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August 1, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 13 & 14

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 13





I don’t even know what to do right now. I just settle the same case with the Prof and now it the headline on the class group chat.

↕️”Who do you think is responsible for it?”
↕️”I think she left school for that”
↕️”Bryan might be a Dad soon lol”
↕️”No! I know she is whore”

↕️”I can’t imagine how she would look like in a month time”
↕️”This is so shameful”
↕️”She is worst Student ever in Petraka”

Alot message are yet to be read yet my phone won’t stop beeping. I’m not pregnant or is it until I announce to everyone I lost my mother and that was why am on a break for a while.

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“How was it with the principal?”Nina asks as we were both still standing in the front of the prof office.
“It settled and he now knows my mom is dead too”I replied sadly.
“You can’t announce that to the public”

“Who the heck is so fast at carrying rumours”She sigh deeply.
“I don’t know”
“I almost choked on my food when I saw this”She added.
“I can’t go back to the class, I will just go home”I replied.

“Mare you can’t keep hiding from them. You need to end this bullshit like you did last night with those jerks”
“No this is completely different”I replied.
“I don’t think so”She said. I glance at her for a while and she nod her head in approval.

“Fine”I replied.
“We have chemistry now”She added.
“Oh let go”I follow her and we head straight for our next class.
Immediately I enter the class I notice the sudden silence among them all but I just ignore it and sit.

The class start quickly and I appreciate that. I’m really interested in anything chemistry so I did well in paying attention than listen to people gossip about me It a normal thing in Petraka and the only way I can proof to them is ignore it.

“See you on Thursday”the teacher declare before walking out of the class and that actually end the day. It already 4:00pm in the evening.
“I’m really hungry”I said to Nina and rub my tummy with my palm.

“That because you skip lunch”She replied as she park her stuff and we both exit the class at the same time.

“Let branch the fast food resturant on our way home”I pleaded.
“And why should we do that since we are going home and I can make something for you”She insisted.
“No way it will take long”

“Fine! but firstly how will we go back?”She asks.

I look around the park and John is nowhere to be found and look like Liam and leo left already because their car isn’t in the park again.
“Found you”Linda startled me and Nina as she wrap her hand on our neck and stand in between us.

“What wrong with you”Nina screamed and I laugh.
“wassup with you girls?”She asks and let go of us walking ahead, facing us.

“Nothing”I replied.
“It so bad I’m not in your class but you seems so popular”She shot me and invisible gun and I laugh.

“What do you mean?”Nina asks.
“The rumor about you been pregnant for Bryan”She replied and my asks widened.
“Hey don’t get me wrong I know you aren’t pregnant but you know bitches will believe that and Cynthia latest news is a blow up”She explain further.

“I’m not Interested”I replied.
“Huh?”they both said in unison.
“You aren’t bothered?”Nina added.
“Why should I be bothered when I know I don’t like Bryan and I have nothing to do with him we hate each other guts and Cynthia is just trying to use me to get fame”

“You are been rumoured to be pregnant for Bryan and you aren’t saying anything?”
“I’m starving”I change the topic.
“How about I drive you both home”Linda offered.

“That will be the best thing right now”I said thankfully and they both laugh.
“Let go girls”She said and we follow her Nina bring up a topic about fashion and we discuss about it as we ride home.

“Can we stop in the next shop please I can’t hold it anymore”I said as my tummy made a funny sound making Nina laugh.
“Okay”Linda surrender at last and drive into the fast food shop along the way.

“You guys should wait for me here I will just order a take out”I said as I unlock my seatbelt.
“Order mine too”Nina replied.
“No way”I said and open the car door.
“Please”She pleaded.

“Fine”I surrender
“Order for the guys too, I’m exhausted and can’t cook”She added and that earn a frown from me.
“I can’t use all my allowance to order a take out”I replied.

“Fine! I will come along”She said, She alighted and Linda join immediately. We walk into the shop and it was so cool and in addition freezing. The temperature is a bit high and freezing the hell out of me.

“How may I help you ma”The male attendance walk up to us and sincerely he is quite handsome but girly.
“We want a take out of seven”
“Seven?”Nina blurted out.
“Any problem?”I requested.

“We are seven?”
“I’m ordering one for Linda too”I replied.
“That isn’t necessary I don’t like fast foods”She replied.
“Then I will eat the two”I replied and I notice the attendance chuckling.

“We will have seven and bills on her”I said politely to him and he smile before walking away.
“You eat too much”Nina frown.
“Why are you so mad because of just an extra food”I scoff.

“Probably the baby is eating it all”Linda blurted out and they bursted into laughter together.
“It not funny”I roll my eye.
“So funny”Nina added just to piss me off the more.

The where both busy laughing while I look around ignoring their dry jokes that seems to be so funny to them.
“Wait isn’t that Sean?”I muttered looking at the direction of the guy taking the order of a customer at the other table.

“Sean”I called out in surprise immediately he turn.
That kinda caught his attention as he look ahead to see who just blurted out his name.
“Mare”he called in surprise and I quickly stand up and ran to hug him.

“Is it really you”he asks as he carry me off the ground and gave me a little spin making me laugh before placing on the ground gently and pull away.
“What are you doing here?”he asks as he look at my friends then back at me.

“I school at Petraka now”I replied.
“Are we getting our order now”the hungry customer yelled.
“Sorry sir, I will be right back”he said to me and walk away.

I walk back to my sit and I can feel Nina and Linda gaze on me.
“Who is that handsome guy?”Linda teased.
“Eeeeew, what wrong with you guys? Sean is my cousin”
“Oh!”Linda muttered in disappointment.

“I thought you don’t have any family members?”Nina questioned.
“I have but the mainly all stay away after Dad died that all”I replied.
“Anyway he is your cousin not mine. why don’t you introduce him to me later”Linda teased.

“Can you all just calm down huh. Sean is a gay”I whispered to them all and they gasped.
“Ouch”Nina touch her chest like it just got stabbed.

“Why are all handsome guys not straight anymore”Linda said and I chuckled.
“Here you go ma” the guy that attend to us a while ago bring our packed lunch and place it on the table while Nina offered to pay.

“No worry it has been settled”he reject Nina card.
“Huh?”I blurted out.
“Looks like it our lucky day”Linda added.
“Who pay for our lunch?”I asked.
“Seems like you have a secret admirer”Nina teased.

“Stop it guys”I shun them off because I wasn’t finding it funny.
“He is an handsome young man but he left a while ago”he replied.
“Thanks for the information anyway”I thank the guy before he walk away.

“Let go”I order angrily.
“Why are you so mad and have you forgotten about Sean? he asked you to wait for him”
“Fine”I said and open one of the packed lunch as I start to eat while they all stare at me.

“Sorry for delaying you but the restaurant seems to be so busy today”Sean said as he crash beside me and place his hand round my neck.
“No problem”I replied as I continue to munch on the food.

“Mind introducing me to your friends”
“I’m Nina and this is Linda”Nina is really undescribable with the way she is looking at Sean right now is annoying.

“Nice meeting you I’m Sean, Mare childhood sweetheart”he introduced and I almost choked.
“That not true”
“Perhaps a little bit true”he defended and I smile.

“I really wish to spend more time with you but as you can see I’m really busy but I’m always available whenever you need me and luckily I live down the street, why don’t we exchange line so I can call you in the night”
“No problem I will come visit you soon” I replied and pass him my phone.

“And be ready to gist me about how you get here”he said as he type in his number.
“No problem”I replied and he gave me back my phone.
“See you later”he kiss my cheek before walking away.

“Are you sure he is just your cousin”Linda asks Immediately Sean walk away.
“Don’t start with me again”
“Let go the food is getting cold”Nina grab the food and I carry my leftovers along with me as we exit the restaurant.

“Isn’t that Bryan car?”Linda was the first to notice.
“Probably he is around with Cynthia”I blurted out stupidly.
“Are you jealous?”Nina teased.

“I won’t repeat myself I hate him and don’t want to have anything to do with him”
“And speaking of the devil, Cynthia is approaching let leave”Nina said and we quickly walk to the car and drive off.

Why are they always everywhere I go? But the question is who pay for our lunch?


Episode 14



We finally reach our destination which is my new home but I’m completely exhausted due to the fact I hate a whole two plate of spaghetti and sauce.

If Nina hadn’t stop me I will definitely finish another round before realizing it.
“We are back guys”Nina announced as we both pull off our shoe at the passage and change into a comfy indoor slippers.

“Is that food?”Liam asks as he drop the remote and approach us snatching the food from Nina.
“What wrong with you?”Nina cuss as she ran after Liam and I laugh.
“Where is Leo?”I asks in concern as I sit on the couch.

“I’m right here and thankfully someone isn’t mad again”Leo said as he crash beside me from nowhere and I laugh.
“how come you guy left before school closed?”I asks Liam who is still fighting over the food with Nina.

“It boring today”they both replied in unison and I laugh.
“What going on here?”John asks as he climb down the stairs with just his short revealing his muscular build body.

“I know there are enough tshirts you can wear in your closet”Leo is the first to blast him.
“And that non of your business”John replied and crash beside me too.

I’m not really comfortable staying in between them but I just brush it off.

“I’m starving, what are you preparing?”Leo asks.
“I’m sorry guy but I’m a bit tired we got a take out for everyone”I replied.

“Which was actually paid by a secret admirer”Nina teased as she drop the rest of the food bag on the table after Liam as successful snatch his part.
“Secret admirer?!”

“Yeah, someone paid for the food and left so we didn’t even get a chance to say thank you to the anonymous”She replied.
“Isn’t it Francisco restaurant along the road?”Leo asks as he check the label on the nylon.

“Yes that right”I replied fast.
“Bryan went there to get us lunch too”
“Huh? we didn’t see him there”I lied
“He has a friend there he meet everyday just to avoid been home or he goes to the dorm whenever Dad visit”

“Enough of the talk I’m so tired I need to go shower”I said and use the opportunity to stand up from their middle.
“I’m so bored”Nina rest on the couch while I took the staircase.

“Let have a movie night today”Liam suggested.
“I’m in”Nina blurted out.
“Mare”John call my name and I pause to turn.
“Are you interested?”he asks.

“Ummmm__”I look around and my eye met Nina who have that pity look on pleading for me to accept.
“Sure”I replied as I frown at her.
“By 10:00pm”
“Isn’t that late?”
“Movie is more fun and I will be choosing the film we are to watch”Liam blurted out.

“In your dreams”Nina stick her tongue out at him and I chuckled. It kinda cute they always fighting over everything and in addition unnecessary things too.

I walk back into my room and throw my bag on the bed before walking to my desk and settled on the chair.

I sigh deeply as I stare at my reflection in the mirror.
“Mare”I muttered my name out as I ran my hand into my hair frustratingly.

I’m really having a hard time but I don’t want to get anyone bothered about me. I miss my Mom, my life, everything that pertains to my life. It like I was reborn after my mom death sincerely.

“Mare you really need to get back to the game or things might get worst”I advice myself.
“Arrrrrgh this crazy”I shake my head and brush off the memory with Bryan last night again. It been bothering me since morning and I just can’t get it off my head.

Apart from the fact I’m now the center focus of the whole school and rumors about me is spreading like wildfire I hate the fact it as to do with him.

“Bryan”I yelled angrily.
“Why will someone scream my name that way”his voice ring in my head at first I thought I was hallucinating until I saw his reflection in the mirror too.

“WTH!!”I flinched up and stay very far away from him but he just stare at me with no emotion on.
“Are you crazy?”I yelled at him.
“How dare you barged into a female room without knocking what if I was naked”I yelled at him pointing at him.

“Are you even listening to yourself?”
“Apologise now!”I yelled.
“Excuse me? I wasn’t the one screaming another person name and left the door wide opened and in addition if you were naked is there anything I haven’t actually see before”he scoff.

“Huh?! Explain”I frown as I clench my fist together ready to fight him.
“If you are naked and you are yelling out my name isn’t there something you want?”he said as he close the gap between us and I keep moving back till my back hit the wall and my eye widened.

“Don’t come close”I warned still holding my hand out ready to punch him but he close our distance and pin me to the wall.
“Wh-at are y–ou doing?”I stuttered.
“Why are you calling my name?”
“I___”I emphasize on my first word because I sincerely don’t know what to tell him.

Why was I calling his name?
“Can you at least move back a bit”I tried to push him off but he didn’t even budge.
“Get off me”I warned.

“Tell me what you need from me now”he whispered and his breathe cover my face.

“I____”I stop talking when I caught him smirk.
“What?”I tried to look away from his eye.
“Look at me”he order.
“No! and can you get away from me or I will scream”

“I love girls that scream whenever they get their pleasure”
“Huh”I look back at him but look away instantly, he is too close to me.
“What about we start now”he said but I really don’t understand until he start leaning in.

“What are you doing?”I tried pushing him back but he won’t stop.
“Why did you allow him touch you?”he asks as he keep leaning in.
“At the restaurant he touch you and even kiss you, I didn’t even get a chance to see his face”he said and I tried to process what he was saying.

“You mean Sean?”I asks in surprise.
“It Sean?”he replied in surprise and move back a bit. I seized the opportunity and move away from the wall.
“Get out of my room”
“I shouldn’t be bother then”he muttered clearly for me to hear but I sincerely don’t understand what he meant by that so I ignore him.

He was still staring at me while I wait for him to leave my room because it suddenly getting hot in here for no reason. My phone went off and I quickly grab it from the desk before he does.

It an unknown number but I pick it up because I really want him to leave right now because he is annoying the hell out of him.

📲Hello dear *I said and fake a laugh*
📲how did you know it me? *I was glad when I recognize the voice as Sean*
📲 Sure sweetheart *I laugh sarcastically and sincerely I notice Bryan face changes*
📲What wrong with you?
📲Okay dear, I love you too*I said and hang up the call immediately*

I can explain to Sean later but right now I need to get Bryan out of my room.
“Who was that?”he asks with his voice a bit deep obviously he is mad for no reason.
“Non of your business and you can see I need to call him back so can you give me my privacy?”I asks.

“You dare not talk to any guy that I don’t know about”he order like he is my father or something.
“The last time I checked I never stopped you from eating Cynthia face”I roll my eye.

“Oh it because of that? Like seriously?”he sound so pathetic right now.

“Bryan you aren’t my father or brother that can order me not to have a boyfriend okay”
“Are you kiddin’ me?”
“It totally non of your business Bryan and do me a favor stop stalking me and don’t ever barge into my room without knocking”

“You have boyfriend?”he asks ignoring everything I blabbered out a seconds ago.
“Yes and I love him so much, it non of your business huh”I roll my eye and walk to the door and open it wide enough signalling him to get out.

“Fine I will leave”he said with his eye still locked on mine as he walk out of the door and I was extremely happy but everything shattered when he pull my by wrist and slam the door shut pinning me on the door and even before I blink he crash his lips on mine and forcefully kiss me.

“Get away from me”I push him away from me panting heavily.
“I’m warning you, don’t let me see you with any other guy and whatever I do outside this house isn’t your business”he said and walk out of my room.

“You are crazy you monster”I cuss him as I scream loud.
Oh no!I slump down on the floor weakly as I just stare at nothing. What the hell is wrong with me?.



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