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Arthur Ji-min Kylo is a very popular model all over the world,his is also an half cast,his father is from Chicago,while is mother is a Korean,he is so good looking which makes all girls all over the world go crazy about him.


Kylo lost his parent at the age of 20,his father Mr Arthur Ethan owns the biggest wine company all over the district of New York City where he lives with his parent, during his lifetime,Kylo’s father wanted Kylo to take over his company,thou Kylo did not like the idea,he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a model but his father obliged to it.


His father sent him to college were he studied marketing, on the day he graduated from college was the day is parent died,they were involved in a car accident.


Kylo became cold when his parent died..


No one to care for him again..


No one to advice him about his wrongdoings..

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Is parent are gone forever,leaving him all alone😭


But what surprised Kylo the most was that his father willed all his property to his uncle which is his dad’s younger brother.


Thou he was happy because he could finally pursue his dream of becoming a model,at the same time he was also mesmerized on why his father would will all his property to his uncle,his father had always said that he is the one that’s gonna take over his property that’s why he went college to study marketing.


He eventually let go of that and pursued his dream of becoming a model,he became the most popular and handsome model Nationwide.


How fate works..


He travelled to his mother’s country which is Korea to model for a Cologne company,on getting there he met someone whom he changed her life and the person also change his life,he was happy that he could finally settle down,but not until he realize the real cause of his parent death.


His parent didn’t die by accident,they were murdered!!!


Now he have to decide between staying with his new found love or avenging his parent death…


Kyung Hyo-Jin!


Who is Kyung hyo jin,she is an upcoming actress who wants to become popular by all means,but for her to reach the height of popularity,she have to lose her innocency, before she would be given a role in a movie she has to have an intercourse with the directors or movie producers, its got to the extent that she was being given out to top people to satisfy their sexual desire.


She was so weak…

She couldn’t do anything about it

She couldn’t voice out what she was going through..


She now feels like a slut…


This made her want to take her life,but luckily for her she was saved by someone,who changed her life completely.



Genre: Romance,Love,Comedy,Tragedy,Betrayal and Revenge.


So guys how was it,for the American and Korean lovers this is a story of the combination of the two country.



Season One



<b>💙Kylo’s POV💙


I came down from my Ferrari after it came to an halt,my other cars which were occupied by my bodyguards also came to an halt behind us.


I pull off my face mask down to my jaw,I took the bunches of rose flowers I bought from the seat of my car,before closing the car door.


I walk to the gate of the garden with my bodyguards trailing behind me,the guards guiding the garden bowed before opening the door for me,I stopped my bodyguards from following me inside, so they stood outside with their rifles in hand.


Today is making it five years that my parent died,so I came to visit them, the garden which we buried them in was bought by my dad when he was alive,he had plans of building a hospital here in other to help the less privilege, but he couldn’t live to fulfill that plan.


After my parent died by a car accident,my uncle decided that we bury them in this garden,so we buried them here and hired guards to watch over the garden,there are also CCTV cameras hanging around in the garden.


I walk towards my parent grave which were beside each other.


The cool breeze was blowing through my hair and blazer making it to fly up,I held the flowers firmly to prevent the petals from flying off.


I got to their grave..

I sighed before walking to the left side of my dad’s grave.


I squatted beside his grave,I took one of the bunch of rose flowers and place it on his grave.


I stared at his grave,tears were beginning to cloud my eyes.


“Dad it been five years now that you left me” I began talking..

“I hope you are doing fine over there,I am also doing fine here but life can’t be better without my beloved parent,I love you so much Dad, I wish I had the power to bring the dead back to life,I would have brought you and omma back long ago” I said


“May your gentle soul rest in peace dad” I added,I stared at his grave for some seconds before standing up.


I walked to my mom’s grave which was by the right,i placed the second bunch of rose flowers on her grave.


I sat down by the side of her grave,I wrapped my hands around my legs as I stared at her grave.


“Omma” I called her in Korea language.


“I really miss you Omma”

Why did you and dad leave me so soon Omma?

There is no one for me to call Omma and dad again.

There is no one to prepare gogigui for me again”

Why Omma, why did you leave me so soon”I said,tears where already streaming down my cheek.


The wind blew heavily almost making the rose flowers on mom’s grave to fly away,but I quickly got hold of it.


The wind eventually subsided.


“Omma” I continued

“You’ve always wanted me to marry a Korean like you,and the last time I came to pay you a visit I told you that I will bring my girlfriend which will be a Korean to you” I said


“But seriously Omma,most of the girls out here are not responsible at all”

Most of them are after my fame,money and handsomeness, there is no serious one at all”


“But not to worry Omma I will bring her to you if I find one when the right time comes” I said.


Whenever I come to visit my parent graves,I always love talking to my mom at length, I pour out all my problems to her,I tell her what I am facing,and everything that has been happening to me.


Because when she was alive,she was my soulmate

My mentol

My teacher.

My cook

And my everything, it really pained me when I heard of my parent death..

I really miss her so much.

I miss those times when she teaches me Korean language..

I miss those days when she teaches me how to prepare Korean delicacies.


But now all those times are now past and gone forever,no one to do all that for me.


“Omma” I continued

“My job as a model is really going well,I have become so famous worldwide and I am filthy rich,but there isn’t peace of mind,am always working every time”

I am not free to do what I always love doing because of my popularity, I can’t go out freely any more without taking my guards along for safety purpose,because some people are trying to eliminate me due to jealousy


“Thou I have always dream of becoming a model,and I am so happy that I acquired the dream”

“But in life you can’t eat your cake and have it back” I said.


Suddenly I heard gunshot, I quickly stood up looking all around,four of my bodyguards were already running to me with their weapons.


“Sir we have to go,there are trying to attack you again,let’s move sir” One of the guards said when they got to me.


I looked at my mom grave one more time and muttered “I love you” too her.


We heard the gunshot again,and my guards quickly shielded me with their body,I drag my mask up to my nose as we began running out of the garden.


Walter is at it again.

You can’t kill me except it’s my time,you’re just wasting your precious time trying to eliminate me.


I scoffed as we ran out of the garden and into my car,my driver started the car immediately I got in and drove off, I turned and saw my other cars with my bodyguards in it trailing behind us.


You have to try harder Walter!




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