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July 23, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 3 & 4

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

By: Kebby. NG

Episode 3




I was sitting on the couch with my friends around and partying. We actually organize the fresh party because we wanted everyone to get to know each other but I have no Interest in it.

That isn’t my idea but John, obviously it was for him to get about s*x mate for the semester. I’m Bryan Banks and I’m the only heir to the “Bank’s Enterprise”.

I grew up in Petraka and I schooled from creche here and it funny I still got an admission into Petraka college through my dad connection. he always has is eye on me and won’t even let me leave Petraka for once.

“I will give you a nice ride if you can do it for me”Cynthia said and she is really testing my patience.

She wants me to pretend to be her boyfriend henceforth just to operess people for no reason and in return she will give me her body. Like seriously?!.

“Get away from me”I scowled.
“Easy man, you know it would be for our benefit”She said rubbing my chest and I push her away.
“I’m not interested”I said plainly before my eye met with a tiny, curvy, raven haired beauty dancing in the crowd.

I’ve been staring at her for a while ignoring blabbering Cynthia as usual.

I’ve never seen her before, Where is she from?. Is she a freshman too? Different thought were running through my mind completely ignoring Cynthia. I had to sit up when I saw her approaching us.

She is f**kingly hot. I’ve never seen a freshman in a model body before. Hot, sexy and tempting absolutely mesmerizing.

“Nina”She called as she slump beside John and everyone was surprise and Cynthia stare at her with disgust look.

“Who is she?”She asks John.
“I don’t know but she does look hot”John wrap his hand round her neck and my face hardened.

“Just let go off her, she is drunk”I muttered.
“Huh?When do you start caring about a freshman”John asks.

“Nina”She repeated and collect the drink John was drinking and chug it down at one shot.
“Woahhh”the guys screamed as she took another round.

“You are sure a party type”John said and she nod her head laughing like a crazy lady.

“Since we are even what about we play a game?”Leo, a friend asks.
“Truth or Dare”Cynthia added.
“I’m out”I said.
“I wanna play”She said still laughing and I smirk.

“Oh woah”Liam said and I scoff.

“Who will go first?”
“I”Cynthia said.

“I will start with her”She pointed at the Nina girl.
“Truth or Dare”
“Dare”she replied so fast. Does she realize this game isn’t as easy as it sounds like?.
“I dare you leave this place”Cynthia said and Liam chuckled and I smirked.

“Huh? Leave sure, Nina let go”She pull John with her and they walk away.
“Bitch”Cynthia cussed as she lay back on me but I push her away and quickly made my way out of the place tracing John.

Like I would I’ve imagined, John took her upstairs and I know he was going to take advantage of that poor girl. “Bryan how is that even your business?”My subconscious yelled at me.

That true, how is it my business if John take advantage of her then let it be, it non of my business. I wanted to go back but I find myself following them.

John pull her by her waist and drag her into a room. “Bryan just ignore it, she isn’t your sister or girlfriend why are you been concerned about her?”I said in my mind.

“No! I can’t just let her be used”I said to myself and open the door with a loud bang and John jumped off her immediately.
“What the hell dude”he cuss at me but I ignore that.

The drunk lady was only lying there with her gown almost showing her butt.
“Get out”I scowled.
“What wrong with you? It non of your business”he replied.
“I said get out”I yelled and he groaned before he pull his pants up and walk out of the room angrily.

he shut the door behind him and my eye fell on her laying on the bed laughing like a crazy lady. Why is she drinking when she knows she isn’t a good drinker.

“Nina, I want to go home”She said and sit up.
“Find Nina”She said. She must be with Nina, the girl I bumped into at the cafe today.

“Sure I will find her”I said and wanted to leave but on a second thought, what if someone walks in and take advantage of her state while am gone?.

I walk toward the bed and wanted to help her up but she pull me back down with her and I was hovering above her.

Gosh! She is beautiful!.
“Why do you smell so nice”She sniffed me! all I did was stare.
Where is this strange lady from? She is really driving me crazy. No woman had ever made me feel this way at first sight.

The only good thing is to stay away from her and avoid contact with her. I was still staring at her with different thought running through my mind.

I examined every aspect of her face. Her skin was blemish-free, soft, and silky like her hair – which was tickling my finger tips placed under her ear.

I licked my bottom lip as I looked into them. So beautiful, and fixated on me.

I genyly tilted my head as I lean in to meet the soft layer of her lips and gently pressed my mouth into hers.
I just save her from been taken advantage of and now I want to take advantage of her?.

I pull away and she stare at like my kiss made her sober because she wasn’t laughing or doing anything crazy but instead we were both staring at each other intensely.

Taking me by surprise she lean in and clutched our lips together back.
It started as a slow, sensual kiss, but soon turned into a hunger filled, lustful caress of our mouths. I could taste her strawberry gloss, forcing me to push further into her.

Our tongues twisted together, licking, tasting, and exploring each other. My hands roamed all up her body, until I gripped the back of her hair with one.

I hesitantly broke the kiss and move away from her. No! I can’t do this.
“I will be right back, I will get Nina”I said and she didn’t say a word and I walk away.

Immediately I twist the door open, a young lady bumped in my front and I recognize her as the girl I met this afternoon.
“You are Nina?”I asked and she gasped.
“You remember me?”
“Are you looking for someone”I asks ignoring her remark.

“She inside”I open the door properly for her.
“Huh?”She ran In.
“Omg, Mare what have you done?”

Her name is Mare? “Cute”I muttered before walking out of the door.
“What’s up with you dude why are you so protective of the strange girl”Liam said and pass me a drink as I sit back at the table and thankfully Cynthia is gone.

“Non of your business”I blurted and gulp down the drink.
“You are acting all strange”Leo replied and ignore them as I pick a stick of cigarettes to smoke before my eye met with her again.

Her friends was helpful her out of the house. I hope she get home save.
I really need to know who the hell she is.



Episode 4




The morning alarm made me groan out but it stopped ringing almost immediately.

I didn’t switch it off, I open my eye slightly and Nina was standing there staring at me with so much concern.

“Good morning”I muttered and try to sit but a very sharp pain struck my head and I groaned.
“Sorry”She ran to get me water and pass it to me .
“Thanks”I muttered after drinking to my fill.

“I warned you about getting yourself drunk last night”She said.
“Oh my God!!!”I gasped.
“Did I happen to do something crazy last night?”I asks.
“Nothing actually but something is strange”She said.

“What do you mean”I push the duvet off my body and went to get my morning dose from the drawer, swallowing it with the water Nina gave me.

“I don’t know what happened before I walk in but Bryan was busy looking after you throughout the night”She said.

“Who is Bryan?”
“You still don’t know him? You were totally drunk last night and you went away with some random guy making me lose sight of you but surprisingly I found you in his room”She said.

“What?”I yelled.
“Why are you screaming?”
“You mean I was taken advantage of last night”
“Don’t you remember anything”She asks and I sigh deeply and close my eye for a while.

“Omg”I popped my eye out immediately I recollect what actually happened last night.

“Where is he?”I asks.
“If you don’t want to be popular overnight then stay away from him”she muttered in a serious tone.
“What do you mean?”
“We have a class in twenty minutes, you should get dressed so we can have breakfast before class”She change the topic.

What wrong with her? I glare at her before walking to the bathroom to freshen up.
At the restaurant, Nina and I walk into the place and I pointed at an empty seat beside the window.
“Let go get our food first”She said as I grab a food tray and join the queue with her.

“Why is there so much student here?”I whispered to her looking around.
“Because it the only cafeteria in the school”She said and I move to the front a bit till it finally got to our turn.

“So what class are we having this morning”I asks Nina.
“That go_”
I’m cut off when my shoulder hits against something. Someone and my food spilled on the floor making some silly noise grabbing everyone attention

“Watch it, bitch.” The asshole says.
What?! Did this jerk just call me a bitch?.

I raise my head up and there he is. The devil from last night. What is his name again?.
“You”he said in surprise but I just pretended I didn’t know him.
“Sorry do I know you?”I act all cool and he took a glance of Nina.

“Nina girl”a guy said in surprise and suddenly wrap his hand round my shoulder bringing me close to him but I remove them and took a step back.

“Don’t you remember me too?”he said, but I didn’t say a word. Of course I remember them all John, the one who almost disvirgin me last night.

Leo stands on his right, he has dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, while Liam stands on his left. He looks like he just got out of bed and his blonde hair sits in a mess on his head, yet he still looks flawless.

“Just let the girl be”Liam muttered but the jerk wrap his hand round my neck and tighten his grip this time.
“Who can blame me?, it’s not every day you see a beautiful girl”he shrugged but my eye land on Bryan clenched fist.

Why is he angry again?.
“I don’t know any of you let go off me”I managed to say because they are just creating an unnecessary scene.

“Hey, don’t be so grumpy. You were being so well behaved last night. Come with us?” he pull me with him.
“I need to_”
“Clean it up”he said to Nina and enterwined our hands and pull me away from the place.

I don’t know why I kept cussing as I watch the guys eat and I couldn’t. Nina was busy enjoying their company but I wasn’t.

I notice something about this Bryan of a guy, he hardly talk nor act childish like his friends.
I study his lips as he eat, I still can’t believe I kissed them last night.

Wait! Why is he behaving like he doesn’t care? He saved me last night but we share a very intense kiss last night and this morning he is acting all cold?. he must be a player as his face tells.

‘If he was player then he would have taken advantage of you”My subconscious yelled at me.
“Why aren’t you eating?”John asks and that drag everyone attention to me.
“Nothing, I don’t have an appetite”I lied.

“This is morning, you shouldn’t skip breakfast you know. We are having a busy day today and might not have a chance for lunch”
“I’m okay”I insisted.
“She is fine, she hardly eat”Nina defended me and I gave her a smile.

“Trying to keep your model body right?”Liam teased and I chuckled.
“Nothing of such”I fake a laugh then scoff.
“Mare”I hate myself for the butterflies I feel in my stomach due to the way Bryan said my name. I’m so pathetic.

I’m surprised he even remembered.
“Yes”I wonder why he is calling me. The whole attention was directed to him.
“You actually don’t have a model stature”he said and everyone laugh but I find it not too funny.

“Good morning guys”a voice said and I turned to recognize the blonde girl as the girl from last night.
“Oh”She muttered when she saw me.
“What is she doing here?”She look disappointed as she said so.

“We bumped into her today and decided to have breakfast together, you can join too”Liam said.
“Stand up”She said to me and I wanted to carry my food tray before Leo grab my hand and pull me back.

“Find yourself a seat”he said.
“No it fine, I’m not even eating let her have the space”I remove leo hand from mine and walk away and Nina join me immediately.

“Gosh, I wish I was in your shoe”She said.
“What so fun about it?”
“They all stood up for you”She said.
“Like I care”I dispose the food and exit the restaurant Immediately.

We were walking through the hallway for our first class when Nina screamed and I wonder what it is until the other students in the hallway started talking about it while walking.

“What going on?”
“Aren’t you on the class group chat?”She asks.
“Do we have one?”I asks and she sigh.
“Anyway the hottest gist in town right now is Bryan and Cynthia are in a relationship now”She giggled.

“Huh?”I snatch the phone from her to confirm and truly it was real. he has a girlfriend?. I was just overthinking before.
“Is she in our department”I asks sadly.
“You don’t know Cynthia?She is the prettiest, popular and bitchiest girl in school, I think they are perfect pairing”She said.

“He is rich and she is rich, so they fit”She shrugged and all I could do was nod my head.
“Everyone is apparently talking about it”She said and wrap her hand round my arm.

“Oh”I manage to say.
“Don’t over think, he will come to you if he is yours”She said.
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t need to lie to me, I know you like him”She said.

“No you are getting it wrong, I’m just concerned about him”
“He looks_”the grin on Nina face made me stop.
“Just forget about it”I said and she gave me a sarcastic smile.

The bells rings, saving me from the interrogation with Nina.
Everyone started running to the class and we weren’t excluded.

“Good morning class, let me introduce myself. I’m Mr. Harrison and I will be taking you Maths and as well as Physics”he introduced and I pay more attention to him than what the class are discussing.

“Now let get to it, open your textbook 3.4″he ordered and we all pay attention to him. He is quite good at his job and I understand everything perfectly all thanks to the fact I snatch the front seat quite early.

“I’m sorry but since it your first day, once I’m done with the class everyone is ordered to go the sport arena. We need to do some sanitation there so it would be accessible henceforth”he said and the class started murmuring but I see it as no big deal.

“Yes sir”they chorused while some of them squeeze their face like they are been pooped on. I chuckled at my own thought before I resumed back to class.

I was really excited about the whole class stuff, After what happened at the restaurant I was still able to maintain a low profile.
“I’ve added you to the group chat”Nina whispered to me.

“See someone new had been added” a girl whispered to her friend.
“She is beautiful, Omg!!!” my phone beeped and I had to check what was on.

“1235 messages from the group chat?!!”
“Who is she?”
“She looks hot”I was scrolling through the messages and some were sending my high school pictures.

“Isn’t she the one with Bryan this morning?”
“I guess Cynthia now have a rival”
“I can’t wait to see what happens”

Where the hell did they get it from?.
“I guess you aren’t interested in the class why don’t we go to sport arena then”Mr. Harrison sounded pissed off.

“You are so popular girlfriend”Nina whispered to me and I frown.
I know it will be hard to get unpopular as f**k especially when I choose to be Nina girlfriend.




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