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July 30, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 7 & 8

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

By: Kebby. NG

Episode 7





I walk back to the ward my mom is lying and I don’t know for how long the tears had been falling but my vision is becoming blur and I had to wipe my tears to see clearly.

“Mom you will definitely fight against this for sure”
“Mare”She called lowly but I can hear her clearly, I sit beside her and held her hand.
“I’m here Mom”I replied crying.

“Don’t cry my dear, Go back to school I will be fine”
“No you can’t be fine, I don’t want to go to that stupid school”
“I know I had cancer Mare and I can’t fight against it”

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“No Mom don’t say that you will definitely get over it”I assured as I squeeze my hold on her hand.
” Mare promise me you will go back to school no matter what’s happens”

“Mom I will go back to school whenever you stand up from this hospital bed”I answered.
“No Mare promise me”She said and I use one hand to wipe my tears again but it won’t stop coming.

“Okay I promise but you you’ve to promise me you will be fine too and will keep fighting no matter what”
“Mare, don’t push away your friends because of your hard time stick together with them and you will forever enjoy them”

“Mom let talk about you”
“Mare my wish is to see you graduate from Petraka college and I don’t want that to fail. Go back home now and prepare my favorite meal and bring it back for me to eat”

“Are you sure?”
“Yes dear, go now before it too late”She said.
“I will be back”I grab my bag and headed home Immediately even though it so dark I manage to go home.

There was this nurse in charge of my mom, I explain things to her and she promise to watch after her till I’m back.

The door squeak open and I walk into the house. It look so empty and dry, It isn’t like this because there is always me to scatter the place the place or disturb her whenever she is lonely.

I drop my bag on the couch and head to the kitchen to make her dish. I decide to make Rice and chicken sauce, she loves to eat that so much especially whenever it made by me.

I check the fridge and fortunately there was still some left over frozen chicken in it. I brought it out and went to rinse my hand first then grab the apron and started cooking.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been cooking but I’m sure it late already. After packaging the food into a warm food flask. I drop on the counter and went to the living to get my bag.

I will just quickly change. I remove my cloth and my phone fell and scattered to the floor but I was less concerned about it and just pack it up an left it on the table before I went In to change.

I sit on the couch after getting ready but it already 3:00 am in the morning and everywhere was still a bit dark and I don’t think I will see any cab to the hospital now so I just sit there for a while and didn’t know when I slept off.
The noise coming from somewhere I don’t know in particular woke up and I rise groaning as I stretch on the couch.

Oh no! It already 7:00am in the morning. I’ve slept for too long, I quickly walk to the kitchen and grab the flask. I don’t need to microwave it because the flask has a heater and I’m definitely sure it still hot.

I quickly exit the house and hail for a cab. The street seems so busy because some high school students were moving to and fro the street and some were having their morning exercise.

I was looking at the beautiful city until the driver drive into the hospital compound and I alighted after settling him.

I held the food in my hand and headed to my mom ward.
“Mom I’m back”I said happily as I walk in but she is gone.
Where is she? I look around but still couldn’t find her.

The bed has been neatly arranged and prepared probably for a new patient. I walk out confused and luckily I bumped into a nurse.

“Excuse me”I took a chance with her.
“Please do you probably know about the patient here? is there any change of ward last night?”I asks.

“I’m sorry I just resume this morning but I don’t think any ward change occurred last night”She said and walk away.
Where the hell is she?.
“Mare”I heard my name and I raise my head up and saw the nurse watching over my mom approaching me.

She isn’t in her work cloth anymore probably she is done with her duties but her face isn’t so lively like last night.
“Good morning, thank God I find you. Please I came here this morning and my mom isn’t in her ward anymore where has she been taken to?”I asks and her face went down.

“Can somebody just talk to me”I yelled losing my mind.
“Mare, I’m sorry but immediately you left last night your mom gave up her ghost and the doctor in charge tried his best but it was too late”She disclosed to me but I just stood there.

Her words were cut off as my brain repeated over and over again that my mom is dead. A tears roll down my eye as I kept staring at the nurse.

“You kill her you evil people”I suddenly grab the nurse throwing the flask on the floor with a loud bang.
“You need to calm down Mare”
“You kill my mother. she is perfectly fine yesterday and asks me to prepare her favorite meal and you are here telling me she is dead”

“Mare you need to understand your mother condition was still under control but it looks like she was willingly to give her soul up herself”
“How dare you say that”I yelled and grab hold of her clothes roughly.

“You are creating a scene”
“Where is my mother”I yelled but before I know it some hefty men walk to the scene and pull me from the nurse but she signal them to let go of me.

“It fine”She tells them and they walk away while I just stood there like a psychic patient.
“Come with me”She pull my hand and took me to a quite place while I just weep like a kid I am.

“Mare this isn’t the time to cry, I sincerely understand your feelings but you need to buckle up yourself”
“Before your mom passed out last night she mentioned you going back to college by all means and I want that to be possible”She said and I just cry but I was listening to her.

“Your mom had just a stage four leukemia, Most cancers are staged going based off of tumors and the spreading of those as well. Leukemia is based on blood cell counts and the accumulation of the leukemia cells in organs.

“Your mom has a very rare case for her age of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It has spread to her liver, her bone marrow, lymph nodes, and her blood. It can spread even more.

“We could I’ve get her started on chemotherapy as soon as possible to see if we could kill any of those cancerous cells and relieve some of those symptoms but she didn’t fight for too long for a reason.

“She doesn’t want you distracted, Mare I wants you to make her proud. I’m sorry but her body can’t be released to you except you I’ve an elderly person to accompany you here. This is my card”_ She gave me her card and place in on my hand.

“Call anytime you feel alone, I will be there for you”She said and I don’t even know why I suddenly got relieved.
“Why are you doing me such favour”
“Because you are gifted and deserve the best don’t lie down on your background dear. Stand up for yourself,the few days you use in school you should I’ve noticed the change”She said and I sigh deeply.

“That the real you Mare, You need to stand up against your vulnerability”
“Thanks so much”I take the amount of time to wipe my tears and she wear a smile on.
“You should return to school and don’t forget to give me a call if anything changes or occurs”

“Thank you”
“Don’t tell anyone about this so it won’t be a weakness too”
“Thanks so much”
“Call me when you get to school Tomorrow and remember call me”She said and I smiled.

“I should leave now. I’m off duty but I can walk you out before I leave”She said.
“I don’t even know how to appreciate you”
“Do it the way you want okay”She said and all I could do is nod my head.

She took my hand and we exit the place and headed to the exit door of the hospital.
“Mare”I heard my name and the person approach me hurrly.
“Who is that?”the nurse asks, I’m still yet to know her name.
“I don’t know”I shrug

“Mare is that really you?”the young woman probably in her twenties pull me into a tight hug and I just stand there surprised.

“Don’t you remember me?”She asks like I had known her all my life.
“I’m sorry but I don’t know you”I replied coldly.

“My sister didn’t tell you about me?”She asks.

“Your sister?”I blurted out.

What going on here? I don’t know her


Episode 8



I turn my gaze from the nurse and it landed on the crazy lady that won’t stop blurting out that I can’t remember her.

“I’m sorry ma’am but I don’t know you”
“I’m Nina Mom”She said and my eye scan her look from her toe back to her head and there she was still wearing a smile on.

Nina Mom? She is looking like a lady in her twenties. Now I know the source of Nina beauty and personality they are all from her mom. But why is Nina Mom in the hospital?.

And I know she is just pretending to know me because I’ve never met her before.
“Nina Mom?”I blurted out in surprise.
“How are you doing dear? It so nice to meet you”She pull me into a mother and daughter hug and finally let go so I took a step back.

“Do you know her?”The nurse asks.
“Yeah”I replied.
“Okay then, I will take my leave”She said.
“Thanks so much”I replied and she smiled and bow her head a little to greet Nina Mom before walking away.

Now back to my question, what is she doing here?.
“Where are you heading too?”She asks.
“Home”I tried my best to sound so polite.
“I can drive you home”She offered.
“No thanks ma but I don’t_”
“I insist”She Interrupted.
“Thank you so much”I bowed.
“Come with me”She ordered and I follow her as I tighten my grip on the business card the nurse gave me as I follow her.

“Nina called me in school and explain few things to me and I’m ready to help”She said breaking the awkward in the car as we drive through the long way.

Now I understand what going on here. So Nina called her mom to check up on me? Why would she do that and how did she even find out I’m in the hospital.

“It not really necessary”I replied politely.
“No I heard your mom is sick and I promis-”
“She is dead, I lost her just this morning”I said to prevent her from making promises she won’t be able to achieve.

“Oh no! I’m sorry about the lost, are you sure you are okay?”She asks.
“Yeah I’m fine, I know it would happen one day but I just didn’t expect it would be this soon”
“You can talk to me if anything is bothering you”She said and I sigh deeply.

“I want to go back to school”I blurted out unconsciously.
“You’ve made a good decision and I will sure be of an help”She replied.
“Nina already brief about few things and she must really like you. She pleaded with me on persuading to come back to school but now that you’ve made the decision yourself I’m so glad”

“She did?”I asks in a surprise state.
“Yes and firstly, I will be taking you to my home instead today”
“But-“I tried to protest.
“We will go for your school shopping afresh and by Monday when you resume back to school I want a total change okay”She said and I was short of words.

Why wasn’t this type of help coming in the first place? Did my mom sacrifice her life just for me to have a good life?.
Firstly the nurse that I barely know become so kind to me and offer me anything and now Nina the friend I was planning to discard is treating me like a sister.

It like I was totally stupid for shutting myself from the world.
“Mare?”She called and I came back to my normal world.
“Are you listening?”
“Yea-h”I stuttered.

“Okay and I promise you. Your house would in a good state, It will be all your and no one is taking it from you so when you come back from school you will still I’ve your accommodation”

“You are welcome into my house anytime you want and I will be so mad at you if refuse to tell me whenever you are passing through anything”She said and I smiled.

“What about your phone?”She asks and I remember breaking it this morning Myself.
“It broken but I can repair it whenever I get paid from the website I write for online”

“You write?”
“Once in a while”I replied, It kinda surprising I’m getting along with her in just a few distance we covered from the hospital.

“Don’t worry I will get you a new one”She said.
“No ma’am I can actually repair the old one”
“Mare”She called my name and I kept quiet pressing my lips together.

I didn’t say a word till we get to the final destination and she drive into an effable mansion. It obvious they are so rich especially the kind of expensive cloth Nina wear and her father is the richest business tycoon in city and well known for his generous offer.

“Wow”I blurted out before realizing.
“You like it?”She asks as she lead me into the house and the guard won’t stop bowing and I guess they are her staff.

“Yes ma’am”I said excited and she laugh making me feel embarrassed.
“Don’t worry you will be staying in a better one in school”She said and walk away while I stood there trying to process what she meant.

“School?”I muttered before I realize she is a bit far away from me.
“We stay in the dorm in the school and it isn’t even spacious”I said as I walk fast to catch up with her.

There is a beautiful artificial waterfall in the big compound and a greenish garden just outside the house.
“Nina complained about to me and luckily there is business parted who Inform us about a house in Petraka college that you can both stay”She said.

“Yeah but I heard his children are living there too but at least you can I’ve your privacy and stop staying in the dorm”She replied and we reach a big door.

The guards standing there open it wipe enough for a car to even pass. Isn’t that stressful to them?.
“Welcome to my home”She said as I follow her inside.

My jaws dropped to the floor at the sight of the inner house. I’m admiring the beauty of just the outside and the inside is looking three times beautiful than the building itself.

“Welcome ma’am”a lady dress in a maid cloth walk in and bow at the woman.

“Have your seat”She order me.
“Huh?”I looked at the golden chair that must worth millions for sure.

Me? Sit on this chair?.
“Mare sit down or do you wish to stand”She sounded sarcastically and I notice the maid chuckled so I prevent more embarrassment and sit carefully on it.

“We have a visitor as you can see. Make a special meal today for my new princess”She said to the maid and I smile. I’ve never been referred to as princess from an outsider so isn’t my mom.

“Okay ma’am”the young lady bow and walk to another direction that must lead to the kitchen I guess.
“So what are you going to drink?”She finally face me.

“No I’m fine ma”I replied.

“No way. Okay did you have your breakfast this morning?”She asks. Is she for real? How can I think of a breakfast when my Mom is lying on the bed half dead.

“No”I replied honestly.
“Oh! I will be back”She said and walk to the same direction the maid went to. I look around and Continue my exhibition in viewing the house.

There is a picture of Nina and her mom in a big frame hanging on the wall and her childhood pics too with some artwork.

The designer of this house must be a pro at his work.
“Drop it here”I heard her mom voice and she walk in with the maid holding a tray containing food.

She is serving me? Why are they even helping me for crying out loud?.


We got a message from Dad this morning and it about a new college student joining us.
“I hope he isn’t boring”
“Why is Dad accepting a new student to join us?”

“A spy I guess”Leo and Liam won’t stop blaring and it getting frustrated.
“Can you just shut up”I shun them off.
“What?”Liam defended.
“Can you keep your voice down I’m trying to work out things here”I blurted and he scoff before facing Leo back and they started their stupid discussion. That why I love it whenever Bryan is around he is the only one that can stop them.

We aren’t all brothers but we were brought up by the same father but different mothers. My dad had a lot of concubines and my mom isn’t an exceptional. Bryan mom is the only legal wife he had but we always live in Harmony and Harly fight.

No one knows anything about this and in addition I turn out to be the youngest among us all but nobody knows that because I don’t look that way and my facial looks says the opposite.

I don’t know why I’ve been overthinking nowadays it just that Mare attitude that night has taken my aback and I’m still surprised and in addition confused too.

“What if the he turn to she and turns out to be a girl?”Liam said and he got my attention.
“Can you guys just shut_”I was interrupted when the door bell ring and the two guys stood up and ran to the door making my shake my head.

So pathetic.
“Nina”I heard the both of them in unison.
Nina? She is our new house mate? Wtf?!! I stood up hurrly to confirm if it actually true.

“What are you doing here?”I asks in surprise and my eye went down to the luggages beside her.
“I thought you guys I’ve been informed me and Mare are moving in”She said and my jaws drops.

Mare?She is coming back


Will Mare agree to live with them if she found out⁉️

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