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August 1, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 17 & 18

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 17

By: Kebby. NG




I just look around as he keep staring at me while I tried my best in looking around just to avoid making eye contact with him.
“If you seriously don’t sleep this time I will definitely take advantage of you”he spilled out.

“What are we?”he asks.

“Gosh, just go to sleep”he sounded frustrated and I force myself to close my eye snuggle close to him and finally the sleep finally crawled in and I fell deep in my slumber but I feel him kiss me from my sleep.
*The next morning*
I groaned and open my eye slowly only to find myself beneath Bryan. This isn’t suppose to happen,I push him away from as I sit up yawning.

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“What a long night”I muttered still feeling a bit sleepy. Sincerely, I hate the morning I like the way we were joined together last night but now it morning and obviously everything would be back to normal again.

I look back and see him sleep peacefully. I stood up immediately, I wouldn’t want him to wake up and still find me here sitting on his bed it would be more embarrassing than last night.

I open the door slowly and peep to confirm if no one is in the hallway before running into my room which is luckily opposite his.

In a quick swift I dress up for school and thanks to Bryan I was able to keep a spare pad in my bag but that doesn’t stop me tearing Nina up once I set my eye on her in the morning.

I pick up my bag and grab my phone on the stand before I exist my room forgetting totally about brushing and packing them I just let it fall freely probably a new look isn’t going to be bad today.

Immediately I open the door Bryan did too and my body froze at a spot wondering what to do next.
“Good morning”I fidget the top of my cloth trying to get rid of the awkward moment.

“Morning”he replied.
“Ummm___”I don’t even know what to say right now.
“Hope you had a wonderful night?”he asks, like seriously? is that the next thing he is suppose to ask when he actually know how my night was.

“Oh yeah”I fake a laugh and it was getting really awkward.
“I guess I will go first”I said and move away from the place heading to the living room without even taking a glance of him at my back. I don’t even know how to face him after last night.


I stayed awake all night expecting her to open my door and bumped In looking all scared but she didn’t come. I finally gave up and went to bed but not until I heard her voice and it isn’t from her room because her room wasn’t close to mine but Bryan.

She is in Bryan room!, What?! she choose to be with Bryan who have a girlfriend and in addition he does nothing good for her except from allowing her be the headline news on the class group chat.

I was so overwhelmed last night and really angry at myself, at her and also Bryan. His chances are always high anyway I will just let it go I know she would come around and realize I’m the only one that can treat her better.

Nina prepare breakfast for us because Mare is yet to wake and of course Bryan too. I hope they didn’t do anything stupid last night because I won’t actually condole that.
“Mare”Nina called and I raise my head to see her coming down the stairs looking all different and glowing. This is my first time seeing her with her natural hair.

The smile on my face fade off immediately I set my eye on Bryan who is right behind her and try were both coming down together.
“Looks like someone is able to sleep after she was begged me to accommodate her last night”Nina joked and the rest laugh.

“Whatever”Mare roll her eye and settle beside me flashing a smiley face which I had to return with a fake one. I don’t need to show up an unnecessary attitude because she did propose or tell me she likes me in the first place.

“I’m hungry”She pouted looking more cute.
“I only made Scrambled egg and bacon”
“I will have it like that”
“How come you are still glowing this morning? because I’m expecting a ghost to come out this morning”Leo said and Liam laugh.

“I will take that as a compliment but hahaha really funny”She roll her eye unconsciously.
“Hey man”Leo greet Bryan who settled opposite Mare as usual. I wonder why he does that anyway because before Mare arrived he is already claiming Dad seat which one one contest with him for but recently he sit right in the front of Mare.

“Hope you slept well”I said to Mare.
“Umm_”she turn her gaze to Bryan then back at me.
“Yeah sure”She replied.
“Bryan you look so happy this morning mind sharing with us?”Nina said as she sit beside Liam. I kinda see chemistry between this two except from the fact they fight every secs.

“Huh?”Everyone attention was directed to him.
“What?”he ignore the glare and continue to eat.
“Weekend is coming any plans guys, I definitely don’t want to stay home and no one is throwing up a Party. Petraka sucks”Leo complained but my fist clenched when I caught Bryan and Mare stealing glance and she smiled at him.

“Why don’t we throw up a party instead”Liam suggested.
“That a good idea”I added just to keep myself busy other than staring at them. Bryan has a girlfriend for crying out loud.

“I’m sorry but I have a plan already and I won’t be around all weekend”
“Wow, do you have a date or something”Liam teased.
“Actually something like that”She replied with a smile on her face. Is she going out with Bryan now?.

“With who?”Leo asks.
“That actually my business but don’t worry he doesn’t live too far just down the street and I will be with him all weekend”
“Gosh, and you are acting all innocent like a virgin Mary in the Bible”Liam added

“At least you have a little knowledge about the Bible”Nina mock him and there they go again fighting 😂.
“It not actually what you are thinking I’m hanging out with my cousin point of correction and in addition he isn’t straight”She replied rolling her eye.

“Why don’t you just invite him for the party”
“No! I want to be alone with him it quite a while and I miss him”
“Why does it sounds like you have a crush”
“I’m not denying that”She replied and Leo drooled.

“So who else is in for the party and we all know Mare is out”
“Thank you”She blurted out.
“Isn’t breakfast taking too long and we going to be late”Nina reminded everyone and we all quickly grab our bag.


I allow the guy to leave first before I pull Nina back as she follow Liam like a puppy as usual.
“What?”She shouted.
“Hey spare me those attitude, why did you take all the toiletries and you even pack my medicine like I got it for you”I blurted out.

“Is that all you’ve got to say?”
“I actually packed them mistakenly you can go retrieve them in my room”She replied like it actually normal for her to do that.

“Do you realize I was in pain last night if not for Bryan I would probably be dead this morning”
“What the big deal there”She roll her eye but paused and gasped.
“Don’t tell me you were with Bryan all night”She said sarcastically.

Mare do you have to spill out nonsense especially in the front of Nina the trend freak. “It not what you think, I was heading to your room last night to get_” I paused for while when I notice she was giving me that weird look.

“So you are the reason he was sleeping this morning, I knew you guy were going to be something”.
“Huh?I’m trying to explain what actually happened and you are jumping into conclusion”

“Awwwwn I can’t believe he took care of you all night”She said and I frown.
“Really?”I rest on hand on each other as I fold it round my chest.
“Okay fine I’m so sorry but at least you should he thankful I pack them who knows whether you wouldn’t have gotten the best night ever”She said giggling and I roll my eye.

“You are so unpredictable”I shove her off and walk away.
“Mare and Bryan cuddling in bed K-I-S-S-I-N-G “She sing this popular song a Nigeria Musician I can’t really remember her name.

“Are you crazy”I said in more like a whisper”
“Why are you whispered?”She roll her eye and I frown as I grab her blouse.
“What are you doing?”She asks in surprise.

“I’m going to give you a serious warning about keeping this a secret but if I ever hear it from anyone else or it becomes a topic in the class group chat I will kill you”I threatened.



Episode 18



I was holding unto her blouse expecting her to agree with me after I gave her a serious threatening but instead she bursted into laughter after a while and I release her cloth wondering why she isn’t even moved by my words.

“What funny?”I asks curiously.
“You really should enrol for the movie project in school comm’n Mare it like I’ve known you all my life but one thing I’m very sure of is you like him and if you do then what stopping you from snatching him”She said and walk away while I just stood there processing what she just say .

“Is she for real?”I muttered.
“Are you coming? we might miss the first class hurry up”John said peeping through the door and I follow him immediately.
Cynthia didn’t show up this morning and Bryan still refuse to give me a lift?.

“What on your mind?”John Interrupted as he drive me to school.
“Nothing just bothered about something”
“Mind sharing?”he asks.
“Actually is Cynthia and Bryan having some dispute or something?”

“She didn’t show up this morning to create a scene”
“That actually hilarious but I guess things are going well between them already”
“Oh_”that was the only word I could muttered at that point.

“So why do you ask?”
“Huh?__oh! just wondering why she didn’t show up today”I lied even though deep down inside of me I’m really jealous when John told me things is working out well between them.

He drive into the school I alighted at the gate and head in while he went to park his car.
I purposely didn’t want to go to the park because a lot happens there whenever I go there and I don’t really want to see Bryan and Cynthia eating each other face again It disgusting.

“Linda”I called as I sighted her along the hallway.
“Hey girlfriend”She stopped and I run to catch up with her.
“Morning where is Nina?”She asks looking around.
“I don’t__”
“Right here”I got Interrupted by Nina voice and I roll my eye unconsciously with a puff.

“Oh, Nina it so good to see you this morning”I said sarcastically as I roll my eye again.
I hope I don’t lose them very soon.
“Oh same here hope you had a nice night and dream especially when you are been cuddled to sleep”She teased me back and I frown.

“What’s up with you two today?”Linda look from Nina to mine.
“Oh it just_”I interrupt Nina immediately.
“Nothing she is just basically getting on my nerves since morning”I replied.
“That actually funny but anyway what your first class?”Linda asks.

“History”Nina and I replied in unison and I scoff.
“Oops, guess I will see you guys during lunch I have Oral this morning”
“Okay bye”I wave at her as she walk away.

“Can you quit it?”Nina said and I frown as I turn my gaze to her.
“Are you crazy?”
“Yeah and wait till I tell everyone you were busy cuddling with Bryan last night and I hope something else didn’t happen”She chuckled softly.

“Whatever”I resume walking as I head to my locker.
“Just whatever?”She replied.
“What do expect me to say?”
“I can’t believe you had all the opportunity last night and you didn’t tell him how you feel”

“I’m your best friend and I see the way you stare at each other during breakfast, lunch and even dinner and last night during the movie you were all over him yet he didn’t complain”
“That doesn’t count and remember he has a girlfriend”I replied as I open my locker, put in my books and grab just my history textbook.

“Why do I have a feeling you are both adamant to admit your feelings”
“Nina enough of relationship matter I have a class to meet up too”
“Actually I have something to say”She replied.

“What?”I asks.
“Actually_”she pause and scratch the back of her hair.

“Can we talk about this later”I said and walk away.
“Fine”She link her arm in mine and we head back to the class.

“Mare and Bryan sitting on the tree__”She sing as we walk back into the class while I just roll my eye So childish!.

Immediately I enter the class I notice everyone suddenly went quiet. Here we go again, another rumor about me is out again.

“Let go sit,just ignore it”I muttered lowly to Nina and she nod her head as we walk to our seat and my eye landed on Bryan who is sitting right beside Cynthia again who does nothing but snap and upload it. I wonder what kind of relationship is that anyway.

“Isn’t this a bit unusual”Nina whispered to me as we sit.
“All eye are on us and it getting awkward”She replied and I look around.
“Probably another rumor outbreak can you stop bothering yourself about it”I said.

“I don’t think so because there isn’t any news about you and Bryan on the group chat since yesterday aren’t you using your phone?”She asks.
“You know I’m not a phone freak and I prefer reading my novels than read those useless messages”I replied.

“Whatever”She scoff.
The class is yet to start and everything going on here is a bit awkward as I can feel thousands of eye staring at me. I hit my hand on the table loudly as I got frustrated.

“Spill it out already”I yelled at them all as I stand up.
“We are sorry”they all said in unison and my eye widened.
“I’m so sorry Mare I didn’t know about your mother sickness I’m sorry to have spread a fake news”a girl from my class said as she walk to my front and went on her knees taking me by surprise.

“What going on here?”
“The things is we all are ignorant about everything involving you and we are really sorry about it”another girl stood up.
“But why?”I asks still surprise at the sudden change.
“Someone actually told us we could do better if we stop gossiping about you and spreading unnecessary rumors and in addition you just lost your mom”the girl kneeling at my front said.

“Someone? The person does not have a name”I asks but she pause for a while as I await her reply.
“I dare not mention names but please forgive me Mare”She pleaded and I sigh deeply.
So this tiny frog has been the one behind the fake news and instead of studying she is busy gumming her ears to the wall listening to all my conversation.

“It okay I’m not mad”I said calmly and help her up back.
“Really?”She acted so innocent and you will find it difficult to believe she had been the one writing rubbish in the group chat.
“Yeah, I’m fine and everything is in the past I already move on” I said and she nod like a baby.

“Does that mean you’ve forgiven me?”She asks and I nod smiling.
“Thank you so much”She hug me and I chuckled softly but my gaze landed on Bryan and a little smile tugged on his lips but he looked away Immediately he caught me staring.

The girl finally let go off me and went to her seat whosoever did this deserve a respect from me it like my case of been the center of focus in the class is all gone and I can now be who I want to be. I can now be me!!


I don’t know why I feel this way but it just that anytime she is sad I get broken too and anytime she is happy my joy know no bound like we are connected or something.

Sincerely, I’m the one behind all this but I threatened all of them never to mention my name or else I will make school horrible for them. That just me been me no stress!!.

I did this secretly without Cynthia knowledge because I know what she is capable of doing but definitely I’m going to end things with her after I clear off the issue about that one night story is making up.

Also, I pay for her lunch at the restaurant yesterday and I left immediately I actually went to greet a friend of mine but he was so busy and I didn’t stay long before I leave.

And about the fact Cynthia didn’t come in the morning I actually stopped her from coming because I don’t want her to ruin my breakfast this more especially when she comes and I won’t get to see Mare face till I get home again.

“What are you thinking?”She asks she keep snapping and posting on her weibo.
“Nothing just continue”I replied and she smiled.
“Actually Bryan I want to talk to you about something”She said and drop her phone on the table. Is there anything really serious about Cynthia life that will make her stop snapping?.

“We’ve been dating for weeks isn’t it suppose to move to another level?”
“What do you mean by another level?”
“You haven’t come over to my house and aren’t we suppose to be into each other by now?”

“Why don’t you come over during the weekend”She wink at me.
“What?! I thought all this is just a fake stuff and we aren’t even in a relationship point of correction”
“Deal or not”She frown.
“No I can’t do it, I like someone else and it hurting her to see me with you”

“I’m giving you my body for free and you are rejecting it?”
“I don’t f**k random girls anymore?”
“What did you just call me a random girl?”
“Cynthia if you don’t stop all this then I might back out”

“You dare not”She frown and I look over at Mare and caught I staring at us but she looked away instantly.
“Because of her?”Cynthia said look at her with disgust.
“It totally non of your business”
“Then wait till I spread a new rumor and I’m definitely sure she won’t survive this”She threatened.

Not again 🤦‍♂️

TBC… ❤😍💋
If you where to be in Bryan shoe what exactly are you going do and how will you handle this type of case ⁉️. Remember to drop your comment as and opinion.

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