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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 37 & 38

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 37




He keep parading his room picking all his clothes and shoving it into the laundry basket.
“We really need sought things out John, I hate the fact we fight”I blurted out but he isn’t even listening.

“John!”I called.
“Can you just stop mentioning my name”he yelled at me.
“Easy man! I came here to make peace”
“I don’t think peace will ever rule because you f*”king stole her from me”he seem bittered.

“It her choice John I didn’t force her to choose me”I tried to clearify.
“What is this discussion about?”
“It about the fact you need to accept defeat and let peace reign again”I said and he scoff.
“Does that include the fact I will never accept defeat”he smirk.

“John, I actually need your help can we just stop fighting”
“My help? you don’t need anyone help when you were busy poisoning her heart but now you need it?”
“John can you be serious for once?”

“It Jennifer”I let the cat out of the bag and he continue what he was doing.
“Bryan I think you should leave, aren’t you even going to school?”he stopping for a sec.
“Mare is sick and I need to stay with her”
“What wrong with her”he drop the basket and face me holding this concern face.

“She drank too much last night and got sick but it fine the doctor already check up on her and Jennifer is making her something”
“Are you insane you asks Jennifer to cook a meal for Mare?”

“I wasn’t going to feed her with that anyway so can we focus”
“Gosh! I shouldn’t have done it last night”he hit his forehead
“What are you talking about”I arched my brows at him.

“It non of your business”

“What did you do with her last night”My fist clenched into balls at that moment and I hold unto the bed duvet to control myself. I am here to settle things with him and not to trigger things.

“Ask her yourself”he scoffs and my face hardened. I hope he didn’t try anything with her last night because he was totally drunk last night or is that why Mare drink more than she could take?.

It isn’t because of me it because of him?
“I will just leave”I stand up.
“A good decision and please close the door”he rants and I scoff before leaving his room but I intentionally leave the door open.
“Asshole!”he yelled and I smirk.

What is he talking about? I head straight to my room back and saw Nina sitting beside her on the bed.
“I don’t really like strangers in my room”I blurted out as I walk in.

“I am sorry, I will just leave”She stood up and head to the door.
“Nina”I called back and she stopped immediately.
“Yes”She turned, I don’t bite why is she so nervous.

“Last night, when you were with Mare did she mention anything disturbing or strange that lead to this?”I asks and she swallow hard.
“Did she mention John? What did that bastard to do her”I yelled

“You need to calm down Bryan”she tried to control my anger.
“Then tell me what happened, what did she tell you?”I yelled at her.
“You won’t want to wake her okay”She blurb and I eased down immediately. She had suddenly become my weakest point

“Spill it out”
“She told me about your argument last night and after that and we settled the dispute between us but….”
“But what?”
“Actually J……Jo….John”
“John what?”I lose control of my patience.
“Guess what I made for Mare?”Jennifer Interrupted as she walk in without knocking and I exchange glance with Nina.

“Is she still unconscious?”She asks walking over to the table and she drop the meal there.
“I will excuse myself now”Nina use the opportunity to rush out of the room. I was so close in knowing the truth if this bitch didn’t walk in at that moments.

“How is she doing now?”Jennifer asks.
“You can leave already”I replied as I walk over to Mare and sit beside her patting her hair gently.
“I said leave”I replied before she starts any conversation again but that at that moment Mare cough catching all my attention.

“Are you okay?”I asks patting her hair gently as she groaned opening her eye slowly staring at me
“Can you see me clearly?”I asks and I sigh in relief when she smiled at me.
“What happening here”She tried to sit up but I help her up instead setting the pillow behind her head to make it more comfortable.

“Why does my head hurt too much?”She asks touching her forehead.
“It because someone drank too much than she can handle and pass out before this morning”
“Omg! I am sorry, I didn’t mean to….”
“It fine”I replied and held her hand in mine.

“It good to know you are feeling better”Jennifer Interrupted.
“I thought I asks you to leave?”
“Thank you”Mare replied and I scoff.
“I made you your favorite meal because the doctor prescribed some drugs for you and it can’t be taken on an empty stomach and in addition it cures hangover”

“And I am just about to explain that to her myself”I clearify giving Jennifer a deadly glare.
“Awwwn, that so nice of you”Mare replied and I arched my brows at her. Why is she so nice to Jennifer all of sudden or she dreamt about her when she was unconscious?.

Jennifer bring the food and scoop a spoon ready to feed Mare but I stopped her.
“What wrong again Bryan?”Jennifer roll her eye.
“How am I sure you haven’t poisoned the food”I blurted out and she was taken aback by my words.

“Bryan that….”Mare was interrupted by me.
“Is there an answer to my question”I smirk at her.
“What do you even think of me Bryan?”Jennifer is here again with her crocodile tears that doesn’t move me anymore.

“I trust you but I haven’t seen you for quite a while now and you expect me to allow you feed my girlfriend when I know you don’t mind strangling her in the dark just for your selfish desire”
“Bryan! that too much”Mare yelled.
“I don’t know what you actually think of me but I don’t know you actually think I can kill Mare, she is my best friend”

“Then eat it”I blurted out feeling so annoyed by her words.
“Is that what you want?”She eat the spoonful she was about to feed Mare and to be sincere I felt guilty for accusing her.

“I am done here”She drop the food on the table.
“Jennifer”Mare called but she slam the door angrily.
“What have you done Bryan”Mare lamented.
“You don’t know Jennifer”I scoff.

“She just prove you wrong, I think you need to apologise to her”
“No way! you don’t know her better than me and when I say Jennifer is deceitful then she is”
“Bryan”She held my hand.

“Fine! but tell me why you drank too much last night”
“What do you mean”her face look the other way that instant and that proof more about the fact John really did something to her last night.

“What happened between you and John last night”I questioned and her hand froze on mine.
“Are you going to tell me or not?”I asks trying to control my anger that are about to go unleashed.

“Nothing okay!”She remove her hand from mine and stand up from the bed.
“Then why did you drink so much”
“Nothing just something I do always”
“You didn’t even have half of this at the the freshman party before you lose it. John was with you they day you ran back home and since then he had been cold. What is going on between you two”I stand up and she just stand there without saying a word.

“I can’t force words out of you Mare but you definitely know he has feelings for you yet you should to be friends with him. Why?!!!”I questioned.

“Can you just calm down for a sec”She replied.
“Then tell me”
“If I do, I doubt if you will let him live”She replied and my anger vanished immediately.
“Come back to bed”I replied with my voice now back to normal.

“No! I think I will just leave”She grab the drug on the table and the food.
“You aren’t eating that”I blurted out.

“You should go to school to learn about apologizing”
“I am sorry I yelled at you I was just……”She scoff and open the door and walk out slamming it hard without even waiting for me to complete my words.

No matter what, I am going to find out what happened between them last night that she choose to keep a secret and John won’t let it out and if I found out myself I won’t take it likely with him.

“What have I done?”I hit the bed angrily.
Do I really have to apologise to Jennifer when she was the one acting so desperate last night and I am still yet to know whatever mission she is here for and John isn’t ready to help.


Episode 38


“Jennifer! Jennifer!! Jennifer!!!”I’ve been running after her in the hallway for quite a while now calling her name and people will think I am crazy or something but she refused to talk to any of us yesterday and today in school she is snubbing.

I know I shouldn’t be the one apologising but Bryan is a dickhead and won’t even mutter that word to her matter what.
“Can you stop calling me”She yelled and wall fast but I run to catch up with her.

“Stop”I grab her wrist stopping her from running again because I can’t go another round. I haven’t recovered yet and I promise not to talk to Bryan until he apologise to Jennifer but he refuse saying it not possible.

“What wrong with you”
“I want to apologise on behalf of Bry…..”
“You aren’t Bryan so quit it”She scoff
“They why are you ignoring all of us?”
“It non of your business or are deaf when he accuse me of been a murderer”

“He is just a….”
“I don’t want to talk to you and I will advise you to take care of yourself other than apologising to me because your shame is so near”She smirk before she walk away and I stand there wondering what she meant by my shame is near.

What shame?.
“Hey girlfriend”I smile when Bryan snake his hand round my waist but when I realize I’m still mad at him I move away.
“I said I am sorry”he blurted out immediately.
“I am glad you know your crime”I scoff. I know this is crazy but telling Bryan about John is going to make things worst so keeping it a secret won’t be bad.

“Hey girlfriend?”Nina approach us with Linda and not Liam. I hope things work out between them fast enough.
“Hi”I smiled when Bryan his arm round me again from the back and kiss my neck.
“You guys look so cute together”Linda complimented, my cheek flushed.

“Class start soon shouldn’t’ we head back to class”Nina blurted out, She isn’t really in a good mood so I don’t blame her at all. I wish there is something I can do but everything now is useless.

We a head to class and luckily Linda have the same class with us this morning. I hope they don’t bore us with more note because test starts next week for sure.

I walk into the class holding Bryan hand but immediately my eye land on John I caught him staring already but he look away at that point. What a jerk ass!, he has been avoiding him since he forcefully kiss me. I don’t know if he actually remember because he was drunk but at least Bryan is yet to find out or he won’t spare him at all.

I need to stay far away from him as much as I can. I thought he was a good friend but it turns out that he is jerk and deserve some beating.

💝 NINA 💝

“Sweetheart we need to talk”Liam chase after him Immediately I walk out of the restroom.
how long has he been waiting?.
“Don’t call me that and I don’t want to talk to you”I blurted out without stopping for a sec.

“I didn’t know you will take the text this serious but it just…..Can you wait and listen to me”he pleaded but I am not ready for a bullshit excuses.

“Can you just listen to me”he grab me by my wrist and pull me back and my face hit his chest making me gasped.
“Let go off me”I frown, but instead he held my waist and press me close to himself
“What are you doing? let go off me”I yelled but he shun me off by crashing our lips together and he kiss me aggressively.

“Stop”I tried to say but that gave him more access into my mouth and he finally withdraw sincerely I blinked twice because he has never kiss me this way since we’ve started dating.

“Are you going to listen to me now?”he said and I just stare at him with my lips parting a bit by he use his thumb to wipe my lips gently.
“I got a text from my ex recently and she had been bothering since, I met up with her and I tried to explain to her we can’t be together”

I couldn’t even say a word because his thumb is playing on my lips.
“The chat you saw was nothing, I thought you read it that why I reacted like that because I know it nothing but you are so cold towards me recently and I figure out you misunderstand everything”he explained and my body tensed down.

“How am I sure you aren’t making things up?”
“You know I won’t, I love you so much and you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t want to lose you dear”he confessed.
I don’t even know what to say right now😩.

I feel so stupid for misunderstanding everything right from the start I even implicate Mare with this.
“I am sorry Nina, I shouldn’t have reply her non meet up with her”
“I am sorry too”I muttered trying not to cry because I am so broken.

He pull me into a tight hug like he is going to lose him if he ever let go. I hug him back tightly sniffing back my tears, I miss him so much.

“So do you want to escort me to get a drink for the weekend party”he asks,
“Definitely”I replied and wrap his hand round my shoulder as we walk to the school cafeteria.

“Awwwn, finally someone made up”Mare cooed and I blush as we sit beside each other round the table.
“Whatever”I gave her a glare and she smile.

“Hey Leo do you want to follow him to Sean place in the evening”Mare asks.

“Why Leo? Can’t I follow you”Bryan sounded a bit jealous.
“No! it for a reason and duh I don’t want you to meet Sean yet he is cunning”She replied.

“Why is John always absent?”I asks looking at Mare and she roll her eye. It obvious Bryan doesn’t know yet and things won’t work out that way definitely.
“And Jennifer decided to join”Mare added giving me a deadly glare and I roll my eye.

“Just tell him”I whisper to her and she read my lips.
“I will”She roll her eye and I smile when Liam kiss my cheek and feed me.


“Bryan can I see you for a sec?”She asks, and he look around.
“Not here”Mare replied.
“Sure”he took the last french fries in his plate and follow her

They were able to survive through the crowded cafeteria and thankfully the hallway is empty.
“So what do you want to say that is so important?”he asks.
“John kiss me last night, he was totally drunk and wasn’t control of himself”It was a fast speech but at least with his reaction she knows he heard her.

“That bastard”he tried to move but she stop him.
“I just said it a mistake!”She cooed.
“No! It isn’t he did that on purpose and need to be beaten to pulp”he disagree,
“Bryan stop you don’t sought things aggressively and it a mistake he wouldn’t do it in his right sense”She coaxed him.

“Did he apologise?”
“That the point he doesn’t regret anything and deserve to be…..”
“I am not done yet Bryan!, I am not giving him a chance to apologise because I don’t want to see him”She replied and his body tensed down, that a relief.

“When did you plan on telling me if I didn’t asks”he change the topic.
“You aren’t planning on telling me if I didn’t asks right.”he Interrupted.
“It not like….”
“Since we started dating I don’t know why you choose to hurt me all the time”

“I asks you to stay away from him but you won’t even listen to me”
“Don’t call my name”
“You are taking this too serious I didn’t even allow him….”
“I don’t want to hear anything from you”he rake his hair with his hand and move a bit from her.

She am heartbroken right now I don’t expect things to turn out this way but I don’t want to be the reason he will fight his brother again.
She surprised him by hugging him and burying her face unto his neck. Speechless, he snaked his arms around her, accepting my hug.

“I am sorry”he whisper into her ear.
“I am sorry too”She replied.

She was breathless suddenly because she was aware of his caressing arms around her. They were too close for comfort and so she forced myself to back away.

He twisted his lips, hiding his smirk.
“What?”She wonder why he is smiling.
“Nothing just that…”
“That what?”
“You are different Mare”he stated.
“Different in what way?”

“I don’t want to ever lose you”he pull her back to him and crash his lips on hers.
“Not here Bryan”She push him away.
“Then come with me”he replied and before she can mutter a word he carry her up in a bridal style.

“What are you doing?”She wonder burying her face in his chest trying not to caught blushing.
“Trying to get lost”he replied.
“Or trying to fvck me in the school?”
“Hey”he chastised and she laugh.



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