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July 30, 2021


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Just for tonight 2 Episode 17 & 18

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

#Season2 Episode17

By: Kebby. NG




Even after all what I said to Nina the still think Bryan can take good care of me and left me with him. I am totally aware of what is going on but I just can’t control myself.

“Do you know the dangers of getting high and getting drunk at the same time?” He asked, his voice lacking any sort of emotion. I smiled at him before leaning up to press my lips against his neck. My arms circled around him as I moved up. Just as it began, he pushed my head away from him.

“Stop it Mare”he cautioned.

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“Oh, so we can only do things when you want to do them? I’m trying to give you a good time just like you do for me. I want to have sex, right here, right now,” I said and stood up on my tippy-toes so I could press my lips against his. His lips weren’t moving at all, and it made everything feel more awkward.

This is my emotion getting to me because this is what I want after he tease me in the school today before our break up.
circled around him as I moved up. Just as it began, he pushed my head away from him.

“Oh, so we can only do things when you want to do them? I’m trying to give you a good time just like you do for me. I want to have sex, right here, right now,” I said and stood up on my tippy-toes so I could press my lips against his. His lips weren’t moving at all, and it made everything feel more awkward.

Slowly, I pulled away and looked into his empty eyes before turning around and walking away. He quickly grabbed onto my neck and dragged me so my back was against his chest.

“I didn’t say I was going to leave you here alone”
“I want you to f*ck me ,” I whispered with a dangerous smile making its way onto my face.
“Gosh”He quickly let go of my neck and grabbed me by my arm before walking me through the entire house and we made our way out.

Thankfully, the house isn’t so far to the mansion so he drive me back home, all I did is laugh as he speed up the car. . We made our way into the mansion where we passed many doors until he opened up one in particular.

“Is this our house”I asks, the walls were blue and it caused my heart to still. When my hand reached over and touched the wall, I could feel my skin. My eyes moved over to him and I was sure he could see him staring at me with that eye I can’t explain. He didn’t say anything he just nodded over to the bed.

I walked over to it before sitting down at the edge of the bed. My heart was sinking and I had no clue on how to keep it afloat. Suddenly, he grabbed me and planted his lips against mine. A moan ripped out of me as his hand crept up the dress I wearing before he leaned me back against the bed.

Taken by surprise, he pulled away from me.
“This is your room. Go to sleep and don’t leave this room,” he stated. I was preparing to say something but he walked away and opened the door. My eyes were trained on him as he froze.

Climbing into the bed, I pulled the thick blanket over my body as a frown cane onto my face.
“Is she okay?”I can hear someone asks outside the door.
“I guess”I heard the voice of the guy I fell in love with and have stupidly lose him.
“Seriously Mare”an angry voice yelled at me from my sleep, I know of isn’t a dream when the sunlight peeped into my room,waking me up from the deep slumber I was in.
“I still need some sleep”I groaned, turning to the other side.

It didn’t seem to last long before the duvet was drawn away from my body and I groaned.
“What?”I sit up looking all miserable with my hair scattered in the air.
“Do you even realize what you have done and you are sleeping here”She yelled, I raise my head a bit and see Nina.

“Good morning Nina”I groaned, why does my head hurt this badly. I look to my left and saw an hangover pill with a glass of water.
“Did you bring this?”I asks her.
“No”I took two pills and latch it down with the glass of water.

That a relief.
“Are you even listening Mare?”She asks as I turn.
“Listening to what?”I asks.
“The party last night….”I Interrupt
“What happened at the party?”I asks but she arched her brows at me and I gasped as I remembered vividly what happened.

“Bryan brought me home last night?”I asks and she nod her head.
“Oh no!”I look down my body and I was at relief, I’m in one of my pyjamas but who changed them?. I remember going to be in my dress so how come it gone before the dawn.

“Don’t tell me Brya…”
“Yes he did and that drug is from him”She roll her eye.
“But why?. We already break up shouldn’t he be mad at me”I whisper.

“No because he still loves you and care so much about your safety to have sneak into the party just to save you and ended of beating a guy up just because he lay his hand on you, do you even remember kissing him.”She rants,

“I kiss Bryan last night?”I asks in surprise.
“Why are you so surprise about it after you guys eaten each other lips before and obviously he change your wears forgetting the fact you two aren’t together and that a sign he still won’t let anyone have you”She explained.
“That bad”I snatch my duvet from her and snuggle it round me.

“I can’t believe I took you to a party only for you to go drink yourself to stupor in a stranger party when I am not even around”She scold.
“I’m sorry”I replied but she scorn.

“Bryan deserve it and not me especially how much you tempted him to f*ck you last night, he is still in his room the earlier the better”She replied before walking away.

I tried to say something but she is gone, what the hell did she just say and when did Nina starts supporting Bryan for crying out loud.

I brush my hair down and seethe my teeth as I push the duvet off my body and stand up from my bed grabbing my phone. I didn’t even bother to check how I look in the mirror before I head straight to his room.

I knock on the door but there wasn’t response, maybe he had gone to school already because it after eight already in the morning.
“I don’t know if you are in there I just want to say thank you”I said to the door hoping he is inside but still there isn’t any response so I turn to leave but the door fling open Immediately.

“Good morning”I said with a little smile on trying hard not to look down because he is just in his boxer and I am very he is doing it on purpose because he would have put on something before opening the door.
“Morning”he replied plainly.
“Ummm….”I bit my lips as my eye went down.

“Is there anything I can help you with Miss Mare”he asks, I quickly look up to see that evil smirk on him and he always up to something whenever he does that but no!. He isn’t my boyfriend anymore and I am done with him even though I know it a lie.

“I just wanted to say thank you, Nina told me what happened last night at the party and…”
“Nina told you? I am very sure you remember clearly what happened last night”he scorn.
“Oh! yeah actually I did”I bit my lips.
“If you want to say something can you please not punish those lips because it going to turn me on”he Interrupted and I release them immediately.

“Thank you”he stated, I know he isn’t lying about the fact I have so much effect on him as much as he does to me too.
“I am really sorry about last night. I lost control of myself and didn’t know I…”I bit my lips again but not intentional.

I quickly release them when I notice that angry face on him. “I am sorry”I muttered lowly burying my face down. I tried not to cry in the front of him so I won’t look so weak. He place his finger on my chin and raise my head up to look at him.

“Just don’t get drink whenever I am not there okay”he said and I nod my head like a kid. He starts to lean and I find myself leaning too just when our lips where about to touch my phone ring. I move away from him trying to avoid his gaze and I pick it without checking the caller ID.

“Fred is gone!”it a call from Sean.
“What do you mean Fred is gone”I asks looking at Bryan who now seems interested in my conversation.
“I think he lied to us”he said and the front drop from my hand slowly. Not again🥺


#Season2 Episode 18


“Are you okay?”Bryan asks, studying my face with those emotion face I can’t describe.
“Fred is missing”I blurt out.
“I knew that bastard was going to elope one day so why are you so obsessed with it?”he asks.
“Shut the crap! he has the f**king memory card to sure your dad for killing my own father”I yelled.

“You are going to sue my father? are you even listening to yourself at all. Do you think my father is capable of doing such when all he did is help the poor, help you for crying out loud”
“I know you are always useless so why am I even asking of your help”I walk away but he pull me back by my arm.

“Let go!!”I yelled.
“I will definitely but you need to know something, I know you might see me as the bad guy who doesn’t understand the situation but whatever is going to happen in the future just know I am waiting for you”he said and my face softened at that.

“For real?”I asks, lowly
“You know I will always love you no matter what, you can go ahead with whatever you want to do but I can go against my father he is my pride even if it is true, he is my father, he nuture me and made me who I am today. I am sorry but I won’t interrupt your research anymore but please be careful out there”he said and a smile tugged on my lips.

“Thanks”I muttered.
“You are welcome”he replied and let go off my hand, I turn to walk away but I had the urge to turn back and I did and crash my lips on him even before he could say anything.

He didn’t take time before he responded placing his hand under my chin and asks for an access and I open my mouth for him. It started as a very warm and slow kiss until it became hot and steamy and I wants more especially when his hand went down and he grab my ass. What the hell are you doing Mare?. I break the kiss and pull away.

“I am deeply sorry I shouldn’t have done that, I should take my leave now”I quickly turn away and head to Leo room. He is the only one that can get me to Sean place fast.

I knock on his door and he open up immediately already dressed up for school.
“Good morning”I greet.
“Fred is missing”he replied instead.
“Sean already told you?”
“Let get going”I said but he look down at me.

“Like this?”he arched my brows.
“One minute”I ran back to my room get brushed and slip into my Jean and a tank top. I stride to the living room.
“Aren’t you going to school?”Nina asks immediately she sight me from the staircase.

“An emergency”I replied.
“How come you and Leo got an emergency at the same time?”John Interrupted.
“A coincidence”I shrug.
“Where is he?”I asks.
“He is waiting for you at the car park”she replied.
“That good”I hit my hand as I ran out of the house

“Be careful”Nina shouts.
“I will”I replied, I get into the car and Leo ignite the engine and we drive out of the house straight to Sean place. I wish I had someone like Leo, he understand Sean even in a situation like this and trust him unlike Bryan he literally won’t help probably because I don’t understand him or it the other way around.

� NINA �

I know Mare is going through a lot right now but I wish I can asks her to turn back and see how her past use to be with us and how fun it is for us to be together, how we trusted each other and stood by her but I just can’t do it especially when she told me her mother is alive.

I know how much she Cherish her mother and if her mother is truly alive then did mom lie to me?. I remember asking her to watch over Mare mother corpse and help the little girl and she said I should leave it to her. I even asks her recently how things is at home and she told me about the renovation she is planning on doing to Mare for her upcoming birthday. Mare must have forgotten her birthday is coming soon but I definitely remember.

“It so surprising Leo got so close to Mare when he have a rough starts”Liam stated.
“True”I replied
“Something is actually off between those two and it surprising no one is curious about it”John added.
“What do you mean?”Liam asks,
“I don’t know but I will definitely find out soon”he replied.

“I don’t think it needed”I shrug as I sit beside Liam.
“What do you mean? Mare had been off lately and obviously she break up with Bryan so why is she still here and Jennifer is now cool and doesn’t act all bitchy like before again”John replied.

“I think we should just eat”I try to change the discussion.
“No, speaking of Jennifer has anyone see her this morning?”Liam asks.
“Not me”I replied quick.
“Same here”John replied.

“Probably she must have gone to school”John added.
“I have been in the living room since seven o’clock in the morning I don’t think she will pass by me and I won’t know”Liam replied.

“Maybe she is still sleeping?”I shrug.
“Really?”Liam questioned.
“What are you guys talking about?”Bryan voice Interrupted as he join us on the table and sit on a chair.

“Have you seen Jennifer?”John asks first, Wow so they talk now because Mare isn’t here but whenever the girl is around all they do is drive her crazy and make her lose control of herself. Poor girl!.

“I told you she is sleeping”Liam Interrupted.
“What are you guys talking about? She isn’t in her room because if I remember vividly I check her up before coming downstairs”Bryan replied.
“Why would you go to Jenny room? are you moving on already”John asks surprise and I can sense happiness in it.

Will he even date his brother Ex or what because I don’t seems to understand them again. “That not the point now, I am damn serious when I said I haven’t seen her walk out of that door”Liam stated.

“Probably she left already”Bryan stayed unconcerned.
“Instead of arguing why don’t we just go check her room”I suggested.
“It non of my business”Bryan scorn.
“Firstly I never said she was your business but we need to go check instead of arguing”I roll my eye.

“I know you don’t like me”he replied.
“Thanks for stating the fact”I fake a smile
“Whatever”I stand up from the chair and Liam follow me immediately and we ran up to Jennifer room.

“O…M…G!”My eye widened.
“What’s wrong?’Liam quickly ran in.
“I knew it!”he hit his hand together.
“Guys!??”I called.
“What?”John shouts.

I ran back downstairs panting heavily. “You know exercising will make you look more skinny”Bryan stated.
“Shut the crap!”I shun him off immediately.
“Jennifer is gone”I said.

“What do you mean Jennifer is gone?”
“All her belongings are gone and she is nowhere to be found does that explain things?”I asks.
“So what our business?”Bryan replied.
“That true,it my prayer she is gone long time ago so why should I be bothered”John support Bryan and my jaws drops.

“Are you two for real right now?”I asks in surprise.
“This is not the first time she is eloping with our money so things goes on”John shrug.
“I agree with you man”Bryan added.
“So you two are now cooperating huh?”I asks.

“Shouldn’t’ we?”John asks
“Hey, don’t be too happy Mare is still mine if our break up is making you change your mind”Bryan exasperated.
“Whatever dude”he drop his cutlery and walk away.

“I know Mare must have rant stuffs to you but Fred is missing and Jennifer is gone it definitely not a coincidence we better leave now”Bryan whisper because he knows John hasn’t gone far.

“I thought you aren’t concerned because your father is obviously the villian behind all this”I stated.
“And what makes me different from you?”
“What are you talking about?”
“It seems Mare left out the best parts for you but firstly we need to leave now”he replied.

“I will when you are ready to spill out and explain to me whatever you meant now”I replied and he gave me a stupid glare I don’t care about. I remember vividly the only difference between us is the fact his parents are involve in this but mine isn’t involves.


Do you think Bryan should be the one to tell Nina about it or just let Mare do her Job?.
Where is Jennifer⁉️.

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