” I said.
Jung Suk and Min Hoo nodded their head.
“Prepare a arrest warrant now” I said referring to Jung Suk.
He nodded and walk away.
“s£nd that CCTV footage into my phone” I said to Min Hoo.
“Yes Boss” he said and collected my phone.
I placed my hand on my w@!st and sigh
We are gradually getting to the truth.