(Life of a model and actress)

Season One



{Seoul,South Korea}
💔Hyo-Jin POV💔
I felt my face hot and sweaty, I gently open my eyes and the sunlight emanating outside shone brightly into my eyes,I closed my eyes and turned to the other side of my bed where there was no window.

I stood up from my bed in a sitting posture,I yearned loudly while using the back of my palms to rub my puffy eyes.

I finally stood up from my bed,I placed my legs into my yellow flip flops,I walked straight into the small bathroom in my room.

I entered into the bathroom and walk to the small blue wash hand basin,I picked up my toothbrush, I applied a little toothpaste on it before turning the faucet on and proceeding to brush my teeth.
I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth and washing my face with some water, I was still on my pyjamas because I haven’t taken my bath.

I walk to my dressing table,I pick up my phone which was laying on it,I powered it on while walking out of my room.
I got to our small sitting room the television was on,I saw my dad sitted at the front of the low bench dining table while gulping a glass of water.

I walk to him and sat down opposite him while crossing my legs together.

“Good morning appa” I said and placed my phone beside me.

“Good morning, how was your night” he asked.

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“it was okay” I said,suddenly my mom walked out of the kitchen while holding a pot with a kitchen towel.

She walked up to us and placed the pot on the table.

“Morning Omma” I said.

“Hyojin,how was your night” she asked as she began dishing out the hot Dolsot Bibimbap into plates,she passed the first plate filled with Bibimbap to my dad.

“It was fine Omma” I said,she passed the second plate to me after dishing the Bibimbap into it.

“Koma woyo” I said.

She nodded her head and walked back to the kitchen,but the pot of Bibimbap was still on the table.

She came back seconds later with a plate in her left hand that is filled with steamed Jjinmandu,and her second hand was full of chopsticks.

She placed the plate of Jjinmandu on the table and gave us a pair of chopsticks,before joining us to sit down.

I held the chopstick firmly before digging it into the hot Bibimbap,I picked one of the toasted vegetables and place it into my mouth while chewing it slowly.

I heard my dad clear is throat,I looked up at him and I saw him gulping down a glass of water, he placed the cup back on the table after gulping the whole content.

“Hyojin,it’s been long you’ve gone for your acting,are you not being called” he asked while staring at me.

I felt like tearing up at what he just said.

If only he knew what I was going through…..

If only he knew the price I had to pay just to get a role in a movie,not even a major role but a minor role.

He wouldn’t have said this…

I just wish all this could end, but that can never happen.

“Hmm,I haven’t been called for a role, that’s why” I said and picked up another vegetable which was covered in sesame seeds, I placed it in my mouth before chewing it slowly.

“I pray they give you a role” my mom said,I looked at her but her gaze was on the food she was eating.

“Appa” I said,my dad turned to me.

“Hmm” he said with mouthful of food.

“How is your back feeling” I asked
“Is it still paining” I added.

“it is, but not too much,your mom do apply ointment on it” he said as he continue eating.

“Mianhae” I said and he nodded his head without looking at me.

Suddenly we heard the television sound we all turn our gaze to the small TV which was in the sitting room because we can watch the TV from here.

An hair cream advert was being displayed on the television, it was acted by my favourite model,my crush,my role model,the most handsome guy in the whole world.

Jimin Kylo…

I really love the guy,I hope I can see him one day,I really envy him alot,I hope that one day I can become famous like him.

“He is so handsome and cute” my mom said,I turn to her and I saw her gaze directly on the TV.

“What is his name again,I have forgotten” my dad said.

“Jimin” I said
“Jimin Kylo” I added.

“Aigoo! he is so handsome,I still can’t believe that he isn’t a Korea,he looks so much like us” my mom said again.

I turn to my dad and I saw him already eating his food.

“His mother is a Korean,while is father is from Chicago,so he is mixed” I said.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, I took it beside me and checked the caller ID.

My heart instantly started beating fast when I saw his name.

Director Chang Wook…

I swallowed my spit as I excused myself from my parent while walking out of the house to the balcony.

I swiped to the receiver and placed the phone on my ear.

📱”Annyeonghaseyo” I said on the phone with tensed voice.

📱”Annyeong,can you meet me at Persona hotel”he said on the phone.

He is always straight forward.

“Mwo,why should I meet you there” I said half yelling.

“Well there is a new movie we are about to shoot,and we have a lot of sponsors, I want you to participate in it,so come to the hotel so that we can talk about it” he said.

“Huh, but why hotel” I asked.

“I think you don’t want to participate in the movie,so I will just hang up now” he yelled on the phone.

“Aniyo,aniyo” I quickly said..

“I am interested,I will meet you there” I said,I felt tears clouding my eyes.

“That’s good of you,so I am giving you 20minutes to meet me there,or else just forget about acting in the movie” he said.

“Arasseo” I said and he hung up the call.

I dropped the phone down and I felt the tears streaming down my cheeks.

I never wanted my life to be like this…

I have always dreamt of becoming a worldwide known model…..

I have always been looking up to top actresses and actors…..

But I think my life is all ruined.

I am not only going to the hotel to talk about the movie, I am also going there for something else.

I wish all this would end.

Suddenly I heard my name being yelled by my mom inside,I quickly run inside to where we were eating and I saw my dad laying unconscious on my mom’s hand.

“Omma what happened to Appa” I said as I ran to my dad and held his body.

“We were eating,suddenly he held his chest and winced in pain before collapsing on the floor” my mom said in tears.

“Appa,Appa” I called my dad,while shaking his body vigorously, tears were already streaming down my eyes.

“Omma put him on my back let me carry him to the hospital down the street”I said with tears filled eyes as I bend my back towards my mom.

” No you can’t carry him,just call the ambulance “she said.

” Omma!”I yelled.

“Put him on my back right now” I said in a commanding tone.

I felt his body on my back,I stood up gently with my dad on my back,I held his legs firmly as I began walking hastily out of the house.

He felt quite heavy thou, but not too heavy for me to carry.

I walked out of the house as I made my way down the street,his hands was dangling over my chest even hitting my breast sometimes,but I don’t care.

Passersbys saw us and began taking pictures, I quickly hid my face for them not to notice me,I felt my mom beside me,she was also covering my face…..

Appa I am going to do anything for you as long as I am still alive.

You’ve suffered so much for me….

And now it’s time for me to suffer for you, I thought as I began increasing my footsteps down the road.

I was already feeling weak, but I just have to stay strong for Appa..

“Hang in there Appa” I whispered to him even thou I know that he couldn’t hear what I said.


{Seoul South Korea}
💔Hyo-Jin POV💔
We got to the hospital and my mom quickly rushed inside before me.

She came outside minutes later with two nurses and a doctor trailing behind her,one of the nurses held a stretcher in her hand.

When they got to me,the nurse who held the stretcher dropped it on the floor, the doctor carried my dad from my back with the help of one of the nurses,they placed him on the stretcher before carrying him hastily into the hospital with my mom trailing behind them.

I fell on the floor making me to graze my elbow,I am already weak and exhausted.

My back was aching terribly…

I managed to stand up on my feet,my legs feels wobbly, I sluggishly dragged myself into the hospital.

I got into the hospital and I saw my mom pacing to and fro the passage of the hospital,then her gaze landed on me,she quickly rush to me.

“Hyojin I hope nothing is going to happen to your father” she said as tears were beginning to stream down her cheeks.

“Omma nothing is going to happen to him,he will be fine” I said trying all possible best not to cry.

Suddenly I felt something trailing down my left hand,I looked at my hand and I saw blood oozing out from the graze I sustained outside from the falling.

I quickly use my hand to clean the blood to prevent my mom from seeing it,I rubbed my blood stained hand on my pyjama.

Suddenly we heard footsteps, we turned and we saw the doctor walking toward us with the two nurses by his side.

We rushed to him.

“How is my husband doing” my mom said with a tensed voice.

“He is okay,he only had an attack, thank God it wasn’t worse than this” the doctor said while putting his hand into his white lab coat.

I and my mom sighed in relieve.

“Can we see him now” I asked.

“No you can’t, he needs to rest for now, by evening you can come and check on him” the doctor said before walking away with the two nurses trailing behind him.

My mom collapsed on a seat beside a ward while panting heavily.

I placed my head on the wall of the hospital while staring at the ceiling bulb.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pyjama trouser pocket,I brought it out from my pocket,I saw a text message on it from Director Chang Wook.

I gasped…

I have totally forgotten that I am supposed to meet him..

I quickly put my phone inside my pocket without bothering to check the message, I told my mom that I need to go somewhere,she allowed me after I told her that I will be back in no time.

I quickly run out of the hospital heading home.

I came out of my bathroom cladded in my towel,I hastily walk to my wardrobe and brought out a black gown with white stripes around it and also a small cut at the edge of the gown,I also took out a blue denim jacket because the cloth is a bit exposing.

I quickly applied my body lotion on my body,I cut out a scar free plaster and glued it on my grazed elbow,I brought out a blue undies and a white bra from my drawer, I started putting on my cloths one after the other starting from my undies.


I came out of the house while closing it behind,I held my phone and my purse firmly, I quickly halted a cab that was about driving past me.

“Persona Hotel” I said to the cab man immediately I entered into the cab.

“2000 won” he said before he started driving.

We got to the hotel within twenty minutes,I paid the cab man before alighting from the cab.

I walked into the hotel,I got to the cashier desk.

“Annyeong (Hi)” I said,the female cahier looked up at me and a smile crossed her lips.

“Annyeonghaseyo (Hello),please how can I help you” she said politely.

“Hmm I am here to see someone” I said.

“What is the person room number” she asked with a smile.

I even forgot to ask him for his room number.

I quickly scroll through his number on my phone, I saw his contact and quickly clicked on it before placing it on my ear.

He picked up after the second ring.

“I am at the hotel,but the hotel cashier is asking for your room number. I said

” Room 17″ he said before hanging up.

I turned to the cashier.

“Room 17” I said.

“Okay, just walk upstairs the third room by your right side is room 17″she said with smiles.

” Kamsahamnida(Thank you) “I said while bowing my head.

I started walking towards the stairs.

I got to the room as directed by the cahier and I saw room 17 boldly written on the room door.

My heart began beating fast….

I knocked on the door…

” Come in”he said with is husky voice.

I gently open the door and I saw him sitting on the bed shirtless.

“Close the door” he said in a commanding tone.

I hastily close the door,I was leaning on the room door while holding my phone tightly.

“Come have your seat” he said while tapping his palm on the white bed.

I swallowed my spit as I walk towards him,I was about sitting down beside him when he dragged me to himself making me to sit on his thigh.

My breathing seized…

“Are you afraid” he asked,I couldn’t look at his face,I was already sweating.

“Stop acting like this is the first time we are doing this” he said and held me by my waist firmly.

“i-i thought we wan–ted to talk ab..out movie” I stuttered.

He laughed…

“We are going to talk about the movie,and you should be at rest because you are definitely getting a role in the movie” he said..

“But right now I am really horny,I need you badly” he added and started rubbing my thigh.

I was really feeling uncomfortable.
I don’t want to do this…
Not when my dad is in the hospital.

I quickly stood up from him.

“I can’t do this Ahjusshi (Sir)” I said..

He laughed again.

“Then get out of my room and forget about acting because you will never get a role in any movie,and I will make sure that I make you life miserable” he said half yelling.

Tears were beginning to cloud my eyes.

I looked at him and I saw him tapping his right feet on the tiled floor.

I walked to him and sat down beside him on the bed.

“I will do it” I said as the tears were beginning to stream down my eyes.

“Now you are talking” he said.

He gently lay me down on the bed as he got on top of me,I closed my eyes tight as more tears were streaming down my cheeks.

I am only doing this for my parent.

I want them to enjoy life the way they have always wished for…

I want to become wealthy so that I can spoil them with riches.

I just have to bear all this until I become famous and successful, I hope that all what I am doing all because of my career won’t later backfire to me in the future.

I felt something wet on my cheek,I opened my eyes and I saw director chang kissing my cheek,he unlocked from it and stared at me.

“Don’t cry hon,you will soon become popular,all what I am doing is for your own good” he said.

I shooked my head negatively as more tears were streaming down the side of my face and entering into my ear.

He placed a kiss on my lips as he began pulling off my jacket.


🎬Director Chang Wook POV🎬

I watched as hyojin slept on the bed peacefully,I just finish having sex with her.

I know that what I am doing to her isn’t good,taking advantage of her just because she wants to become a famous actress.

I just can’t stop my sexual urge for her.

She is really a good actress and I can make her famous by giving her a major role in a movie.

But if I do that and she becomes really famous,I won’t be able to have a taste of her again.

I turn to her and I couldn’t help but smile on how beautiful she is.

“I know that you don’t like what I an doing to you.

I know how pained you are…

But I just can’t hold myself from you,you just have to bear with all what I am doing to you.

Because I won’t let you slip away from my hand,I thought as I stared intensely at her making me to become hard.

“We have to go another round” I said as I caressed her cheek while smirking at her.




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