(Life of a model and actress)

Season One



💙Kylo’s POV💙
I walked out of the bathroom with my white towel tied around my waist with a white face towel around my neck,my hair fell down to my nose dripping wet,I used my hand to move it backward because it was obstructing my sight.

I traced my step to my closet which was beside my bathroom, I open the door and entered leaving it wide open.

I walk to my shorts collections,I picked out a black designer short,then I moved to my shirts collections and pick out a white sleeveless shirt which has a cut out by the sides.

I walk out of my closet while closing the door gently,I walk to my bed and drop my cloths on it,I remove the towel around my neck and used it to sponge out the excess water in my hair.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, I removed the towel from my hair,making my hair to fall freely down my nose,I picked up my phone which was on my bed side table,I checked the caller ID..

My manager…

I swiped to the receiver before placing it on my ear..

📱”Hmm”I said

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📱”Kylo,hope you are not hurt,I heard that they were trying to attack you again in your parent grave”he said with a tensed voice.

📱”Am very much okay”I said

📱”Oh! thank goodness”he said

📱”Any more”I asked

📱”Yeah,Clein body lotion want you to model for ’em”he said

📱”Photoshoot or advert”

📱”Photoshoot I guess”he paused “so what date should I fix for ’em”he asked

📱”Hmm,when we are back from Paris”I said

📱”OK no problem,take care of yourself”he said

📱”Yeah,bye”I said and hung up the phone before throwing it on my bed.

Sir Ethan was my father’s manager when he was alive,but after my father died and my uncle was in control of his property, he decided not to work for my uncle because my uncle was really mean towards him,so he started working for me when I became a model,and I must say he really helped my career.

Am gonna be travelling to Paris next week to model for a soap company, my schedule has really been tight lately, and it’s making me to wear out.

I pushed my hair backward before removing the towel around my waist making me uncladed,I started putting on the cloths that lay on my bed one after the other, starting from the short.

I walk out of my room cladded in my short and shirt with my phone in my hand,my hair still fell down to my nose,so I parted the middle in order to clear my sight.

I started walking down the stairs while trailing my fingers on the rail of the stairs.

I got down from the stairs and immediately made my way to the kitchen because my stomach is already grumbling.

I got to the kitchen and placed my phone on the kitchen counter,I walk to the fridge and open it wide.

I started using my eyes to scan for what to eat,suddenly my eyes caught a glimpse of black bean noodles,I quickly brought out the bowl of the noodles.

I closed the fridge and walk to the microwave,I set the timer to 5 minutes,I opened it and placed the noodle inside before closing it back as it started microwaving.

I wish my mom was still alive,she wouldn’t have allow me to eat noodles, not that she hate noodles is just that she sees it as a bird food..
A food which is not satisfying at all..
She would have prepared Gogigui which is one of my best Korean dish..
I will watch her preparing it,then she will use a chop stick to pick out one meat from the pot of Gogigui and place it in my mouth..
She will ask how it taste..
And I do tease her that it taste sour…
She will use the chop stick to hit my cheek.
I really miss those days,and I miss my mom so much.

The timer of the microwave binged making me to jolt out of my thought, I took the kitchen glove which was on the kitchen cabinet, I wore it on my hand and use it to bring out the steaming noodles.

I took the noodles to the dining room and place it on the glass dining table, I walk back to the kitchen with the gloves still on my hand,I removed the gloves and place it on the kitchen counter, I opened the drawer which was attached to the beneath cupboard, I brought out a pair of white chopsticks from it before closing it back.

I took my phone from the kitchen counter and walk out of the kitchen.

I got to the dining room and sat down on a chair,I brought the noodles closer to myself,I removed the chopsticks from the nylon it was sealed with,I held the chopsticks firmly before digging it into the steaming noodles, I mixed the noodles together so that the noodles water can incorporate with the noodles.

I was about placing the noodles into my mouth when I heard the alarm door ring.

I sighed as I drop the chopsticks on the table,I stood up from the chair I was sitting as I made my way towards the entrance door, my hair covered my eyes again and I use my hand to swipe it backward.

I got to the door and open it,my face instantly turn to a frown at who the person is.

“Layla! what are you doing here” I asked with my hand still on the door knob.

“You should let me in first,before asking questions” she said smiling at me seductively.

I already knows what she is here for but I won’t give in to her…

I open the door wider paving way for her in,she cat walked passed me while wiping her hair across my face.

I closed the door back and walk to the wine shelf,I brought out an alcoholic wine from it,I took a glass cup and pour the wine into it until it was half filled.

I sat down on one of the wine chairs as I began sipping the wine.

Layla was already seated on one of the single sofa…

I met Layla during one of my modelling shoot for a textile company in California,she is also a model and they told the both of us to model, after the modelling I noticed that she wanted me and a thing let to the other we both had sex,ever since the sex we both have been having countless of sex but no feelings attached just friends with benefits.

But one thing I hate about her is that she is a doggy slut,always craving for doggy style, and her pussy and gape are so wide,I wonder how many guys she have slept with.

Such a bitch..

I continue sipping my wine when I heard steps coming closer to me,I turn to the direction of the steps and I saw her catwalking towards me with a smirk on her face.

I turn my gaze from her and continue sipping my wine.

She got to me because I could perceive her Cologne,I didn’t bother looking at her.

She placed her hand on my chest and began rubbing it seductively.

“Babe why you doing like this, I walk in and you did not even bother attending to me,you just left me seated there and you came to sit here” she said.

“Is that fair” she added,while romancing my chest.

Gosh! I am not in the mood for this today..
Not even today that is my parent fifth anniversary..
I don’t want to do this.

“Layla stop this,I am not in the mood for all this,just stop” I said and gently remove her hand from my chest.

I am avoiding looking into her eyes,because Layla has this kind of snake like eyes which can hypnotise someone and I don’t want to fall for her trap.

“Common why are you being mean,I know you want it” she said and placed her hand on my right thigh massaging it seductively.

I tried avoiding her gaze.

“Common babe look at me” she said and turn my head towards her,but I quickly close my eyes.

I heard her giggle.

Suddenly I felt her hand going inside my short,I was about stopping her but her hand as already gotten hold of my d–k.

She knows my weak point.

She started rubbing it slowly, I opened my eyes slowly and my gaze met with hers,she grinned at me.

She began rubbing it faster,I was already going out of control that I did not know when moans where escaping my mouth.

I grabbed her butts and draw her closer to myself,I made her seat on my both thighs.

I placed a kiss on her neck and she moaned a bit..
I started kissing her all over her body,she removed the armless crop top she wore and throw it in the tiled floor,I looked at her chest and noticed she was braless.

I placed my mouth on her nipple as I began sucking her hard,she kept moaning while using her hand to ruffle my hair.

I was already hard as a rock.

I carried her from her thighs to the bigger sofa and placed her on it as I stay in between her legs,I removed my shirt making my hair to cover my eyes,but I can still see through it.

I leaned on her and started kissing her on her neck, while nibbling on her ear also,I moved my lips to her mouth and began kissing her roughly, she open her mouth making me to gain entrance and I started working my way there.

I open her bum short and gently pull it out of her legs making her uncladded,I stood up from her and pull off my short,then I climb on her back.

I kissed her one more time,before thrusting my already hard d–k into her wet p—y,she gasped.

I began pounding her really fast,her moans fill the whole house,I am sure that my bodyguards outside must have hear her moans.

I continue pounding her for close to thirty minutes before I eventually spilled into her.

She smiled at me seductively before turning her back to me while raising her butts up.

Damn! she wants doggy style..
Such a doggy slut.

I open her gape, and I must say it’s as wide as a well if not wider.


I thrust into her from behind as I began pounding her.

I pound her for more than twenty minutes before I finally cum.

I sighed before laying flat on the tiled floor,she bent to me and kiss me on my lips.

“I love you babe,that was a good one” she said,I rolled my eyes at her,but am sure she did not see it because of how my hair covered my eyes.

I shouldn’t have done this,I just hope my parent don’t get pissed with me over there.

Layla look what you made me do…




💙Kylo’s POV💙
I felt a sharp pain in my head making me to close my eyes tight,I tried opening my eyes but it just worsen the pain,so I shut my eyes back,I felt my back really cold and sticky.

When I realized that the pain has subsided a bit,I slowly open my eyes and I felt the pain coming again when my eyes were fully opened.

I winced in pain

I look at my body and I saw a blue cloth covered over my body.

I gently stood up in a sitting posture making the cloth to fall from my chest down to my abdomen.

Suddenly everything that happened flashed into my head.




I groaned as I remembered everything..

I don’t know how I eventually fell for Layla’s trap,that girl is such a devil,she made me to have six rounds with her yesterday until I became drained.

Gosh! I am so weak.

I looked at myself and I realized that I was sitting on the marble floor in my sitting room.


That bitch couldn’t even take me to my room,she now left me sleeping on the floor..

I touched my body and I was damn cold like a cadaver.

I need a hot bat tub.

I gently stood up from the floor while holding the cloth that was around my body firmly, which I eventually realized that it was my bed duvet.

After standing up properly,I was about taking a step but I staggered almost making me to fall,but I quickly got hold of myself,the pain in my head was beginning to come gradually.

I steadied myself as I walk out of the sitting room to the stairs,I got to the stairs and I used my left hand to hold the rails firmly while clutching my right hand to my duvet which was around my waist.

I am damn weak..


I walked to my jewelries collection,I opened the box of earrings and brought out a pair of white shiny earrings..

I wore it on my ears..

I selected five black bracelet and wore it on my left hand..

I closed the earrings box and placed it beside my other jewelries.

I walk to the mirror in my closet, I looked at myself and a satisfactory smile crossed my lips.

I am looking damn hot..

No! I am always hot,so this shouldn’t be surprising.

I was putting on a black jumpsuit with a white inner shirt,my hair which fell down to my nose complemented my looks so much.

I look like I am about to have a photoshoot, but I am less busy today so I am gonna be staying at home.

I pushed my hair backward before walking away from the mirror and out of my closet.

I no longer felt the pain in my head after I finished having a hot bath tub,but I am damn weak and hungry.

I walk to my bed side table and picked up my two other phones which was laying on it,my main phone is in the dining room.

I forgot it there yesterday when that bitch came.

I think it’s high time I tell my bodyguards not to ever let her in into this house again and I have to do that now.

I walked out of my room while banging the door behind as I made my way downstairs, some fringes of my hair fell down to the side of my cheek making me feel ticklish.


I got downstairs to the sitting room,I walked to one of the white sofas and dropped my phones on it,before making my way to the kitchen.

That bitch has drained me empty,I need to restore my lost energies..

I got to the kitchen within seconds,I walked straight to the refrigerator, I opened it and brought out a pack of Oreo cookies with a bottle of milk.

I am really lazy to prepare anything.

I closed the refrigerator back as I made my way to the dining room.

I got to the dining room,I saw my phone laying on the dining table, I placed the cookies and milk on the table as I made for my phone.

I pressed the power button and 100 missed calls and 40 unread messages popped up on the screen.

I sighed…

20 missed call from my manager..

10 from Josephine…

5 from my uncle..

10 from Eric…

I didn’t bother checking the other missed calls and messages,I was about putting a call towards my manager when his call entered.

I smiled before swiping to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

📱”Hmm,good morning “I said

📱” Morning Kylo,I called your number several times yesterday but you didn’t pick up, I had to call one of your bodyguards and he told me that you were busy inside”he said.

I scratched my hair with my index finger,making more fringes of hair to fall.

📱”Yeah,I was sort of busy”I said hoping that my bodyguard did not go in details on what I was doing.

📱”Oh okay,I spoke to Clein’s body lotion and I was informed that it’s not photoshoot but advert”he said with a croaky voice,he cleared his throat on the phone.

📱” Okay,so how are we gonna go about the deal”I said

📱”When we are back from Paris I am gonna go about it “he said

📱” Okay then,any more”I asked.

📱Yes,they are many more companies and industries who want you to model for ’em and they’ve already booked”he said..

📱Okay,we will talk about that later”I said

📱Yeah bye” he said and hung up.

I placed my phone into the back pocket of my tracksuit.

I took my cookies and milk as I made my way to the sitting room,I got to my massive sitting room,I placed the cookies and milk on the round glass table which was in the centre of the sitting room.

I took the remote of the TV and pressed the power button making the TV to on.

I took the Oreo cookies and tore it open,I picked up the bottle of milk I opened the cap and gulped a generous amount of the cold milk down my throat.

I licked my upper lips before covering the bottle of milk with the cap, I picked one cookie from the pack and throw it into my mouth while munching it slowly.

I took the remote of the TV and switch it to a random channel a soap opera was being displayed,I placed the remote back on the table before picking another cookie.

Suddenly I remembered what I wanted to do,I picked up one of my phone which was beside me on the sofa,I powered it and scrolled thorough my contact log.

I came across ‘Tiger’ and I clicked on his contact before placing the phone on my ear.

He immediately picked up after the first ring.
📱”Good morning sir”he said into the phone.
📱”Yeah morning, I want you to meet me inside right now”I said before dropping the call.

Few Seconds Later⌚⌚

I heard someone opening the door,I turned and I saw Tiger walking towards me, he was putting on a black suit with a Bluetooth in his ear.

He walked to me and bowed,before placing his hands behind..

“You sent for me sir”he said

“Yeah, you know Layla right? the one that came here yesterday”I asked.

” Yes sir”he said and bowed again.

I crossed my legs and faced the TV.

“I don’t want to ever see her here again,whenever she comes don’t let her in” I said without looking at him.

“OK sir” he said.

“And inform others too” I added

“Yes sir” he said,I heard footsteps,before hearing the sound of door.

I picked the bottle of milk and empty the remaining content down my throat, I dropped the bottle on the table beside the empty pack of cookies.

I rested my back on the sofa as I watch the soap opera being displayed on the television.

It’s been long that I settled down comfortably like this, and I am so happy that I am doing this.

Ten Minutes Later ⌚⌚

I was going through my phone when my alarm door ringed.

I groaned..

I think it’s high time I hire some maids..

I dropped my phone beside my other phones before making my way to the door,my hair fell down to my nose again.

I opened the door wide.

“Tadaaaaaa” she said raising her hand up and smiling.

I smirked at her.



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