(Life of a model and actress)


Season One



💙Kylo’s POV💙
Uncle Mark picked up the wine bottle on the centre table, he poured a generous amount of wine into the glass cup he held before dropping the wine bottle back on the table.

I just stared at him like I was watching a drama.
I don’t know the reason why he is here.
He never pays me a visit except for his daughter, Josephine.
Now that he is here only heaven knows what he is up to.

He cleared his throat after dropping the glass cup filled with the red wine on the table.


“You did not even bother paying me a visit” he said as he relaxed more on the sofa he was sitting on.

“I have been so busy with work” I said sternly, turning my gaze away from him.

I don’t know why I have this deep hatred for this man.
Ever since my parent passed away and he took over my father’s properties.
I began having a strong hatred for him,I just don’t know why.
Not that I am jealous because my father willed his whole property to him,I don’t know why i just hate him.

I heard him chuckle making me to turn my gaze to him.

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“You are just like my elder brother which is your dad,always busy with works not having time for the family” he said

I rolled my eyeball at him.

“You don’t know anything about my father,he always create time to spend with his family even with the workloads” I said angrily.

He should just get out of my house
My guards should have informed me before letting him in,I would have ordered them not to allow him in.

He looked at me and laughed.
He opened the few top button of the shirt he wore,revealing his bare chest and the tattoo he wrote on his chest.

If not for the white hair he is beginning to develop on his hair,you wouldn’t know that he is pass fifty.
He looks so young for his age.
But his skin is a bit tanned.
My dad once told me when he was alive that uncle Mark loves sun bathing, he claims that he feels refresh whenever he sunbath.
That’s why his skin his tan.

Suddenly he stood up from the sofa,he picked up the glass cup from the table and gulped down the remaining wine,he dropped the glass cup back.

“I will be taking my leave now, I just came to say Hi” he said

I nodded my head without looking at him.
Seems he already knows what’s on my mind.

“Josephine is sending her greetings to you” he added and that made me smile.

I really miss Josephine
I feel like telling him to send her back here, but I won’t do that.

“Bye for now” he said.


I didn’t respond.
I heard his footsteps,then I heard the sound of the entrance door creak open and a bang followed.

I heaved a sigh of relieve.
I just hate the sight of him,sometimes I do ask myself this rhetorical question.
“Why do I hate him”
But I always end up having no sensible reason for hating him.

I sighed as I stood up from the sofa I was sitting on.

I need to change this outfit that Eric forced me to where.

Immediately my Uncle came,Eric quickly left.
I don’t know why he did that,maybe because of my Uncle hard face.

I chuckled as I began climbing the stairs.



💜Uncle Mark’s POV💜
I sat at the back seat of my car as my driver was heading back to my company.
Or should I say Kylo’s company?

I smirked at nothing.

I am so relieve that Kylo knew nothing, he has become so famous and he is living a rich life more than I imagined.

So I don’t think that what I did back then is something regretful,in fact I am really happy and grateful for doing it.

I smiled at myself on remembering everything.


💙Kylo’s POV cont💙
I pushed my wet hair backward which was dripping wet on the jotter I was using to write.

I just finish showering and I am sitted in the living room on my favourite sofa composing the song that I and Eric are both planning to sing.

I used my index finger to scratch my hair which wasn’t itchy,making some fringes to fall down my face.

🎼In your fractured heart
🎼Your cold sighs
🎼Like a flower that withers little by little.
🎼My heart collapses

I scribbled down on the jotter.

“Should I sing some part in Korea” I asked myself rhetorically.


🎼Jugil nomui I sarang
(This damn love)
🎼Neo hana ttaeme
(Because of you)
🎼Dachyeodo meomchujil moshae
(I can’t move even if I am hurt)
🎼Jugeodo Ojik naneun neoya
(Even if I die, it’s only you)

I smiled at myself as I scribble down the Korea part.

I sang it from the beginning down to the Korea part and I was really amazed.

I guess music is also part of me.
A really big thank you to my mom for teaching me Korea language
She also taught me how to write in Korea
So I am very fluent at the language.

I was about scribbling another part of the song when my phone rang.

I placed the jotter on the right arm of the sofa,I picked my phone which was ringing on the left arm of the sofa.


It was my manager calling,I swiped to the receiver and place it on my ear.

📱”Hmm”I said.

📱”Hi kylo,I just got a request from one of the biggest facials company in Korea asking you to model for their new product they are about to release to the public”he said

What about Clein’s body lotion am I not modelling for them again” I asked.

📱”Theirs is still far,is during Christmas period they want you to model for them”he said.

So what date did you set for the appointment”I asked.

📱”Chizang beauty facial will be starting the promotion of their new product on the 15 of August,and they want us to model for ’em before then”he said.

And today is 20th of July.

📱”So that means we will be flying to Korea next week”I said

📱”Yes,I have also talked about the payment and there agreed to pay you 100 million won”he said.

I smiled at myself.


📱”OK that fair enough”I said.

📱”I will come over to your house tomorrow so that we can talk more about it”he said

I nodded and hung up without giving him a response.

I sighed and drop my phone back on the arm of the sofa.

I picked up the jotter and pen.

I was about scribbling on it when my phone rang again.

I sighed in frustration as I picked up my phone.


I looked at the caller ID


I hissed and drop my phone back,why is she calling me she shouldn’t disturb me.
I have had enough of that girl.

My phone stopped ringing and I felt relieved.

I was about writing when my phone rang again.

I hissed and dropped the jotter on the floor angrily.

I looked at the phone and saw that it was Layla calling again.

I quickly dismiss the call.

I sighed and pick up the TV remote from the centre table,I turn on the TV.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the entrance door.

I stood up and walk to the door.


I got to the entrance door opening it wide.

One of my guards named Josh was standing at the door step.

He bowed at me.

“Sir, your friend Layla is here and she insist on seeing you” he said and bow again. Kindly

Then I heard Layla yell my name from a far distance.

I turned and saw her running to me with her heels, she was putting on a black sexy mini gown which exposed the tattoo on her thigh,my guards where also running after her with their rifles in hand.

I close the door behind and walk down the porch.

She got to me and began panting heavily.

“Ky…lo where you the one that told your guards not to let me in” she said panting heavily

I nodded my head.


“But why hon,why are you doing this to me,I know that I haven’t visited you for quite some time,I was so worked up that’s why,but that shouldn’t prompt you to tell your guards not to let me in” she said and began coming close to me while staring at me with her creepy looking eyes.

I pocketed my hand.

“Layla please I wouldn’t want to embarrass you,I have warn you to stay away from me,so kindly leave my house” I said frowning at her.

She got to me and was about placing her hand on my chest but I quickly shifted back causing her to almost fall but I got hold of her.


“Kylo why are you hurting me
I love you so much” she said and was about kissing me but I dodged my face away.

“Layla please leave my house” I said politely, thou I was already getting pissed.

She furrowed her brows at me.

“Kylo are you sending me out of your house?
Please don’t do this to me” she said and came closer to me again.

I sighed.

“Layla don’t make me to tell my guards to send you out” I said

“Just leave” I added

She got to me and place her palm on my cheek while staring intensely at me.


I scoffed
I am not gonna fall for her hypnosis.

“Kylo please” she said more like a whisper while caressing my cheek.

I looked at my guards and gave them a sign with my eyes which they understood.

Two of my guards walk to I and Layla.
They both held her by her hand and carried her up without letting her feet touch the ground.

“What are you guys doing,drop me down” she yelled as she started kicking her legs

I chuckled.

“Kylo tell them to drop me down” she yelled.

I shook my head


“I told you to leave but you didn’t listen” I said

“Take her out” I added referring to my guards.

They nodded and started walking away with Layla.

She kept kicking her legs roughly, cursing at my guards and also yelling at them to drop her down.

I couldn’t help but giggle as I watch them carry her outside.

She isn’t even ashamed of herself
Coming to my house and forcing herself on me.

I was so stupid to sleep with her that day.
But I already promise myself that such wouldn’t happen again.

She doesn’t even know that she is a celebrity,what if the press sees her what would she say that she is doing here?

I shook my head while walking into my house



Season One



{Seoul,South Korea}
💔Hyo Jin POV💔
I walk out of the bathroom cladded in my white towel,my room felt so cold making me to use my hands to cover my shoulder.

I moved to my wardrobe which was widely open.

I brought out a blue jeans trouser,a black top with a blue head warmer.

I bent down to where I do keep my undies in a white box,I brought out a black bra and a black pant.

I walked to my bed and place all the cloth on it.

I moved to my dressing table,I picked up my body lotion pouring a generous amount on my palm,I rub my palm together as I began massaging the cream on my shoulder first.

I was done dressing,I sat down on my bed staring at the ceiling.

I turned to my bed side table, I picked up the framed picture of my dad.


I stared at him in the picture, tears where beginning to stream down my face as I sniffled.

“Ap..pa why did you leave me so soon?
Why Ap..pa?
I thought you promised to stay by my side forever till death do us apart.
But why did you leave so soon” I said as the tears where pouring out.

I placed the framed picture on my chest while crying with my eyes shut.

Today is making it one week that my dad died,I still can’t believe that he left me so soon.
I really cried my eyes out on the day I watched his coffin been buried.

If not for Jisun and some other people who held me,I wanted to jump inside his grave.

I couldn’t bear his lose, likewise my mom.
I later found out that it was the man I broke bottle on is head at the hotel that sent his boys to look for me,they didn’t see me that’s why they beat up my dad.


Now I feel like I am the cause of his death
If I was at home on that day,my father won’t have died.

More tears were streaming down my eyes as I remembered everything.

I and Jisun reported the case to the police,but the police didn’t do anything about it because the man is so influential.

Now I am left with no job and money.
Director Wook gave my role to someone else as a punishment for what I did.


I have no work to do and I have nowhere to go to.

I opened my eyes which were clouded with tears making my vision blurry.

I used the back of my palm to clean my eyes.

I looked at my dad picture again.

That smile..
I wish I can see that smile on his face again one last time,but it is too late.

I kissed the picture and place the frame back on the table.

I stood up from my bed while using the head warmer to cover my ear.

I walked to my dressing table,I took my phone which was laying on it before walking out of my room while banging the door behind.


I got to the living room,I heard sounds coming from the kitchen,I pocket my phone as I walked to the kitchen.

I met my mom in our small kitchen
She was chopping onion on the kitchen board.

“Omma good morning” I said sadly on getting to her.

She nodded her head without responding and looking at me.

I sniffle

Ever since my father died,my mom has been giving me this ill and silent treatment in the house.

She hardly talk to me in the house.
I know that she is pained because of my dad’s death,but that doesn’t warrant the silent attitude she is giving me.

I turn on the faucet of the kitchen sink.
I washed my hand thoroughly before turning it off.


I picked the kitchen towel and use it to dry my hand.

“Omma what are you preparing, let me help you” I said.

She didn’t respond instead she picked up the bunch of scallions beside her and began chopping it also.

“Omma” I called

She ignored me.

I held her by her cloth.

“Omma why are you treating me like this,please talk to me” I said shaking her cloth.

She flinched my hand from her cloth.


She turned to me sharply looking at me with a angry face.

She pointed the knife she was using to cut the vegetables towards me.

“Don’t you ever call me again you this murder.
If you were at home on that day,your father life would have been spared.
He wouldn’t have died.
Because of you my beloved husband died.
You caused his death.
Now we can hardly feed,I always go out to look for petty jobs, just to bring food on our table.
All you do is just to eat,your mate her outside they working so hard and they are very famous, all you do is just to sit at home and eat.


” Don’t you ever touch me you this useless child “she yelled.

A drop of tears fell from my eye
I can’t believe that my mom said all this to me.

I stared at her as the tears clouded my eyes.

” Om…..ma”I stuttered.

I placed my palm on my mouth as I ran out of the kitchen.

I squatted at the backyard of our house crying my eyes out.

Why is all this happening to me?
Why can’t I become someone in life?
Assuming I am very rich and famous my father won’t have died.
I am the cause of his death
I am the cause of everything that is happening to us.

I looked up at the sky as the tears where pouring out of my eyes.

Suddenly my phone started ringing in my pocket.

I sniffled as I brought it out from my pocket.

I looked at the caller ID

Director Chang Wook.


I hissed and was about dismissing his call, but I had a second thought and decided to pick it.

“Anny…eong”I said with a croaky voice.

” Annyeong why is your voice like that are you crying “he asked.

” Aniyo(No) I am feeling cold that’s why”I lied.

“Okay,I got good news for you” he said.

I cleaned the tears in my eyes and sniffle again.

What is the good news” I asked


“Ahjusshi(Sir)Park Jae Hyun have forgiven you,he ordered us to call you back for the movie,and also want you to play the female lead character in the movie” he said.

I quickly stood up.

“Jinjja” I said almost screaming

“Ne (Yes) so you will be coming back on set” he said.

i became so happy

“Heol(Oh my gosh) Kamshamnida,Kamshamnida(Thank you,Thank you)” I said while bowing my head and smiling sheepishly.

“But they is a condition” he said.

My mood instantly change on the mention of condition.

“What is the condition” I asked _.

“He want you to spend two days with him only the both of you” he said._

I frowned.


After what he did to me and what I did to him,he still want to sleep with me,what did you both take me for?
A slut?” I said half yelling.

“Hyo jin you shouldn’t have done what you did that day,if you hadn’t done that you father wouldn’t have died, you caused his death” he said making tears to cloud my eyes again.

“Don’t you know that if you act a lead role in a movie and the movie become a block buster,you are gonna be so popular and rich” he said.

“All what you have to do is just to satisfy his sexual urge” he said

I squatted on the floor again as the tears where pouring out of my eyes,all what my mom said started replaying in my head.

🔙”You cause the death of your father”
🔙”Useless child”
🔙”Your mate are working so hard out there and they are very famous and rich all what you do is to sit at home and eat”

My tears pour out heavily on remembering everything.


“Hyo jin,Hyo jin are you there” Director Wook said.

I sniffle and clean my eyes.

“Ne(Yes)” I said

“Do you agree to the condition or not” he said

I sighed.
I also want to become famous
I don’t want my mom to live in poverty again.
Maybe just this last time that I will do it.
After I do this and I become famous,I won’t engage myself in such.

“Ne(Yes)I agree” I said making a drop of tears to fall from my eyes.


I heard him chuckle

“I know that you will eventually agree
Anyway I will send you the name of the hotel that he is lodged in with his room number,go and meet him there right away” he said and hung up the call.

I sighed and drop the phone from my ear.
My life is a total mess

I heard my phone vibrate,I brought it to my face.

A message from Director Wook,I clicked on it.

💬 Shinwa Luxurious hotel,room 15″ he texted.

That hotel is one of the biggest and expensive hotel in the whole of Seoul, only lodged by celebrities or the rich.

I stood up and pocket my phone.
I just hope I am doing the right thing,I hope all this end soon.

I walked inside to prepare myself to go to the hotel.


I alighted from the cab,I payed the cab man 15,000 won because the hotel is quite far from my house.

I raised my head up to look at the magnificent hotel.

It has an opening rooftop,the gigantic building was painted white with artisan designs on it.

I walked to the entrance gate of the hotel,two guards were standing at the gate.

I bowed at them,I was about entering when they stopped me.


One of the guards brought out a scanning device,he used it to scan my body from head to toe before letting me in when he was sure that I am clean.

I bowed at them again as they paved way for me to enter.

I got inside the building of the hotel and I was wowed,the interiors are out of this world.

Everywhere smells of money, even the cleaners that where cleaning looks so cooperate like a office worker.

I walked to the hotel counter.
A beautiful young lady in suit was standing behind the counter.

“Annyeonghaseyo(Hello)”I said and bow to her.

She bowed to me also.


” Please I am here to see someone”I said.

“Room number please” she said with smiles

She looks so pretty.

“Room 15” I said.

She smiled at me and dialed something on the telephone beside her on the counter.

She placed the telephone on her ear.

I kept looking around the hotel, the cold inside was just too much that I couldn’t breath properly.

They should switch off the air conditioner,I wonder how the workers are coping in here.

I use my head warmer to cover my ear also.

“Hmm miss use the elevator,input floor 20 on the button,when you get there the first room by your left that is room 15” she said politely.

I smiled at her.

“Kamshamnida (Thank you)” I said and bow,she nodded her head while smiling at me.

I began making my way for the elevator which I could see from a far distance.


I got to the room.
I swallowed my spit as I was about to knock.

I finally knock on the door.

“Come in” he said with his husky voice.

I gently open the room door,I met him sitted on the bed with his gaze on the floor,the side of his forehead was plastered.

I swallowed my spit again as I walked inside while closing the door behind.

Suddenly he looked up at me and smirked evilly.

I became frightened.

“Finally the super woman is here” he said and stood up while clapping his hand slowly, I shifted backward.

“After you almost killed me,now we’ve finally meet again” he said and smirked.

“Please forgive me don’t kill me please” I said tears streaming down my face.

He chuckled.


“I am not killing you,I just want to teach you some lessons you will never forget in your life” he said.

He rushed to me and drag me by my wrist, flinging me on the bed.

“Please don’t hurt me” I said pleadingly.

He slapped me hard on my cheek making my head warmer to fly from my hair.


“Shut your mouth,you did not know that before smashing a bottle on my head,I am sure your dead father will be happy where he is watching me do this to you” he said and smirked.

I couldn’t control my tears again as it pour out heavily.

He began unbuckling his belt.

He came nearer to me and drag me by my hair making me to scream in pain.

“Let have some fun” he whispered into my ear and spat on my face.

I closed my eyes tight as I couldn’t have control over my tears again.



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