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July 23, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 15 & 16

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 15





‘He is the jerk Mare, he can’t control you or dictate what you should do and what you shouldn’t’ I say to myself as I keep hitting the bed angrily until my phone went off again and I quickly grab it.

Oh no! it Sean, what am I going to do now?”I pick it up and place it on my ear gently.
📲 Hi *I place it on my ear slowly
📲 Finally, I’m dialing the right number
📲I’m sorry about the other time.
📲What wrong?
📲 Nothing

📲Are you sure?
📲 Definitely so are you off work now* I change the topic*
📲Yeah and I’m on my way home now.
📲Oh that good
📲I will be free on Saturday evening and Sunday you can come over so we can talk properly.

📲Sure but I stay with a friend I would have invited you in.
📲You don’t stay in the dorm?.
📲It a long story but I will tell you about everything when we meet.
📲Okay dear.
📲 Alright Good night

📲Sweet dream dear
📲 Bye
📲I love you *that was his last word before he end the call.
That weird🤨, anyway there is nothing to worry about Sean is always like that since childhood but after we got separated I never heard anything from him again.

Wait he stay in Petraka!! that mean his parents lives here. I definitely don’t want to see them, I hate them so much after abandoning my mom and allow me lose her.

No way! I will go there but if his parents stays with him I won’t ever go there again. I place my phone down on the table and walk to my bathroom for a quick shower.

I sit in the bathtub as I filled in more soap into the water and make enough bubbles for myself. I rest my head a bit on the glass and sigh deeply.

“I’m warning you, don’t let me see you with any other guy and whatever I do outside this house isn’t your business”the words ring in my head and I open the eye that I close a while ago.

What does he mean by that?.
I didn’t really think about it but now that it suddenly flowing in what does he mean by he doesn’t wants to see me with another guy. Clearly, he is not my boyfriend and he even have a girlfriend.

I’ve never seen him tell Cynthia to stay away from any other guy but whenever he see me smiling or been happy with another guy he is either angry or bully me that instant. he did it when John tousle my hair and smiled at me but luckily I stood up for myself immediately.

If he doesn’t wants me to be with other guy then he should stop been with Cynthia too!.
Wait, what am I even saying 🙄. He is a jerk and I will be with whosoever I wish to be with because he didn’t bring me into this house.

After having a good conversation with myself I wash the soap off my body . Sighing,I came out of the bathtub tying the towel around my body and fold it tightly round my chest.

I dry up my dripping hair with a clean towel as I walk out of the bathroom back to my room. After using the towel to dry my hair to my satisfaction.

I use the hair dryer but I didn’t use it for so long before I switch it off and place if back where it meant to be. I walk to my closet and get myself a baggy T-shirt and a baggy trouser then my flip flop.

After preparing myself for a good night, I grab my bag and bring out my assignment. I have an assignment to do and I will be doing it till 10:00pm and then go watch the movie with them.

The assignment is so simple so I finish it quite early and it just 9:30pm in the night. Just thirty minutes left so I grab my phone and exit the room.

I return back to the sitting room but everywhere is dark and I can only hear the sound of the Tv.
“Is anyone here?”I asks, as I walk into the living room really scared.

“Shhhhh, come here”someone pull me and luckily the Tv brightened up and it Nina.
“What are you guys doing?”I look around and I noticed they are all focused on the movie.
“Liam selected this movie and it so interesting”She whispered.

“An horror movie is interesting?”I asks in surprise.
“Yes any problem with that?, can you stop talking even Bryan likes it”She said and I look at my side and flinched when I saw him sitting right beside me but his attention is on the tv too and they were all looking like a ghost.

“What the title?”
“The Nun”She said and my eye almost popped out. I remember watching the ads on Netflix and I almost peeeed in my pant.
“Take you gonna love it”She said as she pass me a bowl of the popcorn and concentrated back on the TV.

This is so terrifying. I kept munching on the popcorn but I am about to explode when a girl was heading towards a room with just a shade and a cross.

“Valak is going to show up now”Nina whispered to me.
“Huh who is Valak?”a loud sound from the tv as woman looking all scary in a nun cloth show up.
“Aaaaaaaaah”I threw the popcorn bowl away and jump on whatever is close to me.

It was like I’m the only one weird here because no one is even scared when he showed up including Nina. She must I’ve watched the movie before.

“Can you get off me”a familiar voice whispered in my ear and because of the fear in me I pull closer into the person.
“I don’t want to watch it”I pleaded as I bury my face into the person chest.

“Suit yourself” I keep hugging and cuddling the person anytime I hear any scary sound or soft whisper or anyone whistling till the movie finally came to an end.

“Finally let watch another one”Nina yawned and stretch. The light was switch on and I finally open my eye slowly.

Who ever choose that movie is a monster. Like seriously? that kinda a movie in the night.

“Are you crazy Nina? you want to watch another one”I yelled at her but she just stare at me with eye widened.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”I asks.
“Can you stand up from my leg you kinda weigh”a very familiar voice that had been talking to me during the entire movie said.

Oh no! Tell me it isn’t what I’m thinking I turn my head slowly and it landed on Bryan.
I’m sitting on his laps with my hand on his chest and in addition he is staring at me like I’m kinda crazy .

“Can you stand up”He repeated.

“ummm-“I stand up and adjust myself carefully and I notice all eye were on me.
“Goodnight everyone”I said and quickly ran to the stair but when I heard a weird sound I ran back into the living room.

“What wrong?”Nina asks.
“Can I sleep in your room tonight?”I asks ignoring the eye on me.
“Because you allow me watch a stupid movie and now I don’t think I will be able to sleep alone throughout this week without seeing Valak in my dream” I blurted out angrily and she blinked twice.

“So can I?”I asks faking a smile.
“No”She replied immediately.
“You don’t like pink, teddy bear and you hate my designs so it a capital letters NO”She replied and walk away.
“I can-“I didn’t finish my statement before I heard a loud bang which insuinate that I really can’t sleep in her room tonight.

I look around and my eye landed on Leo. He is kinda reasonable too.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”he asks.
“Please”I pleaded.
“Sure butttttt”he stretch his words but pause for a while.

“I really love my life and I will be sleeping with Liam”he pull Liam with him and they walk away too leaving me with John and Bryan. I’m doomed tonight.

I turn around and my eye met John who is staring at me definitely waiting for me to asks him but my gaze landed on Bryan and he frown.

“I’m warning you, don’t let me see you with any other guy and whatever I do outside this house isn’t your business”the words in ring in my head that instant.

What am I going to do? I really want to have a peaceful stay in the house without causing any fight or argument.
I should just go to bed right?.
What will you advise Mare to do at this moment⁉️. #TeamBryan #TeamJohn or #Team_go_and_sleep😂. Remember to drop your opinion.


Episode 16




I was just staring at the both of them with a lot running through my mind. I don’t really know if asking John to let me sleep in will be appropriate but the deadly glare Bryan is giving me right now is scarring me.

“Goodnight I will just try to sleep”I fake a smile and walk away. I felt a sharp pain in my tummy at that moment but I choose to ignore it and ran to my room.
Immediately I close the door shut my eye were scanning everywhere and I’m so terrified and scared at the moment.

I ran into my duvet covering my self up and grab my pillow tight to myself but things didn’t work well when I felt I was hearing a sound of someone whistling.

“It isn’t real just go to bed”I said to myself but flinched up because when I tried to close my eye I saw that same demon face. I jump up sitting up on my bed as I look around.

My stomach start to hurt which added to my current problem. Is it because I overeat this evening and now I am suffering from indigestion or_ I pause for a while.

I’m having a f**king menstrual cramps.
It an unbearable pain I always prepare for every months how did I forget about it so soon. “Awwww it hurt”I cried as I squeeze my leg together yet I’m still scared because of the stupid movie that jerk choose to watch.

What am I going to do?. I grab my pillow groaning as I walk to my bag and scattered it on the floor. I had pick some drugs that can subside my pain and also some sanitary pad.

Where is it? I’ve searched the whole bag but I don’t seems to see any sign of it neither the drug.
Nina took them all?!.
I drag myself up with my hand on my tummy as I walk to the door.

It hurt so much probably my indigestion too is an extra credit pain and my fear too. I open the door but paused when I saw Bryan right in the front of my door.
“What are you doing h_”the pain grip me again and I groaned.

“Are you okay?”he asks with a concern voice.
“I’m fine”I stop him from touching me.

I can’t tell him about my cramps it embarrassing and not all guys like to hear that it a personal thing I failed to handle.

“Are you sure?”
“Can you get Nina for me?”
“Sure! definitely”he ran off to Nina room and I heard him knock but there wasn’t no response.
“I think she slept off already”he replied as he walk back to me.
Oh no! what am I going to do?.

“Gosh”I held unto my tummy squeezing. The pain is becoming unbearable for me. I raise my head up and saw him staring at me.
“Are you?”he raise his brows tentatively.

“Come with me”he said but before I could move he carry me up in a bridal style into his room.
“Put me down”I try to free myself up but he sit me down on his bed.
“What are you doing?”I frown.

“Stay right here I will be right back”he said and walk away while I just sit there unable to process what he is actually thinking.
I was in the room for as long as I don’t know, holding unto my tummy as the pain keep coming and going.

The door squeak open and he walk in back holding a nylon.
“What is that?”I asks.
“This might help anyway, you can use my restroom because Valak might show up in your room”he mock me and drop the nylon on my laps.

“What is th__”I pause for a while when I feel what is inside.
“Thanks”I muttered and ran into his rest room fast feeling really embarrassed.

I sigh deeply immediately as I got into the bathroom.
How come he knew I was_ wait, he even get me the same drug I packed for pains.
After I took my time in his restroom feeling really embarrassed and awkward to go back into his room.

I walk out still holding the empty nylon. He just sit on his bed and was pressing his phone and in addition he didn’t even steal a glance of me.

I stood there for a while before he raise his head up and look at me.
“Do you plan on standing there forever?”he asks.
“Umm_”I play with the fidget of my blouse.
“You can sleep whenever you are ready and if you plan on standing there forever it fine”he said and lay down and use the duvet to cover is body creating enough space for me to sleep on the other edge.

“Bryan”I called.
“Hum”he mumbled with his eye still closed.
“Do w_e rea_ll_y have to sleep tooo- gether”I chuckled nervously.
“Goodnight”that was his reply and he didn’t say a word again.

What am I going to do? I can’t go back to my room right now alone it going to be more worst than before.

I walk to the bed slowly making no sound as sit on the bed gently making sure I’m not going to disturbing his sleep. I lay down gently grabbing one of his pillow and sleep very far away from him.

I’m not really comfortable sleeping on the same bed with him but I close my eyes gently and pretend to be sleeping when I’m not.
“Can you switch off the light”he muttered and my eye went open immediately.

“Huh?”I didn’t hear what he said clearly but he scoff and motion over me.
“Don’t touch me”I warned and use the duvet to cover myself up.
“In your dream”he muttered and switch off the lamp beside me before laying back to his position and I sigh in relief.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been laying here but It doesn’t seems like I will be able to get a good sleep tonight.
I open my eye and seriously even though I’m in the room with someone I’m still scared.

“Bryan”I called more like a whisper but there wasn’t any response.
“Are you sleeping? I really need to switch on the light I’m scared”I pleaded but there still wasn’t any response from him.
“Bryan are you really sleeping?”I stretch my hand and tap him but he still didn’t reply.

“Bryan”I’m really scared so I move a bit closer to him and tap him a bit.
“Can’t you just sleep peacefully”he muttered and I was a bit glad he hasn’t slept off yet.
“Can I switch on the light?”
“I can’t sleep with the light on, come here”he motion for me to come closer and I did.

“I’m here with you okay”he cuddle me up in his arm.
“What are you doing?”
“You will get to sleep better this way”he replied and cuddle me closer.
I bury my face in his bare chest even though I took that as an advantage of touching it.

He smell so good that I seriously don’t want him to let go off me anytime soon. he use the duvet to cover us both properly I pretended to be asleep so I won’t be a burden to him.

“Goodnight dear”he kiss my hair and cuddle me more before sleeping. Did he just_?, Mare you think too much just go to bed.
“I can’t sleep Bryan”I muttered again after a few minutes.

It seems he is really asleep now. I raise my head a bit and got a clearer view of his face. Gosh, he is just so handsome and cute even when he sleep.

I look down from his eye to his nose and lips. he press his lips together and he cuddle me more burying me into his body. I manage to remove my hand as I chuckled silently as I trace his lips with my finger feeling it.

He seems affected because he squeeze his face a bit and I had to stop but once I notice he is sleeping again I did it again don’t blame me It kinda fun😂.

It my time to revenge for making me feel so stupid and getting me rumored round the school while you spend time with that bitch.

I smile inwardly as he move a bit and I chuckled. He is definitely not going to have a good sleep tonight I brought my hand down to his packs as I trace them with my hand. He must spend so much time maintaining them.

I can’t stop laughing quietly as I feel them until my body froze when I heard his voice.
“Are you done?”he muttered.
“Huh?”my eye almost popped out of my socket as I raise them slowly only to see him staring at me.

“I wa_s ju_s_st”I stuttered because I don’t even have any excuses to make.
What is my problem exactly 😩?
Mare is really in a big trouble 😂 but do you think Bryan will really do anything stupid⁉️.
Remember to drop your comment as an opinion


TBC.. 💋😍❤

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