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July 30, 2021


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Just for tonight Episode 1 & 2

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

By: Kebby. NG

✍️ Synopsis ✍️



What’s worse than having your friend setting you up for a night?. This is what happened to Mare Atwood, the complete definition of a shy girl and a nerd with a boring personality but also crazy though.

After graduating from high school, she find it surprising to meet her high school mate as her room mate again in college and she was starting to do more than she expects from her.

But it was like the world went against her at the freshman party when Mare drinked for her first time and went crazy. She couldn’t control herself and danced all night. Her roommate lost watch of her and Mare started to feel the party.

But only if she had knew, never to join that particular table that night where her whole future in college crumbled and in addition her mother was hospitalized that same night.

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But not to forget, Bryan isn’t an exceptional of this party. he is known for his playboy attitude but always minding his business and just ignore girls would drool over him but he never ignore when it comes to f**king them in the janitor room though.

What happened when Mare got to meet Bryan the playboy of Petraka college at the table that night?.

Will she ever wake up with a regret.
Can this two ever get together?
What if there are more to their story?
What happened at the table that night?
Will she always blame herself for her mother death?.

What if things get more intense than usual and her past craved it all?.

Note: This is not a one night stand billionaire book and don’t let the title discourage you.


Episode 1



I woke up and stopped the loud blaring alarm from ringing. I yawned as I push the duvet off my body and stood up. I was so weak that morning but I need to dress up fast because I will be going to college for the first time this morning.

I wasn’t really happy I will be leaving just my Mom alone in this big house even with her unknown illness. I had pleaded with her to allow me stay and do some part time job for a while till she get better but she insist on sending me to a far away college so I can concentrate better.

I yawned as I led myself to the bathroom and reached for my toothbrush and I spread some paste on it and begin brushing. I stare at my reflection in the mirror as I brush every corner of my mouth.

I was finally done with all my necessary things. I put on a plain T-shirt with “DON’T MESS WITH ME”inscribe on the front part with a lobster font, then my baggy pants and a white adidas sneakers.

I brush my waist length hair and pack it into messy buns then grab my lens and put it on; I don’t really use it all the time but I love putting it on.

I turn and stare at my already packed luggage beside the closet. Mom helped in packing last night before we both retired to bed.

“I don’t want to go”I muttered to myself as I sit on the bed with a deep sigh.
“Mare, hurry up or you’ll be late for school on your first day”
“I’m coming Mom”I shouted as I stood up and grab my luggage and my pick my phone from where I left it on the table.

I stride to the living room and settle down on the comfortable couch.
“Come and have your breakfast”Mom said and I stood up from the chair with an heavy groaned.

I settled on the table and she serve me Bacon and egg. “Thanks Mom”I muttered and pick up the cutlery to eat.
I was still having my breakfast when my phone beeped and I raise it a bit to check what notification it is.

“Shit, the driver has arrived”I stood up and grab my things together.
“So fast”Mom said and my heart breaks into pieces.
“Yeah,”I said and she smiled and join me. She help in wheeling my bag out while I carry the handy one.

“Good morning ma’am”The driver greet.
“Morning”I smiled and he collect the bag for me and put it in the booth and did the same with the one mom is carrying.

“Take good care of yourself”She said and I nod like a kid.
“And you too Mom”I force a smile trying to hold the tears that was about to wheel down my eye.
I pull her into a tight hug and she pat my back gently.

“Be a good girl and I will be fine”She said and the tears roll down my cheek but I wipe it off immediately she pull away.
“Bye”I wave at her as the driver open the door for me and I enter.

She kept waving at the car as we drive away and I finally let the tears fall freely. I don’t know when I would be chanced to see her again after today. I had college is always so competitive and you need to study hard to get a good aggregate.

“Are you okay ma’am”the driver asks.
“Yeah”I said, sniffing like I was going to catch a cold anytime for crying.

The drive to Petraka college took more than an hour if I calculate it well. The school is really hard to access or even gain admission into because of their rules and regulations.

I made some research about it few days ago and it was said to be attended by wealthy kids and also few minors because of their affordable fees rate.

A smile spread across my face as the driver drive into the school compound and parked in their garage.
“Here we are ma’am”the driver said and open the door for me and I alighted still amazed at the effable building in the front of me.

“Thanks”I muttered as he brought out my luggage from the booth and handed it over to me. “I hope you had a nice ride please do well in rating me”he said and I smiled.

“Sure thanks so much”I replied and he enter his car and drive away. I look around and close my eye for a while inhaling the new air before I heard my name and my eye open up immediately.

Someone knows me here?
“Oh my God! Mare Atwood?”a girl said approaching me and my brain is busy accessing trying to remember whoever she is.
“Mare it me, Nina”She pull me into a friendly hug taking me by surprise.

“I can’t believe we are attending the same college again”She said and I gasped immediately I figured out who she is.

Gosh! Nina Conway, the daughter of the richest business tycoon in the city. She is knows for her love for fashion and always dress out of it when were still in high school.

How come I didn’t remember her quick? Why is she been so nice to me? We never talked throughout my stay in Campbell then. I always maintain the fact I’m not been noticed in every school I attended since elementary.

“What your dorm, I can take you there. I’ve been here for a week and trust me when I say I know every corner in the school”She said and all I could do was force a smile.

“It been boring because I don’t know anyone and this school had been so dry because we haven’t resumed”She added as I log into my school profile to search for my dorm and room number.

We don’t need to visit any principal or something in Petraka, everything had been arranged online for us.
“Five star dorm room 378″I read aloud and she gasped making raise my head up, why is she been so dramatic?.

“That my room come with me”
“Huh”My eye popped out.
“You are my room mate”She said and all the happiness in me shattered. I don’t know want to be around Nina.

She is always popular and well noticed anywhere she is and that certainly not for me. We are the opposite of each other.

“Are you coming?”She asked and I realize she is already some feet away from me holding my travelling bag and I quickly grab the handy one and follow her.

It was like I caught everyone attention immediately I walk into the dorm. They were all staring at me and I had to look to the floor pretending to do something which is actually nothing.

“Here we are”she open the door and my jaws dropped at the sight of the room. She design everywhere with a pink interior and teddy bears.
“Do you like it?”She asks.
“Um_ sur-e”I stuttered as I walk in only to realize there are more teddy bears on a particular bed.

Am I in a grade nine student room? Why would she use pink to decorate the room.
“I didn’t put too much teddy bear on your bed because I don’t know if my roommate will actually like the idea but since it you_”she walk to her bed and grab some teddy and place it on my bed.

This is crazy, my fist clenched as I tighten my hold on my bag. I’m going to explode any minute, why would Nina be my roommate after I did all my best avoiding them in high school.

“That the way to the bathroom, this is my study table and that yours. There is a cafeteria for the dorm outside, I would have shown you but that skipped my mind”

“No hotplate is allowed because of electricity current charged but we sneakily use one anytime”She giggled as I walk to my bed and drop my stuff on it.

“I will be right back, I need to check up on something really quick”She said and I nod. She was about leaving but ran back in making me scared but she only check herself in the standing mirror and smiled at me before walking out and I let out the breathe had been holding.

What the hell is that? I need to Change room really fast. I stare at the big teddy bear on my bed and frown.

I’m not staying in this room.


Episode 2



I just finished arranging my cloth in the closet and was arranging my books on the study table before the door squeak open and Nina ran in happily and slump on her bed.

She had been gone for hours, I thought she said she only wanted to check up on something. I didn’t say anything instead I just continue to arrange my books.
“Mare”She called and I turn resting my hand on the table.

“Are less busy tonight?”She asks.
“Yeahhhhh”I stress my words wondering why she is asking.

“Do you know about the freshman party tonight?”she asks.
“There is a party?”I asks like a novice.

“Yeah and you will be going with me tonight”She said.

“No I can’t”I rejected the offer immediately.
“Why? it going to be fun and guess who is setting up the party”
“Bryan Banks”She said and I scoff.
“I don’t anyone by that name and it would be more convenient for me if I have a good sleep tonight for my class tomorrow”I replied and she approach me.

“Come on, please I don’t want to go alone”She pleaded using a puppy dog eyes and I laugh.
“That doesn’t work on me”I said and continue to arrange my books
“Pleaseeeeeeeee”She dragged and I sigh deeply.
“Fine but I won’t accompany you to anywhere after tonight”
“I promise”She said.

“And since I’m attending a stranger party, you have to promise to stay with me throughout the party”
“I promise”
“Fine”I said.
“Do you want to have lunch with me?”She asks.

“Sure I’m starving”I said and she laugh.
“Come with me”She said and I drop the last book on the table and quickly grab my phone before following her out of the room.

“No, never I can’t wear that”I said as Nina show me different dressed from her wardrobe that are too revealing for my liking.

“Comm’n Mare, this is the last cloth”She said and I sigh.
“I can just stay home”I replied, I really wish I could turn back time and tell her I can’t attend the party.

“Okay, how about this one? it’ll will look good on your flat tummy”she said licking her lips and I chuckled.
“No”I rejected.
“I can just wear my normal casual wears”I replied.
“No way”She rejected and I was about to say something when my phone ring interrupting me.

“Excuse me”I said before picking up my phone and it a call from Mom. Oh my God, I totally forgot to call her since I arrived.

📲 Mom
📲Mare, it so good to hear your voice *she said calmly*
📲Did you arrive already?
📲 Yeah, I was busy unpacking and couldn’t call
📲It fine, I’ve you eaten?.

📲Yes mom a friend helped me in locating the cafeteria.
📲Oh that good
📲Have you eaten too Mom?
📲Yeah *I felt she was lying but I don’t want to push things
📲Okay Goodnight mom
📲Sweet dream dear *She end the call and I drop the phone on the bed.

“You must really miss your Mom”she said and I nod.
“Don’t worry, you will get used to it. I was like this too during my first week here”She said
“Cheer up girl”She added and a smile tug on my lips.

I’m starting to consider her as a good friend all of sudden apart from her crazy personality she is actually cool to be with.
“Go change into this fast”She threw me a dress and gave me no chance to talk before she walk into the bathroom and I frown. Exactly the part I hate about her.

After staring at the dress for a long time I finally decide to put it on and see what it comes out to look on my body

“O_M_G, you look stunning in this Mare and there is no way I will let you pull it off”Nina said as she walk out of the bathroom dress in a gown similar to mine but hers as some opening at the back.

“I don’t like this it revealing all my curves and In addition too short”I said drawing the dress down. It just too skimpy and barely cover my thighs.

“You don’t have a choice now”She said and I kept staring at myself in the mirror. All thanks to the fact I hardly eat my tummy is completely flat and my hips are way too curvy but not too big and I have a long leg like that of a model too.

“Nina”A girl bashed into our room but let out a gasped when she saw me.
“Omg, Nina you did tell me you have a model roommate”She said.

“She just arrived today and will be attending the party with us”She replied.
“Wow, I’m Linda”She stretch her hand out and I took it.
“Wow nice name, I’m Nina best friend”She introduced and I just nod.

“Are you guys ready?”She asks.
“No, I need to help Mare with her make up”
“No I like been natural”I argued.
“Everyone likes been natural but a party like this, trust me you won’t want to be natural”She said and push to me to sit on the table and Linda pass her the make up kit.

I don’t really know what I look like right now but sincerely I admire myself after Nina finish up my makeup. She applied more mascara before finally settling my brows and oops she is done.

“Thanks”I muttered.
“You are welcome”She replied and I smile.
“We are running late girls”Linda Interrupted us and we both laugh.
I grab my phone and purse and we head out of the room.

Linda has a car so we were able to reach the venue really fast. I gasped at the effable mansion at my front and the number of crowd just outside the house will get your jaws on the floor completely.

“Come girls let have fun”Linda screamed and I follow them into the house. No one can ever believe such house exist in Petraka. The person living in this house must be very rich and popular.

Immediately I walk in, I noticed we were been stalked by thousands of eye but Nina and Linda weren’t bothered so I straightened up and walk confidently as I follow them to the bar.

“Hey girlfriend”a guy walk up to us and hug Nina then Linda.
“Hey”he just wave at me with his eye full of lust.
“Meet Mare, she is new”Nina Introduced.
“Oh I see, Nice meeting you Mare I’m Chris”he said and I force a smile on.

“Do you want to dance?”he asks me directly.
“No I don’t dance”I shouted so he could hear me.
“Comm’n Mare”Nina persuaded but I insist.
“See you later girls”Linda grab his hand and wrap it round her waist walking away with him.

“What the hell is that?”
“Stop acting sixteen”Nina said and I scoff.
“Whatever but I just said I’m not going to leave your side okay”I said and she nod.
“I will have vodka mixed”Nina said to the bartender and I wonder what it is.

“Two please”She said to the bartender and he mix random drinks and gave it to us.
“What is this?”I asks Nina and she exchange look with the bartender.
“Just drink”She fake a laugh and I scoff chugging it in annoyingly.

What the hell!!! My throat hurt as hell.
“What is this?”I said.
“Her first time”Nina muttered to the bartender.
“Oh”that was the only thing he replied.
“Water please”I ordered, he gave me some and I chug it in immediately relieving me a bit.

“That was horrible”I Muttered to her and she laugh.
“It because it your first time just try it again and you will realize it isn’t horrible”She said.

“No I’m fine”
“Comm’n try it”She said and pass me her own. I don’t like the way the bartender was staring at me so I gulp it down at one shot and he fill my glass again making me exchange glance with Nina but she just shrug innocently.

“Whatever”I took another shot and before I knew it I had six shot already.
“I think you should stop drinking”Nina warned.
“Huh? I’m not drunk”I protested.
“Hey beautiful girls”a guy walk towards us and my eye were getting blur and clear.

“So cute”I said and touch the guy.

“Mare”Nina called.

“Huh?”I staggered a bit but the guy caught me.
“Are you sure you are okay?”Nina asks.
“Hundred percent sure”I assured.
“Do you want a dance?”the guy asks.
“Sure”I said and he pull me away to the dance floor.

“Mare”Nina called but the music was too loud I couldn’t hear her and I was dancing out my life out until my eye caught a table.

“Nina”I called as I approach the table.
“Hey girl come back”someone was pulling me back but I snatch his hand away and approach the table.

What is Nina doing there?.




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