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July 24, 2021


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Just for tonight 2 Episode 13 & 14

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Genres: Romance💕 College🏚️ Hatred

#Season2 Episode13

By: Kebby. NG





“I pass!! I pass!! I pass!!!”I sing and dance as I walk into the house with Bryan trying to stop me from acting childish but it all in futile. I can believe I was able to top three the class even after what I went through.

Unfortunately, Bryan is the top one and another girl so I took the third place, I didn’t bother to check the others because I am so happy for myself. “I pass!!”I screamed.

“Can you just stop”he said for the umpteenth time but I still didn’t listen.
“I pass!!!”I screamed as I walk into the house.
“Sean I pass”I yelled as I turn my head and my jaws dropped immediately.

“What going on here?”I asks as I watch him pack his stuff and Fred just sit there drinking beers, where did he get that from 🙄.
“Mare, I am so glad you are here we need to move”he replied moving to and fro and grabbing things into the bag.

“Move to where?”I questioned.
“We are going home”he replied.
“What are you saying? Fred will you say something?”I asks, he shrug and focus back on his drink.
“We are going back home”
“Petraka is home!!”
“Sean you need to give yourself a break and explain things okay”Bryan address.

“Exactly”I hit my hand on my laps.
“We are moving back to Mare home in Westerville at least it more save there and we will back in few weeks”he narrated.
“That is not going to work”I frown.
“Mare this is for your own sake”
“No insist, why should I go back there?”
“Because we need to, you told me about giving everything up so the only thing we can convince the person after us we are never going against him is to leave”he replied.

“Fred what did you tell him”I tell at him but he just shrug, I roll my eye.
“I can’t leave Sean”I replied.
“Are you even listening to yourself”he yell at me.
“This is my home now and I am not going anywhere because of any bastard”I yell back.

“Mare that same bastard is capable of killing us”he grimaced.
“I don’t care”
“Sean you need to calm down on her”Fred stand up and approach us.
“No don’t tell me to stop or you all think it fun to see my parents been murdered in my front”he grip me and Bryan push him off immediately.

“You don’t touch her”Bryan warn.
“Mare I am sorry but we need to leave at least for weeks, month or probably never”he blabbered, Bryan place his hand on mine on hearing that.
“My mother is alive”I said and his face softened.

“You say what?”
“You heard me right?”
“I thought you said she is dead?”Bryan asks.
“Yeah I also believe it but Jennifer said it to my front that she is alive and that the price I will pay if I don’t release whatever he wants from me”I explain further.
“And you believe her?”Bryan asks in disbelief.

“Why shouldn’t I do that?”I arched my brows.
“Because everything is a liar!”he move a bit from me.
“Are you for real?”
“Yeah but I am definitely sure that is another liar and it won’t end well”he grazed.
“Bryan stay at out of this”I shun him off because I am trying hard not to send him out of the house right now.

“No! Mare you should stop believing that bitch”
“Oh does it include the fact she was having am intense discussion with your mom last night and she said if your mom doesn’t mind her business she is going to tell me who I really am?”I scoff.

“What are you talking about?”his facial look changes and his eye soften.
“Bryan I don’t mean to say this but your father is the evil man between all this”Fred interfered.

“What?”he staggered, guilty conscience find it way into me and I felt bad for not telling him about it.

“Mare father is the rightful owner of the property your father claim to own and he murdered him just to have his inheritance but unfortunately the innocent man made all documents and copy of his asset in this particular memory card unfortunately he thought he destroy during his father death but is with Mare now and it a threat to him”

“Jennifer find out about this when she came to your house to spy on Mare and know if she is aware of who her father is, your mother came to the house to confirm the information is true about Mare in your house and pass it across to her husband and in no time Jennifer showed up pretending to be back for Bryan but obviously for Mare”

“I hope I am solving the puzzle”Fred grit his teeth.
“Why didn’t you say all this since?”my eye widened at the reveals.
“Mare sincerely your Mom is in his custody all thanks to the nurse assigned to you guys, she was able to convince you in returning back to Petraka and mind you that was just to do a search warrant if your house”

“He realize the memory card he is looking for isn’t the house anymore where it meant to be so that when the story begin, Bryan I am sorry to say this but your father is a murderer he had killed so many innocent soul including my own parent just to keep me in his custody and I have to work for him all my lives. I wonder how he didn’t kidnap you after killing your parents Sean but anyway I just do want to say anything because it non of my business”

“But at this point will you all sit and listen to me?”he look at our face one after the other.
“I won’t stand here and watch you insult my father”Bryan said and I roll my eye.
“Then go and leave us to discuss about destroying your evil father”Sean replied.
“Guys, I don’t think arguing his the best thing but Bryan you have to accept the fact it is, unfortunately your mother is involve in all this and I know someone that can put an end to all this”Fred Interrupted.

“Who?”I asks quick ignoring the look on Bryan face, I know it hard for him but if he truly believe in me then he should trust me I can’t just let my mother die too. I can’t believe she didn’t have cancer”
“Bryan”he blurted out.
“Me?”Bryan questioned.

“Yes! you”he sip his drink.
“How? Mare I can’t believe you are listening to this guy, all of this is a liar and I am very sure your mom is glad you are achieving alot in heaven can you just not…”
“No! my mom is alive and your father is the only obstacle in my life. he killed my father”I yelled at him sniffing back my tears.

“Mare this is just a mere accusations”he tried to explain.
“Mare accusation? those that include the fact your Dad is my father memory card and I even have their childhood pics?”I questioned.
“Don’t call me by my name”I yelled.
“Not again!”he hit his head in is palm.

“I don’t think you both are doing the right thing”Fred shrug as he went back to sit.
“Fred we talked about this and you suggested we go home so what are you talking about?”Sean asks.
“Wow so it a plan work?”I face them.

“Mare….don….t mi…..ss…..”
“Shut the crap!!”I shun him.
“Fine! it up to you”Sean drop the bag angrily and went to sit snatching the beer from Fred hand and gulp it down.
“I have to go”Bryan Interrupted.

“You heard me right and I hope the conversation we have here remains here because I don’t what you are thinking but my father fucking struggle to get those asset with his own hand I won’t watch anyone steal it from him, if you have any problem with my family just tell me and I will end things with you if that what you want because nowadays I don’t even understand you anymore, you keep hurting me and still hide things from me”he blurb.

“Bye”I watch him leave and my jaws dropped.

Did he just support that evil man he call father when I just told him he kidnap my motherz even murder my father and even wants me and my cousin down again.
“I told you to stay away from him earlier on because things wasn’t going to work out between you”Sean groaned.

“Your future begins already”Fred added.
Did Bryan just break up with me or he is just joking when he said I shouldn’t say anything about his family again. Is this what everyone had been warning me about.
“Is there nothing we can do?”I muttered.
“Without Bryan I don’t think so we are going to get our ass arrested”Fred rest his head on the couch and inhale deeply.

I am done with him too


#Season2 Episode14


“I don’t know, but we are definitely not leaving”
she slump down on the couch next to Fred.
“We can’t do anything without him because he is the weakest point of that man”
“Are you trying to use him?”I questioned.
“No, he is the legal child of him do what do you expect?” Fred added.

“So what?”
“I think you should go with Sean plan”he shrugs.
“No!”I blurted out before he says anything.
“We wait here and see what he is going to do”
“Oh! Like waiting for him to kill us”he exasperated.

“Bryan turns out to be useless so what else are you expecting?”
“Oh wow!”I scoff, Sean is starting to get on my nerves
“Yeah I hope you get it now”
“Can you just stop talking”
“And what if I don’t? I told you early he isn’t your future”Sean raise his voice.

“Oh I thought you were the best buddies”I grimaced.
“That was until you showed up and claim him to be your boyfriend”he scoffs.
“So it my fault now?”
“Can you two just stop”Fred yelled, I roll my eye as I sit back on the chair.

“Nothing will happen okay and that only if you do this”Fred stated.
“Do what?”
“Move back to Bryan house”he clarified.
“Are you crazy I just break up with him and you expect me to go back there?”I ask.

“Firstly, Bryan didn’t bring you two the house in the first place and if you return to the house he will surely low lay for a while and hand over the memory card to me”he added.
“Why should I trust you?”I arched my brows.
“Because I just saved you okay!”he shrugs, I look over at Sean.

“Just give him”he scoffs, Whatever!.
“Park your thing I will drop you off”Sean Interrupted.
“Why do I have a bad feeling about it”I raise my brows.
“Just get your things”Fred declared and walk away.

I don’t know if this is the right thing to do especially now that I will be living with Bryan under the same roof knowing fully well we aren’t dating anymore that if he actually mean his words few hours ago before he left.

I grab my stuff and pack it into the small box I had brought to the house. After arranging my stuff I grab my phone and walk out of my room. I don’t trust Fred with the memory card because I haven’t gone through it properly but I had to replace it with a new one just to see if I am right about him.

What if he is lying just to gain our trust, and I am very sure my mother is dead, and they are only using this to get to me. I better make a plan up for myself than believe this wicked souls surrounding me.

I stare at the number the nurse gave me before leaving the hospital, it my time to play my game too since they won’t let me live my life the way I want.

I walk into the sitting room dragging my luggage with me. “Can we go now?”I blurt out Interrupting Fred and Sean discussion.
“Yeah sure”they jumped apart, I arched my brows at them but he act like nothing happened. What were they discussing?.

“What wrong with you two?”I questioned
“Nothing”Sean grab his car key and I trail behind him as we move out of the house.
The drive back to the house didn’t take long as expect because we never got there, I don’t want to go there and watch Bryan move pass me without saying a word it going to be hard but I will just do it the right way.

“What are you thinking? we are here”Sean Interrupted, I raise my head up and the mansion is staring right at me.
“Can we go back?”I asks feeling a bit nervous.

“Mare you EA to do this for us, okay”he touch my shoulder.
“Whatever”I scorn, opening the door I drop my luggage box on the floor.
“Are you coming in?”I asks.
“No!”he replied fast.

“Aren’t you going to say hi to Leo because the last time I checked you guy don’t have a problem”I roll my eye.
“Mare can you keep moving”he ignore my statement.

“No! at least say a hi, I don’t want go in there alone”I blurt out.
“Fine!”he alighted and help me with my box.
I don’t know why I am getting so nervous, I haven’t even think about coming back here because I feel so welcome in Sean place than this place where fighting is a normal causal thing.

I ring the door bell and the door squeak open in less than a minute.
“Sean!”Leo called in surprise.
“Hi dear”Sean replied looking over at me, I bit my lips trying not to laugh because Sean suddenly change immediately he see Leo.

“Mare! it so nice to see…”his eye went down to my luggage.
“Tell me it what I am thinking?”he smiled.
“Yeah, so can I go in now?”I collect my box from Sean and walk in leaving the two outside.

“Mare”Nina called in surprise immediately I walk in and everyone gaze landed on me but Bryan is nowhere to be found.

*Extra Scene*

“What is going on?”Leo asks, closing the door behind him and he step out well closing a gap between him and Sean.
“Nothing, I know she tells you a lot so it something she comes up with to be protected”Sean replied.

“Yeah so…”Sean arched his brows.
“Can we go into your car, I need to tell you something”Leo requests.
“What’s that?”
“Your car”he smirk.

The both head to his car, the second they were in his vehicle, Leo grabbed him by his neck and pressed his lips against his. Wow, he wasn’t expecting that as much has he wants to pull away and call it a day he fucking miss his boyfriend so he pull him close.

He was kissing him fast and it getting steamy between them . He still hasn’t gotten enough of him and that seemed to make him groan as his tongue darted into Leo mouth.

When he pulled away, he bit down onto his lip.
Leo chuckled at the moment before his smile fade and he look deeply into his sparkling blue eyes, trying to study what his emotion at that moment.

“What are you thinking about?”he finally asks.
“You”he push the side of Leo hair back.

Leo looked away to avoid looking at him because the way he looked at him made him feel like he is something that he wants and for some reason, it made him uncomfortable.

“Are you okay?”He asked Sean softly.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”he nodded but Leo didn’t seem convinced by it.

“Hey,” He said softly, “You can tell me anything.”

“It’s really stupid.”Sean mumbled, “But, can you promise me something?”


“Don’t be a jerk.”he uttered out
“That’s not what I mean. I mean to say that, please don’t lie to me or hurt me or do anything else that can ruin this because I like you very much and I have never felt this way with anyone.”Leo muttered

“It’s not stupid.”He said softly and brought his face closer to Leo, rubbing their nose together, “I cant promise all of the above, baby.”He whispered and pressed his soft lips on him.

Leo closed his eyes and felt him slip his tongue in his mouth and that drove him crazy. he wanted more of him and so, he straddled over him in his own sit and continue to kiss him as he trailed his fingers on his hair.

“No! No!!”Sean said breathlessly after pulling away from the kiss.
“I am so sorry”he sit back on his chair panting heavily.
“Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about that”Sean quickly clarified himself.
“Then what?”he look side way to see his face.
“I don’t see any difference between Bryan and Mare and us”he blurt out.

“What are you saying?”
“Leo I can’t lie to you because I love you”he place his hand under Leo chin and leo rest his head on in closing his eyes for a sec.
“Your father is one behind all this and he will go all extreme to terminate us”he finally let the cat out of the bad.

“I know you can’t…”
“Is this true or it one if your ideas to break up with me, to end us?”Leo move a bit from him.

“Leo I don’t want to break us that why I am telling you, I love you so much and you are the best thing I ever had since my parent death and I don’t want to lose you for anything”
“This still doesn’t make sense to me”Leo replied.

“I know but you just need to give me time”
“I know it just an excuse to end use”Leo bang his hand on the dashboard angrily.
“Leo”Sean place his hand on his gently but he move them away.

“I don’t want to lose you 😥”


#TeamLeo_Sean, the boat is about to sink😭 but what is the fate of everyone now that Mare is back in the house.

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