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July 23, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 9 & 10

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

By: Kebby. NG

Episode 9




I was standing there like a dumb person as Leo and Liam help Nina with her luggages.
“Your bag are so heavy”Leo complained.
“Mare stuff are there too so be careful”She warned.

“Why isn’t Mare here yet?”Liam asked and I’m really interested in her response.
“She is coming back on Sunday according to what my mom told me and why is John still standing there”She asks, I walk away from the door and walk to sit on the couch.

“It so great to I’ve you here but there are rules”Leo said and she roll her eye.
“Can you show me my room and keep the rules to yourself”She shun the both of them.

“Sure but there are rules guiding this house and the number one of it is, stay away from Bryan and his stuff”
“Arrrrrgh! I will listen to this later can you show me my room?”She replied angrily and I chuckled silently.

“Sure, come with me”Liam took her up the stairs while I just sit and wait for him to be back.
“This is crazy”Leo said as he walk back to the living room.

“I’m excited Mare is coming back to school but I don’t want to live with Nina, she is a psycho”Leo blurt out and I chuckled.
“Hey man, at least we have people to cook for us instead of going to that noisy cafeteria that makes you puke”Liam added.

“Hey guys, Where did Bryan go?”I asks interrupting their conversation.
“I don’t know probably with that bitch Cynthia”Leo shrug.

“I’m suspecting those two, She is not Bryan taste and he looks so unhappy in the relationship and Cynthia is just to lousy about it”

“I’ve you seen him focusing on Mare whenever we I’ve lunch instead of his girlfriend”Leo added
“That night she joined our table really drunk he was so protective of her like they’ve met before and that night I saw Cynthia with Bryan he was yelling and scowling at her and all of sudden everything change the next morning”

“That weird”
“Are you saying Bryan have a crush on Mare?”I asks curiously.
“What are you guys talking about?”Nina Interrupted us making us all quiet at the same time.

“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden”She move her gaze from Leo to me.
“I’ve you settled in well?”I ignore her question.
“If I’m to view things well, shouldn’t you guys be helpful?”She said and I raise my brows tentatively.

“Help you?”
“You don’t know your duty?”
“We don’t arrange girl stuff”Liam bailed us out.
“I’m starving”She finally confused and I did well in hiding my laughter.

She is suddenly having mood swings because of that? She is hungry 😂 What a girl!.
“Can you cook?”
“Yes”She replied.
“The kitchen is right there”Leo replied and I chuckled.

“You aren’t going to make something for me?”She asks.
“You are a female and we are males doesn’t that differentiate our duties”
“Sick bunch”She stomp her feet and was about to walk away before leo stop her.

“Did you just insult us?”
“What are you going to do about it?”Nina replied. This girl is just so_ I don’t even know how to place her.

“Just because you now live with us doesn’t mean you can insult us anyhow or even dare raise your voice at me”Leo warned.
“Good, now let me warn you. If you dare deprive of anything in this house or that stupid rule you made or whatever I will call my mom and you know what that mean”She replied.

“Are you threatening us”
“Are you threatening me too”She replied and cross her hand on her chest. She is crazy!.

“Just let her go”I interfere
“Better”She push Leo off her way and walk to the kitchen.
“John”Leo called.
“What?”I shrug as I stand up and walk back to my room.


It finally Sunday and I will going back to school so I can resume fully on Monday. I know I must I’ve missed alot of classes and it would be hard getting over it but few sleepless night will pay.

“Take good care of yourself dear”Nina Mom said as she escort me out to the building park. Her driver is taking me to school today personally. She has been so nice to me and I don’t even know how to thank her.

“I will ma”I replied.
“Give those things to Nina too when you get to school”
“Yes ma”. I remember Vividly last night when she wall up to my room and gave me some cloth to deliver to Nina.

Isn’t it too many? Because the clothes Nina have in school already can be worn for a whole semester without repetition.
“Okay, And you”She face the driver.”Drive carefully okay”
“Yes ma’am”the driver replied.

“Take care”She wear a smile on. The driver open the car door for me and I board before waving at her. The drive ignite the car and we drive out of the compound.

Mom I will make you proud.
The journey was like taking a road of no return, I’m not used to it yet but it is all well. The driver drive into the school compound finally around 6:45pm in the evening.

I can’t count how many times I doze off in the car because I was really hungry but I don’t want to get the drive uncomfortable for no reason.

I alighted and he help me with my luggages that has been doubled all thanks to Nina Mom and sure few of Nina dresses. I wanted to discuss with her about my Mom body been seized but on a second thought it like I’m demanding too much.

But I will surely perform a dutiful burial rite for my mom once I get back from school.
“Mare”Nina screamed as she approach me and Linda was right beside her too as she approach me.

She pull me into a friendly hug but too tight that I’m die soon due to short of breathe. Finally she let go of me and cup my face in her palm. I don’t even know where to start thanking her but she has done more than enough for me.

“Thank you”I said to her and she smiled.
“Welcome back Mare”Linda said but it a sarcastic way that we all end up laughing.
“We should go back to the house now, I’m seriously hungry”I replied.

“Oh mom already Inform you about it?”She asks
“And you are okay with it”She said and I raise my brow tentatively wondering what she meant.
“What wrong?”I asks.
“Nothing just joking”She fake a laugh that was obviously not needed but Linda just stand there watching the drama.

“Okay”that was the only thing my brain could process at that point.
“Linda here offers to drive us to the house because of you”
“Thanks dear”I said and she smile.

“Comm’n girls”they both share my luggages in hand and I just trail behind them. Linda car was just few meters away from the park and we finally headed to our destination.

“Why does this road look familiar?”I asks as Linda speed up.
“Ummm— probably you’ve seen it somewhere before”She stuttered and I frown.
She is acting all weird for no reason or?
“I heard from your mom that people live there. Are they so unfriendly and cruel?”I asks and she cough.

“Are you okay?”I asks with so much concern.
“Yeah, they are so friendly and I’ve been living there for few days now and if really cool and they drive me to school everyday and in addition I get to eat any food I like”She added and I smile.

The car was so silent and Linda decide to play a music while Nina sing along making me laugh.

We finally reach our destination and it turns out to be the same house where the freshman party was hosted.

“We are living here?”I asks and she exchange glance with Linda.
“Mare it isn’t as bad as_”
“I can stay in the dorm”I rejected immediately.
“But I move your things here already”
“I’m sorry but seriously the people in there aren’t bad”

“I don’t care”I’m getting pissed out for no reason.
“Mare Mom wants us to stay here”she tries to explain.
“Mare”I heard my name Making Nina and I rotate our head at the same time to the direction it coming from.

“Liam?”I called I surprise.
“Wow it so nice to see you again”he said as he approach us and I face Nina who has this apologetic face on.

“What going on here?”
“Mare we are staying with them henceforth”

“What do you mean by henceforth?”
“Very simple, You are living with us now but that aside I’m so happy to see you again”Liam said and hug me but a very short one and he move away while I just stand there unable to understand what really going on.

“Wait if Liam is here that means I will be staying under the same roof with Bryan?”
“Yes”they replied in unison.
“What?”I yelled and they all stare at me like a crazy human.

Bryan and I understand the same roof it never going to work!

“Did someone mention my name” and speaking of the devil he is right behind me and my body froze.

Episode 10


I just stop at a spot as my body froze but I was finally forced to turn around to look at him and there he was standing with a surprise face on or should I say excited face on.

Is he happy to see me too or this one of his prank again making me think he cares about me then the next minute he is with that bitch.

I look away quickly and face Nina and she is still holding that apologetic look. This is insane!!.
“Come with me”Liam hold my wrist and drag me into the house.
“Wait”he wasn’t even listening and I notice the rest were following but I dare not turn back to meet his gaze again.

I don’t know why I’m so nervous around him but I’m free when it comes to his friends. They live together are they probably related?.

“I will be fine” I shove Liam hands off me and signal Nina.
“You know what I will take her to my room myself”Nina bailed me out making me sigh in relief.

“Linda I will see you in school tomorrow”She said to Linda before pulling my hand and we walk up the stairs.
We walk down the hallway as pass a lot of room before she suddenly stop in the front of a room.

Why is there so many room here?. She open the door and walked inside wheeling my loads with me that half of it actually belonging to her.

“Oh my goodness” I gasped at the beautiful room. I walked to the window pulling the silk curtains apart and looking out of it. It has a huge pool and an even bigger backyard. The sun was setting and it made everything glow.

“You like it?”She asks.
“Definitely”I replied.
“I prepare it for you”
“You?”I asks in surprise as my eye scan the room. It isn’t filled with teddy bears or design for a grade nine student.

“I know you don’t like pink or teddies but you should at least speak out sometime I’m your best friend”She said and I smile.
“Stop thanking but instead will you stay?”She asks and I sigh deeply.

“Fine”I muttered and she jump up giggling like a kid making me laugh.
“I will leave you now”
“What about your cloth?” I asks
“I will come get them later”She replied and I smile.

“Nina”I called as she was about to leave.
“What about John?”I asks.
“I don’t know but I haven’t seen him today”she replied.
“Any problem?”
“Not at all”

“Why don’t you change your clothes I will excuse you now” she said and walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

I dragged my box into the closet and get ready for a wash up but the whole time I was thinking, this can’t be real, it can’t be happening.

I’m going to be living with Bryan and I still need to apologise to John. I was so harsh on him that night and he doesn’t deserve whatever comments I made to him that night.

I freshen up taking my time in selecting my best pyjamas for no reason actually. It already 7:30pm by the time I was done I lay on my bed facing the ceiling taking in a deep breathe as I shut my eye.

A knock on the door brought back my attention and I stand up frustrated because have just been denied of my nap.

The knock continues, “I’m coming”I shouted angrily as I approach the door and twist the door knob revealing John whose hand is hanging in the air about to knock my door again.

“It really you?”he said as his eye scan down my body making me feel a bit uncomfortable.
“Hi”I said as my hand went to the back of my head and I scratch my hair nervously.
“Nice pyjamas”he commented making things more awkward.

“Thanks”I muttered shyly , what wrong with me? why am I acting this way?.
“I’m sorry about that night”I said, dropping my hand and I let go the nervousness that was getting the best part of me.

“We can talk about that later but isn’t it bad to starve yourself?”
“It dinner time come downstairs and we need to discuss”
“We?”I said and he laugh.

He is quite cute when he laugh though. Mare!!!
“I mean everyone don’t over think dear”he said and tousle my hair playfully before walking away.

I walk back into the room and close the door as my hand went to my hair unconsciously beaming seriously

“Mare!!!”My subconscious yelled at me. Oops!dinner time but can I go in my Pyjamas?.

It a bit baggy but it going it to take a bit longer to get changed again so I just grab my phone and exit the room immediately.

“Here she comes”Nina said as she notice my appearance and I kinda notice Leo and Liam chuckling probably because of my pyjamas.

I walk slowly and sit beside Nina who won’t stop smiling for no reason and if I’m not overreacting Bryan gaze is on me.
“Can we now eat now”Leo lamented.
“Sure”Nina said and I smile.

She serve everyone round and we start to eat. Nina is an extremely great cook but the soup was a bit salty but not really tasty so it is manageable.

After dinner I help Nina do the dishes while the guys went to the sitting room and that was really annoying. I hope we aren’t the one that would be doing the house chores henceforth because I won’t take things easy with them.

I follow her to the kitchen and did my best in avoiding Bryan gaze that won’t leave me. I really wish I can know what he is thinking but only God have that power.

After doing the dishes we walk back to the living to join the guys and I sit beside John taking him by surprise.
“Are you okay”he asks and I nod like a kid. I want to make up to him because after mom death I sincerely regret it and wish I can eat my words.

“Can I make use of your note to cover up for my missed lectures?”I asks.
“Sure, I can help you if it unbearable”
“Thanks”I didn’t know I’ve been smiling until my gaze landed on Bryan and his face was holding no emotion but obviously he is angry.


“Are you guys done?”Leo asks.
“Let me state my rules now”
“Rules?”I repeated
“I thought I said I wo-“Nina was Interrupted by Leo.

“This is my house and I rule it”he said and Nina frown making me smile.
“Liam why aren’t you saying anything?”Leo asks and I notice he is feeling uncomfortable with Nina beside him.

“Whatever”Leo roll his eye like a girl.
“No noise is allowed and you both do the house chores”he said, pointing his finger at me and Nina.
“What?”I blurted out.

“Is that too hard?”Bryan added and I frown. This guy are trying to mess with my gentleness and it time to show them.

“If you want to keep eating our foodstuffs then you have to keep cooking and Nina salt is expensive can you use it wisely”he said sarcastically and I clench fist trying to save myself from yelling at him.

“You”Nina point his finger at him angrily.
“Fine!”She blurted out and my eye widened.

She is agreeing to it? there is no way I’m going to be a slave to them because according to what I was told I shouldn’t be used for no reason.

“I’m not in support”I said and all eye landed on me.
“Any problem Mrs. Mare?”Bryan said and I roll my eye.

“We are going to share things equally and in my opinion the only thing we are actually meant to do_ I’m mean Nina and I is cooking”I explained.

“And why should it be like that?”
“Because I say so”I replied and he raise his brows at me. Sincerely I don’t know where this confident is coming from.

“You mean I should clean?”Leo pointed at himself
“The living room isn’t like your room that shouldn’t be clean for months, so yeah you have to clean”I replied and Leo jaws fall to the ground obviously.
“Wow”John muttered really clear.

“Never knew you are a good talker”Liam added.
“I guess that is a deal and if there isn’t anything else to say I should take my leave I’m feeling sleepy already”I replied ignoring their comment.

“That will never be a deal”
“Then soak your shirt with your tears tonight because it start tomorrow and surely I won’t let you take my girlfriend for granted so get prepared”I slam at him defending Nina.

“Thanks girlfriend”Nina blow me a kiss and I smile.
“Or Bryan do you have a problem with that?”I throw the question directly at him unexpectedly and he stuttered because he can’t even form a word.

“Suite yourself”he blurted at last and a smirk tugged on my lips.
“Goodnight”I said and pull Nina with me as we head up the stairs and she won’t stop giggling and laughing at them.

“Bullshit”I heard Leo screamed making me laugh have been trying to hold it in since actually.

Guess tomorrow will be a whole new day again and I will be teaching those three jerks how to behave probably I won’t be including John, I still owe him.


😂😂 Before we talk about Mare new personality please why is John acting like a matured guy🙄

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