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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 33 & 34

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 33

By: Kebby. NG




“Good morning”I said as I walk down the stairs and find the others having breakfast already and is that Bryan serving?.

“Morning sweetheart”Bryan walk towards me and kiss me right in the front of everyone but I dont care anymore instead I smile and I walk to sit beside Jennifer whose eye are filled with so much hatred and the rest won’t stop staring at me.

“Hope you had a great night?”Bryan drag his chair to my side and drop a French toast on my plate. “Yeah,thank you”I mumbled.

“What the hell is going on here?”Jennifer fake voice is starting to irritate my ear can’t she just stop pretending and be herself.

“The answer is quite obvious”I roll my eye munching on my toast.
“How long as this been happening?”Liam asks.
“Sunday I guess”I replied and I felt Bryan hand on my laps.

“You lied to me?”Nina blurted out
“I’m sorry I just wanted to_”
“Liam can we go now?”She Interrupted.
“Huh?”Liam is a bit surprise at her reaction as she stood up.
“I said let leave!”She yelled as she exit the house angrily and liam had to follow holding an apologetic look immediately John stood up too and follow them.

What’s up with him too? Aren’t we friends or he is still mad about last night?.

“For your Information Mare just because you guys are dating doesn’t mean you win and I know Bryan understand this too”Jennifer threatened as she walk out of the house leaving just Leo.

“And you?”Bryan face Leo.
“I am happy for you guys and Mare you take a nice step”Leo gave me a thumbs up and I smile.
“He knew?”Bryan asks and I nod.
“He overheard our conversation”I replied.

“I will see you guys later”he pick his bag too and exit the house leaving just me and Bryan in the dinning room.
“I so mad at myself right now”I breathe out.
“I was expecting this so it definitely going to be fine”Bryan assured.
“Are you sure?”I questioned.
“But Nina……”
“She will understand very soon”
“I hope she does because I can’t bare loosing my girlfriend”I muttered sadly and he pull me into a tight hug.

I feel so comforted when he hug me and pat my shoulder whispering to me everything would be okay. He drive me to school that same morning and won’t even let me out of his sight for a minute.

He corner me round the school wall just to make sure everyone knows I am taken. What a jealous guy.
“I will be right back”I whispered to him as I excuse myself from the Urban class.
I am so pressed right now that I had to rush to the restroom and after doing the necessary things I walk out of the room but bumped into the last person I expect to see in school.

“Cynthia”I called in surprise.
“Mare? You sound like you kinda miss me”She smirked.
“I heard you are now with Bryan, congratulation”She cross her hand round her chest.

“But too bad his ex is back again, why don’t you just quit because I am definitely sure you dating Bryan will hurt you so much and just little innocent girl”She sounds like she care but I know it just a mock.

“Thanks for the advice”I replied and tried to walk away but she pull me back.

“What do you want from me Cynthia?”
“I think you deserve someone better than Bryan but I am not going to force you to quit because Bryan is dumb too or didn’t he tell you Jennifer is the girl that his father arranged for him”
“I don’t care”I replied and she seems surprised.

Lover girl I wish you good luck in fighting for love”
“Thanks”I scoff before walking away.
“So pathetic”I muttered and stopped when sighted Nina making out with Liam at his locker.

I walk over to them. “Hi Liam”I greet and he pull back.

“What’s up”he replied and I look over at Nina but she doesn’t even care about my presence in the place.
“Can we go somewhere else Liam?”Nina asks.

“Please just hear me out”I pleaded.

“Let go Liam”she pulled Liam but I stop her.

“Just hear me out, you don’t have to forgive me all I need is for you to hear me out at least I will know I apologise to my best friend”I said almost tearing up and there was a face of guilty on her face too.

“Excuse us Liam”She said and Liam walk away.
“Take care”he said to me and I make a smiley face that fade off immediately my gaze landed on Nina.
“So what are you going to say or you will just keep watching my face without saying anything”

“You have just five minutes”she added and I swallow hard before I clear my throat.
“It happened to fast and I didn’t even know what to do at that moment and I can’t even tell you because I know you are going to hate me”

“And that doesn’t change anything because I hate you more than anything right now”She blurted out without even taking a look at me.

“I’m serious Nina, he kissed me, I kissed him and we made out I don’t even know how it all happened but I just couldn’t help myself when I realized I have fallen for him”I blabbered almost crying but I had to control myself.

“Are you even listening to yourself? You lied to me!!!, you gave Bryan the number one playboy with a lot of exes your Virginity. He doesn’t worth you at all you know that right?”
“Don’t call my name I hate you,I regret ever helping you thinking you are going to be the honest girlfriend I ever had”She said and tears roll down my cheek.

“I didn’t expect that from you either, I don’t know why you are so mad about me been happy when I gave you so much support when things worsen up with you and Liam. If you had a chance with Liam why can’t I have with Bryan?”

“It really unfair you said those words to me. You helped me when I didn’t request for it and that made respect you so much but I never thought you will be like this when I find my own happiness. I will definitely stay away if you want me to but if you ever regret I will be there waiting to accept you again”I walk away wiping my tears.

I can’t believe I just waste it especially to her about the fact I love him and there is no way I am going to break up with him just because she once helped me.

“What wrong?”Bryan wrap his hand round my neck and I quickly clean my eye properly because I don’t want him to know I cried.
“Did you talk to Nina already?”
“Yeah and she is still mad at me and doesn’t want to be friend with me”I replied as he open the class door for me and I realize no one is in the class anymore.

“Are you sure you are okay”he asks a I bury my face in my palm and burst into tears.
“Oh no!”he pull into his arm and pat my back gently.
“It fine you aren’t going to lose her”he said.
“She didn’t even care after I explained to her”
“It fine sweetheart she is going to understand”I wet his shirt with my tears and when I feel satisfied I pull away and he stare at like it is first time of seeing me cry.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”I asks wiping my face.
“Nothing”he replied and keep staring at me.
“That your face is saying something opposite”I scoff.
“Do you want to go somewhere with me”
“Right now?”
“No way I can’t skip school test in a week and I need to study”
“I promise to tutor you once we return back home

“For real?”
“You seems to be in a bad mood but I know somewhere that is definitely going to cheer you up”
“Really?”I arched my brows at me.
“Trust me”
“Fine”I let out of my hand for him and he slide his hand in mine.

Bryan is just so good at sneaking out of the school. We won’t stop running from walls to walls just avoid been seen by any of teacher or been caught on camera.

We finally arrive at the school park and he open the car door for me. I sit in laughing at the fact I can’t believe I am sneaking out of school with him.

“Stop right there”a security man who caught of driving out of the school compound yelled but Bryan increase the speed and we both won’t stop laughing as the security man trying his best to run up to a car speed before he quit.

He really knows how to lighten my mood. I screamed as he speed up the more and the breeze blow up my hair in the air.
“Whooooooo”I screamed.
I have never had this much fun riding in a car before since my dad death. he did it for me!!.

Episode 34



“Get back here”I shouted as I chase after Bryan round the fun park laughing because he just intentionally smash my ice cream cone on the floor and ran away.
“Catch me if you dare”he replied laughing and I chase after him even though I don’t think I will be able to catch up with him.

Is he a cheetah or do I feel like that because I am so lazy to run after him.
“That was……… so fun”I said in between my laugh as we both collapse on the floor panting heavily.
“Yeah I am glad you are find it fun and happy”he replied and I smile even though I don’t know if he sees me because I am staring at the cloud.

“Skipping school is actually fun I can believe my head was so full and I got it done in just a day”I blurted out.
“Yeah”I can feel his eye on me so I turn my head and caught him staring.
We share an intense look for a while whilst his hand interwined mine beneath and I smile.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”I asks.
“You know the answer sweetheart, you were gorgeous and I just can’t take my eye off you”he flattered and my cheek turn red instantly.

“I love you”
“I love you too”I replied and he lean in an kiss me but pull back immediately.
“So what your favorite band?”
“One direction”
“Wow, I actually prefer Wednesday”
“Wednesday? I never heard of them”
“Basically because they don’t exist”he blurted out and I frown.

“Like seriously? that a dry joke”
“I wasn’t laughing except from the fact someone is crushing recently on a male idol, Justin Bieber”
“How do you even know that?”I asks in surprise.
“Isn’t it so obvious especially when you wish him on his birthday and he didn’t even reply because he got thousands”

“Just shut up and how do you know all this?”I questioned but he shrug.
“You’ve been going through my phone?”
“No just when you left it on the couch and I discover you were streaming his IG that all”
“Can you appreciate the fact I am saying the truth”

“You punk”I straddle him and hit him but he won’t stop laughing getting me more exasperated and I hit him more.
“You jerk”I cuss at him but my body tensed down when I felt his hand on my ass and I stopped whatever I was doing.

“Seriously Bryan?”I use my hand to push off the hair on my face to the back of my ear.
“I should lash you for crushing on another guy that isn’t me”he stated.
“Do you realize he is just a celeb and I like his songs”I roll my eye.

“That still doesn’t change anything”
“Are you jealous?”
“Do you really want the answer to that?”
“Yeah totally so I can mock the great Bryan who is jealous of a celebrity that does even know…..”
My response firm as I glared right into his eye.

His other hand reached to my face and his thumb brushed across my lips. Out of surprise, he kissed me, on the lips, with brute strength, for the first time.

I was taken back.

It took me a second to respond to the kiss. My heart was pounding in my chest and my heart was overwhelmed with joy. At that second, I felt it, the connection, the connection I should have felt the first night I was with him.

My body felt weak, my mind was slipping away as primal desires awakened inside me. I kissed back and his tongue plunged into my mouth, exploring my depths. I could feel the heat, the emotion, the bond.

It was real, he is the right one for you Mare, I thought to myself.
We finally arrive home after a long day at the park taking pictures and all that and I had so much fun than I expected with him and we made out in his car, an additional fun I just couldn’t get enough of him.

“That was so much fun”I giggled as Bryan walk me holding me by my waist.
“You still owe me a kiss”he said and I pout my lips but he pecked them.
He made me play some stupid game with him and whenever I lose I have to kiss him.

I lost ever single round to him so I stop kissing him and he won’t stop claiming I owe him a kiss when he had been kissing me all through our drive home but he insist it different from a kiss from me directly.

“Go away”I push him off and raise my head up only to find everyone staring at us with Jennifer eye filled with so much hatred.
“Hi guys”I wave at them and move a bit from Bryan so things won’t get awkward.
“Looks like someone had so much fun today”Nina blurted out with a scoff.

“Ni……”she didn’t even let me mention her name finish before she stand up from Liam lap and walk up the stairs. Is she still mad at me?.
“I will talk to her”Liam muttered and follow her.
“Bryan are really going to date this thing?”Jennifer questioned and I frown.

“I____”I got Interrupted by Bryan.
“Yeah at least she is my thing”Bryan kiss my cheek and walk to the dinning table whilst me walking to the living room and I sit beside Leo.

“You guys are awesome”he whisper to me giving me a thumbs up and I smile.
“Has anyone seen John?”Bryan asks, so he is concerned about him now?.
“He left few minutes before you two walk in”Leo replied.

“Where did he go too?”Bryan asks as he walk back to the living room with a glass of water and pass it to me but before I could grab it Jennifer collect it and gulp it down dropping the glass on the table with a loud bang and I expect the cup to be broken already.

“Jenny!”Bryan yelled.
“Awwwn you still call me that”She blew him a kiss and I felt the spirit of jealous crawling into me at that moment so I grab Bryan face and kiss him.
“He is mine so stay away”I said to her and she scoff before standing up and walk away angrily.

“I’m proud of you”he whispered to me and I smile.
“Good night guys I was so worried about you when you two didn’t come home but at least now I can go to bed”Leo said.
“Awwwn thanks so much”
“Do you have any idea where John went too?”Bryan asks and I feel he is still concerned about his brother no matter how hard he try to fight it.

“To a friend”
“John don’t have a friend”he blurted out.
“Comm’n dude he will be home very soon”he pat Bryan shoulder before walk away too.
“It kinda cute you are so concerned about him”I said staring at his worried face.
“No I am not”he scoff and I smile.

“Wow John you are finally back”
“Where the hell have you been”Bryan yelled as he turn only to realize I just pranked him and I laugh so hard.

“Seriously?”he arched his brows at me but when I wouldn’t stop laughing he left.
“I’m sorry don’t be mad at me”I ran after him hugging him from the back before he enters his room.

“I’m sorry and you still kinda owe me a lecture tonight”I pleaded.

“You really know how to get me”
“I did nothing”I pull back and allow him to turn.
“Whatever”he turn and enter my room and I follow him.
We study together till it was finally bed time and he told he needs to shower before he goes to bed and will be back soon so I allow him leave while I pack the books and arrange them on my desk.

I just finished taking my bathe and changed into my pyjamas. I was packing my hair into messy buns when the knock on my door distracted me.
“Do you really have to knock.”I asks as I walk to the door ready to open up for Bryan. I don’t know why he just feel like stressing me again when he can basically walk in and sleep.

“Bryan you shouldn’t have…..”I pause when I saw John reeking of alcohol at my door and staring at me weirdly.
“Where the hell have you been and eeeeeew you reek of alcohol”I said pinning my nose.

“Mare”he called and the smell of conc. alcohol cover my face.
“What the hell”
“It really you?”he asks.
“You should go to…..”I haven’t even finish my statement before he crash his lips aggresively on mine.

Oh no!!?


TBC.. ❤😍💋

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