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August 1, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 11 & 12

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

Episode 11

By: Kebby. NG




Nina drag me into her room and lock the door behind her.
“What wrong?”I asks as I look round her room and it was designed in pink and filled with teddy bear It so good I’m not sharing a room with her again.

“Are you sure you are Mare”She approach me and touch my face and spin around weirdly.
“Omg”she gasped and took a step back.
“What?”I repeated again.

“You are acting all strange since your arrival and for the first time in my life. I’m seeing Mare Atwood standing up against those jerks”She said and I smile.
“I have always stand against them”I defended.
“That a lie and I will repeat it all over again, It a lie!!!”

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“Fine”I surrender.
“So what wrong?”She asks,
“All this new stuff and other_”
“Nothing”I said and gasped.

“I need to go get the books from John so I won’t look lost tomorrow”
“I can actually give you mine”
“That won’t be necessary”I use the opportunity to walk out of her room immediately she walk to her study table to get me her notes.

What a psycho! I walk back through the hallway almost getting to my room but I still don’t know exactly where John room is located.

I finally decide to knock on a door and asks so I knock on the one exactly at the front of my room.

After some few secs there wasn’t any response so I knock again and same thing again. Are they still in the living room? but there isn’t any noise coming from that direction so I knock again and angrily I twist the door knob luckily for me it actually opened and I walk in calling John names.

“Anything the matter Mrs. mare”he replied in a sarcastic tone
“Holy crap!!”I palm my face and turn around.

It Bryan room and he is completely naked with only a white towel wrap round his torso revealing his muscles. I had the urge to look back but I seriously love my life and I don’t want to be caught drooling.

“I’m sorry, I thought it John room”I apologise and tried to walk away but instead he walk to my front and close the door blocking the entrance.

“What are doing?”I asks, with the urge to look down but I focus on just is face because Bryan will definitely going to use it against me.
“John room at this time of the night?”he asks, but I don’t really understand what he meant.

“Anything wrong?”I asks and I didn’t realize when I peeped at his lower body.
His body are well build up probably because of his morning push up’s or gyms.

“Mrs. Mare”he called as he close the distance between us and I took a step back but he won’t stop coming over.

“What are you doing?”I stuttered as my leg finally hit a wood and the next thing was I was laying on his bed with my leg still on the floor and he took advantage of this and come close.
“I will scream if you won’t stop coming”I threatened.

“I didn’t make my room sound proof for no reason”he said with a smirk on his face as he hover above me and I notice is hair was still dripping. he just finished showering?.

“Shouldn’t you get something to wear”I replied looking away to avoid meeting his gaze.

“I would have done that if someone didn’t walk into my room without knocking”
“Huh? where are you ears”I made an eye contact with him but look away Immediately but instead he use one hand to support himself over me and use his second hand to turn my face so I can look at him.

“I need to go”I said, the way he stares at me right now brought back the memory of that night we kissed when I was totally drunk and it was right on this same bed.

“You are mine”he said as he touch my face and feel it in his palm. I don’t really know what to say but I lay there staring at him foolishly. Did he just claim me right now?.

His hand moved to my lips and I felt a sudden spark I’ve never felt before in my entire life making me push him away from him and I stood up immediately.

“Go f**k yourself”I yelled at him before I walk out but unfortunately I bumped into someone.

“Ouch”I wailed in pain.
“I’m sorry”the person say and I recognize it to be John.
“Mare?”he called when he finally see my face after raising them up.
“Hi”I said awkwardly but his eye went to the room I’m coming from them landed on me and he scan me.

“Why are you in Bryan room?”he asks.
“Just a mistake I was actually looking for yours to get the note”I replied and he seems relived until an asshole open his door and there he was still in his towel and dripping wet.

“Mare you forgot this”he said and blew me a kiss right in the front of John.
“What going on here?”John asks and I felt like beating Bryan up right now.
“I don’t know”I replied.

“Should I tell him?”Bryan Interrupted.
“I will just go to bed”I replied and walk away.
“What about the note?”
“I will get it at school tomorrow”I replied and enter my room right at their front and shut the door.

“What are you doing with her?”John asks, I can still hear their voice because they are right at the front of my room.

“Non of your business”he blurted out.
“Stay away from here”
“Why should I?”
“You have a girlfriend what your problem”

“It non of your business so stay out of it”that was the last thing I heard before a loud bang of door shut twice.
What going on with those two?.

John is right, Bryan has a girlfriend and he can’t be flirting with me too.

I look at my hand and I remember touching him when I was about to push him off me. How come he didn’t lose his towels the entire time?. I’ve read a lot of books and movies and in those kind of scene it either he looses it or I rip it from him.

I laugh at my own thought. “What are you thinking Mare?”I muttered to myself as I shake my head vigorously and walk back to my bed slumping down on my bed with a groan.

“Arrrrrgh”I scatter my hair frustratingly.
“Are you crazy?” I start to talk to myself unconsciously.
“How the hell did you even end up in his room?”
“He is such a pervert”I screamed out loud as I roll over to the other side of the bed.

Why am I cussing at myself?. I use the pillow to support my head and use the duvet to cover myself as I close my eye shut and await for sleep to walk in but instead Bryan hot body was
coming and I had to open my eye back.

Wth!! I cuss as I roll to the other side and try to sleep again and luckily sleep finally came but not after I muttered his name again.


Around 7:00am the next morning,they are all dressed up sitting in the dining table waiting for Mare and Nina to serve them breakfast after working their ass out doing house chores for the first time.

” I hate that girl”Leo said hitting the cutlery on the table.
“Why?”John asks sarcastically
“She made me clean!!, I can’t believe we are going to school together”Liam cuss

“She is here to make our life hell,I wonder how much they pay her to do this”Leo added.
“Are you all done talking about me” Mare asks as she walk out of the kitchen looking so good in the dress Nina Mom got for her. She return back to the kitchen after dropping the food tray in her hand.

It so obvious Bryan had his jaws down as it looks like he is seeing her for the first time in his life.
She drop the tray on the table and went in and not too long she walked out with Nina by her side.

“You look gorgeous”John whispered to her as she settle beside me and that earn a frown from Bryan whose fist clenched immediately he notice John taking his chance already.

“Good morning guys”Cynthia barged into the house running to the dinning table ready to steal the guys breakfast due to aroma that filled her nostril from the mini living room.

“You”she yelled pointing at Mare immediately she saw her sitting there.
“What is she doing here?”She asks Bryan.
“She now lives here obviously”Liam shun her first.

“What? Bryan!”She face Bryan again but he just ignore her and focus more on his meal actually enjoying it.
“So you are backing out of the deal?”Cynthia said and he pause.

“What deal?”Mare asks curiously.
“Just shut up”Cynthia shun her off.
“I need an explanation”Mare face Bryan.
“You whore so you think claiming what isn’t your is good right?”Cynthia face her again.

“You should stop blaming Mare and is this your father house or something?”Nina defend Mare.
“Bitch can you just shut up”.
“How dare you”Nina stood up immediately.
“Bryan are you seriously backing out the deal”

“What deal?”Mare asks again?.
“Fine I will just announce to everyone the secret behind this bitch here”
“Are you blackmailing me?”Mare asks curiously.
“Come with me”Bryan stood up and pull Cynthia with him.

“What secret?”Mare face everyone but they all look clueless. “What does she mean by the secret behind me and why is Bryan involve in this?”.
“Just ignore her, she is a psycho”John said and place his hand on my shoulder trying to calm her down.

“No what the hell does she mean”she shove his hand off her shoulder
“We are running late?”Leo and Liam grab their keys and exit immediately just like Cynthia and Bryan.

Wtf happened when she was away? Mare look so frustrated and angry at the same time and mad at them all.


Episode 12




I was drived to school by John because he is the only one that offer to. I walk into the school after a long time and it feels so good but I’m in very bad mood right now.

I refuse to talk with anyone not even John who drive me to school. Is Cynthia blackmailing Bryan so he can date her so that why he can snub me?.

Alot is running through my mind right now and I don’t know for how long I can hold unto it because my head is banging seriously.

I walk into the class and settle for my first class. All thanks to John note I retrieve this morning I was able to brief through the last class. I notice Cynthia and Bryan sitting at the back seat and they are making out as usual.

So everything this morning is just a pretense as usual. I took my eye away from them and it landed on Nina that is now sitting beside me and I scoff.

“Are you just stealing glance of Bryan?”She asks but I ignore her and concentrated on my book.
“Are you snubbing me too?”She continued.
“Seriously Mare?”
“You know I’m not involved in this and the last time I checked the only thing I know is the fact the only reason Bryan is with Cynthia is to protect you”

“Protect me?”I raise my brows tentatively at her.
“I’m sorry I didn’t Inform you earlier but when you are away Bryan and Cynthia became the famous couples in Petraka and it no longer a news that you left because you can’t take it anymore”

“After the scenario on the group chat it became steamy and hot and Cynthia started posting different pictures of them together and also your sudden disappearance so everyone thinks you left because of that”She explained and my jaws dropped to the ground.

“But I left because my mother was sick”
“It okay but Cynthia isn’t giving up anytime soon”
“That is insane”that was the only word I could think off.
“It okay dear”Nina console me.

“We are staying away from those jerks”
“That impossible we now live with them”She replied and she is right.
“I add you to the group chat how come you aren’t updated”
“I broke my phone and your Mom got me a new one”I replied.

“Let me add you back”She grab my phone but before I could stop her I was already in the group and the notification started popping on my phone screen.

“She is back!!”I read one of the messages on my lock screen.
Why would anyone think I will jeopardize my future for the guy I hate most in my life?. I kissed him but it nothing just a stupid mistake and it won’t repeat itself again.

“But he was hovering above your last night on his bed”My subconscious said to me. That a mistake too! I declared.
“Are you okay?”Nina asks, I’ve been lost in my delusional world for a while having a chat with myself.

“Good morning class”the prof walk in and my phone stop beeping for a while and that was quite useful because I can concentrate.

“Let get straight today topic, oh Miss Mare you returned”he notice my presence and I look around only to find out everyone eye is on me.

I’ve been in this man class just for a day and he notice my presence?.
“Yes sir”I replied forcing myself to smile.
“That good but I will need to see you in my office after this class”
“Okay sir”I replied and he start his lecture which is going to take at least two hours if am not mistaken.

“Why does he suddenly want to see you”Nina whispered to my ear.
“I don’t know”I replied as I keep joting down useful things into my notes.
“I hope you won’t hate me”
“Why should I hate you?”I replied.

“Because I took a leave for you with an excuse you have been acting all sick for a while now and _”She pause for a while and that grab my attention.
“Continue”I muttered to her.
“You could be pregnant”She said and my eye popped out.

“What?”I yelled and everyone attention landed on me again.
“Is there any problem Miss Mare?”The prof asks,
“No sir”I hide my head in embarrassment but I’m killing Nina in my mind already.
“Let get back to class then”he said and I raise my head up a little and look around and it landed on Bryan who had a smirk on his face and I frown but that made him chuckle.

“Idiot”I muttered as I turn my head back only to see John smiling at me but I look away.
What wrong with him?.
Class finally came to an end and I was so filled with joy as I pack my things ready to leave before I was attacked by few of my classmates.

“Hi Mare”one of them greet me politely.
“Hi”I replied as I study them one after the other.

“We are from the cheerleaders club and we have a slot for you to join us”she said and I exchange glance with Nina.

“I’m sorry but I don’t-”
“It fine we understand how bad you feel when you aren’t loved by someone you care so much about so we decide to let you join our team since you are beautiful and agile and definitely we will cheer you up”

“Firstly if it about the rumor, I left because my mother was sick and secondly I’m not into cheerleading”
“This is an order not an offer”she suddenly declared and her happy face hardened instantly.

“What going on here?”John approach us.
“Nothing just_”
“We want her to join our team and she is refusing like who the hell does that?”She said confidently. Is she for real?.

“But Mare here isn’t interested isn’t that understandable”John defend me and I’m glad.
“Leave”he declared to the girls and the one at the front stomp her feet on the ground and walk away while the rest trail behind her.

“Petraka is worst!!”Nina said
Really crazy!!.

“Are you guys heading for lunch?”he asks.
“Yeah sure”Nina replied quick.
“Where is Liam and Leo?”I asks.
“Already in the cafeteria they book tables down for us you know”he replied.

“I will join you guys then”I said as I pack my things.
“Where are you going to?”
“The Prof asks me to see him because someone just landed me in another trouble with the school management and I have to go defend my case”I said giving Nina a deadly glare.

“I already apologise”
“That isn’t enough”I blurted out.
“What going on with you two?”
“She told the management I’m pregnant and that the reason I suddenly left the school for break”I said and John eye widened.

“Are you pregnant?”John asks and that pisses me off.
“Are you crazy”I roll my eye.
“Okay fine, I’m sorry”
“Why am I even talking to you in the first place”I shove him away and walk out of the class room and took a turn that head straight to the Prof office.

“Lord please help me”I prayed before knocking on the prof door.
“Coming in”his shady voice replied, I twist the door knob and it revealed the man sitting on his chair with books taking most of the space on the table and he is currently writing into a book.

“Close the door”he said and I quickly close the door. Why am I so nervous?!
I stood there like a stick and watch him write some few things into his book before he finally drop his pen and raise his head up facing me directly.

“You violated the school rules Miss Mare”
“I don’t understand you sir”
“Are you done confirming your condition?”he asks.
“I’m sorry sir but I still don’t understand you”

“Miss Mare are you pregnant?!”he finally let the cat out of the bag.

I bit my lips to prevent me from laughing a virgin is pregnant?😂.
“I’m sorry sir but I’m not pregnant”I replied.
“Are you trying to act all innocent in the front of me just to deceive me?”his voice hardened. He isn’t joking.

“I’m sorry sir but my mother was sick so I had to go home to attend to her urgently”I explained.
“Stop lying to me”he yelled.
“I’m saying the truth sir I’m not pregnant and have never been”I explain further.

“Then is your friend lying?”
“It just a misunderstanding sir”I replied politely.
“Why didn’t your Mom call the school?”
“She is dead”I said sadly.
“Are you joking with me young lady”

“I went home to attend to her but unfortunately I lost her”I said and tears roll down my eye. He was moved by it and calm his nerves down.
“How are you coping with it?”he suddenly change the topic.

“I’m perfectly fine sir and with a friend help I feel good”I replied and he sigh deeply.
“You can leave now. I will explain to the school management on your behalf”
“Thanks so much sir”I bow before walking out of his office.

“Mare”I heard my name Immediately I walk out of his office.
“What wrong?”It Nina and she is panting seriously like she just run a marathon race.
“Check your Phone”She said as she hold the wall for support and inhale deeply getting me all confused.

“What going on”I switch my phone on and as usual the group chat message is the headline on my phone. I unlock it and stroll to the message.

“Oh no!”I cried as I scroll down with my eye almost popping out of my socket.
“Who the hell send this to the group”I asks.
“No idea”
“What are we going to do”
“I don’t know”She replied.

WTH! why am I getting so popular in just a day


What information do you think is the headline in the group that clearly is concerned with Mare again

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