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July 30, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 31 & 32

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 30




“You are not going on a date with another guy just because we are trying to hide our relationship”he growled

“I was___”
“I said you are not going anywhere and that final.

“And who do you think you are to decide for me”
“I am your boyfriend Mare”
“You aren’t even saying anything when that bitch was busy ranting at the table”
“Because I don’t care Mare”
“Do you know she is one sending us the text”

“What do you mean”

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“She threatened me at the restroom now talking about the text and releasing a video and I don’t know what Video she is talking about”

“Mare you don’t need to care about all that anymore because I am always here for you”he declared.
“It fine baby”he cup my cheek in his palm.

“She is moving in today Bryan”
“They all see you as a competitor but you shouldn’t see them that way because I am all yours”he muttered and I smile.
“But you know you still have to cancel that date right?”he smirk.

“Fine! but what am I going to tell him”
“You should know”he pull me into a kiss immediately. Spark ignited all through my body I open my mouth to protest because we are in the school but that gave him more access as he deepen the kiss.

“Br__yan st……op”I moaned but he didn’t even listen but instead he trail kisses down my neck and went back to me lips dipping his tongue into my mouth. I can’t even push him away because it felt so right.

I hold his neck for support as he deepen the kiss in which I responded with a moan.
“Yes darling, tell me you love me”his hand brushing my boobs from my cloth.

“Bryan………stop”I push him away trying to catch my breath I didn’t realize I was holding for too long
“You are all mine”he muttered smiling as he could see the hickeys on my neck that are very visible. Damn it!!

“I will save the rest for the room and I think those hickeys will work well for now and those guys will stay away from you knowing you are taken”

“Take care of yourself and do well to stop allowing guys touch my properties or I won’t mind fucking you here one-day”he kiss my lips and exit the janitor before me.

I stood there trying to process what just happened especially the fact he just made it visible I am taken but how the hell am I going to tell them it Bryan!!.

I tried to drag the off shoulder I wore a bit up but it completely useless and isn’t even working. I stomp out of the janitor angrily but I bumped into Linda ,Nina and of course Jennifer at the hallway.

“Lunch is over?”I asks in surprise.
“Yeah”Jennifer replied with a fake smile on like I don’t know she doesn’t like me.
“You took forever” Nina complained.
“I’m sorry”I pleaded more like a whisper and she smile.

“What that on your neck”Nina is the first to notice the black dot Bryan had forcefully placed on my neck.
“Were you_”
“Your lips look so swollen and your eye are so red”Nina touch my face and I just stood there doing nothing.

“Are you_”I shove her hands off my face before she guess on something totally out of this word.
“Are you seeing someone Mare?”Linda asks and my gaze landed on Jennifer who won’t stop staring like I ruin her prom dress.

“It fine if you don’t want to tell us but whosoever give you that is really claiming you”
“Too visible”Linda added.
“It been there since I don’t know why you guys are just noticing it”I lied.

“Are you lying to us? It wasn’t there during lunch because I was staring at you all the whole time”Jennifer added and I felt like punching her.
“I don’t think so”I replied rolling my eye.
“Whatever anyway girls anyway I have a class now see you later”Linda declared blowing us kisses as she walk away.

“What your last class for today Mare?”Jennifer asks
“Free and I will likely spend it alone studying”
“Same here”She added and I frown.
“I don’t know new student get free classes already”I scoff.
“I guess I am lucky”She put her hand round my shoulder and I tried my best not to shove them off.

“See you two later”Nina and Linda walk away leaving me and Jennifer. I remove her hand off my shoulder instant and move away.
“I don’t think it actually necessary”I stated.
“Thanks for the observation”She scoffs.

“It obvious you aren’t in school to study”
“I already explain to you why I am here and trust me when I say he is definitely going to be mine”
“Wow, what if he is mine already?”I smirk.
“That not possible because even if he has feelings for you he won’t downgrade himself to reveal you”

“I don’t think so anyway I will keep repeating I don’t need your Bryan and I won’t be staying here forever so you can go ahead and have him I don’t care”
“Thanks for informing me because I will riding hi. tonight by grace”She replied confidently and my fist clench.

“You are such a bitch”
“If I am to be you_”she move close to me proper and whisper to my ear.
“I won’t push things far and just walk away because if you mess with me I will ruin you”She said and my body froze.

She move back a bit with an evil smirk on. “Cat got your tongue”She mimick me and now I realize what this is all about It just a revenge of what I did to her at the restroom today.

“Anyway if you are done talking I have a date to cancel”I scoff as I walk away shoving her off my way. I don’t know why they all think they can beat me to my speech.

I am Mare Atwood for crying out loud and no messes with me. Now I understand why my mom always tell me never to get myself involved with the popular.

If they don’t stop all this now I will just change my mind of keeping it a secret but the only thing stopping me is the fact I lied to Nina.

I don’t even know where to find Tyler right now because he is still yet to be seen since morning so I quit looking for him and head straight to the

school garden. That the only place that will definitely be quiet and save to meditate.

After releasing my breathe I head straight to the garden. So glad it student free and no noise, I sit on the bench bringing out my phone and play in my favorite song, plug in my earphones and relax back on the chair to enjoy the moment.

I was so lost in it and didn’t realize a presence at my front.
“So good someone is skipping class”I startled up immediately someone tap me on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean too_”
“Seriously Leo?”I scoff as I sit back still mad at him.

“I am sorry”he repeated.
“It fine! don’t you have a class?”
“Free too and I can only think of this place”he stated as he seat beside me with an heavy sigh.
“What bothering you?”I asks in concern.
“I should asks you that”he replied and I raise my brows.

Why did I even start having a conversation with Leo? he is rude, lacks manners and so lazy that he can’t even clean his own room I wonder how he breathe and doesn’t even stink.
“Why?”I asks.
“Aren’t you curious about the new girl?”

“You mean Jennifer?”I requested.

“Yeah”he nod playing with his hand without staring at me.
“Why should I be bothered about her? She seems okay to me”I lied even though I know she is definitely going to be a pain in the arse.
“Are you kiddin’ me right now?”
“Why are you been so dramatic”

“Aren’t you guys dating and his ex is suddenly back and you don’t care?”he blabbered and my eye widened.
“You heard the conversation?”
“Maybe you guys shouldn’t discuss at all so someone won’t hear you”he replied and I close my eyes that now feels like they are going to pop out.

“So why didn’t you_
“I know you see me in an opposite way but it fine I like been private but Jennifer is entirely different from Cynthia. Cynthia was just a used bitch but he once love her and might love her again”
“What are insinuating?”
“Stop all this secret bullshit and let everyone know he is yours before things get wrong especially with John and Jennifer”

“John have nothing to do with this he is just a friend”
“It will be good to be positive now and stop lying to yourself. I was once like that when I was fighting myself just because I realize I am going to gay”he stated.
“I will like it if you keep a secret but be prepare for the worst if you guys refuse to end this secret bullshit”

“Why are you saying all this?”
“Because I didn’t realize I was a gay until I discover I was gay too”he tap my shoulder and walk away.
I just sit there trying to process all he just said right now.

Leo isn’t straight? and what does he mean by war?.

Episode 31



I was laying on my bed thinking about all the events that happened today especially everything Leo said to me at the garden. I turned towards one side and stared at one of the pictures that was hanging on my walls.

I sighed. Then turning again I laid straight now staring at the ceiling. Does Bryan really have something for Jennifer?. I remember his reaction when he saw her walk toward our table in the cafeteria. Was the constant thought going around in my mind.

“This is your room”I can hear Nina voice outside prolly showing Jennifer to her room.
“No,this used to be my room so I am staying here”I heard Jennifer fake voice.
“Mare is now the owner and I don’t see anything wrong in staying in a room beside me”Nina protested.

“It too far from Bryan and this is my room tell Mare to move there instead”
“But_”Nina tried to protest but when I heard a loud bang on my door I scoff as I walk to the door and twist it open.

“What wrong?”I maintain a serious face as I stare at her luggages which consists of five boxes. Is she going to her husband house finally or something?.
“Get out I need to move in”She said.
“Excuse me?”

“This actually used to be my room actually and I always like my room close to Bryan”she fake her voice probably realizing Nina is here with us.
“So? how is that my business?”I shrug and she frown but put on a fake smile on back because of Nina and I roll my eye.
“Mare why don’t you move in with me then at least we used to be roommates”Nina suggested.

“I really appreciate the offer but I love the view from my window”I replied and shut the door right at their faces but the wild dog bang my door louder.
“What?”I yelled at her immediately I open the door and she flinched.

“Jenny ( a short name for Jennifer) why don’t you come with me I can set your room up too because it my specialty”
“Yeah Nina is a tested and trusted room decorator and I am sure she will do a perfect job”I gave Nina a thumbs up and close my door right at their face again.

I giggled as I walk back to my bed, at least I am able to set her in the right place.
“You are so crazy Mare”I said to myself.
“I know”I smile foolishly.
I walk to my study table I need to prepare for the upcoming test because failing is like letting my mom down.

I sit on chair and start with Statistic because it the only subject I really find difficult since prep and I would want to fail it in college again.
I pick up my pen from the pen holder on my desk and start to solve some difficult questions.

I wasn’t able to solve almost half of it so I let it aside till tomorrow probably asks someone or asks the teacher directly if I am not turned off.

I grunt as I close my book and walk back to my bed and lay down gently contemplating on his words. What does he mean by war? like there is something bad that is going to occur very soon.

Leo baffles me so much, is it going to be right if I ever announced our relationship to everyone?.

I was still contemplating on the matter when the door squeak open and Bryan walk in just in his pants.
“Get a shirt”I roll my eye as I lay properly on the bed using the duvet to cover my body.

“Do I really need that?”he smirked and I scoff before letting out a deep sigh.
“What wrong?”he asks as he walk over to my study table and open up my study book.
“nothing”I really shortly.

“Are you trying to do all this?”he asks scrolling through the pages of my book.
“Test is next week”I replied.
“I can’t believe you study so hard for it”
“I will take that as a compliment but I can’t even solve half of it and it so frustrating”I grunt and he laugh.

“Do you need an help?”he questioned as he rest his full weight on my table.
“From who?”I sit up.
“Me”he said and I burst into laughter because his reaction is so funny.
“Are you doubting me?”
“No, you basically don’t stay in class and we both know that”I replied.

“I come once in a while”
“That is just to stare at me or eat a girl face”I scoff.
“What about this, if I am able to solve these questions right here we disclose our relationship to everyone”he stated and I gave it a thought first staring deeply at him.

“I really doubt if you can actually do those maths”
“Then make a deal with me”
“Hope this isn’t one of your pranks on me?”
“You are going to watch me solve it so no cheating”

“Deal”I smirk believing so well that I am going to win for sure.
“Let do this”he rub his palm together.
“But on one condition too”I replied as I stand up from the bed and walk over to his side
“You know I will always do anything for you baby”he flirted.

“This is serious Bryan”
“I will think about it but I definitely have a request because I’m sure you can’t solve it”
“I love your courage bae”he replied as he sit on the chair and start writing while I study him.

“What the hell are you doing?”I asks as he keep inscribing something I don’t understand into the book.
“Don’t be in such a rush baby”he replied and I smile.

“Done!”he said after few minutes and my eye are all popped out when I realize he solve them all already.

“I am definitely sure they are all wrong”
“The textbook have the answer dear”he push the book to my side.

I arched my brows suspiciously as I check the first question and he got the answer right.
“How……the…..hell_”I am so amazed at the miracle he just perform right now.
“You barely attend classes Bryan”I gave up when I realize he got almost everything right.

“I don’t need them”
“Are you calling yourself a genius?”
“That is a simple maths I am kinda disappointed you couldn’t solve it”he drawled and I frown at him.
“Just kiddin”he raise his hand in surrender.

“I won”he smirk.
“So?”I roll my eye as I walk back to the bed and sit at the edge.
“We are disclosing our relationship tomorrow morning henceforth and that all”
“No!”I blurted out.
“I thought we already made a deal and I don’t think backing out is proper”he sounded disappointed.

“Why are so interested in disclosing it now?”
“I never wanted a secret relationship but I always respect my woman decision”
“I am not your woman”I stated one after the other.
“Your wish”he replied.
“Fine!”I can’t believe I am agreeing to this especially after I lied to Nina about my relationship with Bryan.

“So what was your request If I hadn’t win?”
“It totally useless now so just forget”
“Yeah dude”I replied.
“Can I stay over?”
“You getting me addicted to you so much”I replied and he approach me as stand right at my front.
“What are you doing?”

“If I don’t get you addicted to me then who else?”he lean down to my face and I just stare at him.
“Just kiss me”I replied stupidly and in swift he took my lips in his and lay me down on the bed.

He tickle me and I giggled as I break the kiss laughing.
“Stop Bryan”I continue to receive my punishment from him continuously.

“You are getting naughty recently babe”He hovered over me and I keep laughing.
“W__hat arrrre you expecting”I break my words because I couldn’t talk well as he keep tickling me.

“Stop Bryan”I push him off me and overpower him as I straddle him down on the bed sitting on him.
“You are still going to teach me how you solve those questions”
“Anytime baby”he sit up and meet my face but we both stop laughing at that point when I realized the position we right now.

“I_”I tried to say something but I bit my lips unconsciously when I felt him getting hard under my butt.
“I_”I tried to control myself but he crash his lips into mine Its like opening up my soul, tasting feeling and seeing every colour of the rainbow in their own sensual way, almost like catching a smile in a bottle, its softness, its sweetness.

He palm my ass and grind me into him harder and I gasped at first because I am dying of pleasure right now but kiss lock my lips in his again and begin to kiss me slower while I grind into him and this is best moment I ever felt with him because the kiss was filled with so much tension and I had the urge to rip those shorts off just to have him.

“Mare”Someone call my name from the door and I break the kiss Instantly but we shared an intense stare until the knock on the door bring my sense.

What if someone sees Bryan in my room?
“Shit”I move away from him adjusting my room, “You have to hide Bryan”I said.
“Why? I thought we aren’t keeping this anymore?”
“You said tomorrow”I replied and he glare at me firstly before he stood up.

“So what?”


Things is getting steamy and hot but will things really be better if they reveal their relationship⁉️. Remember to drop your comment as an opinion.

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