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August 1, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 5 & 6

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 5




Everyone eye were on me as we walk to the sport arena and they won’t stop whispering and murmuring.

“Why do you have to add me”I scold Nina.
“You are one of us”She shrug and walk ahead of me, I had to rush to meet up with her again.

After working my ass out I walk through the space for the audience and seat on of the bleachers.
“I’m hungry”I felt a sharp pain on my stomach and I groaned regretting why I didn’t eat breakfast when I was told to so.

Bryan and his friends weren’t in our class this morning. “What your business”I muttered to myself until a packed lunch was threw on my laps and I turn to see who it was.

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“Bryan”I called in surprise and turn to look at the neatly packed lunch.
“You shouldn’t turn it into an habit”he said and walk away.

“omg!!they look cute together”a girl said and walk pass me like she wasn’t talking about me and I saw thousands of eye staring at me but I had to ignore it.

I’m really hungry, I open it an brought out a sandwich and munch on it really fast and I hate really quick probably because of how hungry I was.

“I’m so tired”Nina said and settled beside me but I couldn’t reply because I had too much in my mouth.
“Where did you get this?”Nina asks finally noticing the food.

“Bryan gave them to me”I replied and she gasped.
“Bryan gave it to you”she whispered and I nod Wondering what bad in him giving me lunch.

“Omg!!!”She giggled happily.
“What do expect? he and his friends didn’t allow me have breakfast”I shrugged and grab another sandwich.

“Wait isn’t that sandwich?”She asks.
“That strange”She Muttered
“The school didn’t Include sandwich today, where did he get that?”She blurted out clearly.

“How do you expect me to know?”
“But are you sure Bryan gave it to you?”She asks.
“Did I ever lie to you?”
“But he is making out with Cynthia over there”She pointed at the left direction and I Trace it and my eye landed on Bryan eating Cynthia face and student taking secret pictures.

What the hell?!. That disgusting.
“It non of my business”I grab the packed breakfast and put it back into the plate and walk off.

“Hey wait for me”Nina yelled and run to catch up with me.

“Why are you angry? Or did I do anything wrong?”Nina asks as we walk back to the dorm but I refuse to say word to her. I don’t even know the reason I’m angry too so it pointless.

“What wrong Mare?”
“I’m not in the mood okay?”I yelled at her and walk away leaving her behind to deal with my mood.

I open the door and walk in, taking off my Jacket and I hang it back.
I took off my shoe and put on a comfy slipper before slumping on my bed letting out a deep breathe.

Why are you over reacting Mare, It totally non of your business and he didn’t even asks you out and in addition I don’t even know him so it useless.

“Why am I angry”I groaned as I turn to the other side of the bed but my phone rang and I quickly sit up to check who the caller is.

“Mom?”I quickly pick it up and place it on my left ear.
“Are you Mare?”it was an unknown voice.
“Where is my Mom”
“Oh sorry, she came to by some prescribed drug from my shop and suddenly fainted but she at the hospital now and taking treatment.

“Oh no!, how is she?”
“She is fine but you have to come check on her and take care of the bills”
“I’m really far away from home now but can you help me take care of her, I promise to pay you once I’m back”I pleaded.

“I’m sorry ma’am but I can actually help you take care of her but the bills are more than my capability”
“How much is the bills?”
“They demand for $500 for now, I will send the medical report to you”

“Thanks so much”he hang up and my phone beeped.
I quickly open the file and it truly my mom medical bills.
This isn’t something I can handle from here, I need to go home.

My phone ring again and I quickly pick it up.
“I’m on my way please help me take care of her till I’m back”I pleaded.
“Okay ma’am”he hang up the call and I quickly grab my mini bag and pack few clothes and my shower gel.

I warned Mom about studying here. I regret ever accepting to come here. I grab my phone and rush out of the room.
“Where are you going in such an hurry”Linda asks as I bumped into her at the dorm entrance.

“Anything wrong?”She sound concerned.
“Nothing much please tell Nina I will be back very soon and she should take the leave for me at school “I said and she nod.
“Save trip”She said.
“Thanks”I quickly exit the place.

I’ve been at the bus stop for quite a long time and it getting dark, yet the cab I order with the last money with me isn’t here to arrive. I’m trying really hard not to let the tears about to roll my down my eye drop and like God answer my prayer the weather change and rain started falling.

Everyone at the bus stop ran in for a shield but I stood there and let the tears flow freely as I pray for my mother silently. I don’t want to be in a stupid college,I want to be by her side always.

Why can’t he just take me and let my mother live!. She has suffered Alot for me and deserve to be happy why did she contact an unknown ailments again.

After my dad died things had been so rough for the family. We were Living as one family and my dad works for a big company that pays him Alot but immediately he died it was like he never existed in anyone life’s.

No one fufilled the promises they made to us. Everything went back to normal but definitely not us. My mom suddenly started feeling sick few weeks after his death. She went for diagnoses and all what the doctor could say is she is depressed.

I cheer her up and do all other things until it became worst and that time. The money left with us after dad died was used for my mother treatment.

Not even my Dad close friends assisted us that time. I was able to finish my high school indulging myself in all part time job to the extent I had to work as a waiteress in a club for a while before the owner found out about my age and pay me off.

“Young lady you are going to catch cold”A angry man yelled at me but I just stood still and let my tears mix with the rain until I couldn’t feel the rain fall on my head again and I wonder what wrong.

I raise my head and saw John staring me with no emotion.
“Are you crazy”that was the only thing he could say and I looked down sadly.
“Come with me”he pull me out of the place.

“Let go off me”I yelled and push him away.
“Are you crazy?”
“It non of your business you should all leave me alone”
“What wrong with you, Why are you acting this way?”

“Non of your business”I said and step backwards but he move close and use the umbrella to shield me again.
“Can’t you guys just leave me alone?”
“We are your friends Mare”
“I don’t want to be friends with anyone”I yelled angrily.

“Why are you so mad at me? Did I do anything wrong. You were happy and shinning this morning so what came over you?”he asks.
“Stay away from me henceforth”

I sighted the cab I ordered coming through the plate number.
“Bye”I said and the car halted right at my front and wine down his window.

“I’m sorry ma’am”
“It fine”I grab my wet bag and I enter the car ignoring John glare. He should just f**k off, I don’t want to have anything to do with pathetic guys like them.

The driver ignite the engine and drive out of the place. I turn and saw him still standing there like a statue so I sit back and finally I was able to cry freely.

No one understands me. All they think is getting me annoyed and frustrated when I’m totally depressed.

Mom should be my piority now because I don’t know what would become of me if I ever lose her. It was hard getting over Dad death.

Mom won’t just listen to me. I’m just Seventeen do I really deserve to pass through this for crying out loud.

Episode 6



By the time we arrive the front of the Chris-Flourish hospital it was already dark and only the street light was lighten up the street that was now covered in total darkness.

The driver park the car and I quickly look at my face in the mirror before coming out of the car. I don’t want Mom to notice I’ve been crying and not happy in my new school.

I hang my bag well on my back before running to the receptionist in the lobby wearing a smile on like her husband might walk in anytime soon.

“How may I help you young lady?”She asks.
“I’m here for Mrs Atwood, she was rushed in here by_”
“Are you Mare?”Someone call my name and I turn.
“Yeah”I reply to the stranger.

“Thank God, Come with me”he ordered and I follow him Immediately.
“I’m the pharmacist that called you earlier”

“Oh how is my mom?”
“The doctor refuse to open up to me but you should go see her now”
“Thanks so much”
“She is in the next ward, I will take my leave”

“Okay thanks”I replied with a smile and he left While I rush into my mom ward and there she is looking all white and pale.
Her eye were shut closed as she lay on the bed.

“Mom”a tears roll down my eye as I grab her hand in mine and sit beside her leg. I noticed the bruises that are now appearing on her body.
“Mom”I called again but I noticed some tears rolling down her eye too that went down to her ear.

“Mom can you hear me?”I asked but she just lay down her eye shut and she couldn’t even lift her mouth to talk.
“Mom promise me you are going to fight for your life. Just tell me you aren’t going to die. Promise me you will stay with me forever”the tears I was holding back roll down my cheeks and my breaks completely.

When she didn’t respond to my words I took that as an agreement and wipe my tears that won’t stop falling.
“Are you the daughter of Mrs Atwood?”a man in white Jacket and obviously a doctor asks and I nod placing my mom hand down gently and stand up.

“Great, Can I talk to you privately for a moment?”
“Sure”I nod, I don’t even know the word that should be coming out of my mind as we walk out of my mom ward.

“So what is my mother condition doctor?”I asks immediately we were out.
“Yeah I actually want to talk about your mother condition but first do you have any elderly person that can actually stand for you?”He asks.

“I’m sorry but I’m the only one she got”I replied and force a smile on hiding my sad face.
“This is going to be hard”he sigh deeply and I know he is only feeling bad he is about to break a sad new to a seventeen years old girl that just start her life.

“Are you sure?”he asks and I nod instead of saying words.
“The thing is your mom has a stage four leukemia. There are many_”
“What are insinuating?” I was so much curious because my brain couldn’t processing anything at that point.

“She has cancer”he blurted out and tears roll down my eye as I looked at him shaking profusely as tears roll freely down my eye.

My mother is going to die?😩


I’m so scared last night when Mare didn’t show up. I didn’t even know how I slept off last night because I’ve been trying her number but she isn’t picking up.

Few of her things were missing but she didn’t drop a note or anything for me to know she would be leaving.

I dress up for school early so I can go make enquiry probably someone must I’ve seen her. I grab my bag and ran out of my dorm only to bumped into Linda.

“Hey where are you running to this morning?”She asks.
“To search for Mare”I replied.
“When did Mare turn to a needle?”
“She didn’t come back to the dorm last night”
“I’m sorry”She gasped.

“She asks me to inform you, she is going back home”
“Why? All of sudden?”
“Probably something came up at home”She replied.

“That strange”
“You can just call her”
“She isn’t picking up her calls. I think something is wrong”
“So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know”I shrug.
“Just keep calling probably she might pick luckily”
“I pray so”I replied.
“Nina”She called.

“You attended the same high school with her didn’t you notice anything off about her?”She asks and I sigh.
“Mare had always keep a her identity hidden and hardly talk. Nobody know anything about her”

“Oh She is our friend we should look out for her”
“There is nothing we can do except we pray she comes back to school earlier to avoid been evicted”I replied.

“Are you heading to call now”
“No I should just go have breakfast since I know she went home at least”
“Let go together”
“Sure”I smiled and we head to the cafeteria to get our breakfast.

I was having breakfast with my friends and of course Cynthia been cliche. She is busy taking photos and uploading it on her page.

There is only one reason I’m accepting her offer. She is blackmailing me and I don’t want to hurt Mare because of my foolishness.


“Bryan”Cynthia kept calling my name that night as I was coming back from the dorm but I ignore her. I wasn’t planning to go back home that night because I’m aware my dad is around.

“You know ignoring me won’t save me from uploading this shocking new I read about Mare”She said and I stopped.

“What do you mean?”I turn and she laugh.
“So it true”
“What true”
“You like her”
“I totally don’t understand what you mean because I don’t even know her and don’t want to know anything about her”I scowled and she laugh.

“Is it because of a stupid kiss?”
“Cynthia were are heading too exactly?”
“I have the video and I will upload it and tell everyone that she is just a slut trying to be a white dove”

“What do you mean”I asks, She press somethings on her phone before passing the phone to me.
“What is this?”I snatch the phone from her and look at the video she is showing me in disbelief.

“If you don’t do what I want right now. Tomorrow headline on the school forum will be Mare Atwood a freshman has proven to be a slut by sleeping with two best friends. Firstly it John and now she is a pass over to Bryan the school Greek god”

“How did you get this?”I clenched my fist together, I would have literally punch her but I don’t touch girls.
“Are you going to do my thing or destroy the little poor girl future”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know that Mare is from a very poor family and she even lost her father a long time ago and she is only surviving through her sick mother”

“Cynthia why are you so desperate?”I asks.
“I won’t repeat myself Bryan”She replied.
“Fine! But if I found out all this is a lie I won’t spare you I promise”

“I won’t ever lie to you”She said.
“What do you want from me?”
“Nothing just do as I say”She replied and my fist clenched.

I don’t know why I’m doing this but that night was my fault. I shouldn’t I’ve allowed John take her up or even allow her join our table.

“Goodnight love”She kiss me and walk away but I just stand there without saying a word.
“Hey man”Leo walk close and tap my shoulder.

“What’s up”I sounded so unlike me.
“Isn’t that Cynthia?”
“What does she want?”
“Nothing”I brush him off and walk back to our dorm leaving him outside to contemplate on his own.

“Take a bite honey”She shove salad into my mouth and chew unsatisfactorily.
I was waiting patiently for Mare to walk in through that door but it doesn’t looks like she will be having breakfast this morning again.

Is skipping lunch something she is addicted to or what?.
“What wrong with you man?”Leo asks John and my attention landed on him.
he hasn’t been eating truly. “Is anything the Matter?”I added.

“Nothing I lost my appetite”he replied.
“That Funny”Liam laugh and I smirked.
“I’m serious”He frown and Leo chuckled making me smile.
I was happy when I sighted Nina and Linda walk in and approach us. I was waiting patiently for Mare to walk in but she isn’t coming.

“Good morning guys”Linda greets and sit beside Leo.
“Hey”Nina sit opposite me which is close to John.
“Where is Mare?”Liam was the first to asks.

“She didn’t tell you guys too?”Nina asks.
“Tell us what?”I blurted out and everyone attention was on me.
“I told you she was in a hurry”Linda bailed me out.

“She went home yesterday and she is yet to be back”
“Home? Why?”Leo asks.
“I don’t know but I think it must be her mom again”Nina replied and I remember what Cynthia said.

Is she for real? Mare mother is sick?.
“Yeah I saw her last night when she was leaving but I couldn’t stop her. She was crying and really angry and mad at me for no reason”John added.

Is that the reason he suddenly lost is appetite? He cares about her too?.
“I just hope she returns”Nina added.
“Why would you make a statement like that?”Liam asks.

“She drop out of school for a while when her mother illness become critical and that was the last time I saw until now”She explained and I don’t understand the way I feel right now.

Is she ever going to return back?
Do you think Mare will ever come back now that her mother is diagnosed with cancer⁉️.

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